Caribbean Project: The Windward Islands

In 1981, Don Black of Stormfront attempted to conquer Dominica

The Windward Islands

The Windward Islands are the southern half of the Lesser Antilles: Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, the Grenadines and Barbados. Most of these islands were settled by the French but were acquired by Britain in the Seven Years’ War.

As we have seen, Barbados was the cultural hearth of the Lower South. The slave society that originated there was transplanted to the Leeward Islands, then to Jamaica, then to South Carolina, and later to the Windward Islands and British Guiana in South America.

Most of the settlers who colonized the Southern colonies and the British West Indies came from the south and west of England. Few people are aware that just as many English settlers went to the British West Indies as those who came to North America.

Because of tropical diseases, low birthrates, and the sugar monoculture of the islands (not to mention natural disasters and wars between rival European powers), White settlement failed in the eastern Caribbean.

What you see today in the eastern Caribbean is exactly what you see in Jamaica, Haiti, Dixie and many other countries: busted slave societies destroyed by crusading liberals in foreign metropoles and overwhelmed by the Black Undertow.

The Golden Circle concept was an attempt to form a federation of slave states to forestall exactly this scenario by throwing off the yoke of Washington, London, Paris, and Madrid.

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  1. I’m outta here. I was too late for the FAO Schwarz Annual Hobby-Horse Blow-Out Sale. They sold out before I got to the store. Have fun playing with your new Hobby-Horses boys.

  2. Joe – it’s Rita Hayworth Night, on TCM. I just watched “Pal Joey”. U’ve never sene that before. The color schemata was eye-popping; and not in a good way. The set design and cotuming were really strange. Very plush production values, but very lurid. Truly expensively tacky. The best-dressed cast member was St Francis of Albert. Kim Novack was at her absolutely lovliest. The woman had no pores! Her wxquisite porcelain beauty was relentlessly undermined by garishly colored cotumes. The normally stunning Rita Hayworth looked ghastly. Her hair was Ronald McDonald red, and she was dressed in the worst colors, throughout, for her delicate looks; bright orange and yellow (hardly any-one can carry off those colors) and one monstrous turquiose/emerald/purple lame (la-may) evening gown. And a full wash of eggshell blue eyeshadow, through out. Was the makeup and costuming dept on early trials of ACID? And it all cost a FORTUNE!!! Blechhh!

    Anyway – the music was terrific, and this was Sinatra’s finest era, in terms of vocal artistry. So I suffered through the visuals.

    Now – TCM is broadcasting the immortal “Gilda” at 12PM EST. I may not make it all the way through…of you’ve never seen La Hayworth sulk through “Put the Blame on Mame” – well – ya should.

  3. @ Denise
    Rita Hayworth was the most Gorgeous dame to step foot in Hollywood*, and that’s saying alot. That’s for sure. She’s my dreamboat girl. Thank’s for the head’s up.

    * i don’t care if she has makeup on or not.

    [My hobby horse is up and running again]

    Laughing online.

  4. Rita was every-one’s Dreamboat Girl. Fred Astaire said she was his favorite dancing partner, of all the gals he danced with.

    I like her ’cause she always seemed to be amused by the circus surrounding her. She had this Refined Bombshell quality; a subte wittiness. And she was stunning…..I used to emulate her looks, or at least try to, when I was a wee slip of a girl, in the Paleolithic Era.

  5. Tamer of Savages says “So what?”

    Don’t you find it strange, Mr. Tamer, that when the whites held power in the U.S. there was a problem. It was certainly caused by evil institutional racism, right?

    But now when Jews own the media and most the power, it’s due to their higher than average IQ and natural abilities? Right? Sure! I got a bridge to sell you too!

    Take the Supreme Court for instance. How long did we hear from the usual suspects in the PSM (Piss Stream Media) how unrepresentative the Supreme Court was because it was mostly white, Protestant men?? We never heard the end of it, despite the Supreme Court NOT being a representative body in the first place. Now we have zero Protestant men on the SC, but a slew of Jews and women and guess what! Not a peep from the PSM! It seems all is kosher because the SC is diverse now (ie no white, protestant, founding stock, men).
    Now, do you understand?????????????

  6. Denise says:
    “The best-dressed cast member was St Francis of Albert. Kim Novack was at her absolutely lovliest.”

    I don’t have a television set. Threw mine out near the time the Simpsons debuted. I found this clip at Youtube.

    “If they ask me I could write a book” Sinatra, Novack.

  7. Sadly, Kim Novak was a mudshark of the first order.

    A famous incident: About ’64 or ’65 she was staying in some swank area and ran into Muhammad Ali. Novak tossed her hotel key at him.

    He threw it back. “I don’t mess with white women”.

    I always had to respect that. In 1964 Novak was an A list actress still and widely acknowledged amongst Hollywood types as a prime POA. But he had some principles, more than a lot of white men.

    Before then she had wanted to marry Sammy Davis Jr. and the studios, Jewish to the core, put aside their normal love of mixing the pot because they realized that America was still sane enough to rapidly lose interest in any white movie star who married a black.They applied considerable pressure to stop it. Indeed, marrying Davis effectively ended the US career of Swedish actress May Britt.

    A great many H’wood actresses were known to have had affairs with black actors or musicians but most were smart enough to keep it off the public’s radar.

  8. Sam – yup. The musical numbers were woere the rest. Splendid.

    FYI – here is THE Ultimate Rita Hayworth Moment.

    This is IT. The rest of the movie is amazing – terrific perfomances, and some of the best dialogue ever – but this IS Rita:

    Joe knows all about it…

  9. Hayworth left Monroe in The Dust : And that’s THE TRUTH :

    Google :
    ” Rita + Silk Stockings + High Heels + Hollywood Dust Storms “

  10. Vendikar – ewwwwe. I forgot Novak was a Coal Burner. Yikes. She was CRAZY. I’ve written this before – but I do not understand how or why a woman would allow a Black man to touch her at all. I find them physically repulsive, and always have. I think I’ve only shaken hands with a couple of them, maybe twice in my life.

  11. A famous incident: About ’64 or ’65 she was staying in some swank area and ran into Muhammad Ali. Novak tossed her hotel key at him.

    He threw it back. “I don’t mess with white women”.

    ” Muhammad Ali discusses race and marriage 1968″ 1 minute

  12. If FAO Schwarz doesn’t have what I want, I always go to :

    66 West Broadway : Between Warren and Murray. We’re talking Big-Apple.

    I ordered my very own Hobby-Horse this morning. They’re Fed-Ex-ing it. I can’t wait.
    My current Hobby-Horse is worn-out.

    If link doesn’t work, Google :

    ” Savvy Shopper + Hobby-Horse”

    [ Rita was in Top Form last night. That’s for sure]

  13. Joe – Rita was in top form last night. I did watch “Gilda” in it’s entirety, and am paying the price of too little sleep today. The dialogue is what really grabs me, on that one. Hayworth was at her Bombshelliest best- but I liked her during her 2 musical numbers. She and her father were a professional tango duo, and you can see some of her coolest tango moves, in her musical sequences. Really deft footwork. She did some nifty things…

  14. @Denise

    She was a bombshell. That’s why she’s considered by military historians to be the Sexiest pin-up girl in US military history.

    Deft tango moves is a Good Thing. That’s for sure.

  15. I actually need to do something else.
    Booking flight to D.R. and other real-world work I mostly loathe.
    Much more fun to read and write all day about things that interest me.
    Please don’t take offense and I will click on your youtube link in a matter of moments.
    This is a discussion we could have perhaps in the forum in the near future.

    In the meantime may I suggest Sartre’s “Anti-Semite & Jew” for your reading pleasure?
    Have an excellent night.

  16. Joe – I would not dispute those military historians, in their designation of #1 Sexiest Pin Up Girl. She was glorious. A true example of radiant and matchless White Beauty.

    Rudel – those pics are WONDERFUL. I love the pre-1960’s imagery. Pin Up grils were playful, sexy, and wholesome. Unlike the Porno Vampires of today. The skirts – hadda save fabric for the war effort!

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