The Great Wipe Out


Fifty years of BRA and billions if not trillions of dollars invested in the Negro Equality Project and the result is … what?

“The median wealth of white households is twenty times that of their black counterparts. Moreover, from 2005 to 2009, black wealth declined by 53 percent—in 2009, the typical black household had just $5,677 in wealth. African-American wealth was wiped out by the Great Recession, making it a tremendously destructive event for economic mobility among black families …”

Note: Unlike the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Program which succeeded in putting Neal Armstrong on the frickin’ moon, the Negro Equality Project was an absolute total failure.

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  1. Au Contraire. The money spent on the Black Equality Project has proved to be a far more effective weapon of mass destruction than anything the Manhattan project came up with. The war on poverty and the civil rights struggle more effectively annihilated American cities than any A-Bomb could have done in Oppenheimer’s Hindu god fantasy:

    “I am become black, destroyer of worlds”

  2. Unfortunately, demographics can not be ignored. The black population doubled over the same time period, and that simply wouldn’t have been possible without the influx of resources.

  3. Agreed John & Anon. negro ranks grow at our expense. Same with beaners and the useless class of college educated govt employes, college professors etc. Whites do the high investment style of parenting and any attack on us fiscally means less children. White families have reduced in size for a number of reasons, but we shouldn’t ignore what crap jobs, low wages, inflation, the destruction of the dollar and wealth transfer through high taxes has done to our family size

  4. I call bullshit on the whole myth of negro prosperity. This is just another variation on the anti-white narrative.

    Exactly when and where did negroes build any wealth? Were it not for white patronage such as professional sports, government jobs, and government set-asides, they would be as they always have been–completely destitute savages.

    BRA has basically taken the birthright and legacy of all white Americans and squandered it on the negro. It is one of the most appalling injustices in human history.
    Thank you very much, Yankees.

    Deo Vindice

  5. I know its fashionable to say its all over and other such rot, but IMO we are not that far from a “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall” type speech moment.

    Its all lies, I mean we even on the Right disguise this nonsense in our own way by responding with long drawn out intellectual foo foo. Or our run to the hills with our guns fantasies, hell if ending the cold war came down to either a Bill Buckley bullshit essay on Soviet Atheism or Cletus up in them thar hills we would be pondering who would be the next party chairman of the USSR to this day.

    Its all lies, we need freedom from these lies and the people who force us to pay heed

  6. The article is to justify extracting more wealth from the white community, so why take it seriously?

    They NEVER mention “spending power.” I knew a double Ph.d. in statistics and economics and who was encouraged to write endless papers about white versus minority “WAGES.” Endless comparison papers, all with the same (predetermined) conclusions.

    Meantime, BACK IN REALITY, a NYC paper had run an article about how black women in Queens had 8 TIMES the Spending Power of the white women in Manhattan, due to programs, leg ups, scholarships, etc.

    Part of the purpose of the article —the unstated meme and underlying assumption that is not to be questioned—- is that “wealth” or “wages” matter.

    But in an acknowledged Welfare State (neo-fuedalism, left-right-statist-coalition government, or whatever)—- wages are obviously meaningless.

    (What determines whether you get Spending Power or not is how much you kiss up and how much “elites” like you, and see you as useful, and whether they will ALLOCATE to you.

    Like the endless New South commercials surrounding elections: “we must BRING IN jobs.” (i.e. someone come and save us!) No one sums up what we have, and decides how to play it for ourselves. Some other thing is happening. (obviously)

  7. In a Welfare State (or central planning democracy, which on a level looks the same, and which is really the definition of Bolshevism)—- Equal WAGES has nothing to do with what material things one can GET with those wages.

    Someone with far less wages can have more stuff, very easily.

    Take Nyc housing: an Ivy Leaguer can live in a 225 square foot studio for $2000.00 a month. A person on welfare might live in a 1500 square foot 3 bedroom apartment. This is not uncommon.

    Also NO ONE mentions the real cost of such a system: what the fellow citizens become to each other, reduced to the status of begging elites, currying favor, getting from the other citizens’ earnings, etc. —– they become kiss ups and predatory, (it’s the only way to get ahead under such a setup)

  8. Dixie,

    please expand on this. It actually sounds like the opening to a great policy paper. I know that in London a nigfam (settled or off the plane) can get a house paid for by the state that at market rates they could never afford. This assistance is being changed but I’ve heard a family can get up to $25,000 in housing benefits.

    This generally goes straight to a landlord but the niggerpets get the living space.

  9. Don’t forget: When the communist system was coming to an end in the now former Soviet Union, the communist jews came here to the States in droves. They each got
    a Hundred-Thousand Dollars per jew-immigrant , free rent, food-stamps, free medical care, etc.
    Many of the commie jews Ronald Reagan and “our” lawmakers in Congress allowed to immigrate here to the US, are in the Russian Mob: The most murderous and ruthless mob on earth. Uncle Sam gave the Russian jew mob welfare also.

  10. RobRoySimmons and Dixiegirl, your optimism is appreciated.

    Dixiegirl, your statement about people always wanting someone to save them is one of the most astute. It seems that this is a large problem in our populace. No longer do we hold dear to our hearts our own ability to change the very fabric of existence that we encounter daily. If one person out of one hundred damned the rules and set out to create and flourish our plight would be vastly different. Imagine if one of ten did the same? I take great comfort and inspiration away from you having pointed this out. Thank you.

  11. An example of what Dixie suggests are the reports that Coloradans are are applying for
    background checks for CWP licences. I heard on Fox that applications are up 41%.

    That’s an example of resistance to manipulation right there. That’s folk voting with their feet and fists.

  12. We All need to damn the rules and speak out hard against Freemasonry and The Federal Reserve Banking System : They go together like a horse-and-carriage. It’s the great stanglehold, the great chokehold, on the USA and all law-abiding Americans.
    ” freemasons + federal reserve”
    ” the federal reserve cartel + freemason + the house of rothschild”
    We ALL need to damn the rules and speak up hard about this matter. It’s the Very Thing holding back White America : Freemasons + Federal Reserve.

  13. This was released last summer, and I commented on it then. For all the social programs designed to benefit blacks, they are still poor because yadda yadda (we know all the reasons why, no need to reprise them again). If these programs were ever reversed, blacks would return to being as wretched as they ever were – and still are, wherever they don’t have a giant welfare state to support them.

    I used to say that it’s scary to think of how much we could accomplish without the tremendous cost of these millions of parasites upon the system. But then again the system begets parasitism in the first place …

    It’s also hilarious to see that the progress ideologues will never wake up to what sheer folly this agenda is. The whole world’s gone nuts.

  14. Where in the world has a black population, indigenous or diasporic, ever created a working, wealth-producing society, i.e. one that functions at a level above subsistence?

    Nowhere. The conclusion one can draw from this fact is inescapable.

  15. The blacks remind me of Jews. The Jews have a problem standing-on-their-own-two-feet, almost as bad as the blacks.
    Google: ” us government aid to israel”
    ” annual us government aid to israel”
    ” annual us money to israel”
    A good website “ifamericansknew” ( .org) for more info/facts.
    When the Jews aren’t pushing for a Slave-Economy * so they can live off other people’s work, the jews are pushing for Communism — another Form of Slavery where the Jews live off other people’s work. In between, Uncle Sam forks over an incredible amount of US tax -payer dollars to support Israel. If the Jews are so intelligent, why can’t they have a viable country without so much massive $$$$$$ support from Uncle Sam ? [ and German tax-payer/government $$$$$$ ?]. One would think such an intelligent people could sustain a viable country on their own. But that’s not the case.
    * slave-cropping being another jew/talmudic economic system.

  16. Excuse the typo: “Share cropping”. My typo wasn’t that off the mark, however, I must say. Share-cropping is Slavery without the overhead of actually having to care in any way for the share-croppers ( slaves).

  17. Its not the Liberals or the Freemasons or the Communists! It is the Jew.

    The Jew is the Top of the Totem Pole for all this crap.

    The Yankees are dead and buried, but the Jew still sits like an oafish King on his barren throne demanding respect from those that know not the meaning of the word. The NIGGER is the preferred lapdog of Jewess princesses don’t you know.

  18. 20% of whites cannot be reached.

    There is no point in tailoring the message to reach all whites, only the 80% who can be reached.

    Those 80% will not be reached with “respectable conservative” GOP talking points, because class and religion divide us; only race can unite a race.

    With 80% of the whites united; at least 25 states would form the initial well run union with Texas as the sine qua non.

    Additional white counties would gradually flip until anti-white America was shrunk down to the north east and west coast.

  19. Yankees are certainly not dead and buried. The President before our current mulatto wonder was one of your supposedly nonexistent Yankees. Yankees have just gone stealth like the Jews did in Spain before the Inquisition. George Bush is a Texan, right? Why does his accent sound so fake? Where is he really from?

    Truth is 80% of whites cannot be reached. They are only grist for the BRA mill and will never unite until it is too late, if ever. Texas is hardly a model for anything, having been overrun by Mexicans and Yankees, like Ted Cruz and Jorge Bush.

    The states that have challenged the current immigration status quo will lead, if any do. Texas is not one of those states. Texans may flatter themselves all they want to no avail. Texans are just full of hot air. They will soon be part of Mexico/Aztlan rather than a reborn white Southern homeland.

    Texas is just another more easterly version of California. It’s already too late for Texas. The Alamo will be demolished or reinterpreted within the next 20 years and its heroes in the long run will have all died in vain. The Texas of today is as phony as Bush.

    Deo Vindice

  20. Apeleius: Sad, but I have to agree. Texas will be solid “blue” within 6 years, never to return. Not that being “red” matters too much any way.
    Afterthought: Right on! I had a long discussion with one of my office mates today about surrendering the moral high ground. The Republicans lose because they either play nice or are in cahoots.

  21. I disagree about Texas. Despite our demographic issues, there is a dynamic and a cultural understructure in our state that exists nowhere else on Earth. An Englishman might call it “bloody-mindedness”; we just call it “our way”. It is a mixture of the most hard-nosed dedication to physical and spiritual reality-as-it-is (i.e. “conservativism”) with a almost-religious tradition of minding one’s own fucking business. It is a mixture of Teutonic rigor, Hispanic fatialism, and Celtic ferality. It is a loving and Christian heart with an eye that gleams “do it, faggot”.

    We put up with a lot here. because “gettin’ awn with bidness” trumps nearly everything. But the same placid toiler who looks away from one’s misbehavior and gets awn with his bidniss on Monday is liable to shoot your ass in a parking lot on Saturday just for pissing him off. A lot of us die with a gun in our hand. Outsiders are wise not to assume we’re wholly tame.

    As far as the Mexicans here go: we have our share of Cali-type Aztec Warriors. They get on the news a lot, but they are a tiny fringe and are generally disregarded as losers by the typical Texan of Mexican heritage. The Mexicans in California are latecomers, mostly ignorant indios who crawled out from under a pyramid in Oaxaca and who are neither intellectually nor morally capable of anything except tribal life and slavery in some form. Our Mexicans are different. They are by and large norteños of creole stock, farmers and ranchers are small entrepreneurs who never were anybody’s slaves, who have lived with white people in this land for three hundred years, and who in both culture and intellect resemble southern, native “mexicans” to the same degree that Yankee shopkeepers resemble the southern plains Indians of America. They are, in effect, “white”, both in terms of values and of work ethic, and are economically and in many cases genetically intermixed with the “Anglo” population here.

    I’d hate to tell you what they think of mallates. Let’s just say that it’s not complimentary.

    We’ll make it. God has permitted great evil in our state: the odious Lyndon Baines Johnson is from here, and of course our nation’s only Catholic president was ritually murdered not five miles from the place of my birth. Freemasonry rules this state and always has. But behind the Masonic “lone star” there is the true blue of the conservative, the white of the royalist, and the red of the romantic, and I believe that God will bring those colors through when the “light of reason” fails.

    And if not, then a lot of us will die with a gun in our hands. We call it “our way”. Let’s get awn with bidness.

  22. The problem with “get awn with bidness” in Texas is that no state in the entire South is more enthralled to Chamber of Commerce-ism.

    We saw that last year when almost three dozen immigration bills in the Texas state legislature most of which had overwhelming public support were killed by the Texas GOP on behalf of a handful of billionaires like Bob Perry and Charles Butt.

  23. Not to mention the fact that Texas has absorbed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from other states over the past five years. Whereas illegal immigration has subsided in California, it is worse than ever before in Texas.

  24. Texas is turning itself into California to make a few bucks.

    All the flotsam from across America is pouring into Texas to find a job. It will end in an epic bust just like California.

  25. The Chamber of Commerce religion is indeed strong here, and we are a magnet for welfare leeches. Austin is unbearable – twice the number of hipster douchebags as Berkeley with crappy weather to boot. I can’t even visit that fucking city any more.

    Yet if you all could see things as I see them — every day, from ground level — I suspect your opinions would be different. There’s just something about this place, and I see I’m not capable of explaining it.

    That’s as may be. In the end, it’s still a state overrun by BRA, and until BRA loses its ability to project power into Texas, it’ll remain part of BRA. That ability, as I have pointed out before, is likely to be maintained over the short term, but over the long term will undoubtedly fade.

    And when it fades, we’ll still be here. Remember: our Confederate governor never surrendered.

    Of course, a ‘black swan” is almost certain to appear sooner or later and knock all our quotidian assumptions into a pile. That’s what makes life fun: staying alive to see what happens next.

  26. Dixiegirl, your statement about people always wanting someone to save them is one of the most astute….”

    Glad I said something smart. The trouble with what you say —if only everyone would be creative—- is how the beast has ploughed under even the best, at the moment.

    To try to forge on —to create, innovate, find your own way, transform some environment— means getting hammered. In Reality, a small-time self-employed pays about 65% or more in taxes, (if one really adds it up). The most creative wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone right now (sadly).

    The people who get elected—– are the ones who sell themselves as being best at Begging from the Government (that is what they are elected on). We will “bring jobs,” and “get allocations” and “get funding.”

    It’s like when they talk about Yankees always wanting to “improve things.” (heard a podcast with Palmetto Patriot discussing this).

    Truth in it—– BUT THE REAL TROUBLE with Yankees—- is NOT that they want to fix something. It’s that they never fix THEMSELVES.

    A Yankee always wants to fix somebody ELSE.

    Southerners fix things all the time. They transform things. They take raw land and make produce arise out of it. They know tools.

    But they fix THEIR OWN stuff. The Yankee never deals with himself. Only fixes others, (who really don’t want their “help”)

    The saddest thing, since 1965—- is how many Americans have been given things less than what they came from to “learn on.”

    It’s Alice going down useless rabbit hole after rabbit hole. You try to strive and “do the right thing”—– but your Mama’s Kitchen always turns out to be ten times smarter than school, or college, or grad school, or your mentors at jobs, or whatever you tried to chase (trying to do “the right thing” and get along in the mess).

    It’s not normal for every “Education” you could get—- to be just an exercise in Evil.

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