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Alex Linder writes:

“The problem is no one has ever demonstrated Whites feel guilt for no reason. Johnson and Taylor and others pushing this line ignore the mediafactor. White guilt, aswith other attitudes, is simply a function of jews controlling the media and telling them how to feel. It’s no more complex than that.”

No, it is a lot more complex than that.

Europeans have a long history of self hatred and debasing themselves over their sinfulness to appease the Almighty.

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  1. According to some, White-guilt seems to be a natural, inborn trait amongst Whites, Jewish holocaust or no holocaust. The Jewish libertarian writer Illana Mercer seems to provide a good synopsis of this in her recent book about South Africa titled Into the Cannibals Pot. Mercer argues that superior Whites, when surrounded by less capable non-whites, are naturally inclined towards levelling the playing field. The result is a black mob ruled democracy.

  2. It’s a hazard that comes with knowing.

    Knowledge without wisdom is a pox. And wisdom can only come from the Old Ones.

  3. Europeans have a long history of self hatred and debasing themselves over their sinfulness to appease the Almighty.

    Whereas, for example, Shia self-flagellation is positive and a manifestation of the will to power of illiterate peasants.

    I think a history of worldwide conquest, building of slave empires, birthing of the Industrial Revolution, 95% or more of the world’s scientific and technical achievements and endless -and often pointless- wars for both plunder and ideological nonsense put together argue for an excess of hubris rather a desire for humiliation and debasement. There were always a handful of sensitive religious types, but no sign of mass self-hatred until after 1945.

  4. Seems to me there’s was mass self-hatred in the 1861 war, and mass self-hatred in WW1, and whole shitloads of mass self-hatred during WW2. The mass self-hatred amongst whites for their own white race started way before 1945.

  5. Linder never mentions the role of Freemasons. He only talks about the Jewish role. What about the role of Freemasons in bringing this country to ruin? The Freemasons love the Jew bankers to kibble-and-bits.

    Linder is a government agent.

  6. No, Linder is much closer to the truth. Britain subdued non-whites for centuries without feeling the need to be colonized themselves. We had Christianity for 1500 years or so without the sort of tolerance for invasion we see today. The U.S., despite its constant contact with non-whites, managed to remain until 1970 or so the sort of nation that WNs now can only drool about . Leftist power rests on three things: the decadence brought about by wealth (we won’t squeeze a trigger), the totalitarian media, and class warfare (much of it shaped by that media into racial channels). Jews aren’t innocent, and their power doesn’t rest in their numbers, it rests in their money and the bribes they pay our politicians and in their media control. They may not be the ONLY guilty party but their certainly in the top one or two. If the media had your views our laws would be much, much different, and there’s no doubt that Jews dominate our media. They, and the community that supports them has to take responsibility for what they’ve done. You can’t hate them for being born Jews, you can hate them for what they do, and insist that they cease and desist.

    An interesting question from the thread you linked:

    Yeah – where’s the moral guilt our people feel over the incredible injustices visited on innocent Iraqis and Afghans as a direct result of a Mossad deception and jewish WMD lies? There is not an ounce of it. If we have these racial flaws that lead us to feel guilty all the time, it’s sure interesting that they turn on and off 100% in line with the jew finger on the light switch.

    Hard to argue with.

    And let’s remember in all this that “white guilt” and the disastrous policies done in its name didn’t well up from the bottom, the vast majority of whites felt little or no guilt at all until it was hammered into them by the media, schools and at government gunpoint. The “Archie Bunkers” of this country were proud of their culture and its achievements. That had to be beaten out of them with an extraordinary amount of propaganda, money, violence and threats of violence. It came from the elite, from the top down, it was imposed, and Jews are a major part of the elite that committed that crime. In my opinion they were the chief force in turning leftism from a movement primarily interested in economic justice into the racial hate movement it is today.

  7. Everyone here knows that Yankee White guilt was a huge problem long before the Jews became powerful in America. Thaddeus Stevens. Charles Sumner. John Brown. William Lloyd Garrison. Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    Read Lincoln’s speeches about drenching battlefields in Southern blood to atone for the sins of slavery. Yankees were worshipping free negroes like Frederick Douglass before the WBTS.

    Henry David Thoreau protested Indian Removal and the Mexican War. Lincoln also opposed the Mexican War.

  8. “Mercer argues that superior Whites, when surrounded by less capable non-whites, are naturally inclined towards levelling the playing field.”

    Like this?

  9. Britain and France abolished slavery over White guilt.

    In France, the Jacobins in the French Revolution even went so far as to make blacks into citizens with equal rights, and dispatched troops to the Caribbean with guillotines to kill the White planters. Blacks were lionized as the saviors of the colonies and the only true republicans in the West Indies.

  10. I desperately want to remain a Christian, but I see nothing but Universalism and a depreciation of the material world in it. I am surely a rich man compared to the billions over the oceans, and I doubt any camels will fit through a needle so I am fucked.

  11. If every Jew in America vanished tomorrow, there would be a lot less White guilt and our situation would markedly improve, but we would still be left with the self righteous hypocritical Yankee holier-than-thous in Congress.

    Jews control the media isn’t a sufficient explanation: the South opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, only the North and West was for it. Just like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Fag can only get elected in San Francisco or Massachusetts where their own kind are predominant.

    90 percent of Whites in Alabama and Mississippi will vote against Obama in spite of the Jewish dominated MSM which doesn’t have much legitimacy anyway.

  12. Britain and France abolished slavery when they were taken over by Corporation of the City of London (Jewry) and when Jewry through its Grand Orient Lodge unleashed the bloodbath of the Revolution upon France. This was about Liberty, Egalite, Fraternite in France and about $$ in the Commonwealth in the City of London which was backing the Industrial Revolution.

    The scene ‘Silas Flagellating’ is from the movie The Da Vinci Code. This is a Masonic film produced by a Jew studio. It is pornography for sodomites.

  13. Christian civilization ‘worked’ for want of a better term for over a thousand years. This was a civilization of White nations – so, of course, this is targeted for de-bunking.

    It is more productive to oppose what is anti-White.

    Those who are responsible for the destruction of the White civilization of the Christendoms are the enemies of the White race today.

  14. Why are you even bothering to take seriously the idiotic pronouncements of a gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS now claiming as of not-quite two months ago that it is now suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, i.e. Aryan ass-GAIDS?

    Might I remind you again that anyone mentioning your name — you are under Harold Covington and myself and atop John DeNutjob — is going to be banned over on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF?

    What indeed other than whigger guilt would make you take seriously the 666 Order ZOGbux Bionic Ass-Clown that thinks it is an English major and acts anal retentive in order to bring ‘control’ to itz unruly jewly bleeding kike bunghole? You need to create an Alex Linder sock-puppet on your v-bulletin forum and have fun with it over there.

    Frankly, I don’t suffer even a pimple’s worth of whigger guilt for being a racist bigoted maniac that most piss-pul in the bowel Movement wishes was left to rot in the NutHouse giving pointers to the likes of jewrold Lee Loughner or James Holmes. We all need a lot more sociopathology in our lives and a lot less pretending to feel sorry for shit that is all the jews’ and muds’ and gliberal whiggers’ fault and can easily be cured by a couple of claw-hammer whacks to theyz’ pointy little heads.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  15. Cracker says:
    August 11, 2012 at 4:09 am
    Linder has it right.

    I agree.
    In fact that entire thread is filled with gems from him, and a few others.
    Well worth reading right from the start.

  16. I’m not sure where this focus on white guilt comes from in WN. I have only seen this white guilt in one friend and he is a a self flagellating Catholic. The rest of the whites I know that are disloyal, are so because they are arrogant, know-it-alls.

    They think they know better than everyone else and they think nothing can touch us. Heck they don’t even consider there is such a thing as “us”.

    I also have friends that are conservatives and they are 100% loyal to Israel. It doesn’t matter what you tell them about all the crimes they have committed against us, it is Israel or nothing and who cares about whites.

    They are loyal to Israel but are not loyal to their own. This is the kind of mentality we are dealing with.

  17. Hunter

    Jews are a danger. because they are highly intelligent, they are fanatical and they have access to large amounts of money. It doesn’t matter how many Yankees/gentile leftist agree with the jews they don’t have anywhere near the zealotry, intelligence or the funds to keep the leftist juggernaut moving. If the Jews would have left America in 1948 when Israel was established the Civil Rights movement would never have triumphed the few white idiots that would have wanted to destroy white majority America would have been overwhelmed by the common sense of most people in the North and the South. When the Jews leave for Israel the American left will crumble and blow away like a dried up husk.

  18. White Guilt is BS. Disloyalty is the issue. They will say Israel are our best pals, we must ensure their survival. When asked about whites becoming minorities, the same people say, who cares what happens after I am dead?

    White Guilt does not explain that behavior.

  19. Prussiancroat,

    While I agree that Jews promote White guilt through the mass media and universities, I disagree that White guilt would disappear if every Jew in America disappeared tomorrow.

    White guilt has deep roots in Christianity and liberal republican ideology. It goes back to the myth of the noble savage. Look up Uncle Tom’s Cabin. See also The Society of the Friends of the Blacks during the French Revolution.


  20. Mudsharking may also be part of the phenomena. Why invite scorn, allow your genes to be trashed by a negro, give your children low IQ and criminal tendencies, have children ugly than you, piss your parents off, risk getting killed by the dark, etc. ?

    Destructive behavior to one’s self, one’s family, one’s community, one’s country, and one’s race.

    If you came home one day to find your beautiful , blue-eyed daughter in bed with a darkie what would you do:

    1) rejoice that you’re daughter isn’t a racist, and be trilled about sacrificing her and your genes on the MultiCult alter; or

    2) beat the hell out of both of them?


    That’s happened here, and her father and mother went to jail and, to add insult to injury, their mudshark daughter moved in with her darkie boyfriend.

    What does one do with a slut mudshark daughter?

    But there is a sliver lining: ‘I’ve had strangers come up to me in the street and tell me I’m the reason they’re voting BNP.

  21. The root of guilt is a denial of reality. Equalitarianism is anti-nature, but white folk’s desire to expect and subsequently enforce equality necessarily breeds a psychological guilt that can never be assuaged. Whites have been convinced by their religion, their schools, their newspapers and television, and their politicians that equality is a natural standard; therefore, when reality does not cooperate, the offered explanation is that it is the majority’s fault, caused either overtly by open, or hidden racism, sexism, ethnism. And it is not only personal, but “institutional.” The latter requires a destruction of the entire social order.

    Because of all this, and because of the fact that reality can never be modified, and will always be hierarchical, whites who are unable to account for the facts of nature respond with an unfounded, but very real guilt that manifests in their desire to destroy not only themselves, but all that has gone before in the Western world.

    Certainly Jewish influenced sociology, coupled with Marxist political thinking is a prime mover. However before Marx and the sociologists came on the scene, and well before Hollywood and WW II “death camp” memes, a modernist strain slowly developed within white thinking that laid a firm ground for wrongheaded views. Late medieval epistemological nominalism, along with a nascent liberal political philosophy (think Hobbes, along with Rousseau who took it up several notches) subdued traditional political and social understanding. It was, in fine, a culture-wide revolution that completely reoriented Western thinking.

    At this late stage of the game modern thinking is so unnatural, and so far removed from whatever could be the case, that it is a big question as to whether anything traditional can ever be recovered.

  22. There’s guilt then there’s socalled white guilt. Feeling guilty about doing bad things is something that you do is a sign of having a conscience.

    Feeling guilty about exploiting a black is nothing to scratch your conscience with though.

  23. @ Johnthesecond…

    “We had Christianity for 1500 years or so without the sort of tolerance for invasion we see today….”

    Idk—- Christians in reality INVADED Europe. But then, my personal cosmology is somewhat different, seemingly even outside the mainstream of “wn” (which I had never even heard of).

    I had heard, for instance, that the Burning Cross of the KKK was ABSOLUTELY NOT ever conceived as a “cross lighting,” rooted in christianity, but rather the opposite, which makes much more sense.

    The Cross was burned from hilltops in Scotland, so it could be seen from village to village, before telephones, TO WARN of the approaching Christians. Later, it became a more universal symbol of warning of invasion. But first it was a warning against the christians, thus it was their symbol, the cross, that was burned.

    Imo, HW, Pre-christianity, there is not this self-flagellation.

    In my cosmology—- the self-flagellation christianity WON by physical force (throughout europe).

    Protestantism and other groups—EVER SINCE have really been in reaction to that. They are trying TO RESTORE the ‘self power’ that was taken away by that conquest. They move away from it by inches, sometimes. Other times, more consciously and completely (take the “Creativity” movement).

    In my conception, “Christianity” conquered Europe (rather than “unified” it as some argue) for a “universalism” that —as it has increased itself— has more and more required an Erasure of Race— as a PROOF that you are “christian.” (Eg: how congregants adopt non white babies over white ones, even if whites in need are right in front of them—and expect this to show they are “more moral.”)

    The squaring off of Christian Universalism, like the statements of Vatican II versus Heritage (race, history, customs, culture)— is the latest development in Self Denial.

    Survival depends on a way out of that “false dichotomy.”

  24. Easily, the preachers COULD zero in on the term “Sacrifice.”

    Jesus mentioned sacrifice but he obviously DID NOT mean denying your family (immediate or extended kinship) and ceasing to exist. In fact, one of the top commandments is Honor your parents, and by extension your kinship group.

    The notion of “Sacrifice” has been craftily misused by lifting a couple sentences of scripture.

    But after 2000 years, it is also possible that we’ve wound up genetically selecting (especially in europe where they were conquered) for people who could get along in this system of self-flagellation.

    Easily, they could reposition what “Sacrifice” means.

  25. Cultural Marxism has certainly worked its evil but, as others point out, it already had fertile ground to plant its poisonous seeds in.

    Jewish power was held at bay for 1500 years. It wasn’t until the Reformation that it began to emerge. Did not our religious “reformers” let it in? Did not our Enlightenment liberals let it stick around until our present day?

    The problem with “blame the Jews” is that it fails to take into account the role our own people played in bringing Jewish power about. The anti-Semite insists on playing the righteous victim, powerless to do anything about the evil, mystical power of the Jew. No matter how well reasoned and firm opposition to Jewish power is the Jew always wins.

    How is this kind of thinking any different from that of Farrakhan and other blacks who blame all of their problems on da ebile debile white man and disavow any personal responsibility for their sorry lot?

  26. The warrior castes, killed each other long ago. The last hardcore psychos butchered each other in the War of the Roses. that was the last unselfconscious knightly behaviour in Britain. The ECW was a bout of madness and many of the subsequent wars were antiheroic. Guns tend to kill off the noble man at arms in vast quantities.

  27. @…. I desperately want to remain a Christian, but I see nothing but Universalism and a depreciation of the material world in it. I am surely a rich man compared to the billions over the oceans, and I doubt any camels will fit through a needle so I am fucked….”

    No you’re not! Maybe you’re just on the road away from the psycho christianity that never made sense, anyway. There are many ways of seeing Jesus-God’s life outside the mainstream that do not involve participating in your own self denial or genocide, and they aren’t all Christian Identity, either.

  28. What M said is profound:

    “….because of the fact that reality can never be modified, and will always be hierarchical, whites who are unable to account for the facts of nature respond with an unfounded, but very real guilt that manifests in their desire to destroy not only themselves, but all that has gone before in the Western world….”

    The White capacity for highly evolved Symbolic Thinking— allows for them to create and live in a way where Words (their ideological lives, etc.) are in a state of complete dislocation with Reality.

    Due to capacities in Symbolic Thinking—- they can “live in a fantasy” that has little to do with Reality.

  29. Is the white race the only race that beats itself up over racism ?

    Also, my experience after living and working with different races in grad school is that other races don’t care about whites and would love to see us fail and they can hardly wait for that day.

    Muslim guys would like to get with white women preferably blond and blue-eyed (and by default trash their genes) and the same applies with many Asian women – their dream is to get with some blond blue-eyed guy (and by default trash their genes). If you ignore them or slight them they whip out the race card in a heart beat.

  30. My Yankee ancestors were white guilt long before the jews were emancipated or thought of doing any social engineering beyond their guilds and guild monopoly.

    Question is instead of long winded essays, how the heck to we get rid of white guilt?

  31. Outlier says:
    August 11, 2012 at 9:42 am

    “What does one do with a slut mudshark daughter?”

    Deport her to Africa, she is a traitor. Tolerating whites like that, is every bit as dangerous as importing millions of non-whites into your country.

    When whites betray whites, WN leaders make up all sorts of noble reasons for the betrayal. They are behaving like a battered wife, that repeatedly forgives and explains the bad behavior of her abusive cheating husband.

    What we have to do is promote loyalty as the highest virtue and the unforgivable sin is disloyalty and treason.

    We want to build societies where treason is the highest crime and traitors are jailed and deported if they will not stop. The last thing we want is this, “white traitors are noble” garbage. Every traitor says they are loyal to something higher, than the people they betray.

  32. Muslim guys would like to get with white women preferably blond and blue-eyed (and by default trash their genes) and the same applies with many Asian women – their dream is to get with some blond blue-eyed guy (and by default trash their genes)

    That’s just it, they don’t want to trash their genes. A mix of milk and urine is still a mix of milk and urine if you pour in more milk. If anything they see it as improving them.

    Except for the Japanese, who have racial pride as such, and don’t want gaijin in the gene pool, few nonwhites are afraid to mix, for they are mixed.

    White characteristics are almost all recessive. This is not coincidence, it is either evolution, divine design, or if you so believe both.

    A Seal wouldn’t marry the offspring of a Seal and a Heidi Klum-at least not as a trophy wife.

    Mariah Carey wasn’t Nick Cannon’s trophy wife-he was her street cred toyboy. And she probably could have gone a lot higher up the ladder if not for a reputation for craziness.

    Mestizas and mulattas are not much more desirable than pure indigenas and blacks in “the market”. Whites are always the Rare Game Pieces.

    If you are going to sell out, make sure you are in a seller’s market to begin with. That’s why most mudsharks are damaged goods to begin with. My feelings toward them aren’t so much hate as simply considering them not to exist any longer. They are nobodies to me, literal nonpersons. So long as they are permanently classified and regarded as nonwhite henceforth-avoided by decent whites, at least in terms of any serious relations, marital, sexual, business or otherwise-the blacks are pruning the garden in taking them.

  33. Guilt is a human phenomena look into the Greek and Roman pagan religions they had religious guilt and sin as well it was not invented by Christianity or Jews it’s a natural phenomena Human beings know they’ve done wrong things

  34. I usually avoid the anti Jew rhetoric, its silly and goes to close to blood and soil racism which is not my cuppa tea.

    However the liberal guilt the West feels is thing we adapted from Christianity and while we placed our stamp on it, any way you look at Christianity is a Jewish splinter sect . Jesus might have been pale skinned and high caste, maybe something akin to some Ashkenazim, look Sephardic or may have been the only Son of the creator, odds are he looked like every upper class Jew of the time. He was certainly a practicing Jew.

    Thus the core basis of Christianity , His teachings is Jewish teachings. These IMO are toxic to Whites as they embed a core of the neurosis that so many Jews feel and the gnawing guilt that Catholics have.

    Pre Christian. Pagan Whites likely did not have these problems nearly as much. More akin to the Japanese they felt shame for offending their kin and society which served as a solid social control.

    It does not however export well in scale and thus the ambitious like that swine Constantine preferred Christianity which allowed larger polities and states.

    Of course this has been a resounding flop but people never learn anything.

  35. @Matt

    Let us never criticise Jews : Never that.
    Let us never criticise Freemasons : Never that.
    Let us Only and Unto Eternity criticise yankees : Always that, unto Eternity.
    Deo Nullificatore. Amen.

  36. I wish modern White Nationalism would take Stonelifter’s approach to the alleged Jewish holocaust on the thread about Hitler and national socialism.

    He made some valid points about the whole fiasco.

    He neither knows nor does he care what really happened to the Jews during WWII, because the Jews are not and were not his people. Smart man. Why should White Christians GAD about anything that happened to the Jews almost seventy years ago? Did they get upset about the Armenian, Cambodian, or Rwandan genocides? Let’s face it, we don’t GAD about them so why should we GAD about the Jews? White Nationalists should only focus on the sixty or more million White European Christians of Russia, the Ukaine, and others under Jewish Bolshevism’s heel.

    He disapproves of Hitler, because he invaded and made war on his White Christian neighbors. Hitler was NOT a WNIst; he was a Teutonic Supremacist who saw the devastation that Jewish Bolshevism wreaked on Slavic populations and saw an opportunity to grab their land, enslave the native Slavs and colonize their lands with German overlords. No matter how much they demonize Hitler now, Hitler was very beneficial to the creation of Israel and the amazing number of hale and hearty “concentration camp survivors” coming out of the woodwork to claim the latest reparations extorted from another European country or organization convinces me that, for all his Jew-baiting, Hitler was working hand-in-glove with Zionists.

    WWII is NOT relevant to White interests. The vast majority of us today were in no position to elect Hitler or prosecute his agenda against Jews, not being German, not having been born or being too young or politically insignificant to influence European politics at the time.

    To me, “Holocaust Denial” and Holocaust Revisionism only keeps the focus on the Holocaust, making it impossible to move on and pursue our own interests. The best retort to the whole Holocaust Industry should be, “how would we know for sure and why the hell should we care? We’re not Jews! It happened almost seventy years ago! The party’s over! Let’s move on!”

  37. The JQ can be ignored?

    How so, do they not completely set world wide trends thru their media?
    How can one ignore this? Trend setting is extremely influencial to everyday folks.

    Just imagine if a pro-White run media were to ever exist, imagine it being the only game in town. Picture the all-White media outlets doing nothing but feature brown crime and White achievement. Imagine if the media never spoke ill of anything White.

    The world would be a different place, drasticly different. The media is target number one in my opinion. BTW, the media is a jewish institution of gate-keeping information and speading anti-White propoganda, 24/7/365 in your face.

  38. WWII is NOT relevant to White interests.

    That’s ridiculous, the current model for the US is the same as communist Russia. A police state where Whites are dispossed of power in their own nation. Different game plan this time around, same objective and same ruling class, most of them kin the original Bolshevic regime.

    You can go on and on about WN until the cows come home. Until you strike the root, nothing changes.

  39. So long as jews control your currency, so long as jews control your media, so long as jews control your foreign policy, you can not ignore the elephant in the room.

  40. Jews could do nothing to whites, if they didn’t have whites helping them. As long as you guys keep making excuses for traitor whites, things will not improve.

    These whites are traitors. They are not loyal to whites and we have to call them out. Do the math. Jews are 2% of the US population. 2% can’t strong arm 98%, unless they are getting help from traitor whites. Jew obsessives fail at math. All Jews have is money and and army of willing traitors.

  41. All Jews have is money and and army of willing traitors.

    I agree, I am not in anyway obsessed with the jude. Fact is they do have the wealth and the willing traitors. So they are a real problem. As far as their willing traitors, they use their massive wealth and their media to achieve this.

    Break their wealth and most importantly their media control, they no longer have their willing traitors.

    How do you reach the hundreds of millions of zio-Christains? This is just fact, own the media, own the thought process.

  42. Everyday Joe and Jane American follow the news as gospel. It’s not that they are inherantly stupid, they just have not yet been exposed to the real trechary behind the scenes.
    It’s the media that sets these insane trends of inter-racial relationships, wars ect. People emulate what they see on the tube. They believe in it.
    Subversion is a mother fucker!!

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