The Poison of Multiculturalism


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Note: It is clear that we all want the same thing: a strong, independent South that is free, White, and Christian, with a healthy culture and a small government, where we can all live a reasonably normal life instead of the slow motion torture of watching the racial apocalypse + economic collapse.

“The prospect of amnesty for millions of non-white illegal aliens verges on reality. Many think this is the beginning of the end of Western Christian civilization in North America. Why have the elites sold us out? Why are they committed to the destruction of the West by the promotion of multiculturalism? And why is multiculturalism the poison that will ultimately prove fatal to Western Christian civilization unless an antidoteis quickly administered? Unless we understand exactly what we are dealing with when we bring up the subject of multiculturalism, we can never hope to successful combat theenemies who are sworn to our destruction as a people.”

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  1. It’s a great gateway article. Finally something I can send to my Mom. Conservative Christians are one of the most receptive groups to our message, it’s just that most pro-white ideas are either Alex Linder style christophobia, or CI type stuff that plays like cult-speak to most Christians. They know things aren’t turning out like they should, and they don’t know why because the Christian elite in this country is just as traitorous as the rest. A message of love for one’s own really speaks to the heart in a way a bullet-pointed rendition of racial iq scores and crime stats never will.

  2. In the news the other day, there was a story of how a Russia opera singer was forced to pull out of the German opera festival because of a Nazi tattoos.

    Russian opera singer Evgeny Nikitin has withdrawn from the Bayreuth Opera Festival because of Nazi tattoos on his chest and arm.

    Ironically, he was replaced by a Koran singer.

    According to news reports, his understudy, the (Korean) bass-baritone Samuel Youn, will sing the role on Wednesday for the festival opening.

    His rejection and replacement with a non-European is a multicult sickness.

    The swastika is an ancient Aryan symbol, and not something the Nazis invented, anyway.

  3. It is poison and every group on this planet has a right to self defense from things like this and the people who push this evil garbage. No long winded reactionary conservative bargaining rhetoric needed, it is evil and the people who push it are evil and they can by recognized International law be prosecuted.

    Of course they won’t because they control the courts, for now.

  4. Of course they won’t because they control the courts, for now….

    And they know that. That’s the scariest, saddest thing. They will hold onto control-control-control, with all they have, as many decent people get hurt.

    And it will later be seen that innovative, creative, prosperous LIFE was right there for the taking, the whole time, if only they could have allowed it.

    Making up rules, doing what thou wilt, and for no good end, not really.

    In “The end justifies the means” —- the end never really arrives, does it?

  5. A lot of us heard about the League many years ago, but it seemed like the Rainbows were in the driver’s seat at the time, and so tons of people got involved in WN during the last decade.

    It is the same way with libertarians. A lot of Southerners jumped on the libertarian bandwagon in the last decade because Ron Paul’s message struck a chord in our Jeffersonian culture.

    I’ve always been in favor of Southern independence, but it seemed like multiculturalists had taken over the scene, so I tuned out until about two years ago when an interview prompted me to take another look.

    I assume that my own case is hardly unique and that word of recent changes hasn’t traveled fast. If I had seen these essays in 2007, I would have changed course back then!

    Libertarianism and WN are based on important truths, but they are dead ends for all kinds of reasons. They are fragments of our own decompiled ethnic identity.

    The Old South was pro-White, pro-Christian, pro-liberty, and it was conservative too, and it was a strong and self confident honor based culture that didn’t need to hide behind a sideshow of “Black Confederates” to assert itself.

    The League is the only organization that I know of that understands this and tries to draw from all these bases of strength. It is the only organization trying to rebuild this coherent cultural framework.

    We’re not going to have liberty or small government with a non-White majority. We’re not going to have a White Republic anywhere but in the Christian South. We’re not going to have a Christian conservative culture anywhere but in an independent White South that is cut loose from the Union.

    The sooner we realize this, the better off we will be.

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