The WASP Question: Romney’s Faux Pas


Just the latest sign that BRA is an absurd country that is impossible to take seriously … WASP pride is verboten because it is offensive to Jews and African-Americans and Irish-Americans who revel in their own ethnic identities:

“The Romney camp is hurriedly trying to distance the GOP candidate from remarks made by an aide to a British newspaper on Tuesday that touted Romney’s “Anglo-Saxon heritage” and suggested that President Obama’s administration “didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we [the U.K. and the U.S.] have.”

This is about as stupid a remark as a political aide can make: not only does it sound like a racial slur (a black man can’t understand the deep ties between white America and white England), it sounds like some kind of weird WASP supremacy talk—the kind of thing people said 120 years ago when they compared the “virtuous”, “old stock Americans” with the immigrants coming through Ellis Island. . .

So strong are these feelings that the term “Anglo-Saxon” has pretty much dropped out of American discourse, and you will almost never hear an American use the term. . . .

President Obama’s vision of a strong central government leading the people along the paths of truth and righteousness has “New England” stamped all over it. Puritan Boston believed in a powerful government whose duty was to promote moral behavior and punish the immoral; by 1800 many of the Puritan descendants were turning Unitarian and modernist, but while they lost their love of Christian doctrine they never abandoned their faith in the Godly Commonwealth and the duty of the virtuous to make the rest of the world behave. The New England mind has been open to insights and ideas that come from the third world ever since Henry David Thoreau and his fellow Transcendentalists read the Hindu scriptures in translation, but Obama is no more of a Muslim or an African socialist than Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Hindu.

So the aide was twice wrong: it was stupid to use a term that offends huge numbers of people and leaves you open to a charge of racism, and it was blind to miss the deep homegrown roots of the President’s political worldview. . . .

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  1. Error: Excuse me, the above Biblical quote : It’s Psalm 113 in Douay-Rheims. Got my psalms and bibles mixed up. It’s difficult for me sometimes to get all this bible stuff straight, as I’m not as “learned” and not as “righteous” as @ Fr John claims to be.

  2. ‘Fr’ John – you are the “foul mouthed liar”. The most cursory reading of your posts on OD and other blogs (not to mention your website) will quickly establish that you believe that only the White race can be the Elect of God and enter the Covenant of the New Testament. Other races your refer to as: ‘hominids’, ‘chay’, ‘goyim’ etc.

    Your many arguments for chattel slavery are also duly noted. The Celtic people who have a long history of being invaded and pressed into chattel slavery by the Anglo Saxons will have noted this.

    At a time of universal deceit, the heretics and Freemasons will lie. But their lies are instructive for those who would discern their bankruptcy in ethics and morals.

    For the eyes that have not entirely glazed over following this dispute – it is clear that the Freemasons think it is horrible, horrible, horrible for England to have been invaded in the course of a dynastic dispute by the Normans. But of course the invasion of Ireland and Jacobite Scotland by the Anglo Saxons and their Dutch King with Jew money was acceptable.

    Get your story straight Sons of the Widow and get some sources for your statements.

  3. Dublin was a slave market where the Briton, St Patrick was sold into bondage to a Ginger headed Mick.


    Dublin was itself the biggest slave market in northern Europe! The Irish back then
    were a vicious banditti. Enough victimology Lynda. Half the Irish were kidnapped from Britain in the firstplace.

  4. Chris, you and the rest of the romney supporters have yet to prove he is any different then obama while those of us who don’t plan on voting for him have made multiple posts, with romney’s words and actions on why he will be just like obama

    You are correct, Dixie is precious to me. The sooner the collapse the sooner we stand a chance of saving Dixie. I see no significant difference in that time line between obama and romney.

    I’ve never criticized anyone for supporting romney. It’s a shit choice. I will not support him for I have no reason to. If you have any actual information on how romney will be different, please share, but until then, shut the fuck up or go die of AID’s. Either or is just as good to me

  5. Stoner, if you can’t recognize the glaring ideological differences between Obama and Romney, then you truly are as stupid as your ideas about human procreation.

    And I don’t have AIDS, and I’ll say any damn thing I want to. Go shove another steroid needle into your thigh and whistle Dixie. Idiot.

  6. John, Son of the Widow – the Church in Ireland was active for centuries in ransoming Irish who had been abducted into slavery by the pagan clans. We are talking 5th century A.D. here.

    More of interest to the present is the plans you Sons of the Widow have for Americans.

    It has not escaped my notice that the Mothership: Grand Orient of France (founded by Rothschild as the ‘West Point’ for training the leaders of Masonic Revolutions beginning with the American and French) has given patent to the Grand Orient USA (GOUSA) for Masonic authority over N. America signed June 27, 2008. This patent includes the building of new lodges for: JewYawk City, NY; Savannah, Ga; Cleveland, Ohio; Grand Rapids, MI; LA, Ca; Phoenix, Az; Mobile, Alabama.

    Sounds to me like they are busy with the preparation for another bloodbath like 1776 where the Bros worked both sides of the conflict (as they always do) and the bloodbath they visited upon France in 1789.

  7. Not that I am in the least bit swayed but the best (and very weak) case for voting for Romney that I have seen is from Thomas Fleming at Chronicles Magazine:

    “I think one can justifiably vote for Romney without for a moment imagining he can do any long-term good or even that he would if he could. The best case that one can make for him are, second, that he has had some practical business experience and can read a balance sheet–unlike, apparently–anyone currently in the Democratic Party today, and, first and foremost, that he does not hate us in every fiber of his being.”

    I’ll still be voting for Virgil Goode.

  8. it’s two day until my next injection and I cannot whistle, but I do hum Dixie to myself on the regular

    There is no difference Chris.It’s been gone over from romney care on down. If there was a clear differences you could explain them instead of going with the good ol shaming technique used by women everywhere

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