Caribbean Project: The Lost White Tribes of Jamaica


H/T whitecarib

Is this the future we want for Dixie? Is this the road we want to go down? Do you really want to follow Connie Chastain and find out what is waiting for our descendants at the end of the Rainbow?

Note: See also the fate of the Red Legs of Barbados and the White farmers of Zimbabwe.

The first “Rainbow Nation” in world history was Saint-Domingue under Toussaint L’ouverture’s 1801 constitution. It lasted until Jean-Jacques Dessalines massacred the remnants of the French population in 1804 and officially made Haiti the world’s first black republic.

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  1. You should post a linOtto those videos not just an embed.

    Additionally add some crime stats about Jamaica. I’m also interested in another element here. The merchant classes seem to eak out a living but you can see many are quite prepared to scram. Is this the future for us all in a mud run world?

  2. Its odd that the Chinese business man (who left for the US) blamed the black-on-Chinese racism (i.e. 3 riots) on the Chinese’s reluctance to integrate; and the white women blames black- on-white racism on the blacks’ lack of understanding of the white history in Jamaica. May be they need to keep it politically correct as there are still Chinese living there, and the white women is still there – but the real reason is black racism directed at minorities, plain and simple.

    Unfortunately, most white people have been brainwashed into believing only whites are racists.

  3. Blacks ruthlessly destroy any minority they can get their filthy hands onto. Woe to any white caught in that situation.

  4. I would never live in a country where whites are the minority. I already have my papers in order to flee this hellhole where the balance is tipped. I suggest all whites to be prepared… just in case. I’d rather be prepared and wrong than unprepared and wrong.

  5. It’s interesting to see how debased those ethnic remnants really are. The tipping point can be reverse, by fair means or by foul.

  6. America has the single largest white population of any country on earth, and it will either stay majority white, or cease to have the ability to maintain forced racial integration. I’m not sure where else you think you can move to. Much of western Europe enjoys all the multi-racial misery that the US does, and they don’t have half the perosnal freedoms the we do even today.

    I live in the blackest city America, and you still couldn’t pay me to go live in another country. I’ve lived through the worst of this sick cycle carousel, and I’m not going anywhere.

  7. @Dr. Doom
    I have some questions : After ‘we” Whites nuke Jamaica, how should ‘we” Whites handle the darkies in the United States? Nuke every city and every integrated town in the USA? Should “we” Whites nuke the farms of the mid-west also ?After all, the food winds up in the supermarkets, and the darkies buy [ shoplift? ebt?] all their food in supermarkets, even the supermarkets in rural towns. Rural blacks won’t get nuked as “we” Whites nuke the cities of America, should we nuke their homes individually as well as nuking the rural supermarkets and the farmlands of the country? What should “we” do?

  8. “Whites have Nuclear Weapons, blacks do not! Any Questions?” – Demographics are more powerful than a nuclear bomb. For instance, we just voted to let a black president hold the nuclear football.

  9. @ Snowhitey:

    Which country do you suggest, Snowhitey (and I am NOT try to bait you into a flame war here- I am merely asking)? Only some of the former Eastern Bloc Soviet nations are still “white” and language would be a problem. Russia is a possibility, but it too is multi-ethnic with lots of tensions not unlike what we experience here, with the same language barrier problem. Plus… if you were to be allowed to move there (Russia wisely has strict quotas on immigration), you would find it a lonely existence as foreigners are viewed with suspicion- unless you can find some English speaking community there if such exists. No… moving to Russia or another country involves experiencing the same obstacles to acceptance as it does for Northern whites moving to the South here in the US. Consider the clannish attitude/poorly concealed disdain you experience in the South as a Northerner (just open your mouth to say “hello” and you see the crestfallen expression on their faces) and imagine what the attitude will be in Russia or other Balkan countries, which are about the only countries that I can think of to move to (no apologies to Hunter or other Southrons on this matter, sorry). No, better to stay here and fight to make a place for whites in our own homeland.

  10. George
    Iceland is about 97% European.
    Argentina is about 95% European.

    But I agree it’s best to stay and fight. North America is the best location to create a large population center of whites. It must always be remembered that demographics has the potential for rapid change in just a few generations because of the potential for exponential growth.

  11. I am not sure. I was thinking Chile. I believe the Jews and other neocons are going to instigate a war with Iran and the whole western hemisphere may be a battleground. Because if we get involved in a battle with Iran, it will be WWIII. I’ll fight a battle I think we can win – or even have the possibility of winning – but I will not sacrifice myself with impossible odds. And, those days are coming. And, if Obama gets re-elected, the police state will come at us with breakneck speed. They will institute currency controls like they did in Rhodesia and South Africa where you can’t leave with your wealth.

  12. Whites are quite comfortable in many majority non-White countries in the Western Hemisphere – as an elite. The problem is cultural, not numbers. And the problem is largely contained to the USA as fellow do-gooder Canada gets off easy due to relative low numbers of Negroes.

    Outside of the Anglosphere, New World Negroes know their place.

  13. Where do people think they can go? Why do you think some foreign nation would let you in? Most of the world actually has immigration law that they enforce

    Argentina is very White, but, the best I can tell, they indentify as hispanic. Crime is a real problem there and Argentines with money are leaving

    Iceland is very White and very liberal. There will be a day when that catches up with them. On top of that, my friends there tell me the jobs are all manual labor, most of it outdoors, in bad weather. This is a point of pride with them and often use to explain why they are such great strongman and power-lifters.

    I don’t think most folks think things through and nothing shows that like the idea it’s easy to ex-pat.

    obama won’t be king, he’ll not get everything he wants and life will go on. I’m fair certain he would never go full on anti White because he needs White support to remain in power. Him and the dnc

  14. Oh, I’ve thought it through including Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish long version and travelling on a non-American passport (dual citizenship). I have investigated immigration laws, wealth transfer, job opportunities, etc. I was a rabid follow of Bob Chapman and he was decades ahead of most. He warned people that if Ron Paul did not get elected, we were cooked. We had about 2-3 years (from 2011) to get the hell out, as things were. If Obama got re-elected, heaven help us all! Chile is not Socialist either – yet.

    I am researching this as a means of survival. And, that is the only reason.

  15. Marc Ferguson is a disgrace. He’s not a white man, or a man in any real sense of the word. Real men defend their people and their culture. This guy drips of effeminate pansyism. Ugh!

  16. If you think voting is real… Your DUMB …. If you think you can run from one part of this world to another… YOUR DUMB … If you think any race being gone will solve your problems… YOUR DUMB … if you don’t believe the world is made up of only two races the Haves and the Have Nots… YOUR DUMB … if you don’t understand that who you call niggers today were bread out of poorness and even if all Blacks were extinct today, whomevers left poor would become your new nigger tomorrow then… YOUR DUMB … If you don’t under stand that an “elite many” absolutely run everything and you just a pawn happy about what you might have mainly beacuase of what others don’t have then… You Sir/Ma’am are dumb as Fuck and I might as well say good luck and good riddance to you at the same damn time. Now debate that smart fucks.

  17. In your opinion we are dumb. You are just saying that because we are white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  18. Before I agree with what “Fuckall” is trying to convey. Let me make sure I do my best to remain grammatically correct before I undoubtedly attract a bunch of “IQ-Jockeys” who much rather display their proofreading abilities(i.e.Brutus) than to engage themselves into a discussion or upon one’s comment that at the very least, can not be easily glossed over(well unless you completely ignore the comment (such as JamieG and Brutus seem to have a knack for).
    So… you guys are dreamers right? Sure you are(you’re on this site)! So lets imagine for just a second, that all of you-all’s dreams have come true. You know, tomorrow you wake-up and some Mitt, George, Teddy, etc. is in the White House. Not only that, China still has 1 billion citizens, but there’re all white. America, still 300 million strong but every last one is white. The whole world, in every corner of every country is white. Come on dream with me! No more Niggers, Spics, Gooks, Flips, etc…. Everybody is pure snow white! No more fake-ass politically correct speeches where we’re forced to spew out empty promises during campaign speeches about “equality” and other crap. No more need for Dems or Repubs, because now everyone will truly tune-in to presidential debates checking for who’s the smartest and best for the job of leader. Everyone’s is truly equal, we have succeeded! If only the Willie Lynches, Margaret Thatchers, Adolf Hitlers, and all the countless others could see us now.
    Not only do we not have to worry about those thieving, crack-smoking, car-jacking, baby-having, gang-banging, ebonic-talking, dope-selling, sex-hungry, white girl-raping, pimping ass niggers; We also now have a crime free world, which needs no laws to control or protect the people because America and the world are now one pristine, elite, WHITE and impeccable group. Hip hip, Hooray! Hip hip, Hooray! Hip hip, Hooray!

    Now… WAKE UP! Wipe your drool, and see if you can answer a couple questions I have regarding your fantasy scenario. Okay so lets go one by one(1 disgusting nigger trait topic by 1 disgusting nigger trait topic that is).
    First question: With all thieving niggers gone would there have never been a “Billy Da Kid”, would Bernie have had ever “Made Off”? I bet the show American Greed wouldn’t even exist huh?
    Question # 2: With all those crack-smoking niggers extinct, do you agree that there would be no more Meth mouth white females walking the streets, no heron addicts, no Co2 cartridge huffers, X-pill poppers, alcoholics etc.?
    Question#3: With all those nappy-headed, baby dropping hood rats dead and gone, do you agree that government welfare wouldn’t exist. Do you agree that every white family would be entitled to 250 Acres of land their own show on TV titled, “19 and Counting” while successfully supporting there huge family with no help, living all off the land? No child would need WIC or anything right?
    Q # 4: If all the gang-banging chimps are dead, wouldn’t you agree that the only type of gun in the world would be hunting rifles? Furthermore, don’t you agree that in our new perfect world millions of police & law enforcement related jobs would be replaced with millions of jobs from some other industry, due to the lack of crime?
    Q # 5: With all street pimps dead, don’t you believe that decency will be restored back in the US and across the world alike? All whore houses would cease to exist and back comes the days of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sleeping in separate beds (just because it was a family show) return. Will “Girls-Gone-Wild become considered illegal and absurd once those damn pimping niggers die!

    I’ve became extremely board all of a sudden so I’ll just ask one last question:
    Q # 6: With all the “Anti-Whites”(wink, wink, Jamie G) gone, will all the non-nigger associated traits and crimes disappear as well as the aforementioned societal ills? Come on you know what ills I’m talking about, you know like… pedophilia and molestation(Sanduskys, Priests, etc)… cereal killings(Mansons, Gacys, etc)… incest(Jeff Warrens, Hutterites, etc.)… white collar(Enrons, AIGs, etc.)… oh and can’t forget being in the forefront as the cultural & international leader of the most disgusting, vile, and violent… hardcore porn industry!

    Okay I lied, last question… So if you could truly imagine only Whites left on Earth would you finally self critique your race, or no? Or just keep on acting like your shit smells of strawberries.

    Btw, I expect one of three responses to this
    1. Comepletly ignored(if this even gets past “moderation”)
    2. Someone will pick one little minute, point within a point and harp on it(like they even attempted to answer my Q’s)
    3. Can’t forget the spellchecking idiots

  19. “see if you can answer a couple questions I have regarding your fantasy scenario”

    You are setting up straw man arguments (a billion Chinamen suddenly turning White???) that are only voiced by few (if any) who post here. However, I will say this: if American towns were to be returned to their pre-1960’s populations almost exclusively consisting of law abiding church-going citizens of Northwest European descent then yes, decency and unlocked front doors could indeed happen again. Even now there are still some pretty decent towns and smaller cities still left that are located all over America. Bigger cities always have more anonymous populations and crime would certainly still exist even if they were predominantly White.

    As for getting from here to a Whiter polity, it will happen concomitantly with the ever increasing breakdown of the existing order. As the central authority of the federal government wanes due to lack of money and the consent and moral support of the general population, like minded individuals and families will still come together to create new, or preserve existing, governmental entities for the common good of Whites. Will this entail violent action? Probably, and it will play out differently in different sections of the country.

    The motivation for this will not be for the fulfillment of “fantasies” but instead will be the result of having to make the necessary tough choices for basic survival in this very real and currently badly deteriorating world.

  20. Freeminded,

    isn’t it exhausting explaining away degenerate nignog behaviour? Paragraphs of rationalization.

    Tell me this, would you prefer to live among whites in a white burb, or live in a black neigbourhood? You don’t even need to answer.

  21. Small town America or Kinshasa? 1950s era Leopoldville or modern Kinshasa? 1950s Johannesburg or Joburg today? 1950s Detroit or Detroit today?

    Freemind, you are a stupid nigger or a stupid nigger lover.

  22. Haiti under French white supremacist rule in the 1700? Or Hsiti under nigger terror in 1805 or even Haiti today? The choice is obvious. When blacks rule the roost the roost falls into decay. So yep I’d prefer to see African blacks exterminated or driven to virtual extinction.

  23. [“You are setting up straw man arguments (a billion Chinamen suddenly turning White???)”]

    Well sir, my only reason for creating “straws”, was in an attempt to provide an alternate existence(at least through imagination) for those who may not otherwise have been able to free their minds of senseless hate long enough to attempt answering my wonders. Notice I didn’t say hate, but “senseless hate.” For I myself, hate many things, but none senselessly. So I figured, let me try to introduce a scenario that would allow people to speak upon the issues that I believe actually plague this world. In other words, I wanted people to respond as if all Non-Whites were non-existent. So I can very simply ask them… THEN WHAT? No more 10% of the population to complain about so… now what! Ones inability to answer this is the main reason there’s no weight in the strategy to eliminate a race, especially not with hopes to make another race, pure.

    For me that’s where the joke begins. See Rudel, interestingly enough, I agree wholly with almost every single point you make, except…
    [” if American towns were to be returned to their pre-1960?s populations almost exclusively consisting of law abiding church-going citizens of Northwest European descent then yes, decency and unlocked front doors could indeed happen again. Even now there are still some pretty decent towns and smaller cities still left that are located all over America.”]
    I disagree… before the “Technology Age”, corruption was harder than ever to find much less battle against. You mention “law-abiding” and “church-going” together, almost as if they’re synonyms(for you they seem to be). Power(religion, governmental, social, etc.) will always be(and HAS ALWAYS BEEN) where corruption hides best. Even in a “1-race” world, the best leaders would be those that truly had the good of all the people as their only motivation. This is true whether your descent is that of occidental, Norwegian, Icelandic, or whatever part of europe you seem to have an affinity for.
    You truly believe that before 1960, amongst white communities, times were better(simpler, sure, better, no way). I truly believe you are floating adrift in a “greener grass”type fantasia of an earlier time. Clearly a perceptual defect, in my opinion.
    For instance, let’s pick a crime, ugh… how about child rape and/or molestation. Everyone has an opinion on that right? They say 1/4 girls are molested by the age of 10, boys 1/6, yet in the last 50 years the conviction and prosecution of these truly “heartless degenerates” has increased by more than 50%, last time I read. So I wonder… what’s behind the rise in convictions? Were those unlocked doors of the 40’s and 50’s like 50% safer after all, or… did those “law biding”, Judges, Priest, Ministers, Lawmakers, Police, etc. from the good’ole days, just subdue, cover up, and/or repress any victims accusations a good 50% more than they would ever be able to do nowadays(I now were I’d put my money). With out video cameras and the web, you’d have me believe that horrendous crimes just didn’t exist. I’m guessing that if you could find a bunch of elderly women who were 10 years old and younger back, then I’d bet my whole retirement that 1/4 of them would tell you about their own rapes(if you could get them to talk, which would be the hard part btw), matching if not surpassing today’s statistics. Shoot, back then the principal could take a young girl in his office, close the door and paddle away, then probably console her by rubbing away on her little bare ass until his filthy little heart is content, and no one would say a word, because he had power. Btw, that’s just one filthy crime category, but contrary to your beliefs, early and mid-century crime was more rampant(unchecked that is) than any modern-day period.Furthermore Rudel, the decent smaller towns and cities you speak of, throughout history, have notoriously held and bred some of worst and most tragic secrets.

    My problem is with why some people within my race seems to believe that blacks and others are bringing this rotten world down. You also mentioned that, ” like minded individuals and families will still come together to create new, or preserve existing” (of which I agree with you btw). But, I ask, of whom are you more like-minded… one of Thurgood Marshall sons or white Johnny Conehead from the trailer park. Which on of them would be more likely to lie to your face, but steal from your backside. I’ll tell you who… the most desperate one, that’s who. The one who has the more desperate and negative outlook on life. The one who’s never had anything so when they see something they take it. Many desperate behaviors are actually is bred out of destitution.

    All I’m saying is that if you’re the type that hears a black crime, and immediately starts wishing his/her mother and whole family(and race for that matter) would die and burn in hell(for the good of your white family)… then at least when you hear about a Sandusky, you should wish his mother dies as well, with anybody associated with him(Joe Pa) meeting the same fate(all for the good of your white family, right).

    The worst thing is… that anyone that is truly as wealthy, as many of the hateful people here probably wish they could be, would never truly believe in race eradication. Don’t get me wrong they might sell it to you if they can get your buck(i.e. Rush Limbaugh an many Countless others) but never would they believe in it or wish for it. Why, because they understand there own concept/goal of the rich vs. the poor with no middle class. Meanwhile they do not care if you label yourself nigger, poor, middle-class, upper-middle, or whatever. Without a large ratio of the sheep(of any color), known as the “Non-Wealthy”, buying the new iphone every 2 quarters, then how would the rich be rich.

    So again I imagine… in a world of nothing but whites(remember, I’m taking most of ya’lls fixated anger source(Blacks) away to force true thought), I ask you: Who would be tomorrow’s niggers(poor and detached) and would they have of your compassion for what they will go through(remember though, they are white). Or do you just believe everyone will be rich with no destitution anywhere. America and many other countries have already proven that they’re willing to put Capitalism above any race, and are willing to “legally sell you anything from tobacco sticks(with the label poison right on them) to video footage of your own daughter commiting sexual suicide while having her vagina polluted with some other poor girls ass bacteria. Somehow, still no one seems to be willing to speak on the White-man’s own flaws. One thing I do admire about blacks, is you don’t have to look far to find good ones critiquing bad ones and pointing out their own peoples flaws.

    You yourself Rudel, seem to understand that there will still be crime, but somehow you still feel the need to mention stuff like “for the common good of Whites”(as if the extinction of Blacks will save your world). Something tells me you are know where near that gullible though.

    I wish people dead also, but unlike John Conehead, who believes I’m either stupid, or loves stupid, I happen to wish all murderers, thieves, rapists, etc dead… and if that only leaves two Blacks and One Trillion Whites in the world… then so be it, I wouldn’t take that bet though!!

  24. As for black crime, the stats can be found under the Color of Crime tab.

    The Black Undertow commits 100 percent of homicide and 95 percent of violent crime in Atlanta. If they disappeared tomorrow, there would be a 95 percent reduction in violent crime, and all the various costs of crime – in particular, business and capital flight and declining property values – would be tremendously reduced.

    The disappearance of the Black Undertow would create a safer and wealthier society for White people.

  25. Niggers live under communism in Cuba. They also lived under communism in Ethiopia, Angola, and Mozambique. You can’t blame capitalism for the Black Undertow when the communism exacerbated poverty and backwardness in all four nations.

  26. Freebasingnigolopoid,

    Virtually every rape in Scandinavia appears to be done by a nig or arab according to recent stats. They have the most egalitarian societies on earth. The nigs still crap all over it. They want for nothing but keep stealing more. Take the nig out of scandinavia and there would be virtually no sex crimes. It’s the best test case of remorseless black criminality out there. No excuses.

    You just wasted three paragraphs. We’ve heard it all before.

  27. “Btw, that’s just one filthy crime category, but contrary to your beliefs, early and mid-century crime was more rampant(unchecked that is) than any modern-day period.”

    No it wasn’t. I was there and the idea that during the 1950’s one in six boys and one in four girls were molested in White communities, and most were White, is absolutely preposterous. You have absolutely no evidence for this. You probably believe the thoroughly discredited Kinsey statistics and that liar Margaret Meade too, along with God knows what other feminist drivel.

  28. Schools didn’t need metal detectors in the 1950s. I’m certain that they must have been better places back them. Whites and blacks were schooled separately by design. A good thing too. Public skoo’ today or school in 1950?

  29. I am glad the blacks are successfully killing the Whites in S.Africa or send them back to the worlds greatest multi-cultural shit hole called America.

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