Paul Ryan Is Marco Rubio


When it comes to immigration policy, there is no difference between Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio:

“Says He Would Have Backed Rubio’s Immigration Plan

Ryan, who voted against the Obama-backed DREAM Act and has opposed amnesty for most illegal immigrants, said he supported — but hadn’t endorsed — the immigration reform efforts of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“I’ve been impressed with Marco Rubio’s leadership on this issue,” he said. “Marco Rubio was on the cusp of introducing the bipartisan solution to immigration problems. President Obama preempted that with what many people think is an unconstitutional move and denied the ability to have a bipartisan solution to these legitimate immigration issues that we have to solve.”

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  1. The elected governor of Missouri was a Confederate. The locally born were invariably Confederate or sympathetic. The Ruffians in Kansas were also Missourans.

  2. It’s people over 50 that control the GOP that believe it ought to reflect BRA. Mostly they are business people (like Romney) who don’t care about the social issues. They don’ t want to make social waves — bad for business. So they adopt the status quo party line. I can’t say I blame them. They confuse their business plan with our cultural needs. It’s USA, Inc. I don’t see it being any different in the South.

    What we are left with is a cash flow ticket. The social issues are dead on the right. So we’re asked to forsake our cultural birthright for the guy that MIGHT fix the balance sheet. It’s a deal with the devil. Bitch of a choice.

  3. The only state I see doing anything is South Dakota. They consistently attempt to ban abortion and they recently tried to end property taxes. South Dakota also has their own state bank.

    We don’t need to argue about abortion. I see it simply as a way to return the base of power to the people.

    What recent attempts have Southern states made at sovereignty?

  4. how about various states adopting an AZ like immigration bill, Fla purging it’s voter rolls, suing the govt over the health care law. NC is fighting busing and trying to get the feds out of our election process. Va is talking about going after offshore natural gas with or without federal approval to do so which is forcing NC to have the same conversation. Tennessee put up a fight over the mosque…..

    Probably more going on than most folks are aware of including myself

  5. I listened to Marco Rubio on NPR several weeks ago when he was being considered for VP. Of course to NPR Rubio is the example of modern conservatism par excellence. Namely, with “conservatives” like Rubio, who needs libs?
    Of course the discussion centered around his immigration stance. He believes that American immigration should consider only two issues: it’s humanitarian impact and it’s fairness to those already being processed. Never did he consider it’ impact on Native born Americans.
    To hell with Rubio and to hell with Romney.

  6. In a sane country the only consideration for immigration should be whether or not it is good for the Citizens. Same as for everything else. America never considers what is good for the Citizens anymore, but what’s good for the NWO.

  7. @Stonelifter:

    “Am I lazy because I don’t house work or am I tasking out routine and mundane tasks to free up my time to do more important things like run my farm, manage my business, spend time with my kids?

    Any dip-shit can clean a toilet, so I hire someone to do it. I’m the only one I trust to run my life, tend to my affairs and parent my children. That requires time. Any time I spend on something low end like cleaning is time I can’t spend doing something important.

    Apparently some yankees don’t understand economics or that time is a finite resource.”

    One part of economics is looking at the ancillary costs of so-called cheap labor. For example, the reason why American companies love illegal Mestizos is because it cuts the costs of labor. But does it really? They might have to pay an American half as much again what they would pay an illegal Mestizo, but if that Mestizo can get free medical care and welfare to supplement wages that are 2/3rds of a legal American than the costs of labor remain the same, but 1/3rd of the costs of that labor has been deferred to the American taxpaying public. When you factor in prisons and bilingual education than the costs are even higher than simply hiring an American to the public at large.

    If any dipshit can clean a toilet, why not hire a White dipshit to do it? I spent two years in a small town in Maine and you might be surprised to know that White hotel maids make your bed just as well as illegal Mestizas do and White male janitors not only clean a building as well as Negro males do, but they are less likely to rape your daughters. Believe me, I understand economics and I know that colored labor is very competitive with White labor, BUT ….

    One of my nephews (who had finished his auto mechanic certification) promised he would fix my car for free. I told him that I wanted him to charge me (at competitive prices) what he would charge anybody else. When he asked why I turned down his offer, I told him that it made no sense for me to pay a stranger (who might cheat me anyway) than to give my money to my flesh and blood nephews (who I knew would take care of me anyway).

    If you pay some White dipshit to do your menial labor, then chances are that White dipshit and his kin may have some money to pay for your expertise in something. How likely is your colored labor going to pay for your expertise or products when he can go to one of his own folk? Not likely at all. White men have forgotten the basics of RECIPROCITY.

    I can appreciate that you are a devoted father who prefers to hire someone to do the mundane tasks while you spend time on more important things, including bonding with your children, BUT….

    Have you missed the many, many, many articles coming out of South Africa in which the entire White family, including the sweet little White children are raped, tortured, and butchered in horrendous ways, but their house servants – often their own children’s dear, devoted nanny (who provided their murderers with detailed maps to the family’s house and belongings) have survived the horror without so much as a hair on their nappy heads so much as singed?

    I am not a wealthy woman, but until I can afford White domestics, I’m of a mind to make my own bed and my those of my children then see me and mine murdered in them.

    Hope that better explains MY yankee mentality to you.

  8. @Stonelifter:

    “what makes you think the cleaning crew isn’t White?”

    Because I have lived in the South and I have noticed that the domestics and the manual labor workers are always Non-White. I believe it’s a holdover from the slavery tradition and I don’t think most Southerners think twice about it.

    However, if I made the wrong assumption in your case, I offer my apologies.

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