Amurrica Series: Mayberry, R.I.P.

New York

Here’s the latest diarrhea from Frank Rich who is second in command to Tim Wise as BRA’s single most anti-White Jewish columnist:

Note: I would rather be ruled by Nero or Caligula’s horse than Frank Rich and Tim Wise.

“Andy Griffith was a genial and gifted character actor, but when he died on Independence Day eve, you’d have thought we’d lost a Founding Father, not a television star whose last long-running series, the vanilla legal drama Matlock, expired in 1995. The public tributes to Griffith were over-the-top in a way his acting never was, spreading treacle from the evening newscasts to the front page of the New York Times. …

In reality, The Andy Griffith Show didn’t transcend the deep divides of its time. It merely ignored them. “Local control” of Mayberry saw to it that this southern town would remain lily-white for all eight years of its fictive existence rather than submit to any civil-rights laws that would require the federal government’s “top-down management” to enforce. . . .

The wave of nostalgia for Andy Griffith’s Mayberry and for the vanished halcyon America it supposedly enshrined says more about the frazzled state of America in 2012 and our congenital historical amnesia than it does about the reality of America in 1960. The eulogists’ sentimental juxtapositions of then and now were foreordained. If there’s one battle cry that unites our divided populace, it’s that the country has gone to hell and that almost any modern era, with the possible exception of the Great Depression, is superior in civic grace, selfless patriotism, and can-do capitalistic spunk to our present nadir. For nearly four years now—since the crash of ’08 and the accompanying ascent of Barack Obama—America has been in full decline panic. Books by public intellectuals, pundits, and politicians heralding our imminent collapse have been one of the few reliable growth industries in hard times.”

Note: You can’t have Mayberry because you don’t have Jim Crow in North Carolina anymore. Thankfully, we have BRA now instead, along with Al Sharpton, Obama Africanus I, and Eric “My People” Holder.

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  1. @Lynda ;
    “Asshole” :
    I mis-translated. It’s not ‘ass”. It’s “Asshole”. I hope the pope doesn’t ex-communicate me for mis-translating. It’s important to get the translation correct.

  2. Now, see Joe the Kvetcher, that wasn’t hard to do – was it?

    And yes, I do adhere most strongly to the traditional faith of the Roman Catholic Church. You, on the other hand, Podex perfectus es, adhere to the reprobate assinity of the Talmud, therefore, stercorem pro cerebro habes.

  3. @Lynda
    I never said translating wasn’t “hard” to do. In fact, it’s very easy. That’s why I’m wondering why you’re so downright rude to All the readers not to translate, especially as translating is so easy .

  4. We know Joe is “Talmudic” because Joe doesn’t like chattel slavery and communism [ another form of talmudic slavery] . Joe finds both chattel slavery and communism repulsive. Joe has mentioned that chattel slavery and communism are both Talmudic economic systems to -the -core [ About a million times here at “OD” ] And Joe is repulsed by both ; Joe has written many posts about Joe’s repulsion to Talmudic slavery, Joe has written many posts about Joe’s repulsion to Talmudic communism : So it naturally follows Joe is a “Talmudist”.
    Laughing Online Big-Time.


    When John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln in 1865, Davis and Benjamin were suspected of having plotted the event and, as the martyred Lincoln was compared to Christ in the Northern press, Benjamin was pilloried as Judas. When the South was defeated, Benjamin -fearing that he could never receive a fair trial if charged with Lincolnís murder, fled to England, where he lived out his life as a barrister, publishing a classic legal text on the sale of personal property. Evans speculates that, had Benjamin been captured by Union troops, the United States might have had its own Dreyfus Trial.

  6. Rich and his people are the ones in panic mode. They can see the whole house of cards coming down just like we can.

  7. “Dr. Doom says:
    July 25, 2012 at 2:46 am
    I’ve always wondered whether Mayberry was about the past or the future. Certainly the technology seems to be 1960s, but the fact of an all-White town with an all-White government is certainly not 1960s. There seem to even be some Evil Jews living there, or at least proto-Jews, but they always get their comeuppance and order prevails.
    The pre-1960s America was not as serene and orderly as Mayberry, with the Depression caused by the Rothchildes and the early Jew movements of Feminism and Communism leading to riots and unrest. Mayberry is not immune from these things, rather these things do not exist!
    Could Mayberry, NC actually be set in the Future? When such things as Jews, blacks and criminals no longer exist, or have been eradicated/controlled to the point that White Supremacy is Normal?”

    What a lovely idea! An Imago, to strive for……..

    I am going to refer to you are Dr Delightful!

  8. Denise

    There were places as sweet as Mayberry and Aunt May as late as 1980 but destroyrd completely by 1990.

    All by welfare.

  9. Wiki: “After Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House in April 1865, Judah P. Benjamin fled south with Jefferson Davis and the rest of his cabinet, but he left the group shortly before they reached Washington, Georgia, where they held their last meeting.”

    Ol’ Judah was no fool. He slipped the scene and slithered out of the country. The silver tongued lawyer/slave owner/politician shuffled off to jolly old England where he did rather well for himself. Didn’t skip a beat.

    He wasn’t dubbed, “The brains of the confederacy” for nothing.

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