The Cost of the Union: Obamacare: Healthcare for Blacks and Hispanics

District of Corruption

The Obama administration is not even trying to hide the fact that it is taxing White households to spend money on healthcare for African-American and Hispanic tax consumers.

“President Barack Obama tends to skim lightly over the details of his health care law in speeches.

But his administration has a far more specific pitch to black and Hispanic audiences.

The message: Blacks and Hispanics, among whom uninsured rates are significantly higher than among whites, stand to benefit disproportionately under the health law, gaining access to free preventive care and other services that will help reduce existing health care disparities. The sustained outreach from the White House aims to make voters eligible for new benefits aware of them and how to get them.

Obama’s staff has invited groups of black journalists and publishers to the White House for health care briefings with senior officials and conducted traveling policy road shows in black and Hispanic neighborhoods across the country. On the day the Supreme Court upheld Obama’s health law, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett held an on-background conference call for black reporters.”

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  1. I live in southern Illinois and I do not want to live in Dixie. I desire to live in the heartland. Why are you people attempting to steal us away. And why cant the heartland, the empty corridor and nation of immigrants merge into one Northern Nation. The heartland alone would not have access to the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. Pity that Dixie should cede East Texas to mexico or south florida lost to Cuba. And only half jokingly couldn’t we merely dump the yankees off somewhere in Latin America rather then have our heartland empty corridor nations access to the atlantic blocked by those creatures.

  2. What are you talking about? We don’ want the “heartland” in in Dixie, it’s full of damnyankees

  3. The southern counties of rural Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio along the Ohio River were “butternut” areas of Copperhead Democrats who supported and often fought for the Confederacy. Still pretty redneck today too.

  4. I say if you are here illegaly n you trespass on our ground you can take your ads back where you came from we dont want you here if you cant speak our language get fuck out of our country n if its so bad here you want to change everything why did you come Herr

  5. @stonelifter I’ll ignore the damn yankee insult taking account that my northeastern brethren with their lack racialism and cultural aggressions have probably driven you barking mad with hatred toward all Northerners even ignorant south Iowa farmers. But you are quite right we Northerners should be one people and that includes all territory north of the Ohio river. If my fellow Southern Illinoisans wish to live in Dixie they should take a bridge over the river just as Kentucky Rhinelanders should cross it North to be with us.

  6. I’ll never be in a country with the state that gave us Lincoln and Obama, that is if I can help it.

  7. You know what I likes about the Chinese opening ceremonies as opposed to the British? A homogenous society. These Brits have loads of blacks in their ceremony, even in historical parts. Craziness.

  8. “I’ll never be in a country with the state that gave us Lincoln and Obama, that is if I can help it.”

    WTF are you talking about? Kentucky was a slave state and is generally considered today to be part of Greater Dixie.

    PS – Obama was born in Hawaii.

  9. Did you see the percentage of blacks in the ceremony, the percentage was much higher than you would have seen in the time frame represented on the main island. And just because they colonized doesn’t they would have been on the island. By your logic there should loads of American Indians, Indians, etc in the ceremony. I see your point but i think it is more pc bullshit. Wherever Obama was born, he launched his political career in Illinois. So two of the worst presidents from one state, I’ll pass on being allied with them thank you.

  10. Yeah the blackfacing of history is preposterous.

    Also Cameron is Obama’s bitch.

    Mary Poppins was nice though.

  11. I watched a bit of the BBC stream live and the commentators were tremendous. These NBC hacks are terrible, they even took the time to plug nationalized health care during the NHS bit. The chimnies were awesome. This Mr. Bean segment is great!

  12. “The heartland alone would not have access to the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.”

    The “heartland” (by which I assume you mean the Midwest) has navigable access to the Atlantic via both the Mississippi River and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

  13. Aware of how to get the benefits, but still can’t have National voter ID laws because obtaining them is too difficult and raycisssss!

  14. The Olympics are a joke. Amateurs. LMAO.

    A negro would never go to England to play for free, what ever the sport. Russia in the past may have raised “professional amateur athletes” but they never recruited or sent NBA stars.

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