Amurrica Series: USDA Partners With Mexico To Increase SNAP EBT Card Rolls


If you are not a disunionist by now, you will be soon enough. Four more years of Obama Africanus I and the bottom will fall out of the USA.

Note: He looks up at Lincoln and ponders making “the ultimate sacrifice.”

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  1. Personally I’d have a Carrier Group off the coast of Congo or Mozambique or Cape and I’d be preparing for a war of extermination in Africa. The resources of Iran pale in comparison to what we can have at very little cost from Africa.

  2. @Denise

    The point you make about South Africa, Haiti, Rhodesia is a good one. But look. In any Black vs WHite race war in the US the whites would win bigtime. Whites outnumber blacks significantly, we have them surrounded in urban areas, we have more and better weaponry. We have the interior of the country, the rural areas.

    Obama doesn’t want any race war, his side would be crushed. He wants to just keep transfering wealth.

  3. But Americans have had BRA since Lincoln.

    There might have been a 50 million strong white nation in South Africa had imperialism been backed by white Americans. Instead America is going to be minority white in 40-30 years. Well played Yanks! Three cheers for BRA Hip hip horray!

  4. Charles I had the interior rural areas of Britain. The Puritans had London.
    The cities are not traps. They are strategic choke points.

  5. Subsaharan Africa is the ideal target but BRA is rendered impotent in that realm by its ideology. Imo, BRA began not with Lincoln but with the Civil Rights subversion.

  6. Uncle Sam can’t even win in Afghanistan, and the Afghanis don’t even have a regular army, a navy, or an air force, or any kind of military technology worth talking about, and Uncle Sam still can’t beat them. If the US did win in Iran [very small chance] it would be a pyrrhic victory. That’s for sure.

  7. Gottfried – Negroes enjoy inflicting pain and suffering. ObamaHolder are homo mulattoes – which means they are far more unstable, vitriolic, and vicious than your average Blue Gum. They are genuine, literal examples of the admonition of the 7th Commandment. They are living Abominations.

    Should Whitey ever regain sanity, en masse, and once again strive to be Supreme – Whitey could actually reason with the Average Blue Gum, and get Blue Gum to go along with Whitey Rule. Gottfried – I’ve seen it HAPPEN in the real world.

    The NAACP was created as a showcase for arrogant, resentful jealous, wildly neurotic and vituperative due to his mixed Race thus abomination status W.E.B. Dubois . The Hebes Wot Done the Actual Creating used him as a knife, thrust right into the heart of the White American psyche. Dboisknew he was an anomoly, and HATED Whites because he was not White. He loathed Blue Gums. He knew they were mostly stupid, lazy and shiftless. The “C” in NdoubleACP stands for “Colored” – not Blue Gum.

    The mulattoes are the most dangerous hybrids. They SEETHE with hatred for full-blooded Whites, because they are NOT full-blooded Whites. The Blue Gum isactually more comfortable in hisown Black skin, than those arrogant and nasty High Yellas.

    ObamaHolder will enjoy slaughtering Whites, unchecked. Simply for the pleasureof doing so.

    Nothing else matters. Stop fantasizing that rational self-interest has ANYTHING to do with policy.

  8. Look in the archive here. Ian Smith, South Africa, Rhodesia.

    Obviously Hunter is biased but a convincing case is made that Ian Smith was civilized and Mugabe is a savage.

  9. Tamer of Savages says:
    The Boers resisted a British presence ferociously. The burden fell on the Dutch to see them through with strenuous support.

    Anyone familiar with “MARCH OF THE TITANS A HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE?” It has it’s critics, but there is an incredible amount of information. Entire book is free on-line. The chapter on Egyptian Pharaohs, mummies and genetics is particularly interesting.

    History of South Africa and Rhodesia: Chapter 56. The White Man’s Burden: White settlements in Southern Africa

  10. Afghanistan is potentially where war was invented. It is a perpetual conflict. “War Am That War Am”.

  11. I’m watching “Tell me and I Will Forget” on netflix right now.
    It’s a documentary based on S.Africa (modern day).
    It follows White paramedics and the hell they see on a daily basis.
    I could easily see the US being very similar to it in twenty years or so.

  12. If the US does go to war against Iran, it won’t be because of oil. The last thing the oil companies want in the persian gulf is war. War would disrupt the oil companies profits tremendously. The war drums for attack against Iran is from Israel. If the Israelis want Iran out-of-the-picture, then the Israelis can go fight their own wars. No good reason for white Americans to die and lose blood for Israeli interests. Israeli interests are inimical to the interests of the US as a whole. The US didn’t have any problems in the middle-east until Israel showed up on the scene.
    Putting Israel aside , there’s plenty of resources right here in North America for us to have a viable and sustainable economy — and to build a viable and sustainable society without massive war, massive killing and destruction. We should only go to war if attacked. As it is, Uncle Sam is the aggressor all over the world. All of Uncle Sam’s wars has only brought this country to decline and destruction. The US has at been at war, one way or another since 1941. Uncle Sam’s wars of conquest have ruined this country — We white Americans have not benefited from the wars of Imperial Empire and conquest. Not at all. Only the top very wealthy leading families.

  13. Denise said:Sotoero? His re-installation simply provide a mandate to hunt down and kill Whites en masse, aka South Africa, or Haiti.

    I agree completely. Barry and his regime need to go now, especially Holder. Barry is spending money like the nigger in a Michigan casino who’s ATM card wouldn’t shut him off (, and Holder doesn’t give a shit about anything unless it affects a nigger — and his justice department is pressing this viewpoint throughout the nation on law enforcement. People need to start chucking bricks though newspaper, television, and radio office windows with the message on them “REPORT THE COLOR”.

    As for Israel, fuck fighting Israel’s wars. Israel will be leveled by the Arabs, by marching tribes if they have to. They needed six million people to be killed to be “God’s chosen people”, and with the Holohoax they conned the world into believing all of the bullshit — while they all ran away to the US and Israel.

  14. We can, on the frontier that constituted Rhodesia the high tide of our own people.
    People didn’t realize it at the time but the change from human to ape rule was made manifest.

  15. Need to add : Even if I , an average working-class American, somehow benefited from Uncle Sam’s wars, I’d still be opposed. Attacking countries, making war, and killing people down [over a million Iraqis were killed in the 2nd Iraq war alone] who have never done us any harm is Disgusting.

  16. America’s irrational opposition to colonizing Africa has lead to the prospect of an America overrun by niggers. A white superstate based around Joberg or Salisbury was a realistic posibility 60 years ago. America took it’s territory from savage stone age tribes and Africa should have gone the same way.

  17. America took it’s territory from savage stone age tribes and Africa should have gone the same way.

    But now we’re giving America back to different savage tribes ……

  18. I shed not a single tear for the Indian. America profitted from that extermination. Joe is aweful squeamish.

  19. @John
    Never said anything about the Indians. [I think the Indian wars could have been handled in a little bit better way, if you must know. It’s out of the scope of the discussion thread.] My comments are about what’s happening today. You’re deflecting from the topic. [I’m not a pacificist, by the way]. You overlooked all my points– common sense points– to make an ad hominem remark as a way to deflect from my common-sense and Patriotic -American viewpoint about how Uncle Sam’s incessant wars has led the USA to decline.
    You mentioned @ John that you live in England. Perhaps you should spend your time on British websites. England is going down the toilet real fast, as is the US. Perhaps you should be going on British websites and shooting off your warmongering somewhere else. Stick your nose out of American business and American websites.Perhaps your fellow Brits got sick and tired hearing your opinions: Can’t say I blame them. You’re only good at making ad-hominem slurs against those you disagree with ; You never offer us any real information and facts. Just deflection, disambiguation, and constant warmongering. Go join the military if you’re so tough and so gung-ho for war.

  20. Four more years of Obama Africanus I and the bottom will fall out of the USA.

    Four more years of Obama will reduce this nation to a Third World hellhole from which it will never recover. The only hope for this country is for a Romney victory in November. If you care about this country, vote for Romney.

  21. For some, good solid information about the the Middle-East :
    twelfthbough.blogspot ( .com)
    xymphora.blogspot (.com)
    Twelfth Bough has alot of very informative links about the Middle-East in addition, and also links about what’s happening in the States. On the blogroll at “12th bough” is listed a website, ” A Voice in the Wilderness” ; Many links there about the Middle-East and about the US as well .
    Also, David Griscom’s blog , “cherchez la veritie” : One can access it also at : “impactglassman.blogspot” (.com); It’s is a very good website about what’s going on in the wrld, the US especially : A very patriotic website, lots of good, solid information and facts.

  22. I hate to be that empirical asshole, but can anyone think of an empire that colonized darkies and didn’t get darker by that?

    It doesn’t work like you wish it does.

  23. Yeah, I don’t think Romney can really save us. I think our last hope was 20 years ago when political correctness wavered a little, then the leftists managed to double down.

    Romney will be better than Obama.

    But I’m optimistic about the next 20 years. This generation of young people are far from the mindless PC bots that liberals were hoping to create.

  24. There hasn’t been a war that has benefited White America since the war with Mexico in 1846. Even those wars that made the USA stronger like the Spanish-American war hurt White people with the introduction of Cuban Puerto Rican and Filipino populations into the United States. Imperialism is the enemy of racial nationalism no matter what kind of restrictive laws you have regarding the darkies they eventually end up in your gene pool. Let the West stay out of the Third World and let’s kick the Thirld World out of the West.

  25. Thanks guys. I just enjoyed a Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc followed by a Stonewalker (reminds me of Stonelifter, my fave poster here) Cab Sauv.

    Both – delicious. Both from SA. My bigmac index is wine; a country that can still make great wine still has hope for a brighter whiter future.

    Will search archives.


    Jefferson and Franklin wanted to subsume them into the New World White race. There remains work to be done on that front, western man. I encourage Whites without the means for a white ‘Kwa Squaw to give the gift of whiteness to first tribes. Casinos need pitbosses afterall.

  26. Africa just requires absolute ruthlessness.
    But since BRA it’s been off limits to colonization and whites replacing blacks.

    This has nothing to do with being gungho. The African has been mysteriously placed on a pedastal since John Brown was beseiged in Lawrence Kansas, and since then it’s all been downhill everywhere.

  27. Colonization or conquest?

    They are different things. One replaces, the other takes over an existing community.

  28. The posts are uniformly excellent on this thread. Even Der Erwig Joe ismaking….ahhh..sense, shall we say, in some of his posts.

    RJP – thanks for the reply. I agree with your assessment of Israel, and it’s deserved fate, a thousandfold.

    John – your posts, while brief, are outstanding. Really superb.

  29. Ah Tamer, you’re making me blush…

    Why do so many think there will be no law and only bloodshed when the nation collapses? Yes that does happen, and if you live in a city… probably will. However, it doesn’t always happen and even in the Balkans there were many places untouched by war. Most of us do not live near or in some place like Detroit, or near diversity and there is no reason to suspect things will be that grim.

    War should be about defending one’s nation, revenge or securing resources/ opening up markets. Anything else is stupid. The rebuilding iraq/ a-stan thing is stupid. The actual stomping them down is easy enough, which the body count carries out, but turning them into modern Western like nations is not possible. With that said….

    All Whites have a vested interest in keeping hajji nations weak and contained. Or have you forgotten the history of islam and the West? They take their “holy book” serious and will ramp up the violence on Whites if given the chance. However, keeping them weak and contained can be done in ways that do not require direct conflict. Hell counterfeiting a nation’s currency is one of the best ways to put the screws to someone and doesn’t require a single rifle.

    Although the military could do much better, the problem with iraq/ a-stan is political and not an issue of actual power. We won’t push Iran very hard because they are backed by the Russians. It would be too big of a war. Iran has a lot of internal dissenters and would be easy to topple without Russian backing, and without much physical involvement

  30. Reminds me of a scene from Top Gun.

    Take her to bed or lose her forever, John.

    OD is the smoke-filled room we New World Whites discuss matters openly. Let the women fawn. Be fruitful and multiple western man.

  31. @Denise
    A snarky remark and an underhanded ad hominem slur. Not appreciated. I bring alot of information and facts to “OD” — and you fully well know it. Your snarky remark @ Denise was real low class and completely un-called for.

  32. The best argument for war with Iran is that we would most likely win? We can’t beat Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran is more powerful than either.

    And really that isn’t an argument at all. We would almost certainly win a war with Belize, that isn’t an argument for making war against them.

  33. Both the Iraq and Afgan wars could have easily been won.It was policy and rules of engagement that held back a sure victory. The military could have killed everything if they were ordered to.
    Don’t give credit to the Muslims, they are lucky they the full capabilities of the US military was not used against them.

  34. The indian wars benefited White people, not sure about the american-spanish war but other wise a valid point. All wars should benefit your people. Defensive wars do; revenge is about making sure your people are not harmed again which is a benefit to a nations people, same for brawling over resources, trade routes and the like.

  35. Extermination? There were 3 million Indians before us whites showed up, and there are 2.3 million Indians now. Derp.

  36. @Peppermint
    Look up the history of Newfoundland. Now that’s colonisation done right.

  37. That’s a pretty effective extermination. It’s certainly a territorial Grab. 5 million at least. 3 Million sounds very low.

  38. “This has nothing to do with being gungho. The African has been mysteriously placed on a pedastal since John Brown was beseiged in Lawrence Kansas, and since then it’s all been downhill everywhere.”

    They yanked down the Christ figure. Someone had to take his place. CWNY has a great series on this. Even if you aren’t a believer, he still illustrates how western spirituality has been exploited.

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