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  1. For more information about Hitler, Google :

    ” Hitler’s Lost Year + England + Rothschilds”

    For Information about the Occult aspect of Nazism :


    If link doesn’t work, Google : [ good idea to do the search even if the link works. There’s alot of info online about the Occult aspects of Nazism] Google :

    ” Stargods.org + Nazis”
    ” Nazis and the Occult”
    ” Hitler + Nazis + Occult”

    I don’t care what anyone says, Hitler and the top Nazi leadership Did Not have the best interests of the White Race — including and especially the German People — at heart. There’s just way too much evidence to point to The Exact Opposite Conclusion : The plan All Along was to destroy Germany, and Hitler and the Top Nazi leaders played their role to the “T”.

  2. but but but I thought you said he wasn’t a socialist/ leftist and now you are saying he advocated for/ produced a very socialist economy?

  3. One thing about our disagreements, we are far smarter, intellectually curious and basically better read than any lefty outfit or cult. If you guys hate each other and are getting mad enough to see blood for your fellow white person, then stop and go read a lefty site for awhile. It is basically listening to white grannies and their gay sons bitch or its some bootlip squawking about white devils, they are truly awful.

  4. Stone,

    Me? The German economy was consumerist. Well up until 1942. Then they realized that the US Britain and Russia had retooled their economies for total war. Then the Germans followed suit.

    The Reich’s economy is rather fascinating. William Mnchester’s the “Arms of Krupp” is a good account of one corporation/company and it’s relationship to the German state. It’s a very good analysis of various epochs of German economics.

  5. Wow, Stoner. I missed one of your posts. The one where you reveal your knowledge of the Third Reich and Hitler. Man have you been misled!

    Hitler wanted Europe to be Moslem? Do you know how ridiculous that is? I can hear Rothschild and Rockwell laughing uproariously in unison. So much of your info is plain wrong. You shouldn’t form your opinions, or think you know something, based on what others tell you.

    Come to think of it, did Rush say that? It sounds like him. More credibility down the drain.

    Btw, until WWII ended the Moslem countries were considered nothing but an unimportant backwater, except for oil and war contingencies. They still are, in importance It’s not surprising that somebody like Rush would try to pair “the Mosque of Satan” (Inc. 2001) with something he has unsuccessfully (with most people) tried to re-define as left wing. God, no wonder ‘conservatives’ are confused.

  6. but but but I thought you said he wasn’t a socialist/ leftist and now you are saying he advocated for/ produced a very socialist economy?

    I didn’t say that. If you look at it again you’ll see that I was quoting somebody else. See your words in my italics above? That means it’s a quotation.

    Nor did I say that he wasn’t one. What I said was that the word had an entirely different meaning to 1920 Germans than it does to 2012 Americans.

    You misread and jump to conclusions. This is why so much of your info is wrong. And there’s the Rush factor too.

  7. Germany didn’t seriously begin producing tanks until 1943. If they were socialist they’d have scrapped the consumer model and cranked out 1,800 tanks a month in 1941 instead of when they reached that figure in 1944. Even then that wasn’t full capacity. The Communists organized very quickly and were producing that amount in 1942 and then some.

  8. Krupps was making mashing machines and vacuum cleaners for the frauen during the war itself. Tbat’s not socialism.

  9. He most certainly was not a leftist. Stalin was a leftist. Roosevelt was a leftist. That’s why communism took up with capitalism to defeat the right winger.

  10. Our Founding Fathers, for all their faults, gave us a viable and sustainable political system. That the US is now in great decline, is not so much because of any inherent flaw [ there are some flaws] in our Constitution, necessarily.

    Morality was greatly rejected, sexual and otherwise ; Morality concerning all aspects of life was greatly denied.

    No one man, especially a dictator, and no one political system, is going to save us. We Americans already have a firm enough, and decent enough political system ; Our political system is built on a strong enough foundation : The system that was given to us from our Founding Fathers.

    Until Family Life is Restored and given a place of Honor in our culture, nothing very good is going to accrue to White America. The problem is not political. The problem is spiritual. A collective lack of desire to be moral. A collective Abnegation of Family and Children. Until a true Love of Family, Children, and Respect and Honor for Holy Matrimony is Restored, nothing good is going to accrue.

    Our Heritage, the gift that was given to us Americans, was of Liberty and Free Thought, not goose-stepping Nazis, and not Communism : Two sides of the same coin.

    We’ve been greatly derailed. Only Morality, Family, Holy Matrimony, and Love of Children, will get us back-on-track.

    The Nazis are a bad nightmare, not a blueprint for the future. The great glory that was Nazi Germany lasted 13 years. Barely.Then She lay in great ruin and destruction. Germany, and the rest of Europe that was destroyed in WW2 , was rebuilt. Yet, the war proved to be a great detriment to The Spirit of the White Race, leaving the White Race almost paralyzed.

    Only a true respect for Morality, and a true love for Family, Marriage, and Children, will save the US at this point in time.

    The Nazis, real or neo, are a circus side show meaning nothing, and leading us nowhere but to even more decline and destruction.

    The last thing America needs right now is a bunch of goose-stepping jackassess marching around puffed up on false pride and living in a dream world. Their dream doesn’t even speak of ebullience of spirit and intelligence , their dream just speaks of even more abnegation of the spirit and the will.

  11. There is one point where the oltish Limbaugh/Hannity reading is correct about the Nazis having a leftie component. The SA leadership under Ernst Rohm were socialists in conventional terms.

    Except they don’t make the distinction. They credit it to Hitler. They’re DWC (disingenuous white conservatives). Having converted a necessary number of reds, Hitler gained power. Once he gained power he got rid of the reds. IOW he got rid of the leftists. Eh?

  12. Hitler must have been a communist. After all, he signed a treaty with Stalin, right?

    That’s the logic of Rush and Sean, who don’t associate Roosevelt and Churchill with the period in question.

  13. I would have to listen to rush for it to be a factor.

    Where am I wrong? Did Hitler not force Whites into slave labor? We know he did. Did he not invade White nations? We know he did. Did he favor a govt planned economy? We know he did etc etc etc?

    Hitler thought islam was a warrior religion and better for Germany and their war then Christianity. Search for it. It’s there



    I know, Hitler never said those things, the dirty jews are telling lies….. He never invaded Poland and sent Poles to work as slave labor either

    leftist, not leftis, what ever. They all wanted govt control. I don’t care to banter semantics with you, but the end result is the same. Big govt =’s less individual liberty. That includes Hitler, the man who killed and enslaved other European Whites

    It really is pointless. Your enthralled with the man, govt control and the like. It’s your right but don’t expect me to buy into it

  14. It’s a text, texts are flawed. All men have flaws too. The fatal flaw of the US is stuffing together two perhaps three national identities (with to three religious sects). Then without a though overlaying that union equality between three races and a dozen hostile religious sects. It’s a proposition that is reaching breaking point.

  15. Yancey,

    good analysis. Someone should do a compare and contrast of the Lincoln Union and Nazi Germany. Two peas in a pod.

  16. The fatal flaw might have been their rejection of institutional aristocracy, even though they were themselves aristocrats. The yankee merchant class took this as a license to plunder, calling it progress. OTOH the Southern aristocrats recognized that they were the new monarchical class. Immediate division of vision.

  17. @ Hunter Wallace

    The Three Great Flaws From The Very Beginning :

    1 : The Slave Economic System.

    2 : The Constitutional “right ” of The President to issue Executive Orders : The Right- of-the-King.

    3 : The rejection of Colonial Scrip, and The Restoration of the “The Colonies” back to
    the Crown of England : the Royal Banks of London.

    The above are the Three Great Flaws, not union with the Northeast.

    The flaws could have been worked out if only there were more Americans like the Great Southerner, Andrew Jackson, and less Americans like Hamilton, Benjamin, Belmont, and my all-time “favorite” character, Woodrow Wilson.

  18. Thanks, John, but I’m befuddled by your comparison. I know that’s a currently popular view but I think a very incorrect one. Hitler rejected the same sort of things the Confederates rejected. Methods were different but…. Both were nationalists in the true sense of the word. Both understood the racial problem. Both were in conflict with the money managing squid coming out of the NE US, for similar reasons.

    I consider Lincoln to have been about half way between a French revolutionary and a bolshevik, which, time wise, he was. Robespierre hadn’t learned to put a pretty face on his tyranny. Lincoln learned that lesson, though it only fooled some of the people. Lenin and Stalin convinced millions.

  19. The German economy wasn’t planned centrally until 1942-3. It’s one of the oddities of the Nazis that may explain their eventual defeat. If they had gone for cereal planning in 1938-39 they would have been invincible. (Germany maintained a consumer based economy much like the US did following 9/11.) they fought ww2 with one arm tied behind their back until full WEP.

    Again this is evidence of their inconsistency.

  20. Yancey,

    I said compare and contrast. Obviously there are differences. But I do think the Union
    inspired the Second Reich and probably the Third on strategic and tactical levels. Germans resented the easy living of French British and Dutch colonials and were determined to smash those things.

  21. If there had been no Hamilton, Benjamin and Belmont, there would have been no Lincoln, and no Sherman ;

    No Hamilton, Benjamin and Belmont, then no Lincoln, then no Woodrow Wilson ;

    And No Federal Reserve Act of 1913 : Hamilton’s Dream ;

    Hamilton: The Founding Father born in the Manor home of a Slave Plantation in the West Indies.

    [ I thought to throw this in as this thread seems to be about daydreaming and “what -could -have -been” type scenarios ]

    “Will we ever find that lovely land of might have been ?”

  22. Good point, John. I don’t know if they would’ve been invincible though. They were vastly outnumbered and out-resourced. More so than the CSA.

    Note also that the Confederates behaved similarly. They were so philosophically opposed to centralized government that their infrastructure wasn’t in place in time to win a long war. Hindsight is easy but Calhoun should’ve been working on building a Southern network as soon as he realized there would eventually be a split.

  23. Dear Mr. Yancey:

    I welcome your laughter and the laughter of your Nazi buddies. Your scorn makes it clear to one and all that you, your friends, and I have nothing whatsoever in common. I’d rather be ruled by the first 500 Negroes in the Philly phone book than by a your ballet troupe of homosexual white trash in Lederhosen and swastika necklaces. Please laugh louder.

    Now go be an Aryan superman somewhere else.

    To the rest: Tradition, family, and property are the values of the Right. Nazism fails on all three counts: it abhorred tradition, striving instead to impose upon Germany the utopian ideological order cooked up in Hitler’s art-school-washout brain; it acted against the family by making the Party into an ersatz family under father-figure Hitler, with mass gymnastics, SS breeding brothels, and anti-Christian, faux-Nietzschean materialism in place of Christian family life; and it acted against private property, with all its state monopoles, production quotas, and other hallmarks of enterprise subject to state control in the interests of the Reich.

    And of course the movement was chock full of swish, from the full-on boy-love of Hitler’s right-wrist man Ernst Röhm to the kinky Hugo Boss leather ensemble worn by the supermen of the SS.

    Franco, on the other hand, was a true Rightist. He fought for tradition, both social (the Crown) and religious (the Church). He stood against pornography, abortion, homosexuality and other enemies of the natural human family; and he championed the rights of the owners of private property in the face of the socialist, communist, and anarchist pirates who had ravished Spain. Unlike Hitler, he never sought to impose a utopian social order based upon ideology. Unlike Hitler, he limited his persecution and oppression to actual enemies of Spain rather than some convenient racial or ethnic scapegoat. And unlike Hitler, he was a devout Christian, who insisted that Spain remain a Christian nation.

    Franco was a real fighting man, unlike Hitler. He was also a gentleman who knew white trash when he saw it…. at Hendaye. While he recognized that Hitler was right about Stalin (hence his dispatch of the Blue Division), he was careful to see that Spain fought with the Heer, not the SS. Franco shrewdly played Hitler, taking from him exactly what he needed while giving him nothing of value. The Fuehrer hated Franco, of course, seeing in him that true quality of class which he had come to hate in the haute-bourgeoisie of Vienna. The leader of the Thousand Year Reich died a coward’s death a few short years laer. Franco stayed in power for three decades more and died in bed at a ripe old age. Who was the truly superior being?

    Most people don’t realize this, but Hitler was no strapping specimen of Aryan superiority. He was a dweeby, dimunitive omega. Neither was he any kind of great thinker. His “philosophy” was literally of the beer-napkin school and was never taken seriously by any real philosopher. He was fiercely anti-Catholic and anti-conservative, as his war on integralist Austria makes plain.

    And he was a physical coward. A real “leader” wouldn’t have shot himself in the head while hiding in a hole with his wife and doggies. He would have died facing the enemy, as the Japs did.

    Adolf Elizabeth Hitler was no bold figure of White heroism. He was the early 20th Century equivalent of a white trash coffeehouse revolutionary. Imagine a nation taken over by some tattooed faggot at Starbucks and his art-school homo pals and you have the Nazis.

    But far be it from me to dissuade those of you with the Nazi fetish from the worship of your idol. Go ahead, be my guest: hitch your wagon to a swastika-shaped anchor. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself and your toothbrush mustache dragged under, as your boyfriend was.

  24. @Aupuleis et al:

    “Just to go over this one more time, I’ll let you read the following quote by the esteemed Dr. Clyde Wilson, founding member of the LOS, whose views on Yankees are almost identical to mine…”

    Hi, all. I understand any animosity held over from The War Between The States and the aftermath towards certain people, but I think you are confusing Yankees with the New England Brahmins. These are two different classes of people.

    I always have to wonder if the Southrons would show as much cross-class solidarity with the plantocracy if secession had been allowed to take place without any fanfare? Because I do not see where they were friends of small, independent Southron yeoman farmers, but I digress.

    In a previous post, I tried to explain why anti-Southern bigots like Tim Wise hate The Andy Griffith Show, preferring films like GWTW or Deliverance to paint the South. Mayberry presented Southrons to decent people as charming, quirky, but decent people with Southern accents.

    I would like to recommend a film to you which I think would be the Yankee version of Andy Griffith and Mayberry. It’s called “The Russians Are Coming.” It’s a comedy about the reactions of a Cape Cod town when a Russian submarine runs aground. But aside from the New England accent and mannerisms, you’d find characters that would be right at home in Mayberry. And I think you’d find the differences between THEM and the New England Brahmins like Kerry and the Bushes as night and day.

    No matter what our region, ALL White Americans have a common enemy. We have a bunch of sociopaths running our government who have all this power and wealth, but it’s not enough for them to simply GOVERN. They are not only full of themselves, but they are BORED and they want to change things up, I suspect, for no other reason but that they can for their own amusement.

    In an earlier post to Stonelifter, I mentioned how a personal life event was my catalyst for defecting from Team Insanity to Team Heritage. I have never seen so many NON-Southrons who shut up and listen when there is secession talk. That’s how nuts Washington has become. I think other White people are inching toward defecting from Team Insanity, as well.

    I don’t know if Hunter keeps track of his hits, but I imagine they keep going up. I imagine a whole of people from all over the country are lurking here, because it seems that the Neo-Confederates are the only bastion of Team Heritage still standing.

  25. Calhoun should have invited Krupp over. Given him a free hand. You’d have had Enough cannon then. Possible some ships could have been built as a proto naval force. Call them Sheriff harbour patrols. They’d have sunk the US Fleet of the time with the right weapon systems.

    I wouldn’t compare 1930s Germany with the South. The Nazis were born from an attempted Bolshevik takeover of Germany. They were reacting to anarchy and being impoverished. Nazis were poor, disorganized and without democracy. The South had
    too much money, democracy and organized inspite of that democractic tendency.

  26. I don’t see it, John. Especially not this:

    Germans resented the easy living of French British and Dutch colonials and were determined to smash those things.

    I’ve never read anything that would lead me to that conclusion. Remember, their big enemy was to the east. Hitler did everything he could to avoid a two front war. But the Brits and French declared war. France then became his buffer zone, by its own choosing. If you’re talking about average Germans, I can’t imagine they ever held a thought about foreign colonials. Why would they? There’s no record of any instigation of jealousy toward them like there was in the north toward the South.

  27. “preferring films like GWTW or Deliverance to paint the South.”

    What’s your beef with Gone With The Wind? Both the book and the movie are clearly sympathetic to the Cause.

  28. @Bill Yancey:

    “No, Stoner, there’s more to it than “big government” vs. “less government”, in the traditional sense of the terms. Was Mussolini ‘left wing’? Pinochet? The size of government matters little to the ideology behind it. ‘Leftist’ is anti-nationalist. It’s also anti-racist. Nationalism and racism (to use a leftist word) constituted the core of NS philosophy. Comparing that to how many clerks you hire is ridiculous.”

    I’m not a big Hitler Fan for the reasons that Stone stated, Bill. The reasons I am so ambivalent about Hitler is that there is something there that does not pass my sniff test. Getting the assistance of the ethnic White Christian Slavs was crucial to any victory against the Jewish Bolsheviks and he went out of his way to alienate what would have been willing allies to work with Non-Whites and Non-Christians.

    Mussolini started out fine until he got pulled into Hitler’s nonsense. The only fascist left standing and one who is never mentioned, Generalissimo Francisco Franco, was because he was successful at driving the Communists out of Spain without resorting to Hitler’s loud and rabid Jew-baiting. He also did not invade other White countries. Therefore, when the allies won WWII, he managed to keep them from taking over his country, too. When the Cold War began, they actively had to court him and leave his government alone, because he was a reknowned anti-Communist.

  29. Robert O, you’ve talked me into learning about Franco. Any suggestion on where to start?

    yankees are anyone north of the Mason Dixon line and damnyankees are anyone north of it with…. that damnyankee holier then thou, smarter than thou, lincoln saved the union, moral superiority, BRA is great, anti- Southron etc etc etc attitude. But the ones without it seem rare enough to call them all damnyankees. Surely that’s not fair, but generalizations help speed up the thinking process and we generalize all the time.

    Although a yankee at work today apologized for setting the negros free. He was bitching about negros at the pax terminal. I told him y’all set them free and he said ” I know, sorry about that” Damn funny

    Perhaps up north there is all kinds on yankees, but does it mater to us? and why should it? No different then me not caring how many different kinds of Poles there are. From outside looking in, they’re all Poles.

  30. National Socialism???

    As a Conservative Libertarian I would rather take my chances with small(er) government:

    ‘You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.” — Lee Atwater ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Atwater#Atwater_on_the_Southern_Strategy )

  31. @Rudel:

    “What’s your beef with Gone With The Wind? Both the book and the movie are clearly sympathetic to the Cause.”

    I am not trying to put down GWTW. I read the book several times and I also went to the film and I thought it was an excellent work that offered great insights to a certain aspect of the South.

    The problem was, that it was the PLANTOCRACY.

    My theory, if you will, is that anti-South bigots prefer the plantocracy of GWTW to the people of Mayberry because of the potential for stirring up class envy in other regions.

    I come from yeoman farmer stock on my father’s side and working class stock on my mother’s side. My own POV is that all cultures have their rich, privileged elite and the plantocracy was the Southern version of the Brahmins of New England and the industrialists of the Midwest.

    I don’t have any more of a beef with the plantocracy than I would with any other rich, elite, privileged class. I did not mean to come off like I judged the plantocracy in any different light than I do their counterparts in other regions of the country. Sorry, if I offered offense.

  32. Franco was a gentleman. He was also a celt ody enough.

    The mystery of the Nazis is their mistreatment of Slavs. Initially the Slavs were welcoming, particularly the Ukrainians. These people look the same as Germans, yet the Germans treated them almost as badly as the Soviets (Jews &Russians). It makes no sense. The Germans treated the French reasonably well. The Czechs were treated okay. The Danes too. The Germans smartly made allies with Croats, Romanians, Hungarians and Bulgarians. They would have won on tbe Eastern Front if they had given Ukrainians an incentive to fight for them. It’s evidence of unstable thinking.
    They are quite nice people, easy going and curious about outsiders. Nazi policy is a mystery here.

    Dixie, on that smell test, are you suggesting Hitler wasn’t really as antisemitic as we are told?

  33. Robert Oculus III , the problem with folks like you is you can’t discuss anything without either advocating it or opposing it, and you think that’s the way everybody is. It’s not. As we’ve been discussing things ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’, which ‘wing’ is it that calls everybody they disagree with ‘nazis’? Do you know? Does considering Hitler a better man with a better program than Roosevelt or Stalin make one a nazi? I guess I’d be a bourgeoise for thinking the French revolution was worse than Louis XVI? Notice that many people are coming around to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the American revolution wasn’t such a hunky dory deal after all. Will you call them anti-American? Are you of the ‘love it or leave it’ crowd?

    You have a narrow mind so I’ll skip your little playpen from now on.

  34. “No different then me not caring how many different kinds of Poles there are. From outside looking in, they’re all Poles.”

    I thought you said you were some sort of expert on Slavic women.

  35. Yes folks. This is the time of year FAO Schwarz holds their Annual Hobby-Horse Clearance Sale. Get your Hobby Horse today. Spanking brand-new. No squeaks. Well-oiled, and finely tuned.

    The Hobby Horses have the …… Oh, let us not say the incorrect view exactly, let us just say the Hobby-Horses have the disambiguous view. Let’s leave it at that.

  36. I will find a compendium of German statements about the Brit and French empires. The resentments ran deep. There are echoes of it on here from ethnic Germans who decry the luxury loving southerner and praise the German settlers of the Midwest and Texas. At the top: The Kaiser sought a place in the sun for people. He was steamed about cousin George and his posessions. Hitler feigned some admiration for the Empire but he never dealt honestly with Chamberlain who was sympathetic to all legitimate German demands: Austria, Sudetenland, rhineremitarization. Chamberlain couldn’t give a crap about the Jews but he quite clearly saw that Hitler wished to invade everywhere.

  37. John, I’m thinking that the Confederacy was born from an attempted consolidation (i.e. eventual takeover) by the northern industrialists (+ assorted loony theorists who endorsed communism). They reacted to invasion and subsequent impoverishment. It was without democracy. But certainly there were differences.

    I like the Krupp thing. Whatta ya wanna bet it would’ve kept two world wars from happening?

  38. The south was far too democratic to be compared to Nazi Germany. Too much democracy undid it. In reality the British Empire was controlling millions of Indian laborers and millions of African laborers. Same with France. Germany was seeking to control those things or set up alternatives with Slavic plantations.

  39. @ Yancey
    ” The Illuminati + Adolph Hitler”
    ” Nazis + The Illuminati”
    ” Hitler + Rothschilds + The Illuminati”
    ” Nazis + The Illuminati + The Occult”
    ” Nazis + The Rothschilds + The Occult + Illuminati”

    Remember Now : Illuminati simply means Jew bankers + Secret Societies ; Many secret societies practice The Occult, as the Top-Hot-Shot Jew Bankers do.

    Lynda was considerate enough to link to a very revealing photo of a bank in London yesterday. Check it out. It’s on the thread under the “Mermaid” article. Very revealing and telling photo that touches upon the aspect of Jew Bankers and The Occult.

    You know : The occult, like how Hitler and the Top Nazis worshipped The Occult secretly, in private, while doing the Rothschild’s bidding.

    It’s not mysterious or complicated, so there’s no reason to be afraid of the word “Illuminati”. I know the word “Illuminati” scared you the other day. I hope you’re over your “phobia”. For your sake, not mine. You’ll learn alot more the more you explore.

    Inherent to the topic of Nazis : Rothschilds, The Occult, Secret Societies, The Illuminati. Google it.

  40. Clytemnestra,

    I think he gets a little too much credit for being anti-Slav. He didn’t institute any anti-Slavic laws or anything. He did see them as being a different people than his own, and he was, after all, a nationalist. There was also the Russian problem at the time. But many, many Slavs fought for the Germans. Certainly more in Eastern Europe than fought for Stalin, Russia excluded of course. If I had been a German in that time I probably would’ve felt a certain other-than-ness about the elements that made up the Red Army.

    As for Franco, I never understood why he was given a pass after the war, even though he hadn’t thrown in with Hitler. You know how those victors were. It had been less than a decade since they had pulled out all the stops to defeat him. And they never forgive, never forget. It did work out well for Spain, at least while he was alive. And he knew his country better than I do. If I had been him I’d have moved into southern France and generally worked with the Germans to fortify Europe. It just seems like the logical thing to do, to prevent an invasion of the continent.

  41. Eadweard Merten,

    Good quote from Lee there. Lot of truth in it. However, no matter how coded the language gets we still have the problem because they’re more and more in our face every day.

  42. @ Yancey

    While you’re googling, remember to Google :

    ” Judah Benjamin + August Belmont”
    ” Hamilton + The Illuminati +The Golden Circle”
    ” Rothschilds + Judah Benjamin + August Belmont + Civil War”
    ” Rothschilds + Illuminati + The American Civil War ”

    As you’re not afraid of the word Illuminati anymore, Google :

    ” Scottish Rite Freemasons + Illuminati + The Civil War ”
    “Judah Benjamin + B’nai B’rith + The Civil War”
    ” The Illuminati + The American Civil War”

  43. MI6 (British SIS) helped Franco at numerous points in his coup. Franco survived because he kept in good with the Brits.

  44. “As for Franco, I never understood why he was given a pass after the war, even though he hadn’t thrown in with Hitler. You know how those victors were. It had been less than a decade since they had pulled out all the stops to defeat him. ”

    I think Franco was the ultimate survivor. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the West and East had a falling out. I am not pretending that the soldiers on the American, UK and French side were boy scouts in Germany, but I imagine the ferocity and brutality of the Red Army against Germany scared the pants off of them. They knew that Stalin wasn’t through by a long shot.

    It only took long enough to completely pacify Germany of all pockets of guerrilla resistance for the Cold War to begin after Stalin tried to consolidate his hold and advance further west with the Berlin Blockade.

    Hitler did not pass Franco’s sniff test and Franco was wise to keep his distance rather than be sucked in like Mussolini. Hitler was either a well-meaning tool or he was a double agent intent on delivering Germany to Rothschild interests. I may be wrong about Hitler, but the results bear out the fact that Hitler set Germany up only to fall harder than they did after WWI and enslave the Germans, IMO (and I’m not German) the most productive and intelligent among the Europeans, to the NWO agenda.

  45. As far as right wing nationalism goes Chamberlain and Churchill were cool with it. When it tripped over into the esoteric stuff, then and only then, they determined to get rid of him. the Brits were perfectly happy to have Germany unite with Austria and have the Sudetenland and demilitarize border with France. Half the cabinet were “egging on” German nationalists.

    After the war began, or started to sour, German officers could have assassinated Hitler at any point. War would have ground to a halt had a General or two put a bullet in

  46. “Culturally a celt. He’s from a very specific area in Spain.

    I’m not talking about DNA.”

    Well you ought to be. There is a very tight correlation between language (culture) and genetics. Genes run deep and even affect a person’s behavior.

    BTW, Franco is from Galicia where the population has 60% Celtic genes much like France, the Low Countries, Switzerland, along with England and Lowland Scotland/Northern Ireland.

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