The Trial of Joe


Joe has been arrested and charged with the following offenses:

– Inability to use space bar.

– Attention whoring.

– Trolling.

– Thread hijacking.

– Spamming threads with dozens of Latin phrases.

– Posting tons of conspiracy theory comments about Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Illuminati, and links to and, etc.

– Posting multiple Google searches.

– Posting comments that make no sense whatsoever.

It is getting to the point where I am sandboxing 12 to 24 comments a day from Joe. Most of them are oneliner Latin phrases. He just posted half a dozen in a row.

The fate of Joe now rests with a jury of his peers: OD readers and commentators. Should Joe’s posting privileges be restored? You decide.

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  1. I vote for Banishment.

    I dread it when I see his name at the top of a post.

    Should have been done a long time ago.

  2. I hope you can “do something” about him. We gave up a long time ago.

    Joe’s Dad : It’ll teach the boy not to be such a “wise guy”

    Joe’s Mom : I don’t understand what happened. Joew was always such a good little boy. Then he changed. I don’t understand.

    Joe’s grammar school nun-teacher, Sister Mary Margarita :

    He asks so many questions. He’s disruptive.

    Monsignor Provolone : “He” skips out of the confessional line. Hasn’t been to confession in ages. I thought you all should know that about “him”.

  3. No Joe, what we contemplate is of the utmost gravity and requires the attraction of 80% of whites; kookiness works against us.

  4. My suggestion, create a special forum just for Joe, where he can post random stuff and people can visit his area and comment if they want. Another forum I frequent did that with one crazy that kept returning with different accounts and it worked.

  5. Tard corral is an option, but will he cooperate? I doubt that.
    Otherwise, he won’t quit until he has ruined your site.

    Deo Vindice

  6. I do like Joe. I don’t know why. I think he is sincere – give him one chance in the Tard Corral – and then that’s it.

  7. don’t make him mad or he’ll just keep trolling under different names, etc. TARD CORRAL and or a friendly banishment

  8. Normally I’m strongly biased in favor of free speech, and against things like banning, but the case has become egregious. As soon as he shows up, a thread instantly becomes unreadable — and just skipping over his comments doesn’t help, because they threadjack too much. Many of the conversations here devolve into babble or irrelevant tangents, when they could have been interesting.

    I say, ban him for three or six months or so, then let him come back if he wants; but if he does, it should be conditional — it should be explained clearly to him what he’s been doing that’s problematic, and if he reverts to that behavior, then just ban him for good.

  9. I don’t dislike Joe either.

    The other commentators have fights and heated discussions, but only Joe becomes willfully disruptive. He crossed the line this morning when he posted a string of half a dozen Latin phrases.

  10. I acknowledge that very once in while, he would post a decent comment. Nevertheless, his other salvo’s of gibberish were too much. Regrettably, I vote to ban.

  11. I used to know a guy who suffered from a mental illness called, I believe, graphomania: he would compulsively write meaningless word salad, all day long, in a neat, meticulous, highly legible script, without stopping, on any surface he could find. He would fill up entire stacks of notebooks and leave them lying around, then when he ran out of paper he’d write on the walls and on the tables. Finally we bought him a computer and said, go ahead, type on this all day long.

    Within a month he had filled up the hard drive. An entire hard drive! He wanted another computer. We said, no, just erase the hard drive and start over. But he wouldn’t do that, his work was too important to erase. That was when the ambulance came.

  12. Jesus didn’t banish one of the twelve either. My vote is for letting him stay for one more opportunity, one more day of grace, to voluntarily produce his best quality, with much less quantity, recognising that “in many words there wanteth not sin.” Free speech forever.

  13. Hunter – it’s your blog. YOU own this blog. You are being more than fair to him. You choose what’s best.

    I give you Immense Kudos for the fact that you are wrestling with this decision.

    You are a very good and decent man. A truly White Man. Oceans of respect to you.

  14. It can be fun. But he’s here to clog up the recbt comments section with a certain type of concern trolling.

  15. Hunter Wallace says:
    “We once had a tard corral on a previous forum.”

    A tard corral is a good idea. Joe provides comic relief. Wouldn’t hurt us to lighten up a bit or crack a joke once in a while. His post about t-shirts for Christmas had me in stitches, but he can be annoying, obnoxious and just plain wacko. He’s on meds or bi-polar I would guess.

  16. I don’t read his comments but remain stuck with reading responses by others to his comments. He contributes little. I want him gone and posts from his IP blocked.

  17. Oscar,

    Have you ever seen “The Shining”? The Jack Nicholson version. The real version.

    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. That’s what your story reminds me of…

    I think Joe is a bored retiree – and he likes yanking our chains. (In a good way – for him. Alas bad for this blog all too often. ) We genuinely amuse and interest him. Re: the Latin – there are those of us that GET the Latin. Can you imagine posters, on other blogs, or anywhere, even beginning to “get it”? We are his favorite toy.

  18. Maybe you could assign Father John or Brutus to follow Joe and edit or delete his comments as needed.

    Otherwise he’s got to go. I’ve learned absolutely nothing from his comments. I still haven’t discerned his perspective, except to dissemble other’s narratives with no real purpose.

    It might be a new spam program from Tel Aviv — the JoeBot.

  19. Hunter Wallace says:
    “He yanked the chain too hard this morning … unleashing a torrent of Latin phrases across six or seven posts. It was like something out of The Exorcist.”

    LOL and ROFL! I hope I’m not tarded for writing that.

  20. Joe is a thread killer, and no doubt a jewish plant to destroy our “essence.” (plot line from Dr. Strangelove)

  21. I must admit that I am unable to help myself.

    I so want to stay on-target with the threads. I so want to say something intelligent. I want to be a grown-up poster to this blog.

    I just am not able to do so.

    Please don’t abort me altogether Hunter. Let me ‘live’ after a fashion around you. Let me be less of a fuktard, an ass-clown, an imbecile.

    jewlag me to your forum, inside a tard corral of my own. Let me be one of your most faithfool ass-clowns in a ‘purgatory’ of your sainted forum tard corral. That’s how I learned Latin, was as the favorite altar boy of my local parish priest. I equate orgasm with Latin for some reason, and as anyone can see, I’ve been quite a bit orgasmic of late.

    Tard corral me, Hunter, until I can overcum my Insufferable Ass-Clownery and learn to cuntrol it. Did you see the episode in the Original Star-Trek wherein that jew Shat-ner got caught in an unfortunate transporter accident was was half-good and half-evil and needed to be brought together? Well, same thang here.

    jewlag mich, Hunter, jewlag mich!!! (I’m looking at German porno now.) You know what you need to do until I get better and am worthy to rejoin serious grown-up Aryan superman society.


    Joe’s Insufferable Ass-Clownery

  22. “thread killer” ? This is not an Alfred Hitchcock movie. “Thread killer” is way overboard dramatic.

    I’m not a “Jewish plant”. The “Lily of the Valley” is a ” Jewish plant”:

    Google : “shoshannat-ha-amaqim”


  23. what does “jewlagged” mean? Never heard the term. Sounds very recently made-up. Who coined that expression?

  24. We said, no, just erase the hard drive and start over. But he wouldn’t do that, his work was too important to erase. That was when the ambulance came.


    We had a guy like that at a place where I worked. They built electronic stuff for the military. He would build sculptures out of electronic parts: they didn’t function, they were just piles of resistors and caps and odd stuff that fell on the floor (if it hit the floor it was scrap and had to go in the bin). Problem came when he tried to take one out of the plant. They noticed it and stopped him.

    He was doing it on break and lunch time, but they confiscated it and watched him like a hawk. He started doing bizarre and disgusting things when he thought they weren’t looking, but he thought wrong.

    They got a search warrant when they caught him sneaking them out and it turned out he had thousands of pounds of electronic scrap sculptures completely filling rooms in his house. They took it all and he went nuts, had to be taken to the bug house. He never came back to work and was on SSI last I heard.

  25. Where’s [ + Fr John +] on this “pressing” matter? Has Habemus Papam Himself taken “The High-Road” on this issue? He’s sooo exactingly religious about everything. Will He Himself be issuing a Papal Decree on this topic? Will Lynda agree with [ + Fr John + ] : I am So Very curious.

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