Kyle Rogers on Black Undertow Crime

South Carolina

Hey, the SPLC has already listed Kyle Rogers and Joseph Farah on its Top 30 rightwing activist honor roll, so why not expose the truth about the Black Undertow?

By Kyle Rogers

For a long time I have been writing about the censorship of black crime by our so-called “mainstream media.” I was way ahead of the curve, as now major media outlets are finally talking about the issue. I have nothing but praise for WND for its role in turning the tide against media censorship.

There has been a longtime unwritten rule in the media. Black crime, especially black-on-white crime, must be downplayed. This has resulted in the rampant censorship of the race of perpetrators. What is most troubling is when media outlets censor information about dangerous at-large suspects to hide the fact that the suspect is black. Political correctness has taken first priority instead of public safety.

Note: Remember all those debates about mainstreaming and White Nationalism Lite triumphing in “mainstream” conservatism?

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  1. OK again a little help here. Why are you calling it, “Kosher Republic” ? You are referring to the Freerepublic website correct.

  2. OK Bill, no too long, but I’ve read stuff on Freerepublic aka “Kosher Republic”. I guess its run by jews.

  3. Don’t worry Roger, I don’t track half the acronyms either; for the most part they seem silly to me and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with being new. Not one damn thing

  4. just got finished reading Adam Carolla’s “In 50 years we’ll all be chicks”. Here’s a good blurb from it about a diversity seminar he had to go through:
    “The woman conducting the seminar, who looked like Maya Angelou with the giant amber beads and muumuu, posed this retarded question: ‘A Hispanic male robs a liquor store. The only information the news has is that he is Hispanic and male. Should they mention his race?’ At this point you, like me and every other rational person, are thinking, ‘Of course. Whatever is necessary to get the word out and catch this guy.’ But I kept my mouth shut. Florida from Good Times declared no, his ethnicity should not be mentioned because there are too many Hispanic males in L.A.(twenty thousand more slipped in while you were reading that sentence). At that moment I hit my saturation point with Aretha Franklin’s less talented sister and asked, ‘ Then why are you bringing up that he’s male? I’m male – I don’t want to get lumped in with liquor store robbers.’ Her response was as stupid as her original point: ‘But he was a male.’ I shot back, ‘He’s Mexican too! Why do we have to ignore that fact but not the fact that he’s got a dick and balls?’ Take that, Cinco De Maya Angelou.

  5. Latino is a social construct handed to us by evil WASPs who raped blackwomen and killed6 million Jews at Gettysberg. Gnomesayin?

  6. John,
    Said, It’s Jew safe. “Kosher”, now I get it. D’uh.
    Funny thing, Rush just mentioned that they were created because a liberal site band them so they created their own site.

  7. Sometimes Jews commit crimes* also:
    ” Colorado Shooter was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters”
    If link doesn’t work, go to :
    ( www.) jewishpress ( .com)
    Scroll down list of articles towards end of page. It’s a good website in general to learn about things not mentioned in the mainstream news.
    * Actually, Jews commit alot of crimes. The Jew mob, Russian or otherwise, is the most murderous in the world.

  8. Stonelifter, BRA isn’t to be taken literally. The minorities and their communist handlers say that they don’t have much temporal power, and they are right. But by demoralizing us to the point of apathy, by reducing us to cowards they effectively control us.

    BRA means that every institution in America is fully dedicated to the Negro Equality Project, as its first objective.

  9. The New York Times just admitted the news is censored by the Government. Article at: ” ( www.) thetruthseeker (
    ” The New York Times Admits…. News…..Censored by Government Officials”
    Was put up today. Pretty amazing the NY Times actually admitted it. The NY Times editors always implied they were telling us the full truth. I guess ” All the news fit to print” always meant what news the government saw fit to be printed. Astounding announcement of Truth from the NY Times.

  10. Peppermint,

    BRA could be defined as the lowest common denigminator. Or

    “What’s Deshawn Want Today?”

    it’s almost predictive.

  11. More black crime in America — this time an African criminal:
    If link doesn’t work, got to ( www.) americanthinker ( .com)
    Article : “Obamas Passport Breach”
    Or, go to “OD” article, ” Is Obamas Birth Certificate Fraudulent” [ July 18,2012]
    Very informative article. Lots of links in the commentary thread about Obama being African-born, as well as a Communist with ties to the black panthers. Obama is part of the “black undertow”. Big-Time. Another black criminal in America.

  12. Joe- the article you quoted about Holmes says he’s not Jewish. but the comments run the gamut from “Oy, vy do they pick on us all the time?” to “He’s not Jewish- is he?”

    It would be easier if he was a Christ killer. But I think the MK_Ultra angle is better for truth value.

    Kaminski is a very honest Jewish writer. He hasn’t posted anything in a few months, but if you go to his website, there’s alot of articles about Jewish influence in the States. Very informative. Lots of links also.
    If link doesn’t work, Google: ” john kaminski”
    Also, Joe Vialls [ died 2005] has very informative articles about the Mossad/CIA and other important topics. He passed away in 2005, but his wife keeps the website going. Very compelling website.
    Google : Joe Vialls, or go to :
    Michael Hoffman’s ( www.) revisionisthistory (.org). Great website to find out about Jews [ and the talmud] Catholics, Freemasons, and what’s called “the revealation of the method”.
    There’s so many fascinating things to learn in this Kosher Republic.

  14. @Fr John
    Of course the Jews are going to complain about it. Doesn’t mean the shooter isn’t Jewish. As far as MK-Ultra, Jews are involved in MK Ultra Big-Time. Your point @Fr John just doesn’t make any sense. The shooting Was Very Much an MK-ULTRA pysch-ops , and the Shooter is a Jew. So your argument is ridiculous.

  15. Sorry about the Vialls broken link. Google: ” joe vialls”. One can still access his articles. Lots of sites containing his work.

  16. @Fr John, Forgot to Mention:
    Jews don’t allow Non-Jews to be “Jewish big-brothers” for “Jewish brothers” and “Jewish sisters”. They just don’t.

  17. I’m fully aware of it Peppermint. BRA/WRA etc implies america is ran for the benefit of women, negros, beaners, queers etc all, with the laws stacked against White men, and doesn’t signify negros etc all actually run the usa.

    What runs the usa is the anti Christian White man cultural marxism world view, with the rural Southron White man as the chief reactionary bad guy.

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