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  1. Photography back then required you to stand still for long periods.

    I am amazed the photographer got the nigs to stand still for long enough to take the image.

  2. The more obvious question to be asked is, ‘Does it really matter?’

    In the long run, the answer is an unqualified, ‘NO.’

    Continuing my reading of the column I mentioned last week, I found this amazing insight.

    “We also like to believe that truth = progress. But what if it has the opposite effect? Would White America have been better if it hadn’t faced up to the truth of what had been done to blacks and Indians? If facing up to one’s dark past leads to progress while the suppression of such truths leads to decline, why has the white race been declining and losing out ever since it decided to be so truthful about its past? And can a people expect other peoples to be mutualist in facing up to their own dark pasts? What if one people’s moral conscience is exploited by other peoples working in bad faith only for their own self-interests. White gentiles have been facing up to their dark history of antisemitism, but have Jews been looking back on their own history with similar self-criticism? Why is it that when Jews talk about ‘historical crimes’ and ‘collective guilt’, it’s always about what white goyim did to them but NEVER what Jews did to white goyim?” – http://ostrovletania.blogspot.com/2012/07/neo-fascist-thoughts-on-reluctant_9543.html

    So, “what really matters, is what matters to US. All else is commentary.” – which is clearly how the Jews view their existence on the planet. Shouldn’t the REAL ‘Chosen People’ [John 15:16] do, so, even more, seeing as we need to rescue ourselves as well from the Wrath to come?

    (While writing this post, two BLACK gentlemen came to the door, and one of the brood brought me in my workout clothes, unshaven, to talk to them. Two Black in my area? Highly unusual. Men? Doubly unusual. Guess What? They were JW’s. Oy!)

    After telling them I was an Orthodox clergman, I calmly closed the door on them, and went back to my morning study/reading, As the JW’s are a CULT, and they consider Blacks to be our equals, as well as working toward miscegenation as normative among their congregants, guess what? They only further confirmed my earlier thesis in this post-

    “What really matters, is what matters to US.”


  3. What I find is youthful idiocy v middle age cynicism.

    20 years ago I’d have been cheering on Brown. Now? Hang, draw n quarter him.

  4. The Judges and Exodus are a good case for liquidation. How can such people live among you and be trusted?

  5. Fr John,

    I got rid of JW Black females, who were very clean, and nicely dressed – but still Black – by telling them that my family had a really bad flu, and it would not be a good idea to invite them in. They practically leapt off the porch, backwards. Even Oldy Lady Nigras can move really fast….

  6. Most of the post-battlefield photos from the civil war were staged. Boulders moved, bodies arranged.

    So it’s nothing new.

  7. There is something very kosher about the Rainbow Confederate method. Perhaps they are Yankees in Confederate clothing. Or worse… Koshederates. Does their leader have a big schnoz?

  8. Well after we white supremacists of yesteryear subjugated and sometimes humiliated blacks, we gave up and handed the job over to our wimmin folk, and it got worse.

    I say leave them alone, enforce vigourously that they leave us alone and voila we shall all know peace in our time.

  9. Fu***k ……. what you crackers be talkin’ about now ?…. She***t…. my great great great great great great grandaddy…… Big Sam…….he dunn saved Scarlett’s lily-white butt from those reconstruction niggas and carpet-bagging yankees…… F*ck….. those niggas be causin so much she**t in reconstruction……fu***k……. my grandaddy be helping Scarlett get back to Graceland …… she***t ……. or it be Tara ? She***t…… I be one dumn nigga…… but my grandaddy Big Sam be cool……. Fu****k……. they make a holliewood flik about my African ancestor Big Sam savin’ that white girl ……. you crackers be crackin’ me up…….. She***t…… my hommie leroy be sayin’ his great great great great great great gran mammy was The Mammy who changed general beauregard’s diapers when he be a small whittle honkey fella…… She***t…….. where be those pics? ….. She***t.

  10. That’s hilarious! The photo fakery, that is, not tiresome Joe’s comment. I hope it’s seen by all the right people.

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