What’s Japanese for “Fuhgeddaboudit”?

Closed Minded.... Our Kind of People

When reading the daily, American atrocities stories of terrible Black, Non White immigrant crime & corruption, trying to make sense of the insane/treasonous immigration positions of American Liberals & Libertarians, I often wonder how homogenous East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea deal with similar problems. What do Koreans and the Japanese think of American racial/cultural chaos – what do they do with their Liberals and Libertarians who propose the same multi cult immigration & criminal justice policies for their countries?

In particular, I think about the two Muslim terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City (February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001). How would the Japanese react if nasty looking Arab, Paki Muslims like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Ali Fadden, Mohammed Atta were let in to Japan on unsupervised tourist visas and then these nasty, urine colored Ay-rab, Paki tourists/terrorists murdered hundreds, thousands of Japanese office workers at some Japanese office building in Tokyo? Then seven to ten years later, some Saudi and Iranian Muslims like the hairy dwarf Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad want to build a Mosque at the site to celebrate the mass murder of Japanese citizens in Japan – how would most Japanese people respond?

I would say 98% of Japanese would respond:

FORGET ABOUT IT! (in Japanese)

We’ve posted an excellent cartoon on this subject – protected under the “fair comment” interpretation of the 1st Amendment. A tough, no nonsense White New York Police Officer (New York’s Finest!) is facing down the dark, hairy, racially and culturally alien Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and telling Mahmoud to….


This is the type of mindset we need to instill in most White Americans. Many issues are not complicated – one does not need an MBA from Stern New York University (yeah, I wasted a lot of time and money earning one of those) to understand what should and should not be done regarding immigration, crime control.

Q: “Do you want to flood the United States with tens of millions of HIV + Black Haitians, Somalians, child rapists from Johannesburg”?

A: “No” and then don’t forget to include the stare down, with the very explicit threat of personal violence……

“Fuh-ged- da- boud- it” (done with a tough New Yawk accent, appropriate Southern accents, Boston accents, Texas twangs where appropriate)

The “Fuhgeddaboudit” mindset can be thought of as an all inclusive way of thinking and handling all kinds of race, cultural denying BSers – Liberals/Libertarians/Constitutionalist fundamentalists, pop rock stars with one name, god like names of Bono, Madonna, Sting etc.

I encourage everyone reading OD to practice saying “Fuh-ged-da-boud -it”, there is no @*#&@ chance in hell we’re going to give mass amnesty to 20 million low IQ, Mestizo illegal aliens – and “Fuh-get-da-bout-it” there is no #*$&@# way in hell you are going to find some Libertarian/Liberal solution to make extremist Muslims from Pakistan and Afghanistan get along with homosexual extremists who demand gay rights marriage equality!

Watch some All in the Family episodes from the 1970s and see how Archie Bunker looks at life – he’s close minded, but in a good way, one that protects the legitimate rights of our people and is fair and honest to all the various, alien, hostile non White groups that we hate.


  1. Good news.

    The Tour de France concluded today and Cadel Evans, last year’s winner, didn’t win again this year. Last year, the “moral superior idiot” and his wife adopted an Ethiopian baby.

  2. Stonelifter,

    In which court would the lawsuits to advance the interests of niggers and beaners be filed? Right now such lawsuits are filed in courts controlled by our huge and overbearing CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. The central tenet of Libertarians is to do away with our huge and overbearing CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.

    It appears to me that if you take an overview of Libertarian positions that they are making many arguments that are very similar to those presented by state’s rights proponents. As you know, state’s rights proponents believe that duly elected regional or district representatives should have the only say governing the lives of citizens of the state in which they live and that any state government decision can be set aside through referendum. That way, the people of a state enact the laws they want to live by.

    Without our large and overbearing CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, each state government would reflect the wishes of its citizens. States that don’t want to mollycoddle niggers who don’t want to work or live like human beings could chase their asses to Negrophile states.

    Same story for faggots. If they want to be treated like a separate and special people, then let them move to the places where the locals will appreciate them.

    Beaners, too. The ones that come here to work can move to the regions where employers are tired of dealing with speed freaks and dead-eyed, pain pill addicted employees. The speed freaks and dead-eyed pain pill addicts can move to Mexico, where they will have easier access to inexpensive drugs of their choice. That’s what they used to call a “win, win situation”.

    Folks that like to have the Ten Commandments on display in their local courthouse can have it. Those that don’t like it can move to a place where people either agree with them or don’t care one way or the other.

    Of course, none of that will ever happen because Marvin Gaye was right on the money when he sang, “Everybody wants somebody to be their own piece of clay.”

  3. Playing Roots Backwards writes:

    “Big government is the root of all of OUR problems.”

    Jack Ryan responds.


    All our problems are not caused by some bad political/economic system. And no idealized political/economic system will “save us” – not Marxism, not Communism, not Fabian Socialism, not Free Market Capitalism.

    Our problems stem from the loss of racial/tribal identity – love of our own, White Indo European kind. Until White Americans start thinking and acting in terms of “we” instead of “me, me, me, me” we will not reverse our people’s decline.

    We need to be kind to our own kind – it’s called “kindness”.

  4. Jack,

    There is no “WE” in the White U.S. population. Never has been. We all came from different White tribes. Some really pale. Some kind of brown. Some short and some tall. Some smart and a whole bunch who don’t even come close.

    Whites have stuck together on a local basis on many occasions, but we didn’t stick together to back up George Wallace and Bull Conner when they were trying to stand their ground. We didn’t stand with the Whites in Detroit who tried to block niggers from moving into a project that the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT built right in the middle of their all White neighborhood.

    Not only did we not back up those brave White men as they tried to hold the color line, it was guys with hides the same color as yours and mine who removed Governor Wallace from the doorway of the U to let the niggers in. It was White Feds and hired thugs who beat down the Detroit boys who tried protect their world from the dark horde. It was guys who looked like they could be my relatives who sent them.

    Whites haven’t been on the same page about anything since the days when we were fighting the Injuns, and there were a lot of dissenting opinions on that subject even then.

    Go ahead and be as kind as you want to be, Jack. Keep the fantasy alive. As for me, I saw first hand and close up the damage that government-enforced integration did to Detroit and Minneapolis, so I have no illusions or delusions about who is responsible.

    All, or very nearly all, of the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT thugs who voted for every civil rights act and every immigration law were White. If you can’t see the root of our problems, then your brain must need glasses.

    Being nice to our fellow Crackers won’t fix it, Jack. That sounds like some of the shit that I heard hippies talking about in the sixties. Should we all join a commune, or what?

    If cockroaches are the problem, then getting rid of cockroaches is the solution. The same logic applies to rats, squirrels, skunks, in-laws and overreaching governments.

  5. @Playing Roots Backwards:

    “Whites have stuck together on a local basis on many occasions, but we didn’t stick together to back up George Wallace and Bull Conner when they were trying to stand their ground. We didn’t stand with the Whites in Detroit who tried to block niggers from moving into a project that the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT built right in the middle of their all White neighborhood.”

    I believe the muted response to the events you recount had a lot to do with the tight media controls which isolated these men and made it easier for our adversaries to pick them off.

    I can’t imagine this sort of nonsense happening back then if they had had today’s internet to bypass the mainstream media and make their case to the people. If not for the internet, I think the McCain-Kennedy treason attempt at Amnesty Part DUH would have been passed back in 2005.

    I was watching the hearings live and it looked like it was about to go through, but then aides scampered out to talk these morons who looked like they were about to soil their pants. And I’m talking about morons on both sides of the aisle. It seems that Americans UNITED from all over the country had burned down the phone lines promising bloody retribution if they passed it.

    There is a REASON why so many of our treacherous political whores want to shut the Internet down. One major reason is that it is building a White consciousness and White solidarity like never seen before in the history of this country.

    Has anyone else but me noticed that lately, the online news services have taken to closing their comments on certain topics? It’s a recent phenomenon. But all I know is that where comments have been left open on certain topics, one would think they were visiting a Stormfront topic.

    There is a growing backlash of White racial consciousness and it is getting angrier and more strident and it is not confined to the Southern regions. It’s Yankees in Chicago and New York and Philadelphia and they are so angry that they can’t see straight. A friend of mine from Texas visited New York recently and she couldn’t get over how angry the New Yorkers appeared to her.

    I know the South gets a lot of press for being racist against Negros, but a light skinned Negress (who could pass for Latina) told me that it is nowhere near as bad for Negros in the South as it is in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Whites there are armed to the teeth and have joined militias. They are expecting The Big Reset and they are locked and loaded and ready for bear.

  6. I wanted to add that Archie “Shaddup, Meathead!” Bunker may have been set up in order to ridicule racist White proles by Norman Lear, but O’Connor’s innate acting talents and ability to get inside the character backfired on Lear and his ilk miserably.

    Archie was inelegant and crude and somewhat inarticulate, but he knew when he was being fed a line of liberal bullshit and Carroll O’Connor used his body language and facial expressions to convey that.

    “Hanh?!” Was shorthand for “I can’t believe I am hearing anything so stupid and moronic” and then, “Whadevah!” was shorthand for “you are such a disingenuous moron, I see no point in wasting my time arguing with you, but I don’t buy it for a minute.”

    Then there was those moments where these pompous idiots would act all self-righteous, smug, and totally pleased with themselves and then Archie would deflate their pretenses with one quick verbal chop to the jugular, making them look like the fools they were.

    I loved Archie’s “I told you so” moment when, thanks to Affirmative Action, Meathead lost a job for which he was slightly more qualified for to a Negro. The Negro had no problem with accepting it, regarding it as just compensation for all the racism his people had to endure, Meathead wasn’t too thrilled, and Archie was, “Like, what is your problem? Wasn’t this exactly what you and all those other ‘social justice activists’ worked so hard for?”

    I think that the show was deliberately pulled, because eventually even the writers had to see that any liberal agenda they tried to filter through Archie Bunker backfired on them miserably. They could not write him out of character and he was the voice of Truth whether they liked it or not.

    Archie Bunker was in his element when he went back and forth to his factory job while his neighborhood was encroached on thanks to the block-busting antics of the Fair Housing ordinances. They went out of their way to isolate him by removing him from that milieu by having him buy a bar and that’s when I think the viewers lost interest and the show was canceled.

  7. Clytemnestra,

    Everybody saw it on the news when the tension was building in Alabama. My dad and his friends watched the whole saga at the U of A unfold. They cussed about it, but they didn’t write any letters or make any calls, and the sure as hell didn’t jump in their cars to go stand at the great Governor’s side.

    This makes me wonder about things that are going on now. Do any of the people who come to this and similar sites to bitch about all of the ***& that nig****, Mexicoons and politicians are doing ever send emails or make calls to the people who are in charge of the areas where the daily atrocities occur? Does anybody ever send money to the families of the White victims? Does anybody ever complain to the Negrophile corporations who promote the myths about all of the contributions that nig**** have made to this country?

    I wonder if Jack shows his love that way?

    I do.

    I called the prosecutors office 10 times a day when that White transvestite got beat up by those sheboons in Philly.

    I call local TV stations and complain every time I see a program or a commercial that promotes race mixing.

    I used to spam Glenn Beck’s show for using every Friday to tell us tall tales about nig**** founding fathers and nig*** inventions.

    I even sent money to Zimmerman and that little nig**** lover in Buffalo that got brick whipped for having a nig*** girlfriend.

    I sent big money to Rick Perry because he used to hunt at Nig*** Head and also because he is the most likely politician to lead a state toward secession.

    I sent BIG money to Newt because he pissed off nig***** so bad in the nineties that the dumb bastards started beating up mailmen for not bringing the gummint checks that were no longer being mailed to them.

    Anybody who is worried about where we are headed needs to take the wheel by **#***$ with people who write stories for newspapers and TV stations that leave out the race of the victims and the perpetrators. Call the office of at least one politician every day to complain or praise. Call, call and call again the offices of prosecutors and judges who screw Whites or mollycoddle nig*****. Go to city counsel meetings and loudly oppose new zoning regulations that allow the building of apartment buildings in White single home neighborhoods. Vote for judges, prosecutors, county commissioners, city councilmen and school board members like it really makes a difference, because it does.

    If you aren’t doing those things, then you aren’t doing #**$**#

    (Comment edited by moderator for using vulgar curse words)

  8. @Playing Roots Backwards:

    Sorry, but there were only three television stations and any thing that was aired outside of Alabama and other Southern regions was judiciously edited to show mean, ignorant rednecks picking on poor, sweet little Negro children and fresh-faced Negro students who just wanted a chance to prove themselves.

    I freely admit that my family was not founding stock like probably most of the posters at this board. We were Central and Eastern European Catholics. There was a lot of discrimination against us by original Americans who did not like all this foreign, cheaper labor being shipped in. Not to mention fears of Rome taking over the country by having papists colonizing the country.

    We were aware of these sentiments, so we sent our children to Catholic schools where they taught us proper English and I can tell you that you couldn’t enter a White ethnic Catholic household without seeing an etiquette book written by some prominent WASP like Emily Post on the coffee table. Aside from going to Mass on Sunday, we were determined to assimilate to the American WASP culture which we admired.

    I think a lot of the coverage in places like Alabama played to this subculture up North. The whole immigrant shtick was still very fresh and it was presented like Negros were not being given the opportunity to assimilate into full American status by proving themselves like the European immigrants were. So, there was a lot of sympathy for them.

    It wasn’t until I got on the internet and read LOCAL reports of the many provocations to incite anger and violence by White Communists and Negros who had been bussed in from out of state that I had my light bulb moment.

    Of course, OUR chickens came home to roost when the government moved north of the Mason-Dixon line to integrate working class and middle class White ethnic neighborhoods. Charming White Catholic enclaves were decimated thanks to the block-busting antics inspired by the fair housing ordinances set down. That’s what happened in Detroit, Newark, and Camden.

    Again, if the internet had been around back then and people in Detroit, Newark, and Camden could find out the OTHER side of the story, I think the resistance to what was happening in Alabama would have gone national.

  9. Getting back to the Archie Bunker meme, I remember a flim-flam man talking about how easy it was to confuse cashiers when they were going to college. He would run a con where he had them change a hundred dollar bill and so distract them that they ended up giving him back far more than a hundred.

    He said that he rarely to never tripped up cashiers who never got beyond the high school or GED level. They were wary and suspicious and would argue the point with him when he tried to imply they owed him more until he left with exact change.

    It is these Archie Bunkers and the grocery cashier ladies in backwater towns that the Marxist flimflammers so detest.

    It’s why West Virginia (derided for being a bunch of in-bred Appalachian hill-billies) could not be shamed by the media into voting for Barack Obama. I might add that BO was voted in when the upper class Whites were in the throes of guilt induced by “White Privilege” and the middle class, which had aspirations to “White Privilege” decided to ape their “betters” by showing that they were politically correct enough to overlook the onion skin thick credentials of a candidate, because he was a Negro.

    West Virginia is a poor, marginalized White state that all the other Whites in the country like to look down on. They are aware of that and they don’t care. They don’t want the good opinion of disingenuous White liberals. They don’t need their good opinion, because they are at a certain level where their good opinion doesn’t matter one way or another.

    The same with Archie and the backwater cashiers. The same with a growing number of Whites as our jobs are outsourced to India and China and insourced to Mestizos. More and more Whites will hit that level where the good opinion of their “betters” no longer matters to them.

    I don’t necessarily think there will be blood on the street, but I do think the day will come when Whites vote as a bloc the way non-Whites do. It is coalescing right now which is why the sharper knives in the drawer of the namby-pamby Repugnicant Party are acting as explicitly White as they can get away with.

    IOW, I don’t think the lack of racial variation in Mitt Romney’s advertisements is an accidental oversight either on his part. If it is, then I can’t believe that his campaign didn’t throw in specks of color to look more diverse and non-racist. These people make their livings by keeping their fingers pressed to the pulse of any national sentiment out there. So why make this kind of mistake? If is IS a mistake?

    I don’t think so. Let’s face it, there are none but razor-thin differences between Obama and Romney on nearly every policy imaginable. There is nothing to distinguish one from the other BUT RACE. If Romney wins, it is because the vast majority of WHITES are going to vote for him strictly on racial grounds.

    Pat Buchanan had an article about a White Tribe rising. The Unfair Campaign in Duluth was overwhelmed by complaints from Whites from all over the country. The University funding it got reamed out by their White alumnus. Even though Zimmerman is a Mestizo, he has been getting donations to pay his defense bills from Whites all over the country.

    The White Tribe is coalescing and coming together. Maybe not as fast as we would like it, but it is happening.

    I find this not only extremely interesting, but very promising.

  10. Clytemnestra,

    Were you old enough in 1960 to understand what was being reported on the televised news? I doubt it. You sound like you get most of your history from people on the internet who get most of their history from people on the internet.

    The truth of the matter is that all of us in the Detroit area knew exactly what was going on all over the south because many Detroit residents were from the South.

    Detroit residents also knew exactly what was going on when the government started building nigger projects in White neighborhoods. We didn’t need to stare at a little screen all day to find out what was going on because we had relatives who were cops, firemen and nurses who were on the front lines of the efforts to stop the fighting and the bleeding that the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT caused.

    Lack of information was never the problem. The problem was lack of concern and lack of balls, just like right now.

    At this very moment White neighborhoods are being destroyed by forced integration just like they were before the internet. Are armies of enraged and well-informed internet warriors occupying the waiting rooms and clogging up the phone lines of the various government agencies that enforce fair housing policies? I haven’t seen anything about it on the extremely relevant internet. Have you?

    The internet is a fairly good source of information today, just like the evening news was a fairly good source of information in 1960. Now as then, we all just take in all of that information and keep sitting on our pathetic asses.

    Deeds, not words. You have local people who work in the media, the government and the churches who have taken positions that are not in the best interest of White people. Find them on the internet if you must, but then go out into the world and make it clear to them that you have decided to dedicate you life to making their very existence miserable.

    Learn everything you can about stalking and harassment statutes so that you can stop short of violating any laws.

    Keep in mind that your average lefty Negrophile is a timid creature. They didn’t play sports, most of them have never had a fist fight and they hate guns. Also keep in mind that there is absolutely no law in any state that prevents you from walking up to someone at a very fast pace and circling them as you ask loudly why they did this and why they said that.

  11. Getting back to the Archie Bunker meme, I remember a flim-flam man talking about how easy it was to confuse cashiers when they were going to college.

    College education?

    This is why the Frankfurt School realized the importance of infiltrating the colleges. Unfortunately, the Nazis drove them out of universities in Germany and most took refuge in the US college system as profs.

    College is bizarre: in many cases its intense left-wing brainwashing, but one takes out student loans to get brainwashed. The technical disciplines are not as bad of social studies, but there is still PC exposure as most campuses are multicultural as there are usually foreign profs and students.

    However, it could have been A LOT worse. The other night, I watched The Weather Underground documentary on the leftist radical group that comprised of white and Jew college students who got involved with bombing of government buildings, bank robberies, and prison breaks, and were even somewhat aligned with the Black Panthers.


    They wanted to take it a lot further than “brainwashing” and were hoping that 1000’s of students would join their violent revolution, but only about 30 radical college student got in involved.

    The doc is highly recommended.

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