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  1. The fact that more people went on disability last month than got a job tells me all I need to know about what road BRA is on.

  2. “Obamacare” and its massive tax increases, along with the looming expiration of the so-called “Bush” tax cutes, are causing businesses to hang on to cash along with the flippant, anti-business attitude of this administration and the bureaucrats in the alphabet agencies. The Mexican invasion along with the permanent cancer of the Africans in America are a nullifying force to whatever productivity the whites and asians can muster. Add to that the retiring Baby Boomers with their drain on social security and medicare/medicaid, along with there pensions that have been gutted by stock market crashes and the inflation tax and you have a further, permanent drain. The suburban model cannot continue to prosper, rising food prices and energy prices will force that system to a grinding halt. So as a consequence spending has no choice but to go up as we pretend to believe we can maintain the standard of living we’ve had through deficit spending. We are in the red to the tune of $60 trillion or so, no manner of growth will salvage that deficit and you know the voting populace will not vote their personal benefits away. I don’t think it should be any surprise to anyone that this economy will never recover.

  3. @ 313Chrissy
    I just redistributed that quarter you were so kind to point out was rolling away : I gave it to the ” Save Detroit” fund for the unfortunate in Detroit. The charity doesn’t discriminate in any way, so even an unfortunate like you will get a piece of the action. I remember you often mention how you live in Mo’town ; How unforunate.
    I’d hate to see the quarter go to waste. I’m very, oh how do you say, “frugal” , that way. If come across any dimes, nickels, and pennies, I’ll send ’em off to the Detroit Charity Fund to help unfortunate ones of all colors stuck in Detroit. One shouldn’t waste a penny even:
    ” A penny saved is a penny earned” Wise words from one of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

  4. We can collectively punish corporate America and the US government by spending less, and finding ways to spend less without suffering.

    I know very poor White people, who literally go hungry at times, right here in Southern New England. I gave a White family a Zojirushi bread making machine that I got cheap off of Craig’s list, and some flour, yeast and powdered milk. They used to buy loaves of bread for 1.50, real crappy, nasty bread. Now they get fancy, beautiful, fresh loaves of bread for .25 cents of ingredients, and they share with their neighbors. And they get other ingredients like peanut butter in bulk from Costco. They are on SNAP/EBT, and they would run out of food halfway through the month. I showed them how to buy in bulk and do some of their own processing/cooking, and now they make it through the whole month on their SNAP card.

    I explained the logic of punishing Big Business, and my friend, the father of this family, laughed wryly, “In that case, I’m doing a great job punishing them!”

    Anyway, just today I was at a statewide disaster drill at my local Emergency Operations Center. The guy I was working with, another volunteer, a retired military/Electric Boat with contacts in the FEDGOV, was a 4 alarm doomer. He still has contacts in FEDGOV and he says that on January 1, 2013, FEDGOV is going to lay off 10% of FED workers across the board, or, if Romney gets elected, we won’t have to do lay offs because we’ll go to war with Iran and Russia and China. The guy was not a racialist, but he is freaking out about the economy and the prospect of World War III.

    We had one interesting moment in the conversation though. he was saying, in a wide eyed panic, “and then there will be martial law!”

    I said, “And then?”


    “And then? What’s going to be so bad about martial law?” I prodded.


    “Yeah, so? What’s so bad about that? That’s going to be great! That means they lost their soft power and have been forced to resort to hard power. That means people no longer believe in them. That means that this whole regime’s days are numbered.”

    He wasn’t able to think that far ahead. He was just freaking out at the prospect of an economic collapse and financial martial law. It was amusing. These old timers can’t stand the idea that the USA they grew up in IS REALLY REALLY DEAD. They still want to believe.

    For us White nationalists, the real USA is dead and cold in the ground, and what we have now is BRA and ZOG. The ZOGBRA, a fittingly undignified mashup of acronyms to describe USA 2012. We are psychologically prepared for it.

  5. “. . .about what road BRA is on. . .”

    Like one of the Hope-Crosby Road pictures- The Road to Niggeria

  6. I know very poor White people, who literally go hungry at times, right here in Southern New England. I gave a White family a Zojirushi bread making machine that I got cheap off of Craig’s list, and some flour, yeast and powdered milk. They used to buy loaves of bread for 1.50, real crappy, nasty bread.

    I have been thinking about buying a personal grain mill. Commercially produced bakery items are some of the most chemically polluted products sold. And there is no such thing as whole wheat flour as milled whole wheat flour has zero shelf life unless frozen. The only reason I haven’t bought one yet is, where do you get edible wheat?

    Yes we are on a crashing course. GDP of 1.5%, 0% interest, plus population growth. The economy, to actually grow, must out pace innovation, the increase in working population, and the inflation rate; and we are clearly not doing that. We are in a sitting on a bomb.

  7. Thank you Mary!

    I think the big power of ZOG is their soft control. When they lose soft control, they will have to either accept losing control of the culture, or they will have to resort to hot lead and cold steel, making the same mistake as the WN 1.0 people.

    It is a battle for hearts and minds. Noam Chomsky nailed it with the term “Manufactured Consent.”

    Yet the economy is intimately tied to hearts and minds — and stomachs. The mind is the highest, but the least powerful organ in mass politics, lower and more powerful is hearts, and lower and even more powerful than that is stomachs.

    So we help people who are hungry; we win their hearts; then we teach their minds. Then the culture is changed; then we win.

    It’s all about soft control. Forget the tough guy, car chase, gunfight bullshit. Although there is one place where violence can change the culture and that’s in the public schools. WN families need to have their boys trained from a young age in MMA/boxing/wing chun/submission wrestling so they can dominate the Lord of the Flies environment of public schools and thereby set the ideological tenor of the school. That and comedy. He should be able to win fights, and tell jokes with comedic timing. Then he will be able to lead the white sheep in his school, and teach them to value their genes and marry and reproduce White.

  8. Note: Is it possible that this might have something to do with high gas prices?

    Anyone with a clue about anything would tell you that one quarter’s worth of data isn’t particularly indicative of anything. It’s not at all uncommon to have a slow quarter amid a year of otherwise robust growth.

    I have to say it’s kinda funny the way you choose a period during which crude prices were falling to make your point with — a point whose particulars you understand very little about, but apparently enjoy posing as an expert with “secret knowledge” about anyway.

  9. We have negative growth, 1.5% shows up on the books but everything else in make believe growth economy either depreciates into worthlessness like your plastic covered house, your aging money pit called a car or if you need it its price is accelerating and the Fed/BLS racketeers hedonic adjust it with jewjabber and your twinkie is a half ounce smaller for a half penny more. Bankruptcy is always an option.

  10. Robust growth?

    I didn’t know any of Obama’s speech writers read this site and made comments.

    But that is a good one, I have to admit, every time I hear it.

    “…[A]mid a year of otherwise robust growth.”


    Yep, a good one!

    Thanks for the laugh tonight. I needed it.

  11. look at what grwoth means in the now. It means debt.

    They sell more cars and folks are happy. What they mean is more people went into debt buying new cars. “New home starts are up” equals people going into debt. “Consumer spending rose” means more folks spending money/ going in to debt for things that do not create wealth or add value

    Those things are not a sign of strength, wealth or increase. Sure a rise in consumer spending or debt for new cars sounds good and is good in the short term, but long term its a problem

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