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  1. I had just picked up my water bottle as I refreshed OD, and was mid-swig saw this headline.
    Yes, I was able to wipe the water off my keyboard with no apparent permanent damage to my laptop: no thanks to you, lol.

  2. Damn Juden, always covering up things. Did you know that Jews are covering up the fact that Jews don’t exist?

  3. As the Discovery Channel is owned by the Jews, I would phrase the question: ‘why do they want tvland to think there are mermaids in the Pacific?’

    Since the Elites have been into bio-engineering for a while, they probably have a programme for normalizing their bio-artifacts in the mind of the public.

  4. There’re lousy Jews, and there’re good Jews. The mermaid issue is a bone of contention in the Jewish community.

    Fortunately for us, the good Jews are taking action. The schmoozies over at TCM are launching a cruise ship to find the mermaids, and ipso facto save America.

    That’s because mermaids have special powers to save things. A mermaid saved Tom Hanks in “Mermaid” , please recall.

    Yes, the good schooozies are taking action :

    Sign up today. The cruise is non-denominational.

    Downside : Robert Osborne : Front man for the Hollywood schmooze, likes to talk alot. He just goes on and on. Front men are like that.

    I just hope the lousy Jews don’t hire the Mossad to blow- up the ship.

    Bon Voyage.

  5. Joe, for some reason I feel like you’re sitting back after every post with the attitude that the joke is on us lol. You really are an enigma.

  6. Yes its all very convienient for mermaids not to exist….especially when your religious bretheren eat canned whitefish and own ALL the sardine and anchovy companies! Romans used to eat anchovy on their ceasar salads until white crackers sold the knowledge of that salty goodness to the Jew. That’s why I like Italians.

  7. @Lynda
    Your favorite dish will be on menu, especially prepared for the TCM Mermaid Cruise :
    ” The Captain’s Table’s Special ” [ just tell the waiter, #1 on the menu, please] :

    ” Mihi nullus scomber, nulla anguilla, nullum frustum ovorum frictorum frigidorum”

    I remember you said you love it.

    Bon Appetit.

  8. “No mackerel, no eel and no slab of cold egg crud” is the order for the Fisherman’s platter: the xtras you don’t want. Remember that next time when are dining up in Yankeeland.

    The 60,000 $ question on the mermaids is: “Are they good for the Jews?” Depending on yes or no – the goyim should take it from there.

  9. My cousin Tony has a buddy, works down at the fish market on South St, I can get ya’ whatever kind of seafood ya’ want, ya’ know what I mean?

  10. Joe,
    It begs the question, what do you get out of it? And if the joke is on me, you know something I do not. And if the punch line is true, I’ll never know it. Either your crazy, in on the game, or both haha.

  11. @yt
    Thank You.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, to tell you honestly , but I like your last sentence : That sentence makes sense to me, so thanks.

  12. I ain’t trying to flame ya, that ain’t who I am. My personal motto is “Truth and Beauty.” I seek nothing else.

  13. I.was growing tired of the Illuminati, Freemasonry, 9/11 conspiracy, Mossad Did Utoya, and the Bilderbergs … and I was flipping through the channels on television, stumbled across the mermaid conspiracy, and thought I would start a thread about this on OD to see if there was a Jewish angle.

  14. @SomeGuy
    I seek ” The Mermaid “, especially if she’s in the Caribbean. It’s so beautiful down there. I know it’s true because many “OD” type characters are always talking about how beautiful the Caribbean is. [Plus, I’ve been there myself a few times, as well]

    It’d be great if I found ” The Mermaid”, and ipso facto I , “Joe”, saved America. I’m stoked. It’d be like awesome dude.

    I know America ain’t listening to anything I have to say, that’s for sure. Fuggeadaboudit.

    So maybe I can be of service to my country by going on the cruise and help search for The Mermaid.

  15. Ah Joe the joke will always be on me, I see. In this moment you remind me of O’Brien of the Orwellian persuasion.

  16. @Hunter Wallace
    For more information about “Mermaid” matters, Google:

    ” Mermaids don’t like Whales.too”

    [ I’m greatly ashamed, I have to admit: I spelled “fuggedaboudit” incorrectly in my above post. I’ll never be able to step foot in my hometown again]

  17. Joe:

    It’s as if you are a chess master, reading my moves and leading me on to a predestined conclusion. I hope I am not correct haha.

  18. There is strong evidence that the Jews are covering up the existence of mermaids in the Pacific NW.

  19. “Are the Jews who control the U.S. Navy using a sonar weapon to commit genocide against mermaids? Is the Mossad involved?” – The mermaid lobby successfully got a judge to ban those.

  20. There is no Jewish conspiracy, Hunter. Rest assured, they have our best intrests at heart, both for the south and the White race in general.

    The JQ is all just non-sence, the jews are our greatest allies.

    We should all deflect and dismiss anything that says anything negative about the chosen.

    They do not own the media (ridiculous anti-semitism), they have no sway in politics (again, pure racism) and for the love of God they ARE VICTIMS, they are not capable of wrong doing, they are God’s chosen people.

    Mosaad? that is just a conspriacy theory, they don’t even exist.

  21. @SomeGuy
    Of course you’re correct. You know alot of things.

    Do you know if:

    Do you think the Mermaids are ever going to Secede from the damn Dolphinees, the Dolphinees who destroyed the Mermaid paradise ; Oh, I don’t know, about 147 years ago, something like that? Especially as you never hear any Mermaids ever mention anything about logical, intelligent, well-thought out strategy?

    fortune cookie say, “Mermaids no good strategy, no too smart”
    other fortune cookie say, ” Chinese have good strategy, mermaids no too smart”

    The shrimp chow mein I had was excellent. The scomber-ton soup so-so. I just got back from my favorite Chinese restaurant here in California : “Wee Takkee USA”.

    I hope the Chinese aren’t in collusion with the Mossad to destroy the Mermaids. I hope the chinks didn’t use mermaid in the scomber-ton soup. It had a funny taste to it. I’m really worried now.

  22. @Lynda
    Thank you for the pic. Pretty amazing. Somehow I’m not suprised. Still, an amazing, and very revealing photo.

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