Rainbow Nation

South Africa

This is the kind of sick society that Rainbow Confederates want to see in Georgia, Maryland, and Mississippi:

Note: Apartheid was necessary to restrain the Black Undertow in South Africa.

Even in a country that sees 44 murders a day, the case has left the public horrified.

A gang of robbers gunned down a father, raped and murdered his wife. Then, in a final act of sickening brutality, they drowned the couple’s 12-year-old son in scalding bath water….

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  1. I’ve seen police crime-scene video of a farm-murder that happened in South Africa in December 1986 — arguably the height of the apartheid government’s power.

    Black government, white government — makes no difference. If they are close enough to physically touch you, eventually they will savage you.

  2. Free negroes definitely are a plague. They were already a problem in the antebellum North. Many Northern cities were cesspools of crime even without the contributions of free negroes.

  3. what is the deal with negros boiling children? We read about it all the time and cops came up with the term ghetto lobster because it’s so frequent

  4. For an ethnic European caucasian family to have black houseworkers in South Africa is absolutely crazy. It’s suicidal. In many of the home invasion crimes, the black robbers and killers gain access to the family home with the assistance of the black female maid. Those parents lived in total denial of reality.

  5. This isn’t what Rainbow Confederates ‘want’. But it is what they will unintentionally create. They are truly delusional and believe they nonsense they spout.

  6. “what is the deal with negros boiling children?”

    I was going to say exactly that. Must be related to a primal fear of water that also makes them unable to swim.

  7. “What is the deal with negroes boiling children”.

    They are not only murderers but sadistic murderers.

    The “bad treatment” they claim to have received from their victims will be the “defense” and it will fly. The all black jury will surely agree. After all, no retribution is too severe for “racists”.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  8. I often wonder about the toll witnessing these atrocities(and in their proper, wider, Anti-White world context to boot) is taking on us.

    I hope you guys take good care of yourselves.

  9. Surely places in the U.S., the size of S.A. or England have the same numbers of murders, and probably more??? Hasn’t Chicago (which is probably smaller than S.A.) done that in just a WEEKEND? NYC alone has about 300 a year.

    44 murders a year? Doesn’t that put S.A. and England WAY BELOW ANY u.s. city?

    People are so inured that —-in the days following the Aurora shooting—- absolutely NOBODY has even mentioned it to me in passing conversation. Not at work, not at church, not hanging out….


    Um… we just sort of live like this. And life goes on… right?

    That’s the amazing thing. The lack of discernment that would have people not even care anymore—- THAT never ever tells them that they are not really very nice people (as they always claim).

    But nobody ever discusses how a decent people just wouldn’t live like that.

    Oh— and btw… The rich oppressor here was an ENGINEER. Just a workaday guy.

    Also—- in a free country like S.A., wouldn’t it be easier just to get some other employment (if you were that unhappy with your boss?)

  10. No society is colorblind. That is the Marxian mirage:

    ” For Marx, work was psychologically alienating and meaningless unless workers could gain control of the means of production. Only then could mankind be liberated from unhappiness. According to Marx, anything that made the masses happy in a non-communist society was merely an opiate concocted by the devious elites and their running dogs, especially in the Church. But proto-fascists knew there were various forms of psychological needs and meanings. Psychology of meaning and happiness wasn’t merely related to work and economics but to things like community, tribe, heritage, race, and other things of ‘sacred’ value. So, one could be a worker in a capitalist economy and still find genuine meaning as an individual with free will, a member of a family and tribe, an inheritor of a rich tradition, a citizen of a unique national heritage. And there was the matter of race, i.e. each race has its unique beauty, and there’s meaning to be found in the adoration and preservation of that beauty. Most Jews hated fascism because, as none-too-pretty aliens and outsiders, they could not belong to the sacred community of the tribal-racial goyim; and even if Jews were allowed to join in, most declined either out of ideological incompatibility or in allegiance to their own heritage of sacred tradition and identity from which they derived immense pride. Especially given that Jewish power derived from cosmopolitan globalism, a world made up of unique nations with their own powerful sense of pride stood as an obstacle to Jewish power. ”


  11. 44 murders a day Dixie. Times 365.

    SA is a charnel house.

    Total homicides in the UK are nowhere near this.

  12. “Total homicides in the UK are nowhere near this.”

    Ah, but they WILL be! And sooner than you think! Immigrantsimmigrantsimmigrantsimmigrantsimmigrants!

    Just keep celebrating that delicious diversity!

    Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! If you don’t celebrate we’ll shoot you!!

  13. OH—- thanks. A DAY.

    While it’s true a weekend in an u.s. city might be like that, it’s not sustained, day in-day out.

    Although “being unhappy at a job” is still offered in all countries as an explanation of this.

    What F. John quoted is true—- and the problem of the “right” controlled opposition. Both believe that everything boils down to economy. “Community” is whoever happens to be there…whoever kissed butt and can “buy in.”

    Northeasterners actually think they have “communities.” (They can’t conceive of anything other than “buying in.” That’s why bitching about things like “the lack of community,” or “lack of social cohesion” can never work with them.

    For them, ALL THE WORDS mean something different.

    Community is “buying in.” Or “who happens to be there b/c we’re all the same, or all children of God.” And “freedom” is freedom to take money from the government. Or “freedom” of choice in products… freedom to shop. (That is the mental level of the “choices” they are accustomed to making. “will I get the red or blue shirt?”

    Choice, in internal matters, is unknown.

    Anyway. Sorry. Off the subject. God Help S.A. 44 a day, holy shit.

  14. One moment of “waking up” for me was watching a DVD of Noam Chomsky grilling some uni student in S.A., all about colonials, etc. The kid (who did not look unlike me) was so crushed, so guilted, so ready to “correct” his people’s sins. It was a total mirror image of the u.s. university classes I was in at that exact moment.

    But…why do they WANT it like this?

  15. they want it like this Dixiegirl because they could not be successful in the traditional masculine Western world Fr John so well described in the other thread so they have to tear down the masculine, elevate the womanish on a grand scale

  16. Emasculation of Western civilization at the point of a gun. Where the Enlightenment project of liberty, equality, fraternity was rendered stillborn by reality, the Yankee project of negro elevation and worship has been completed.

    These brainwashed Portuguese immigrants in South Africa learned the true legacy of Yankee negro worship the hard way. What were they doing in South Africa to begin with? Was the father a foot soldier of our international global elites?

    When you put your rainbow glasses on, you immediately become fodder for BRA and all its international manifestations. Another potential sacrificial victim to the dark gods.
    Genocide facilitated by propaganda and social control.

    We must free ourselves and our posterity from this madness.

    Deo Vindice

  17. Since blacks love mayhem, no one should be surprised by their weapons of choice be they bleach, lye, clothes irons, fire, machetes, broomsticks, boiling water, disembowelment, etc. And, all this with no forethought. Their bag of tricks is bottomless and no special skills are required. Yet, we also know that they all eventually turn on their masters no matter how good they have it. And, that is a very comforting thought.

  18. John,

    The Afrikaner males do nothing. They just watch rugby. Many of them have accepted the new “color-blind” South Africa. The Afrikaners who have rejected the new south africa often waste their time waiting for a leader, a de la Rey type figure, to lead them to victory. Many of them still have black domestic or farm workers.

    If Afrikaners really wanted to protect themselves, they would create their own “chinatowns”, like the chinese have done all over the world. When a minority ethnic group faces hostility, the first act is to physically live together in their own self-contained neighborhoods. The Chinese did this in San Francisco and New York. But the afrikaners still want to live as rugged individuals. As a result, they are dying as individuals.

  19. Here is a site which tells the truth about what is happening to Afrikaners in South Africa. It is probably the best site concerning this issue.


    Just horrific information about what is happening to Afrikaners. A big problem with Afrikaners is the cluelessness and stupidity of the average Afrikaner adult male- they really have no idea how to protect themselves. The average Afrikaner male also seems to have zero political sophistication.

  20. Just a short correction:

    I doubt if the the water was truly “boiling” as no hot water heater produces “boiling” water to my knowledge.

    “Scalding” would be the correct adjective.

    Dont mean to nit pick but we should not give the self loathing white “liberals” any opportunities, no matter how trivial, to cast doubt on the volumes of evidence of black race hatred of whites.

  21. White brutality on Blacks spawned this violence! White South Africans must understand that the “chickens have come home to roost”! The sins these Afrikaners visited on Black God loving South Africans were indeed God-less! Huhmmm! Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Btw only a handful of these sensational stories ever make it to yourselves, when Whites are the victims. I live here, whites rape, rob, murder, plunder, defraud, boil children, home invade, just as sadistically as their black counter parts okay? Would it be right for me to say ALL White folk have incestuous tendencies? Stop your supremecist thinking patterns, please. Now breathe with me and say this slowly “In with the Love and Out with the Hate”……..

  22. Many years ago DeKlerk was in USA Airport—-I went up to him and told him–America is next. He just looked at me crazy like and walked away. The USA will be just like South Africa is now. WAKE UP WHITEY….Hunter is right—Secession now!!!Get ready Whitey—or die,,,,, Read Turner Diaries and read Chapter: Day of The Rope…

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