Amurrica Series: U.S. Soccer Team Booed In Los Angeles


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I can’t say that I blame the Mexicans in Los Angeles for booing the U.S. team for the umpteenth time … why would anyone want to identify with BRA when they can identify with their real nation?

“Long after the game finished Mexico supporters remained, bouncing up and down as they chanted and cheered for their team.

The American’s were not even spared in the trophy ceremony after Mexico’s 4-2 win – booed for one final time as they were announced as runners up.

Speaking after the game, another fan summed up the mood for many American-Mexican fans.
He said: ‘We’re not booing the country, we’re booing the team.

‘There is a big difference.’

Good for them. I only wish the U.S. team was booed just as loudly in Dixie. How much is BRA’s citizenship worth when you can buy it for $465?


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  1. “‘We’re not booing the country, we’re booing the team.

    There is a big difference.’ ”

    Yes but you are booing the team because it represents a country you have no identification with on behalf of the team which represents the people you do identify with.

    By the way I think there is a Hindu Confederate at 1:53 seconds in the Gettysburg clip.

    Proof of Confederate diversity.

  2. Contrast this with the warmth London has shown to Phelps, The beachvolleyball pairs the bouncing black lassie and the American team in general. Anyone labouring under the illusion that the Latinos are assimilating is truly dumb.

  3. 5th Mississipi Mujihadeen

    As a side note, are these guys reenactors or actually extras? There’s a lot of fat blokes who clearly wouldn’t be able to march. Also where are these guys shaving? Where are the authentic period whiskers?

  4. If they’re not booing the country, it’s because in their minds the country belongs to them. They ARE booing White Americans. That’s for sure.

    The Mexicans in Southern California , for the most part, do very much have a chip on their shoulder. They can’t wait to see “the gringos” totally defeated, on and off the field ; At the same time they benefit off the work and ingenuity and infrastructure the White race invented, engineered, and built. Biggest phonies in the world : the Mexicans in California. And that’s saying alot.

    To my mind, LA is a third world city now. Everything about it. From Hollywood to the barrios, the attitudes, the thinking, the behavior. It’s a foreign country now. Not even a fun or beautiful or interesting foreign country. A foreign shit-hole country.

    Got a good number of Mexicans here in Sacramento, Ca. Overwhelmingly, they’re angry and sullen. A very boring, non-descript people, swarmish -type group. Hardly any diversity in their thinking. It’s as if they’re all inter-changeable. Like insects almost. That’s what they remind of. They travel in swarms, and they all have the same exact views and attitudes about everything. They’re indistinguishable.

    A small number are honest, hard-working, and somewhat friendly. But only a small number. Not enough for me to give them a pass. They’ll have to go someday. They don’t belong in a White land. No how. No way.

  5. Hunter,

    It’s not BRA, we’re in Jew Run America in blackface. As you well know, the eternal deceiver always uses another group to further its agenda. Let’s call it like it us. Blacks are being used to our detriment and will be tossed aside at the appropriate time. Their several hundred years of work in this country paid off very well.

    Behind every Jew is the Rothschild bankroll.

  6. I don’t think So Cal is ever going to be a white man’s country ever again. In addition to mexicans the asians are legion.

  7. A surprisingly decent piece by Makow there, Joe. Too bad the comments are full of the “illuminati” nonsense.

  8. So let me think about this…they won’t support the U.S. for even a simple soccer game, but for the much larger things, for when the going gets tough, they’ll be true blue patriots then. Right! Promote Marc Rubio!

  9. The US Goalie fails to understand he is a non entity of BRA (at the lower class end) and also to JRA at the upper end. BRA is being challenged by HURA (pronounced “Hoorah” – standing for Hispanic Uprising Ruled America), so as a good spineless ‘Murican White he needs to learn Spanish and keep his bald head down.

  10. The mestizos are coming here from Mexico and points south because they prefer to live in a white-run country, as opposed to ones run by mestizos (anywhere south of Mexico but Chile, Uruguay, Argentina or Brazil, which is mulatto rather than mestizo) or by one run by light-mestizos and whites forced to accommodate majority-mestizo democracy (Mexico itself.) Yet, when enough of them collect in a polity, it turns into a toilet, because it is forced to do what they vote for rather than what is really good for them.

    Mexico has huge oil reserves they can’t access, because they have no native talent to get it out, and no outside company will come in because of what the Mexicans did in the ’30s. They still celebrate the day they kicked the gringo out and will even when the Pemex pumps run dry, or when they are forced to pay above-US prices for fuel.

    Mexico has enormous mineral reserves, especially with gold at $1500 an ounce, but again they can’t mine it efficiently. Same basic deal.

    Now they are turning California into a toilet, and the Californians don’t care.

    You had better believe that by booing and cussing out the US team and throwing piss bags at them they are disrespecting the United States as a nation. Just like the popular T-shirt, worn by mestizos and only mestizos, which has the logo of the New York Yankees upside down on it. Those ain’t Red Sox or Royals fans, folks. They are saying F*** Yankees-not the ball club, the people.

    I have no respect or consideration for mestizos as a group. They are a dopey and ill-tempered bunch, sullen, angry, internally conflicted, and not very bright. I have some respect for Indians-indios-some of them, anyway.

    We need to teach young Whites about San Jacinto Day, and the significance of that battle, and the Mexican War, and why we didn’t take the whole country. We didn’t want the mestizos, who were scarce in the northern parts we did take, partly because the Comanches and other Plains tribes would kick their ass. They had so little respect for the Aztecs and Mixtecs and other trash tribes they wouldn’t even f*** their women, unlike the white women they got hold of.

    Is it too late to run the brown filth out of California? Probably, but if it does become Aztlan, they’ll run themselves out and be campesinos again, this time in California’s agricultural east.

  11. US soccer players have been saying for years they get treated with more respect in Mexico City than Los Angeles.

  12. I can see that you understand our little brown “friends” very well, Vendikar. They appear to have a particular affinity for negro gangsta culture, as well. Like negroes, they are incapable of sustaining a developed country. Also like negroes, they were voracious cannibals in the not too distant past. I wonder if that is the source of their internal conflict and moody disposition. What do you think?

    Deo Vindice

  13. ‘Do any of us really cheer anything American these days?’

    It is getting harder and harder too.

    Just the other day I heard a radio ad trying to recruit Marines… and it was a female recruit doing the voice-over!! Female Marines??!?!!?! What has happened to this country? Why are they not nurses in the Army instead? (like that tv show MASH)

    Also they are naming Navy ships after ‘Civil Rights Icons’ Medgar Evers and Cesar Chavez!!! If WW III ever broke out I may actually root for China/ Russia to sink those ones! Yikes!!

  14. Vendikar – I agree with your analysis, but at least with HURA we can watch slightly more attractive Mestizo commercials and listen to Spanish/Spanish accent as opposed to Ebonics. And, many of the weak minded White youth will start aping Hispanic behavior as opposed to BRA behavior, for what that’s worth. At least the HURA’s stand up to the BRA’s and run them out of town, rather than abjectly cower, cringe and declare there love for “diversity” like most ‘Murican’s do (in the fetal position) !

  15. @ Yancey
    Another excellent article over at Henry Makow. It’s about Mind Control, the Beatles, the culture of the Sixties ; How the 60’s culture was manufactured , etc
    [ Avoid the comments the readers send in. Probably best. I know you’re sensitive.]

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