Ron Paul Refuses To Endorse Romney


The Ron Paul crowd isn’t jumping on the Romney-Ryan bandwagon either:

Note: Romney can’t even match McCain’s performance with White voters in the polls much less win over the 5 to 6 percent he needs to replicate Bush 2004. He is also underperforming Bush with blacks and Hispanics.

“TAMPA — Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign gave Texas Rep. Ron Paul a chance to speak at the Republican National Convention, but he declined due to the conditions of the offer, the New York Times reports:

Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined.

“It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

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  1. Dr. Doom says:
    August 27, 2012 at 2:43 am
    “Yes, Jack, because who wants boring when you can have a Vibrant African Dictator?”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yeah, OK – see your point. And I thought about both choices – Black African dictator Obama – who’s Chicago home was two blocks away from my church this morning or….

    Really, really boring White women speaking, testifying in our church about…..


    Absolutely nothing…..

    Going on and on and on and on boring everyone and they wouldn’t stop.

    Torture, pure bloody torture. I’m staying out of Church this whole week… call girl…


  2. Why did the Department of Homeland Security recently purchase 450,000,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition? Hollow point ammunition is a VIOLATION of the Geneva Convention if used in combat!

    The Social Security Administration and the Agriculture Department have also made recent purchases of millions of rounds of ammunition!

    Atty Gen. Holder has ordered the FBI to train New Black Panther Party members in the use of firearms and small arms!

    Is this enough?

  3. “I’d like to see some evidence Obama will do things to harm whites Romney will not also do.”

    You will in a second Obama term. But you won’t like it.

  4. Dr. Doom says:
    August 27, 2012 at 4:42 am
    “Seriously, have you any familiarity with Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe or the New South Africa?”

    Was it not the good ole USA, run by Democraps and Republithugs, that blockaded those countries, until they collapsed and were handed over to the blacks?

    Are you really asking us to endorse one of those two? Why should we endorse candidates who are going to shaft whites anyway?

    If both candidates are standing on the same postage stamp, the only revolutionary act left is to not vote at all.

  5. As for Romney, some are thinking they will be safer with him in charge than Obama.

    As a respectable conservative, wouldn’t Romney do anything to prove he is not a “racist”? How far do you think he would go to prove it? That is what concerns me.

    There are no good choices here.

  6. “Romney isn’t a white-hating, US-hating psychopath”.

    How can you be so sure of that? Just because he’s White?

    “As a respectable conservative, wouldn’t Romney do anything to prove he is not a ‘racist’ ?”

    That’s the trouble with respectables. You can always count on them to act like anti-Whites when to do otherwise would earn them the much dreaded “racist” or naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews label. They would rather betray their fellow Whites than jeopardize their “respectable” status among our worst enemies.

    I agree, no good choices here.

  7. “Atty Gen. Holder has ordered the FBI to train New Black Panther Party members in the use of firearms and small arms!”

    Got a reliable source on this?

    I’ve heard it around the traps, but I haven’t seen a credible source yet. It sounds too crazy to be true, but these days, that’d be evidence that it IS true…

  8. Hey, all you Romney-or-we’re-doomed folks,

    Y’all have to remember that presidents don’t have any say whatsoever in deciding policy. They are salesmen who do what they’re told to do, which means that whatever the agenda is it will intensify regardless of who’s selling it. Yes, a Romney administration will be even more anti-white than Obama’s team. You have to stop looking at the book cover and read the damn thing.

    I can understand the want for symbolism in preferring white to black. I would counter it with the withdrawal feeling I’ve experienced during so-called conservative administrations. And very few people are fooled about that with Romney. But you’re still left with the that’s-the best-we-could-do stomach tumor you’ll have every time you defend yer buddy. And you will at least feign defense of him, based on the arguments you’re making now.

    Consider where people like us, the awakened (?), would be if McCain had succeeded W. Would there be as many of us and would we be as riled up? Not likely. All right, wanna see what kind of fires are lit under the left if Romney is elected?

    Southern fire-eaters believed in worse-is-better and so do I. Their war was lost but their principle was right, it brought secession. Losing one war doesn’t mean you will lose all wars. Our media (and its message) is on the way to overwhelming the antiquated MSM.

    The only real opposition to the Obama-Romney regime was Ron Paul, imperfect though he may be. Romney’s team is on their knees pleading with his supporters as we speak. I mention this because you don’t seem to have received the RNC memo on it. If you really want Romney, be nice to us. Not that it’ll change our minds.

  9. Btw, when I talk about worse being better I’m talking about your perception of conditions rather than actual conditions. A second Obama administration will undoubtedly be worse, in both terms, than the first. A Romney administration will also be worse actually, but will be perceived by you as less hostile than it really is. This is what has made ‘conservatives’ like Nixon and Reagan and Bushes useful to the regime. They’re the ones who’ve held up the curtain for decades. Don’t get fooled again.

  10. @Van:

    “You can’t compare Romney’s late august poll numbers to McCain’s or W’s actual election numbers – still a lot of undecideds. If nothing happens to alter Obama’s approval rating, Romney will get at least 2/3, probably more like 3/4, of the undecideds. This is enough for him to win the popular vote; and when viewed state by state, enough for well over over 300 Electoral College votes. Throw in Romney’s fundraising advantage, and voter excitement advantage affecting turnout, and he’s got this.”

    You also forget how disgusted the electorate – across the spectrum – was disgusted with the Republican Party in 2008. How Bush pushed for the McCAIN-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (or Amnesty Part DUH) that AMERICANS shouted down in 2006. The rank and file conservative Republicans loathed McCain and only Sarah Palin kept McCain’s defeat from being more humiliating than it was. Had he gone with his choice of Joe Lieberman, fuhgedaboudit.

    You also forget The Bradley Effect where a lot of White voters will tell pollsters that they are either undecided OR likely to vote for a Negro and then turn around vote for the White candidate. There is a new wrinkle in this election; most pollsters are being hung up on. The ONLY people who are talking to them say they are voting for Obama.

    You also forget the pressure that is being placed on the public by certain quarters to vote AGAINST Obama. This is an election year and the economic indices should be a whole lot better than they actually are. Gas should be at an all-time low right now, for example. There shouldn’t be this amount of sabre-rattling against Iran by Obama going on. The DREAM Act shouldn’t have happened … YET. The American businesses left in the United States are sitting on their hands. They have billions of dollars to invest in job creation, but they have pretty much made it clear that they will keep them locked up until Obama is gone. In the meantime, those companies that are doing well in spite of themselves are utilizing temp agencies. Most of the people I know are working for temporary agencies, because they can’t find a full-time, permanent job.

    I’d say Romney has a pretty good chance.

  11. Hurrah for Ron Paul, a man of principle to the very end, refusing to endorse Romney-Ryan (unlike his sell-out son, who seems to have gotten nothing for it) — even refusing their reluctant invitation to speak sometime during the Convention: “It wouldn’t be my speech…(but) would undo everything I’ve done over thirty years….” He won’t play their game.

    Many of his delegate votes are being stolen, so much for fair play.

  12. JimBob, Romney-Ryan would NEEEEVER do something like that! Besides, how would Ron Paul’s strict constitutional policies especially benefit the Latin invaders?

  13. Romney sets a bad example for White men; he’s a ball-less liberal. We have way too many of them as is

    I sure do wish White men would have a plan on what do to, how to lead their family which is outcome independent of which fool is in the charge of the White house. No polecat in the oval office is going to turn things around, don’t matter who’s in charge of the congress either. Make your own plans, go your own way. You and your family, and encourage others to do so as you go

  14. Thanks for that link Lew. The GOP, if it goes through with the new rules at the RNC this week (Rinos get control of delegates and rule making), the GOP is done in 4 years anyway. They’ll lose most of the grassroots/tea party folks. Its codification of whats been going on for years and can’t be ignored, even to vote in the “most important election ever!”.

  15. Recently, I read the GOP is talking about making the return to the gold standard part of their party platform. We know they’ll never do it, but you also can bet all your near worthless greenbacks they aren’t really considering it. Does make a nice play for Ron Paul supporters though

  16. In a way, it’s a win-win.

    Romney will just be the reincarnation of Bush. His Latin background will surface. And like everything that’s repeated enough, the (real) GOP will just become more visible. The respectables left will be further cut off, from “real” Americans as they’re acknowledged as merely The Warfare Party and “infrastructure” builder scam party—- ripping stuff up, tearing it down, as a way of life, and cynically calling it “creative and innovative.”

    Obama will do the same. Both groups will just repeat themselves in that weird exhaustive way they do.

  17. JP, they won’t ever lose those grassroots TP folks if Glenn Beck and his cohorts can continue to keep them half-informed, half-blind and marching in line.

  18. Re: returning to the gold standard: That’s not the panacea some think it is. Maybe you have gold hoarded….

  19. That’s actually a weak point of the Ron Paul movement. Weak from the influence of Austrian economics and anti-racialist Objectivism. But he’s strong enough on strict constitutional interpretation, states’ rights, local government rights, separation from foreign influence, ending undeclared unjust wars, foreign aid, alliances and other entanglements, and dismantling “Federal” Reserve, bureaucracy, “entitlements” and other welfare, income tax, etc….that the net effect of his program is (would be) beneficial.

  20. Well said, Mos. Paul was the last serious opponent of the agenda we all know about. His weak points were irrelevant due to the drastic changes he would have introduced.

    We’re now headed into a very soviet era. Commissariat execution squads have been replaced with black mobs we’ve been instructed to adore and welcome.

    Gawd bless America, Chris.

  21. I do have gold but what makes it a winning idea is… no federal reserve bank inflating the money supply and it would be a big hit to govt power. Most of the founding fathers wanted hard money and no national bank for both of those reasons. Soft money fiat currency has always been the tool of the progressive big govt types going back to the nations founding

  22. Mosin, I didn’t mean to imply that I like Romney. I think we’re screwed either way. The Tea Party was supposed to be be the big new grass roots conservative powerhouse and look what we get, liar, flip flopper, warmed over liberal as a nominee. The only thing the GOP is passionate about is making sure millionaires and billionaires don’t have to pay a few more taxes.

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