Amurrica Series: Obama Celebrates Ramadan

District of Corruption

Here’s the latest from BRA’s president … while we are touring secession monuments in Montgomery

In a statement, President Obama commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan —calling it a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need.”

“On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world at the start of Ramadan,” Obama said…

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  1. The Freepers are all upset but let’s not forget who started this Ramadan Dinner at the White House shit,,,it was George W. Bush…I remember seeing it on the news and being sick to my stomach. We all hate Obama but let’s not forget who started this shit.

  2. And furthermore for the Freepers…I don’t see the Muslims demanding that we Christians cease all public celebration of our Christian religion..demanding that we remove all Nativity Creches while keeping a Giant Menorah on view in Washington D.C. Or denouncing all devout Christians as bigots like the ADL. Gee freepers..what alien religious group hates America and it’s traditional values? Hint…it ain’t the Muslims

  3. As Uncle Sam’s Imperial military is killing Moslems down in the Middle-East [ over a million Iraqis killed in Usrael’s 2nd invasion of Iraq alone], I don’t think Obama’s words are going to impress the Moslems. Uncle Sam wages war against people who’ve never done us any harm, then Uncle Sam says some bullshit words implying Uncle Sam is about peace.
    After invading countries who’ve never done us any harm, and after the people in those countries see their relatives and friends killed down, Uncle Sam then allows massive immigration from the very same country Uncle Sam invaded [ and destroyed]. Many immigrants are bound to have chips- on -their -shoulders about this. Yet, Uncle Sam lets them immigrate here. I’m against the wars in the Middle-East. Still, if you absolutely have to wage war, at least close your borders and at least don’t allow immigrants to flood your country from countries you just invaded and destroyed. Uncle Sam doesn’t care for Moslems [ Arab or otherwise] but Uncle Sam doesn’t care for White Americans either. Uncle Sam is psychotic.

  4. What alien religious/ethnic group is pro abortion/pro queer rights/ pro gun control of law abiding citizens…producers of filthy pornography and Hollywood filth..Opposed to every tradition of a decent America..Hint…It’s not the Muslims who their controlled media tells us to hate. These hypocrite Jew bastards dumped on “apartheid” as evil in South Africa and wrecked it..but they demonize Rachel Corrie..who was murdered by an Zionist Bulldozer crew while standing up for a simple Palestinian family who was having their house demolished just because they didn;t belong to the Tribe…the same tribe that murdered 34 sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967..The same tribe that murders Palestinians with impunity to this day.

  5. The same tribe that seized control of Christian Russia and murdered literally millions of innocent Christians..maybe the so called holocaust , which if it happened.was just Karma for their awful crimes

  6. Significant numbers of blacks in America are Muslim. So there’s that. He’s pandering to niggers. Radio silence from him on lent.

    Otoh there’s nothing wrong with some mention of a holy day. Ramadan is about fasting though and not having sex.

    Cherish family? Hmmmm.

  7. JimBob says:
    The Freepers are all upset but let’s not forget who started this Ramadan Dinner at the White House shit,,,it was George W. Bush…

    You may have seen him in recent years.

    Wiki has a video and transcript of Hillary Clinton speaking at a 2009 Ramadan dinner. She said it started in 1996. Bush was not prez.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Good evening and Ramadan Kareem. I am delighted to welcome all of you here for this evening’s Iftar . Actually, we started in 1996 and held the first Ramadan Eid celebration at the White House. Some of you were at that celebration, and it is wonderful to have you here tonight and to have so many others joining us. I want to thank Farah. I had the great privilege of swearing her in this morning and putting her to work on behalf of our outreach to Muslim communities.

  8. JimBob: …well there is that little matter of the tallest building in New York, and the 100 other terrorist attacks in the last 20 years in London, Spain, Los Angeles, Colorado … etc.
    So I’m still a lot more uncomfortable with alien muslims than irritating Jewish liberals. Say what you like about the latter they are not going to jump up mumble something in Hebrew and start crashing the plane your in.

  9. yea JimBob it is the hajjis too. They don’t act that way in the here and now because there numbers aren’t strong enough in the usa. Yet. But they will be openly, violently anti Western and anti Christian once they start to get the upper hand as they are in Europe and have been through out their history

    Which is not to imply what you say about jews isn’t true, or that I want jews around instead of hajjis. I’d like to see the South free and clear of all foreigners and foreign influences, jews, hajji, yankee negro, mexican etc etc etc

  10. Irritating Jewish liberals quickly transform into people like Kaganovich or Trotsky. They’ll riddle you with bullets when you least expect it. Like they did the Romanovs.
    Then you get the Stern Gang…all sorts of rough bastards.

  11. Maybe? That women are more easily lead astray has been part of our Western wisdom from the beginning. It’s part of all peoples, wisdom, Pagan, Christian, Western, eastern etc going as far back as men have written wisdom literature.

  12. All those stories about Zeus becoming a bull, swan, golden shower etc etc and seducing
    women are quite transparent. Mary too.

    Wayward women.

  13. Our looters came in peace, and we bought the story. Oh well these stories told during a time of fraudulent economic prosperity made the fems feel good about themselves while still allowing them a bit of clownish fun. It looks as if the easy money is being taken away by Lord Jew Banker, but hopefully the mask comes off and we no longer get gentle Kosher Uncle Remusstein and we get more Shylock.

  14. Concur with JimBob. He’s on the mark. Muslims are only a problem here in the West. Why are they here??? That’s the million dollar question. We bomb the hell out of them in their own lands to supposedly bring them Western style democrazy and “freedom” so their sons can be just like Justin Bieber and their daughters will be free to imitate Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Amy Winehouse. They don’t want it.
    Western people want to belong, they want structure. This lie of perversion masquerading as “freedom” and multiculturalism/diversity substituting unification, self-identity and belonging was pure cultural Marxism.
    Islam is spreading because there is a space it has been allowed to work into, a space created by the destruction of the structure and social contracts of traditional Christianity. If white men will not stand up for themselves in their own land, if they continue to be limpwristed pushovers who believe their own culture/heritage/tradition is not special, don’t be surprised the their women, especially the weaker ones, will migrate to those who believe in something. Sad but true.

  15. According to the official conspiracy theory, some Jawas stood down NORAD with box cutters and initiated an attack on the WTC which pulverized steel (that burns at 2750-2777 degrees F) using a jet fuel accelerant that burns at 1400-1517 degrees F. The Wookipaedia does not steer us wrong here.

    As Obi Wan Kenobi says: “These blast points. Too accurate for sand people”.

  16. ” UK Muslims feel ‘more British’ than whites – Research study says UK citizens of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage rate “being British” as key to their identity. ” BBC July 22, 2012

    It’s a surprising statement that demands an explanation. In a study released in late June, the Institute for Social and Economic Research asked 40,000 households a series of questions, including how important, on a scale of one to ten, being British was to them.

    People of Pakistani origin scored the highest with an average of 7.76, Bangladeshi and Indian groups came second and third, while the white population scored lowest – with an average of 6.58. ”


  17. …. pulverized steel (that burns at 2750-2777 degrees F) using a jet fuel accelerant that burns at 1400-1517 …

    “Melt” means turns from a solid to a liquid.

    Once steel, or any other metal, is heated it begins to lose strength, consequently it is not necessary to technically “melt” steel to induce a structural failure. This is a fundamental flaw with he “Loose Change” school of though.

  18. hajjis are allowed to lie to avoid persecution or advance islam. My guess is they were lying. Some of the most violent and anti Western mullahs come from England

    Or perhaps it no longer matters to the native Whites of England because any brown skin can now call himself a Brit just as my identity as an “american” doesn’t mean a damn thing to me

  19. Agreed about the Brit thing. Also there is a finer distinction.

    You are English or Scottish or Welsh or Cornish or Ulsterman.

    The browns are Brits but rarely any of the above.

  20. Anyone read Rick Rescorla’s story? He was the security chief at one of the banks in the WTC. Cornish-American. He ensured that 2000 employees under his wing were evacuated. He was a cop in Rhodesia, a Paratrooper in Cyprus, in the Aircavalry in Vietnam. His big fear was a bomb in the basement or a plane slammed in the side. He wanted to move the company to New Jersey. He ran sims of it with his buddy and concluded it was a lethal Thing. Muslim fanatics really did do it. One effect however should be us backing off supporting Israel so much.

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