Paul Ryan Is Marco Rubio


When it comes to immigration policy, there is no difference between Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio:

“Says He Would Have Backed Rubio’s Immigration Plan

Ryan, who voted against the Obama-backed DREAM Act and has opposed amnesty for most illegal immigrants, said he supported — but hadn’t endorsed — the immigration reform efforts of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“I’ve been impressed with Marco Rubio’s leadership on this issue,” he said. “Marco Rubio was on the cusp of introducing the bipartisan solution to immigration problems. President Obama preempted that with what many people think is an unconstitutional move and denied the ability to have a bipartisan solution to these legitimate immigration issues that we have to solve.”

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  1. I’m reminded of mendelian genetics here. These people are breeding their own Customized electorate. It’s further proff that ethnicity and race are central issues in all politics.

    If you want to get biblical it’s no different from Jaboc ripping off Laban by breeding the goats so that they are all speckled. Jacob bred his own flock to fleece. Autolycus did the same thing more or less to Sisyphus. Our own herd is being poached, murdered, eaten right under our fkn noses.

  2. The Irish actually believe they are at one with their Mexican brothers.

    Deep down, they don’t get how their stoked Anti-Angloism is merely used. The mexicans get this, but the Irish don’t seem to. In America, the Irish keep fighting the Queen, and when they fought for the “union” they were fighting, in a sense, for Ireland, (against the Queen).

    The “mexicans” have a whole (never heard) history with the catholic and jesuit world. They speak Latin (spanish) and resent it. This is a real history of their people, and one they carry with them—- BUT they are fed “anti–angloism” constantly (through ‘liberation theology,’ movies blaming only the anglo-south in the u.s. for slavery, although it was not the largest player, through representation of anglos, etc.)

    Note: the “anglo” issue in the u.s. is NOT a jewish issue. “Anglo” is not THEIR word.

    That’s why Freud’s studies on “transference” and “sublimation” were so important for social control, imo. You take the Irishman, mad at the English, then turn them on ethnic english, elsewhere (like America), then marry him up with Mexicans, (since they are both Latin conquests). If the Irishman just stopped and THOUGHT, he would realize it is a totally different situation, and he is only transferring his old grievance onto a new scene.

    You have to give the PTB that much— its an ingenious way of maneuvering masses of people.

    Ryan will now save Ireland by giving us “reconquista” manufactured by liberation theologians.

    His children will ultimately live like dogs because of it, but ethnic “Anglos” (code for protestant) will be put down, and that’s the important thing.

    Then he and Mittens will go see Mittens’s family on their ranch in Paraguay.

  3. Idk, HW— If you think about it, in the end, we sort of get the Carribean Empire you’ve been discussing— except that it is run by a Northeast Empire, (one slowly coming into focus, and that has virtually no real, historical yankees left on board).

  4. Stop babbling. You make no sense at all. You just string together phrases from your unconscious mind that have no connection in the real world.

  5. The Southern idea of a Caribbean Empire was to seize control of what is called the “South Atlantic System” (aka the Golden Circle) as an agricultural counterweight to the Northern system of liberal democracy and industrial capitalism.

  6. “The Irish actually believe they are at one with their Mexican brothers.”

    The only time “the Irish”, who are now totally assimilated into white America and don’t even go to church anymore, are “at one” with their Mexican brothers is when they order enchiladas at Chipotle.

    Get a grip. Only half of them vote Democrat anymore and those are the ones that still have government jobs like cops or fireman or are in the trade unions. The rest vote Republican. I bet Normal White American Scott Brown carries the votes of Americans of Irish descent in Massachusetts again this time just like he did last time.

    Irish-American Mary Cathleen Collins:

  7. It’s the half n half vote split that is the problem. Whites have ideology for now. Pretty soon all that will exist is a broad racial voting bloc … That or dissolution.

  8. There will never be a broad racial voting block. Miseducated whites will always side with the anti-whites, and they will always be at least half the white population.

    Ideology is everything. Blacks, Mexicans and even the Irish will vote conservative if that is how they are taught.

    We desire it to be about ethnicity because we see the impossibility of taking over the idea manufacturing businesses (media, public schools and the private and elite universities), so we hope our mere whiteness will backstop our decline. But it won’t.

  9. There are reasons for that:

    1. Perhaps black voting is a BAD IDEA.

    2. Perhaps we don’t take the time to educate blacks, any more than we take the time to properly educate whites.

    3. History tells us blacks are manageable, as long as whites don’t get infested with BAD IDEAS and feed them to blacks.

  10. Black students are sweet enough, but they are different. They just are. And they will naturally side with other blacks. Nothing can be changed.

  11. That’s ridiculous John. Things have changed drastically over the last 50 years. What do you mean “nothing can be changed?” You act like the modern American black is the only black that has ever existed.

    Besides, when we’re talking about IDEAS, who gave blacks the right to vote?

    Nobody here is talking about making blacks white. We’re talking about not allowing that IDEA infest an entire culture. Blacks are not white, but whites have existed alongside blacks without blacks decimating white culture, in recent history. How? Because BAD IDEAS were not tolerated among whites or blacks.

  12. Landshark,

    you could say that the GOP is already a white ethnic party. The voters in the South are literally whites only. Then you could define the party in the north as class based pseudo-racialist entity. The solid base of the party in the south is effectively racial. The party in the north a racial caste.

    It’s there already.

    In England for example almost all the seats are Conservative. In Scotland, Wales labour has a base that makes it viable. The vote is therefore very ethnic.

  13. Blacks are engaged in an unconscious longterm racial takeover. A hive mind. Certain smart ones among them know what is happening. I do not see how it changes. Obama has failed, yet because he’s black they vote for him. Like Marion Barry or Dinkins they don’t see ideology and furthermore they don’t have any use for it.

  14. Nothing is going to change, obviously. My point is that the entire argument of ethnicity trumping ideology is the enemy’s, not ours. That is the basis of multiculturalism. It’s the fetishization of the obvious to bury a principle. It’s the creed of Western Decline.

  15. The only thing this election shows is how far gone the electoral process is. The federal government, as currently configured, is completely and totally out of the hands of anyone who would purport to represent the interests of the Southern people.

    In the Yankee BRA empire, white Southerners only exist within their states as a tax and janissary farm for the federal government and a vote farm for the GOP. We don’t really have a dog in this fight, as both political parties share the same disdain and contempt for our people.

    The Yankee-negro alliance remains intact, as abundantly exhibited by the contestants in the race to control our destiny. Both parties are united in their desire that our people should cease to exist at some point in the future.

    The particulars of each program for destruction are almost irrelevant at this point. Clearly both favor our eventual displacement through massive non-white immigration. The only real difference between the parties is how aggressively they want to pursue our destruction.

    So what will it be, slowly or quickly? The lesser or greater evil? At some point our people must repudiate this rotten system entirely. We can only hope the coming fiscal catastrophe arrives before the population of incoming savages reaches critical mass.

    Abandoning a vampire government that has the elimination of your people as a primary objective is only sanity made manifest. Necessity will eventually make this outcome unavoidable. At some point in the future, the existence of a free and independent Southland will provide a bulwark against our planned annihilation.

    BRA is doomed. It already reeks of death and decay. The notions of liberal democracy behind BRA represent a decrepit and suicidal ideology becoming more dysfunctional and vicious with each passing day. Will it end us before we can end it?

    Deo Vindice

  16. @Apuleius

    You are certifiably batshit.

    1. The federal government has no obligation to represent the interests of “the Southern people”. You aren’t any different than the rest of us, and we’ve been dealing with federal government’s bullshit policies for a heel of a lot longer than you have. So get over yourself and quit acting like some oppressed minority. You aren’t.

    2. White Southerners vote GOP of their own free will. You don’t like Romney? Then you’re certainly free to vote for Obama or just stay home and pout like a spoiled schoolgirl.

    3. There is no Yankee-negro alliance. Northern whites hate niggers more than your warped little brain could ever comprehend, and nobody up here pays anything thought at all to “the South”. Newsflash: You’re not the center of the fucking universe.

    Good luck with that “free and independent Southland” of the future. You’ll have plenty of nigger slave stock for your economy, considering how many of them are moving back down there. Did you know that 3 houses on my block went vacant just in the past week? Word is, the families squatting in them (all black) were moving to Jackson, MS and Atlanta, GA. Now those abandoned properties are slated to get knocked down. Way it’s looking, Detroit will be far whiter in the future than Dixie.

    Deo Vindice

  17. Rudel,

    Labour is not viable without Scotland and Wales. The ethnic divide is quite real.

    The Labour party quite naturally has an industrial urban base. Ray is where the Trade Unions started.

  18. That is where they started…Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool.

    You can also see that transplanted scots welsh and Irish populated the conurbations too.

  19. 3-1 perhaps 4-1 the Irish in America joined up with the Union v the Confederates.

    This isn’t disporven by anecdotal personas.

  20. If the primary port-of-entry into America had been in the South, the Confederates would have conscripted the Irish and Germans just as the Union had done. All’s fair in love and war.

  21. “That is where they started…Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool.”

    Yes, that was why I posted those maps to add some well needed clarity to your overly simplistic statement.

  22. One of our generals said, the north won because they had more Irish? Let’s never forget our Irish and our Catholics were never the problem

    That I do Lew. It kind of sucks. I am starting to respect some of the yankees here. Hell I’m starting to respect some of the yankees here that I dislike, but they are not, in large part, our friends or allies. I think they could be, especially rural yankees once we are separated politically. We do have some common bonds that we would most likely repair,quickly if the split is peaceful but as things stand now, our interests are to different, and have been since before 1860.

    yankees dislike negros? One what verifiable grounds? I’m not saying the yankees here like negros, but we have a whole lot of ammo to prove yankees in general love the bastards as Hunter has laid out time and time again.

  23. Without Scotland no Labour Prime Minister would have ever been able to form a national government. It’s not simplification just fact.

  24. Chris,

    In St Louis Before the official kickoff the entire Federal force appears to have been been German 1848ers or Irish born. The local born were invariably Confederate. This goes beyond simple port of entry.

    The cycle is repeating with Mexicans today.

  25. @John

    The state of Missouri never seceded from the Union and it remained seated in the US Congress throughout the war. The Confederacy only claimed it based on representation by partisan thugs like William Quantrill, who was every bit the sociopath that John Brown was. So, sorry, despite your current place of residence, you’re not a Southerner after all.

    The majority of Missourans were rightly opposed to slavery, and harbored and supported Kansas Jayhawks when they crossed the border and fought with Bushwhackers.

    I’m not sure what you mean with Mexico. You’ll have to elaborate.

  26. “yankees dislike negros? One what verifiable grounds?”

    That they don’t live in proximity with them. That Brown vs. the Board of Education was declared by judicial fiat not the ballot box. That big city schools in the North remain pretty much racially segregated. That most suburbs are lily white or black but not both. That most whites do not socialize with blacks outside of work.

    The downside to all this so-called racial integration that never really happened except at some workplaces is that you can’t get decent black domestic help anymore if you live up in the North or Northeast.

  27. White people shouldn’t have black domestic help (or any domestic help, unless they need a nurse) anyway. That’s how South Africa’s happen.

  28. “Without Scotland no Labour Prime Minister would have ever been able to form a national government. It’s not simplification just fact.”

    No, you made another one of your blanket generalizations and I corrected it. Without the votes of the industrial cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry etc… no Labour Prime Minister would have ever been able to form a national government.


  29. “White people shouldn’t have black domestic help (or any domestic help, unless they need a nurse) anyway. That’s how South Africa’s happen.”

    Mind your own fukcin’ business. I detest domestic chores like cleaning the toilet and scrubbing floors. We have a Swiss cleaning lady and white and spic gardeners. When I was a kid it was all blacks. And what’s the matter with South Africa anyhow? You got something against house niggers? I loved our cooks when I was a kid. It was all that Southern food they used to make!

  30. @Rudel

    “Mind your own fuckin business.”

    – Fuck you. It’s a public blog. I’ll say any damn thing I want to.

    “I detest domestic chores like cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors.”

    – Then you’re lazier than a nigger and you ought to be ashamed. White men do their own work.

    “We have a Swiss cleaning lady and white and spic gardeners.”

    – Yeah? I have a mop, a lawn mower, and strong will.

    “When I was a kid it was all blacks.”

    – When I was a kid, we were taught to pick up after ourselves.

    “And what’s the matter with South Africa anyhow?

    – Was that supposed to be a joke?

    “You got something against house niggers?”

    – Yeah. Niggers are dangerous and disgusting and they don’t belong in white peoples houses.

    “I loved our cooks when I was a kid.”

    – I love my mother for raising the pack of wild animals that me & my siblings were. And she could cook, too.

    “It was all that Southern food they used to make!”

    – Or, maybe it was all that spit that they used to spew into it.

  31. Look at how yankees vote to create and uphold BRA. That’s where the rubber hits the road and it’s been gone over to near death by Hunter. Hard to refute voting trends

  32. am I lazy because I don’t house work or am I tasking out routine and mundane tasks to free up my time to do more important things like run my farm, mange my business, spend time with my kids?

    any dip-shit can clean a toilet, so I hire someone to do it. I’m the only one I trust to run my life, tend to my affairs and parent my children. That requires time. Any time I spend on something low end like cleaning is time I can’t spend doing something important

    apparently some yankees don’t understand economics or that time is a finite resource

  33. “Look at how yankees vote to create and uphold BRA.”

    Well so do White Southerners. They vote for the same “conservative” Republicans for congress just like a lot of Whites in the North do. And those Republicans both North and South vote along with Boehner and McConnell’s party line on Israel, the budget, 800 foreign military bases, two wars, big subsidies for big business, bank bailouts, and bringing home the bacon in earmarks and socialist welfare policies.

    Those southern republicans will follow the party line even more so if Romney is elected and the House, Senate, and Presidency are all controlled by Republicans. We’ll still get some sort of a Dream Act, some minor twiddling of health care, more fascist police stops by the DHS, more snooping by the NSA, a Middle East war, and the same old, same old welfare state.

    About the only difference is that we probably won’t get more gun control by executive order like we will with Obama if he gets a second term. Frankly I’m not seeing a big difference in voting between the South and Yankeeland at least among Republicans.

  34. The difference is, the folks in the South think the GOP is the way to change/ turn back the clock on BRA. We’re wrong, and more are waking up to that fact ( to slowly to for sure) but voting GOP is our (wrong headed) attempt to correct BRA.

    When yankees vote for BRA, they are voting for BRA. When Southrons vote for the GOP they think they are voting anti BRA.

  35. I’m not saying there is a difference between the GOP and BRA, or any real difference, but the folks down here think there is. For the now

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