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  1. http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/haken32.htm

    “When 30 million are for something and 30 million are against it, things balance out and nothing happens. That is how things are with us. We are the world’s Pariah not because we do not have the courage to resist, but rather because our entire national energy is wasted in eternal and unproductive squabbling between the right and the left. Our way only goes downward, and today one can already predict when we will fall into the abyss.


    Socialism is possible only in a state that is united domestically and free internationally. The bourgeoisie and Marxism are responsible for failing to reach both goals, domestic unity and international freedom. No matter how national and social these two forces present themselves, they are the sworn enemies of a socialist national state.

    We must therefore break both groups politically.” -Goebbels

    –Great for Germans but anathema to New World Whites. People with white skin in the New World that advocate German politics in any way shape or form are neo-Bundists and should be ridiculed.


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  2. I think what Wade Michael Page did has more to do with being an alcoholic than anything else. He was kicked out of the army because of alcohol. He lost his job in 2o10 because of alcohol. He then lost his home earlier this year because he couldn’t make the mortgage-payments. His life was a total ruin because of his craving for alcohol.

    In contrast to some White countries that have a lot of social services, in most of the USA there isn’t a lot of help for adult males whose lives are a total ruin and don’t know what to do. In fact we even tend to despise such people and wish them ill.

    Shooting a bunch of hajees, as some people in the U.S. military call them, looks like just a way to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

  3. Apuleius: Nothing can destroy something this good:

    Encore: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlxnWG24ohE



    A Frenchman is not; a Dutchman is not, nor a Spaniard. George F. Train, in a recent speech in London, proves that the genus Yankee is an Englishman. In England they call all North and South Americans, Yankees. They term Yengeese was applied by the Indians, to the firt Englishmen who settled America. From Yengeese (young-geese) came the term Yengees — Yankee. Therefore, the real Yankees are the John Bulls. Americans are John Bulls, with the horns knocked off. Puritans, cavaliers, all, all, were once Yankees. When did they change their spots? Jeff Davis and Alex. Stephens are Yankees. Their daddies were born in Connecticut. It is confounded hard to say who is not a Yankee. The breed is very mixed.
    Mark Twain

    Territorial Enterprise, May 1 – 8, 1862
    [Reprinted in San Francisco Bulletin, May 10, 1862, p. 4.]

  4. With this Page fellow, if he’d had some sort of support structure to fall back on he’d have been put back to sone useful task. Vdare has a good synopsis is the public expense that the Sikhs probably incur. Multiple retired people moved here from India, multiple children. The only jobs they get are things like taxi drivers and many live in the temple itself. This group isn’t a bunch of doctors.

    So 350 of them get benefits, schooling, tax free accomodation and Tax free income.

    It’s not a temple but perhaps a beachhead for further migration.

  5. re: Tamer’s Storm Front comment on “Hitler Table Talk”

    ” Hitler usually concluded this historical speculation by remarking “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japansese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” “

    Christianity is collapsing in Europe. But it seems other cultures are rising. I was watching a show the other night on European Metal (music) and that whole culture seems so pagan, medieval, tribal, and non-Christian. Metal is more related to classical music than rock as the time the signatures are different, and metal is purely a white man’s scene, even more so than classical. Rock is African – and classical is European.

    It seems to me European Metal is an sub-conscience attempt to throw off Christianity, cultural Marxism, negro influenced music (i.e. rock, blues, jazz, funk, disco) and regain European tribalism.

    I guess there’s a reason why the black metal Norwegian bands were burning down churches several years ago. At one time Norwegians were bad ass Vikings, but now there a bunch of pacifists wimps – what happened? The exception is Brevik as he’s “old school” prior to Christianity.


  6. The Vikings played harps. Sorry to burst your musical theory there.

    Not really. Harps are a classical instrument.

  7. Spinal Tap is a spoof band the made fun of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. But the references to Stone Henge, Druids, Viking helmets, etc. is similar to what I’ve suggested. I saw the movie and the reference to “11” on the amps is classic.

    Today’s metal is far more aggressive e.g. “Lamb of God” out of South Carolina playing a euro festival – white people only.

  8. Funny thing about my White Race : When it comes to internecine war, Christianity gets flushed down the toilet : Real quick, and real eagerly too. When it comes to other races — even races that mean us harm — the New Testament comes out, gets dusted off, and we’re then called on to be “nice” and to be “tolerant”.

    Where were all the christian ministers with their “be nice”, “be tolerant” New Testament preaching during the War of 1861 ? WW1 ? WW2 ?

    It just never ceases to amaze me : The Cognitive Dissonance we call Christianity.

    The White Race needs to throw the bible in the garbage and write a Holy Book that makes sense. I won’t write a long post about what the book should contain. For now, I’ll just say The Book should contain straight-forward common-sense.

    The White Race is getting annihilated from Christianity. I don’t hate Christianity, or have any true, deep animosity for it. I was raised on it. Still, I see now as an adult, Christianity has a very destructive dynamic to it. It’s one mixed message after another : One mixed message after another is called Cognitive Dissonance.

  9. There were lots of conscientous objectors. No movies get made about them. Lots of people emigrated.

    The church in ww2 was actually quite well behaved. The Catholics probably limited some damage. The Italians were not kern on the war. The Spanish appear to have avoided it altogether and same with the Irish. South American stayed out.

  10. @ John
    Thanks for your very informative and fact-filled history lesson.

    My point is still legitimate , however ; My point still makes sense, and still deserves to be asked.

    In the meantime, thanks for your very informative and fact-filled history lesson.

  11. The podcastable Diane Rehm Show today had a panel of Potok-like “experts” on, and if I caught it right, two-thirds of WN’s, it was admitted, opposed the act.

    Unfortunately, Alex Linder was portrayed as ecstatic, praised the heroism of Page, and demanded that “every Sikh go back to India, no matter how peaceful you are.”

    I reckon if every Sikh DID go back to India that would move the scale about one twentieth of one percent toward a White America, but Linder evidently confused Sikhs with Mexicans or blacks such was his joyous outburst, if accurately depicted.

  12. Bill Yancey says:

    “I think he gets a little too much credit for being anti-Slav. He didn’t institute any anti-Slavic laws or anything. But many, many Slavs fought for the Germans.”

    On the money. People aren’t aware of the the Croatian Ustasha.

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