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OD is a Southern conservative website … by that I mean we are “conservative” as in like the real thing, we take a real interest in preserving and cultivating Southern culture and heritage, as opposed to “mainstream conservative” websites which are adorned with visual clues that appeal to retards:

Note: Obama raffling off U.S. citizenship for $465 – technically, the illegals aren’t getting citizenship, but there is no real difference as the Holder DOJ will make sure they can vote – has me in a super patriotic mood this morning.

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  1. They’re conservatives—- trying to conserve a trotskyite communist-fascist hypbrid of neo-Bolshevism, lol.

    You have to ask: What EXACTLY are you trying to conserve?

  2. This just in: cfa has caved to the homo rainbow. Starting Sept 1. “LGBT”s will be entitled to extra packets of mayonnaise at no extra charge. There will also be a happy hour, dubbed fabulous hour, from 4 to 6 on weekdays where gay lesbians and transgendered customers can have the mayonnaise squirted onto their faces by cfa employees. However, other customers are encouraged to join in as well. More as this story develops

  3. I think what the internet really needs is a few more pictures of bald eagles soaring through the sky with a Federal flag waving in the background! Or maybe a few more pics of crosses superimposed over Federal flags. I mean, nothing says Christianity quite like a country that abortions millions of children, makes war on the planet 0and sends folks like Hilary around the world to chide foreign leaders on the need for more gay pride in their countries.

  4. “We’re kickin butt”, says Joe the Jr. SEAL inductee as he waddles up to the counter at the gun store after obeying the store rules of no drinks by leaving his 64oz slurpee in his patriotic bumper stickered pickup.

  5. Well, as the great Samuel Johnson put it, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

  6. Or better yet, start playing that Charlie Daniels song where the kid says the pledge of allegiance while they scream USA! USA! USA! in the background.

    I remember them playing that nauseating song around the start of the Iraq War.

    Jingoism pretty much sums up White middle America’s entire politics. I hate to admit it but it is really bad in the South and rural areas. They have no representation or leadership so all their left with is dressing up as Paul Revere, waving Amuurican flags, slogans, and chick fil’ a campouts. Nothing really too serious beyond that.

    I cannot think of one area where these people are achieving any kind of success politically.

  7. Off-topic, but relevant, when you think that the ADL could ‘strike here’ next.


    I feel that the Jews, realizing that a great ‘Anglo-Saxon’ awareness is happening both here and in the Mother Country (England), are using every minion in their arsenals to SHUT US UP. Faggots with Chik-fil-A, for example, and the “Nigras” with the ‘long hot summer riots last year. Seeing that they are failing with Obama, failing with Romney, having failed with Gingrich, having marginalized and taken the sting out of Tea Party/Ron Paul types, but still scared to DEATH of them, at least has the ‘trump card’ of the Obamantion, and the Stepinfetchit of the SPLC, Eric Holder-

    they are going to ‘silence’ as many groups on the ‘edge’ as possible. Doubt me? Then what of Rahm Emmanuel, and Mass. DENYING CfA to even have a STORE in their ‘fiefdoms’? Even the ACLU said that was an ‘open and shut’ First Amendment case!!!
    How odd is that?


    SO, whether you think CI, Mr. James and his school of thought is idiotic or not, CLEARLY the CfA episode is LITERALLY CAUSING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY to awaken.

    Stand up for what’s right when you can, and de-legitimize the ADL any way you can. Both are being ‘quintessentially American.’

  8. http://www.andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/

    Denise, Mosin, Hunter. AC Hitchcock is making his masterwork a FREE Kindle download, today only. !!!

    Joe- even YOU might learn something- and it’s free. The most beloved word in the Yid’s lexicon- unless it is the expression ‘I can get it for you wholesale.’

    On Saturday 4th August you can download, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” and “In The Name Of Yahweh,” free to your amazon kindle. This promotion runs from 0001 hrs to 2359 hrs Pacific Standard Time. If you like the books I would appreciate it if you to take the time to submit a proper review to amazon rather than the one star Jewish propaganda that is up there on amazon at the moment. I think I’ll leave the last word on the Jews and their lies to Nahum Goldmann, President of the World Jewish Congress from 1948 to 1977, who in his book, “The Jewish Paradox,” stated the following of the Jews collectively, “I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.”

    I did it, and it worked. Amazing. “Go thou, and do likewise.”

  9. Nice video, Hunter. Those guys really know how to lampoon and how to get at the heart of what is ridiculous about the subject they choose.

    Freedom cost a buck 0’five.

  10. YT- ” from 4 to 6 on weekdays where gay lesbians and transgendered customers can have the mayonnaise squirted onto their faces by cfa employees.”

    So, mayo comes with the Giblets? (Oh, ick. I just realized the double entendre, there.)

  11. I’m a patriot of the United States of America.

    It’s just that the United States of America I’m patriotic toward is the United States of America of 1941. The one with Jim Crow, prayer in schools, illegal contraception, harsh divorce laws, murder trials for abortionists, and no open homosexuality.

    Yes, it’s the America of FDR as well. But if I were to limit my patriotism to Americas with conservative presidents, I’d have no America at all.

    I’d die for FDR’s America, warts and all. I served in the military of Reagan’s America. But that’s it. I’m done. The America we have now not only isn’t worth dying for, it isn’t America any more.

  12. To : All Readers and Fr John :
    Another great website with information about how power works, about bankers and secret societies. Many times, when discussing Freemasons, people forget about the ADL and B’nai B’rith ; These two organizations are tied in as well to the whole power structure of the US government , unfortunately. The link provided here is extremely long [ pdf format], but Extremely fact-filled and informative. Tons of facts and information.


  13. Sorry Mary, I can’t follow the link. I was banned from Moonbattery for making unkind remarks about negroes. Neocons don’t really like it when you pick on their negro pets. They’re even worse than Liberal Moonbats when it comes to that.

    Deo Vindice

  14. Ask any conservitard flying the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag exactly what constitutes being “tread upon” and see what they say. 9 out of 10 times you’ll get the trout look.

  15. Hmmm- Apuleius’ example with Moonbats, may mean that ‘insidehighered’ will do much the same. Can’t have ‘Ed-you-Kay- TORS thinking freely, now, can we?’

  16. By far the most hilarious “patriotic” picture I have seen is the guy with the Union flag spray painted onto his mustache. The more I look at it the more I laugh.

  17. Thanks for the suggestion Wayne, especially since their knowledge of the constitution and history is so limited

  18. Muuuurrrrrrcuuuuuuuhhhhh!

    Fuck this Rascal Flatts loving shithole. God almighty how on earth did we crash so hard without even noticing?

  19. Congratulations, Eric. You just won the award for post of the day. My sentiments exactly.

    Deo Vindice

  20. Eagles hunt more than just fish. They can bring down foxes and wolves hunting as a pack. Check out this great German documentary filmed in Mongolia where the Nomads of the steppes use eagles to hunt.

  21. The Moonbattery website is Very Anti-Negro, so it can’t be Apuleius got banned from the site for making anti-negro remarks. Doesn’t make sense. The webmaster and the commentators, Everyone, over at Moonbattery make Anti-Negro remarks Every 10 Seconds over at Moonbattery.

    You got banned at Moonbattery for making “unkind remarks” about negros at Moonbattery? Laughing Online Big Time.

    What’s the true story, Apulies ? Come clean. No one’s going to hurt you if come clean. Be a good whittle boy and tell us the truth.

    Well anyway, thanks for the laugh Apulies.

  22. I was labeled a “troll” at Moonbattery because I said that Zimmerman fellow has a murky background, and for saying I remain neutral about the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident.

    Zimmerman most truly has a very murky background. [Doesn’t mean I support the Trayvon side. I most certainly do not].

    For this I was labeled a “troll” at Moonbattery. The site is one of the biggest jokes on the net. All in all, I’ve been to the site about 6-7 times. I stopped. Couldn’t take it. The website is very puerile.

  23. Joe, you are a troll and I usually skip your comments, but your opening line “The Moonbattery website is Very Anti-Negro” caught my eye.

    That is just not so, and it’s why I stopped reading that site. They had a video clip of that Mia Love, the Haitian woman recently elected to Congress in Utah, and all the regular commenters were raving about how “hot” she is, and even “Mia Love for President 2016” (a Haitian immigrant, mind you), and I realised I had nothing in common with those empty-headed robots.

  24. Mary: That story about the “racist” commercial is revealing. The ad was made and scheduled long before the Olympics actually started. It featured animals because it’s an ad for a TV show about animals. It featured them in Olympic settings, because that’s topical. Nobody could possibly have known who would win the gold medal for gymnastics. If the White girl had won, it wouldn’t have been an issue; just a clever advertisement.

    In the event, the black girl won, and the ad instantly became “rayciss!”

    Why that should be, is left to the student as an exercise.

  25. Remember when Obama had the Norman Rockwell picture of the little nigger girl walking to school hung in the White House? My post regarding that incident was what got me banned. I don’t remember what the content of the post was, but there you have it.

    Moonbattery always struck me as a neocon site with some race realist tendencies. We all know while Democrats proselytize PC, neocon Republicans are the real enforcers. Most so called “conservatives” are quick to betray “evil racists,” even if they themselves harbor racist tendencies. Hypocrisy is a Yankee trait, and the GOP is a Yankee party. Just another example of snapback to me.

    Remember Trent Lott?

    Deo Vindice

  26. Apuleius said: “We all know while Democrats proselytize PC, neocon Republicans are the real enforcers. Most so called “conservatives” are quick to betray “evil racists,” even if they themselves harbor racist tendencies. ”

    Amen to that! Very well put. Ever notice how the left never ever throws their radical elements under the bus??? The so-called right will vomit us up to save face with their supposed opposition to garner favor. It’s disgusting. For this we have bullshit like the “Cain Train” and Marc Rubio. When Romney loses look for the Repubs to groom West for 2016. Nothing makes we want to hurl as much as a so-called conservative rooting for West! Oh sure, they say it’s not because he’s black….but they lie to themselves because it TOTALLY is.

  27. Anyone still looking to “Mainstream” sources for answers or guidance aught to be voting for West or Cain.

    I can’t believe anyone with even an iota of thinking ability, to say nothing of critical thinking ability, would still be even glancing at “Mainstream” sources. That tens of millions, nay, the majority of our people, still are, says volumes about our fitness as a species. I hate to say it, but just because whites are fairly intelligent and competent in certain narrow domains, does not mean we are intelligent. I think most of us are just dumb hayseeds, and our status in this modern world goes a long way in confirming this harsh judgment.

    There may be nothing wrong, per se, in being simple farmers, peasants, workers, etc., but apparently, in the 21st century, that may well be akin to the dinosaurs being too dumb, too big, or whatever it was that did not allow them survival during whatever happened to them that caused their extinction. Whatever it was that happened, they were not equipped with and lacked something big needed to overcome the changed environment.

    There was nothing wrong, per se, with being a blacksmith or breaking horses around the turn of the 20th century. But these were just not good trades to be in or way of lives in terms of making it economically in the modern world. You would have starved to death.

    No amount of making virtues of those two trades can change the undeniable truth of the last two sentences of my above paragraph.

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