The Straw Man – Which Would You Rather Have……?

Most OD readers probably know, or suspect that the Mainstream Media (MSM) and political elites use deceptive, lying propaganda to promote their anti White, anti-American policies. Today, we would like to explain one of their most effective, deceitful styles of argument:

The Straw Man.

Under Etymology:

“The Straw man is one of the best-named fallacies, because it is memorable and vividly illustrates the nature of the fallacy. Imagine a fight in which one of the combatants sets up a man of straw, attacks it, then proclaims victory. All the while, the real opponent stands by untouched.” (

The MSM and the elites of both American political parties present the American public with only two false choices, then they take turns attacking the alternative choice as a straw man to be burnt to the ground.

Here are the two false choices::

Choice A) The Anti White, politically correct, cultural marxist, BRA, open borders immigration, anti White hate crime/thought crime legislation, Lib/Min, Democrats.

Choice B) The Neo Conservative, invade the world for Israel, open borders immigration for endless supply of cheap labor, endless borrowing to pay for both – marginalization of all Conservatives as NAZIs who object to Neo Con Wars, mass NW immigration, Republican business elite party.

The straw man argument goes like this:

“Which would you rather have, some Liberal Marxists who hates America, wants to take all your money in taxes, take away all your 2nd Amendment gun rights, destroy our military and surrender our country to Communists and Islamic terrorists or….

Our patriotic, pro military, Judeo Christian, “family values” (Neo) Conservative Republicans who will fight for FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY against anti American dictators like SADDAM HUSSEIN, or those Crazed Islamo-Fascist in Iran who are developing nuclear weapons to use against Israel – our best friend in the world and then they’ll turn their nuclear weapons on us? Do you really want to let the Liberal Democrats let murderers, rapists and gang members to run wild and terrorize regular patriotic Americans like your family? Vote (Neo) Conservative, vote Republican”.

The way to counter the Straw man argument is to not choose either of the false choices. Choose

“None of the above”.

We can pursue immigration policies and foreign policies like Japan or Switzerland – protect our own people, protect our own borders and stay out of expensive foreign conflicts that have nothing to do with us.

If some fast talking political salesman comes to your door and says:

“Which would you prefer – having your daughter brutally raped by Turko Mongolian Muslim extremist Khalid Mohammed or have your daughter brutally raped by New York Jewish “porn star” Ron Jeremy (they look like identical twins!). The best response is to shout: “None of the above”, slam the door in the guy’s face.

None of the Above


  1. Ur of the Chaldees is a good LONG distance from Belochistan/Baluchistan, as you must know.

  2. “We reject pual not for his age, but because libertarianism is anti White at its roots.”

    Not so. We are advised that he’s a very old, TOO OLD, believer in the constitutional republic of the Founders!

    There are many different kinds of libertarianism, ranging from Ayn Rand’s race-denying, effectively anti-white, global capitalism to Ron Paul’s effectively pro-white American constitutionalism.

  3. LIBERTY, as such, is effectively pro-white and (Goldwater:) “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

  4. “Give me liberty or give me death” is not an anti-white position. Liberty/freedom alone suits our white nature and allows us to succeed and prosper.

  5. libertarianism want liberty for negros and the like as well. That destroys Whites. Those were ron paul quotes about how high negro arrest rates are racist and how border control is racists. paul is anti White

  6. He made effectively anti-white comments while pandering to non-white electors; and he is influenced too much, unfortunately, by the Randian-Misesians; and his lack of support for Israel support and endless war, and his obvious “German-ness” are unappealing for some. But I am convinced he was by far the best for us of all the primary candidates.

  7. Rudel says:

    A Semite is a Semite is a Semite… Modern genome analysis has proven that Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Bedouins, Lebanese Christians, Alawite Muslims, etc. etc. all have large amounts of DNA in common. They are the Semitic peoples.

    May be, but who did the testing and analysis ?

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