MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Shameless Liar on Trayvon Martin Shooting

Joe Scarborough Shameless MSM Liar

We should thank Kyle Rogers and other hard working reporters in the alternative media for exposing the MSM’s lies in the Trayvon Martin shooting incident. Though the MSM (Mainstream Media) was overwhelmingly biased on this story, today O.D. wants to call special attention to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough’s shameless lying. Watch this video as Joe Scarborough states with 100% confidence that George Zimmerman chased down and murdered Trayvon Martin – “an innocent young boy clutching Skittles (candy) and ice tea”. MSNBC’s Joe states with religious conviction that Trayvon was just walking home, minding his own business, running away from Zimmerman and screaming “help” to 911 when he was shot down and murdered by Zimmerman – a RACIST neighborhood watch vigilante!

Also note that Scarborough Joe is threatening to organize out-of-state mobs (Sharpton’s NYC Black rent-a-mob?) to come down to Florida to confront the Southern cops and legal authorities who refuse to prosecute/persecute George Zimmerman.

It’s very important to teach your friends, family and neighbors that the likes of Joe Scarborough ALWAYS LIE – even when they present an occasional truth like giving the weather report, it’s only done so they can gain trust to spread more lies.

Please share this video exposing the lies of Joe Scarborough and learn to produce your own videos that document the MSM lies and deceptions of those who hate our people.


  1. MSM is fine as a tag, but I prefer Ace’s (AoSHQ) versions: MBM (Make-believe Media) and MFM (Motherf#ckin Media).

  2. Joe Scarborough had a dead intern in his office. He’s obviously blackmailed from that or from something else. His coverage of the killing was counterfactual to the point of
    being a joke if he would have delivered it with a smirk.

  3. It’s heartening to see more and more people speaking out against the media lies and manipulation. The Conservative Treehouse is one of the blogs that has done an outstanding job in deconstructing the false narrative of St. Skittles, outing the media (they were the first ones to report that the ABC video claiming “no injuries” on Zimmerman was a cellphone video of the police CCTV video), and just generally educating people on how dishonest the media is.

    Why – today – they just posted a piece, with some of Unamusement Park’s good work – mocking what they call “The Corporate Media” –

    “The Corporate Media – Swirling down drain into the cesspool of irrelevance”.

    Have a peek. But now, due to the garbage they’ve had to endure from Trayvon supporters, you have to register to comment.

  4. Thanks Liberty – I’ll check out the link.

    Do you know of other good places I can post this video?

    Youtube used to let us use popular music from the 70s, 80s if we said we purchased the music and weren’t advertising anything – but no more.

    Youtube is now in the PC censoring business. So we need new, better places that allow political free speech. It’s like Talk Radio was 20 years ago, once fresh, open and a place where Whites could go to hear something for us, it’s been long since taken over by Jew Neo Cons.

  5. Jack is right about youtube.
    They’ve taken down almost half of my videos and especially target ones that contain popular music. Ingrid Zuendel uploaded one of my vids to google video since it had laxer policies but I believe it has merged with youtube and doubt it’s still up.

  6. Thankfully my video, “Cronulla Oi” is still up after all these years. Skrewdriver estate won’t sue me, that’s for sure. That video was a lot of fun to make and after it was shown on Australian news the guido mayor of Sydney tried to prosecute me, LOL.

  7. Thanks Tamer of Savages

    Youtube is the past. There are many, many alternative video hosting sites, I’m sure many will allow more free speech, less PC.

    Let’s get some of our younger readers to tell us what’s hot/hip/happening (from a White cultural perspective)

  8. The Conservative Treehouse was cool a few months ago. Then every week you needed a new method of login to post. And then I saw my corrections to comments I made being posted but not my original comments with the spelling error. I stopped visiting. It has gotten ridiculous.

  9. I used to live nextdoor to a rap group in Brooklyn that got REALLY big. They’re called Das Racist. They’re “cool” and can hold their liquor. Their mixtape is sonic gold, album – ok. Another group is DIE ANTWOORD from South Africa. They’re “zef” which is SA redneck culture. Their first album and a single, “evil boy” are stronger than their latest release.

  10. I am well aware that YouTube is heavy on the censorship. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other good ideas on where to post videos.

  11. rjp:

    Sorry to hear about your bad experiences over at the Treehouse. They’ve had a lot of issues being swarmed by Trayvon supporters, including having their site and the personal e-mails of the Admins hacked and tons of threatening emails, etc. They were forced to try different registration systems, which made for some upheaval for the regular commenters. Lots of good people left over it, so I guess the black race activists won, huh?

  12. I’ve noticed sharpton and his ilk are much better behaved when they come down here. Not to long ago they were in Raleigh bitching about the county ending forced busing. very subdued affair compared to the video of them I’ve seen from nyc

  13. Is there a blog that follows Morning Joe? Ever day I hear them skip issues, and gang up on the pathetic Mutt Romney. Then of course there was the murder of Buchanan so to speak.
    He is a Judas Goat for dumb GOP types who think they may be hearing some balance.
    His and the whole set up of daily lies should be recorded.

  14. The word they fear the most is “responsibility” you can debate the facts with them till the sun burns out and they love it, but utter the word responisbility in connection with their actions and words that is a game changer.

  15. I argee with RobRoySimmons about resposibility/integrity, until a Matt Lauer or the like is made poor by their “reporting” of the facts, they will continue their reporting of outright lies.

  16. I found these video posting site alternatives to Youtube:










    Can some of OD’s readers do some research on these sites = let us/me know if they would be good places to post videos like the one here showing MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lying about Trayvon Martin?

  17. Connie Chastain used to be a sort of protege of the Scab, if anyone’s interested. She was very proud of it. I got the impression that she was disappointed it didn’t go further. This was back when both were riding the fence enough to convince both sides.

    For anyone who’s an interviewer, I’d be interested in knowing the opinions of the Scab and Connie, separately, of the LOS.

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