Connie Chastain, Fort Deposit, BRA, and Southern Nationalism


Dear Connie,

I noticed on the League of the South Facebook group that you are itching for a debate on Southern nationalism with me.

Don’t play stupid. You know exactly where to find me. You are more than welcome to come here and make your case for the Rainbow Confederacy in an open forum like Silver or anyone else.

It’s interesting that you should bring up Fort Deposit: that’s in Lowndes County, AL in between Greenville and Selma in the western section of the Alabama Black Belt, not too far from here.

From 1962 to 1968, you claimed that you lived in Lowndes County and that White people lived in nice houses (they still do) and that black people lived in shacks and hovels (they don’t anymore).

Well, I was born in 1980 so I was hardly around to see these “niggardly” shacks and hovels that you witnessed when you lived there. I wasn’t around to see these “niggardly” schools either when they were open.

By the time I was a teenager in the 1990s, those inferior schools in the Alabama Black Belt had either been closed down or integrated with the White public schools across this whole region which forced the creation of underfunded private academies in Lowndes County and elsewhere.

The federal government has also spent countless billions of dollars of taxpayer money trying to equalize per pupil spending in Alabama public education. The public schools in Washington, DC and Detroit are among the most lavishly funded schools in the country.

As for the shacks and hovels in Fort Deposit and Lowndes County, the federal government tore those down a long time ago and built government subsidized housing projects through HUD for the negroes who live there.

Affording to, the federal government under Obama Africanus I has spent $56.6 million dollars in Lowndes County under BRA’s stimulus alone.

Lowndes County, AL has received $5,000+ per capita in BRA’s stimulus funds. This dwarfs the Alabama average of $1,400 and the national average of $1,600 per capita.

The gallery will notice that the Lowndes County unemployment rate increased from 7.4 percent to 13.2 percent over the past four years. That’s significantly higher than the unemployment rate in Alabama at large which is below the national average.

Looking through BRA’s stimulus projects for Lowndes County we see two federal grants for $29 million dollars for the Lowndes County School District and smaller million and half million dollar grants for other programs.

Tellingly, we see the Fort Deposit Housing Authority got $102,000 from BRA’s stimulus. How much do you suppose the Fort Deposit Housing Authority gets every year? How much do you suppose it has got over the course of 40 years of BRA?

Do you want to know what I would do with black people in an independent South? I would quit transferring millions of White taxpayer dollars every year to Fort Deposit to create free government housing for African-Americans because it is a case of moral hazard and government waste.

If black people in Fort Deposit retrograded into living in shacks and hovels again after 40+ years of government housing assistance, then I think we can safely say that their circumstances are largely due to a general lack of racial capacity to better themselves.

If average per pupil spending in black schools plunged after the burden of black education was shifted from the backs of White taxpayers to African-American taxpayers, then I think we can also attribute their substandard schools to their lack of racial capacity to maintain an economy and property values comparable to that of Whites.

In 2009, 44 percent of African-Americans in Lowndes County, AL were SNAP EBT card users. If the EBT card suddenly stopped working in Lowndes County in an independent South, I suppose we could conclude that black people have lost the capacity to feed themselves in another clear case of moral hazard and government waste.

You know what, Connie?

If black people were forced to rely purely on their own resources for food, housing, healthcare, and public education, I bet their situation in Lowndes County in 2012 wouldn’t be that different from how you found them in 1962, while the racial gap between blacks and Whites would have probably dramatically expanded by now.

In The Reality of Tuskegee, we saw that black entrepreuners lacked the business acumen to maintain a Wal-Mart and downtown business district in the city of Booker T. Washington in spite of millions of federal dollars shoveled into Macon County. In 2012, Tuskegee looks more like it was bombed by the Luftwaffe than the other way around.

As a Southern nationalist, I would put an end to BRA. All it would take to put an end to BRA is (1) to gut the welfare state and (2) return power to the states and local government. Then stand by while the people sort it out at the state and local level.

What do you mean my Section 8 is denied? What do you mean you no longer accept SNAP EBT? What do you mean my TANF welfare check isn’t coming in the mail? What do you mean there is no Medicaid anymore? What do you mean the White people don’t have to pay for my child’s education and free lunch anymore?

I mean that there is a Freedom Ride gased up and ready to go at the Greyhound bus station in Montgomery that will take you on a one way trip to Vermont and Massachusetts where the world still revolves around you. Please go there and escape from our white privilege and structural racism.

Update: Lowndes County receives $8,766 in federal transfer income per capita. This accounts for 30.5 percent of income in Lowndes County.

From shacks and hovels to housing projects:

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  1. Somebody should inform Connie that maintaining white rule is not “oppression,” it’s called upholding civilization.

    Not allowing blacks to vote, segregating them, and preventing them from marrying with our people are part of our God given right to self-determination as a people.
    Of course Connie’s ideas of “oppression” are rather strange and seem to cover a wide spectrum of activity.

    Right now she is claiming the U.S. Federal Government oppresses blacks by giving them welfare.

  2. Anglo Protestant American says:
    “Right now she is claiming the U.S. Federal Government oppresses blacks by giving them welfare.”

    Good Lord, is there no end to the horrible injustices inflicted upon the suffering negro? Welfare? I’ve never been oppressed like that, so I can not fathom the unimaginable hell they must go through. Sniff, sniff.

  3. Reading the comments, Hunter, do you realize we ALL have just gone over an ‘ideological hump’ in the road?

    And you’re our driver. The realization that secession would free us (Free at last, Free at last, thank God Almighty, We’re free at last!) from the vampire Jews, and the leeching Niggers, is something I’ve known, but not objectively.

    You have shown us the way.

    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  4. She’d never debate you, Hunter. That’s how the Marxist left works. Those they really fear they ignore, ostracize, and muzzle. The Marxist left, as we all know, includes the Republican Party and most piss stream conservitards.

  5. @Fr John
    What are you all going to do about all the jews living down south when you secede? Many have been living in the South since the 19 century? Do you think the jews are just going to get up and leave just because you want them to? How are you going to convince all the Southern wealthy — jewish and non-jewish –who have business ties with big-shots around the States to sever their ties with their stock portfolios?

  6. How are you going to convince all those Southerners who are on Uncle Sam Social Security and military pensions, and active-duty Southerners currently in the military who depend on their military pay to secede? You know, Uncle Sam is going to cut-off the Southerners from recieving any federal money if the South secedes. Do you Southerners ever give any kind of stragegy any thought– or do you all just sit around daydreaming about some kind of secession paradise ?

  7. Excuse me, I spelled STRATEGY wrong, forgot the “T”*. Also, I accidentally typed in an extra “G”**. So the word is spelled: “STRATEGY”.
    *”T” is for “Think”.
    ** “G” is for “Gab”. [ as in gift of …..]

  8. Right now she is claiming the U.S. Federal Government oppresses blacks by giving them welfare.

    This is a good example of why time spent on her is wasted. No one can take her seriously. No one anybody else would want, at least.

  9. there are more jews up north then down South. Do you ever get any facts correct? Or is your inherent dishonesty preclude you from being truthful

    it’s called willing to the price. Yes many Southrons are willing to “lose” what ever “benefit” the union provides.

    Do you ever do anything useful or do you spend all your time trash talking your betters?

  10. Bill, I’m in the League. And most of the folks I know it share views similar to mine. Especially the younger, more active members.

    Thanks. That’s what I was hoping to find out. It certainly explains Hill’s becoming bolder but it doesn’t say much for him as a leader. However naive he may be about regime politics I’d much rather see someone like HW take the spot. Leaders can be diplomatic without mincing words.

    Let me know when the bluehairs are about phased out, will you? In the meantime, Connie is more worth caricaturing than seriously debating.

  11. I strongly suspect Connie is an SPLC Jewess.

    Which reminds me. Come seccession – tar and feather those carpetbaggers and run them out of town on the nearest rail.

  12. @Stonelifter
    I never said there were more Jews in the south than up north. I simply said there are Jews living down south, and many of the Jews in the south have been there from the 19 century ; That’s what I said : That doesn’t in any way imply I said there’re more Jews in the south than the north. Learn how to read English.

  13. Jews have been in South Carolina since the 17th century, Catholics were banned until the late 18th century.

    In fact, South Carolina has the second oldest Synagogue in America, in Charleston. Bernard Baruch’s father was a surgeon in the Army of Northern Virginia.

    It is my opinion that the influx of Jew from eastern Europe, primarily from Poland and Russia, that are the problem with Jews in America. They’re the people who forced the construction of a Holocaust Memorial in downtown Charleston. They’re mostly of German, Polish, or Russian blood, a remnant of the Khazar Empire.

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