NCFire Immigration Conference

North Carolina

I know we have a lot of readers in North Carolina. I also know how terrible the illegal alien problem has become in North Carolina over the past twenty years. With that I mind, I believe that some of you might be interested in checking out the upcoming NCFire conference in August.

Note: It would also be a convenient place for North Carolina readers to have a clandestine meet up.

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  1. iiiMPACT, a concerned group of southeastern North Carolinians, are sponsoring this Conference. Bottom line is ACTION and getting immigration enforcement legislation in place. NCFIRE will be present and advocating for the implementation of laws on a state level. See for the NC Memorial for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, NC Sanctuary Cities, NC Document Fraud, and Hispanic Against Hispanic Crime (which is being swept under the media radar) along with a montly illegal alien crime report. Thanks for posting the event info.

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