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  1. These missions to Mars are one of the only things that gives me ongoing hope. They are great missions to follow and they produce amazing findings. It would be very neat if they found bacteria there (I’m a microbiologist).

  2. At first I thought those Martians were Ethiopians.

    And ask Paul Kersey says, “If it weren’t for negroes, we’d be on Mars by now.”

  3. Did you see the live coverage from JPL last night? A sea of White faces, with a few Hindus and Asians. The only black in attendance was Charles Bolden, Obama’s NASA chief — one of the whitest Negroes you will ever see.

    Botswana is a black country run by black people. It’s actually a decent place — by far the most successful nation in sub-Saharan Africa, and probably the most successful black enterprise in all of human history. But despite its success, Botswana will never land jack shit on Mars, or on any other planet. The universe is going to be a strictly yellow and white affair.

    If there are any Whites in the future, that is. All we have to do is survive until the warp drive or wormholes are built…

  4. “but you said it correctly, the universe is a white/asian affair.”

    No, don’t be silly, the whites will be forced by the gubmint at gunpoint to drag around a quota of useless blacks into space with them, who will spend all their time trying to get into the pants of the female astronauts. And then, by the time the colonizing ship actually lands on Mars or Titan, the next generation of space colonists will all be little useless mulattoes. Surprise!! Who could have seen THAT coming?

    Haven’t you been paying ANY attention at all?!?

  5. ‘The Romulans’ are HollyJood code for that international organisation which HollyJood hates. Also of interest is that the Enterprise must colloborate with the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition.

    Refresh your memory here

    Here is the Trivia on the Ferengi for the goyim
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Ferengi – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki.mht

  6. Lynda, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Ferengi – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki.mht, we can see things on your desktop.

    And then, by the time the colonizing ship actually lands on Mars or Titan, the next generation of space colonists will all be little useless mulattoes.

    Crime will be another issue. We have gotton so lax in punishing blacks who commit atrocities here (but not whites), what will be the response in a controlled atmosphere transport?

  7. I always rooted for the Romulans. They were obviously based on a Roman model. They had positive values and were a largely homogeneous society. Look at the multi-cultural, multi-species mess on board the Federation ships and… well, that would be a doomed experiment. Just like the USA.

  8. Yeah, we’re not the only ones who noticed the white faces. I was a little surprised by it, I thought for sure they would hire some minorities to pretend to be scientists in the control room.

    What’s amazing is that liberals are still talking about “whitewashing” on DailyKos. A decade ago, the 9/11 firefighters memorial statue in NYC was made with a white guy, a black guy, and an east asian guy. They’ve been painting diversity all over everything white for a while by now.

  9. http://www.artforcongress.com/updates/brighter-future-ahead

    It’s amazing that a man that intelligent, with kids that were homeschooled, and four of them in PhD Science programs, could say with a straight face, ‘the reason wasn’t genetic, it was because we were free.’

    No, Art, the reason we did all those things, is because we WERE Genetically superior- because we were 95% White in most industries, and 99% White in the SCIENCES that gave us the technology for those industries.

    Astounding. And he’s a Mormon, as well. Their own theology counts the negro as not even fit for the priesthood, ‘1979 Revelations’ notwithstanding. Who are they kidding? Not me, that’s for sure.

    But then, he may actually believe this rot.


  10. We could have colonies on Mars by now if not for The Federal Reserve Act and all the White Caucasian “christian” Freemasons in the government, military, schools & universities, think-tanks, corporate world, etc. , who love the Jew bankers/Jew mobsters to kibbles-and-bits.

    Whites are good with science and technology. Suck at everything else, especially knowing how to have our own countries.

    NASA’s next mission is straight down-the-toilet. Along with the rest of America.
    We have only ourselves to blame, when all is said and done.

    Alot of very suspicious trading activity on Wall Street today. Very similiar to the type of trading activity on Wall Street about 2 weeks before 9/11.

  11. The Federation is the vision of the future that the multiculturalists sell us to get us to go along with their program, but the Borg are the vision of the future that the elite behind the multicultural program are actually working towards. The world of the Federation is the illusion induced if you swallow the blue pill!

    Each Borg is a golem with no individuality. The ideal slave. Technology has advanced so much that the collective is actually able to insert their message into each Borg’s consciousness without the need of media. A Borg no longer can switch the TV off so to speak because the receiver has been implanted in his mind and has no off switch. Imagine the PC regime with such a capability.

    That could be an unappreciated aspect of the mark of the beast of revelation. Maybe the mark of the beast will be dual-function, serving both as a necessary means for engaging in commerce as well as a direct means of mind control.

    The Borg meme, though, is actually an artistic lie – a purposefully incomplete picture of a possible future. The Borg are the perfect slaves, but who are the slave masters?

    I believe the Borg world is a false and impossible variation of the plausible world depicted in Metropolis. In contrast to the world depicted in Metropolis, the elite slave masters who must exist in the Borg world have purposely been omitted. The “cover story” of the Borg regime is a lie – the power behind the Borg are just using the Borg myth (we want to join you to us in the mutual search for perfection) to conquer and subjugate any other species that might rival the unseen hand behind the Borg for control of the universe.

  12. Congratulations to Charles Bolden, head of NASA, for being able to organize a group of unfocused, rowdy whites and lead them to one of the great accomplishments of the 21st century. His foresight, vision, scientific achievement and dedication alone made it possible for NASA, a government agency that lost its way 30 years ago, to once again lead the world in space exploration.

    Thank you Mr. Bolden, just one in a long line of Negroes who make, and have made, America the great nation it is. We could not have done it without you.

  13. Ahh NASA twilight years… The final chapter of the Nazi legacy draws to a close. Too bad NASA’s Nazi founders are all gone or in retirement homes, we might otherwise be celebrating a man on Mars. They’ve been coasting on their fumes for 20 years.

  14. some scientists claim that when white people are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, their circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours 40 minutes, which corresponds not to the rotational period of the Earth, but of Mars! This is not the case with non-white races who are in tune with the Earth’s rotation.

  15. Very interesting, Pantheist. The 24.66 hour circadian rhythm has always been a curious thing to me. Could you provide me with a link or two, please?

  16. @ Joe

    “A lot of very suspicious trading activity on Wall St today.” Yeah? What stox are they shorting?

  17. “This is old news. The first Mars probe landed in 1976. We’re reduced to celebrating this?” – Those probes couldn’t move, and weren’t anywhere near as big as this one. several major technical hurdles were vaulted over by this project. Even getting a probe there is an accomplishment, all I think seven successful landings have made in America stamped on them. If there were anything to take pride in it would be the space program, but they keep cutting it and aerospace in general.

    Having landed something on another planet period the end is quite an exclusive club, with just America and Russia as members. When nasa(or more accurately JPL) can’t do this anymore, that is a sign that they’ve finally realized the progressive dream of a tolerant, diverse workforce.

    “The Federation is the vision of the future that the multiculturalists sell us to get us to go along with their program, but the Borg are the vision of the future that the elite behind the multicultural program are actually working towards. The world of the Federation is the illusion induced if you swallow the blue pill!” – They have to keep inventing enemies, because obviously the multicult keeps absorbing all the old ones. Startrek is basically dead, hence the talk of reboots and so on, but they can’t make a good show to save their life, because a good show would need a good villian. And a truly good villian would clash with the message that they want to send.

  18. My God Anon you have hit the nail on the head. On both points. Wouldn’t it be nice if landing a rover on Mars were as “publicly prestigious” as winning a Gold Medal in Olympic Basketball?

  19. My God Anon you have hit the nail on the head. On both points. Wouldn’t it be nice if landing a rover on Mars were as “publicly prestigious” as winning a Gold Medal in Olympic Basketball?

    You are wrong SomeGuy. I enjoy sports to a very large degree. I love competing, I love watching others compete. I see a well done put or jump as an act of power and beauty and highly recommend sports to develop strong White men. I’m a a big enough sports enthusiasts to be a stereo type.

    There are more men capable of winning gold medals then there are men capable of landing a rover on Mars. Landing a rover on Mars is infinitely more impressive and more prestigious then any God Medal, and should be held in higher regard.

  20. @Lynda
    I have certain, Oh, let us say, amigos , on Wall & Broad. They relay certain information to me now and then, so I can, Oh let us say, continue to live on Easy Street here in East Sacramento, California.

    I live only about 5-6 blocks from where Nancy & Her Ronnie lived when they Presided over Sacramento Society way back when.

    Yes I have, Oh let us say, amici , here on the better coast ; No slight intended of course, we do have a place in Maine after all, on the coast, an inlet, it’s cozily secluded ; On the west coast, Granite Bay CC, A place in Tahoe, nothing ostentatious, never that. I could never countenance extravagant display ; Nouveau riche is entirely insipid. I don’t do nouvelle cuisine either ; I find it pall to the taste.

    For the hoi-polloi, that’s Greek for “common people” ; I always cringe when I must communicate with them . They may, the mere tax-paying working-stiffs ; In better days we called them profanum vulgus, but I digress nostalgically ; They may go to :

    ” zen-haven.dk ” :

    For information about very recent ” put-option” activity on The Street.
    My attorney suggested not to reveal any more information.

    It’s always such a tedious bore to have to explain everything. In better days, we used the term profanum vulgus [ unholy rabble] to refer to the servants.

  21. America will never reach its potential in space exploration unless and until we rid this nation of non-whites and the cultural-marxist mindset. True, its nice to see a successful probe reach Mars, but back when I was a kid during the 60’s, it was fully believed by almost everyone that we have landed MEN on Mars by 2012, with a fully-operational lunar base (ala 2001: A Space Odyssey) as well.

    Sad to say, many of us will never live to see men on Mars, if it ever happens at all.

    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

  22. @Joe

    The terms that you and your amici use are goyim, chai, shiksa and shooks – among the ones that are printable.

    The stox they are shorting will, of course, be the companies that don’t have DHS contracts for the po-po state ZOG is rolling out, also the ones they are going to loot er liquidate Enron and Lehman Bro style.

    There is a Ferengi Rule of Aquistion involved – to rob the bank, you must own the bank. It is all getting rolled into the BIS and its subsidiaries.

    Not that I have any investments in the Market, but I think I will have a look at the All Ords.

  23. @Lynda

    I don’t do Ords, only Blue-Chip. [But, it’s a good idea to be as well-informed as possible nonetheless].

    I agree with everything you said. Makes sense to me. It’s the way things work. Alot of corruption, unfortunately.

    Talk to you on the next thread. Everything is moving so fast today at “OD” with all these different threads of discussion. I thought Southerners like a slower pace. Boy. I’m having trouble keeping up. Laughing online.

  24. Hunter, the Ferengi aren’t based on the Yankees, they’re based on the Jews. See this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferengi

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