Why Secession?


As I was telling a friend on Facebook this afternoon, I don’t care anymore.

I don’t believe in America. I don’t believe in liberal democracy or human rights. I don’t believe in wasting any further time on Republican politics.

The Mitt Romney presidential campaign, the Arizona decision, and the fate of Voter ID laws have proven to me that reforming the system is impossible:

“Court rejects Texas redistricting maps

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal court ruled on Tuesday that controversial Texas redistricting maps discriminate against black and Hispanic voters, effectively killing the new districts before they could take effect for the November 6 presidential election.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued the ruling. The state maps, passed by the Republican-dominated Texas legislature, redrew districts in a way that reduced the influence of minority voters, the court ruled.

November’s election will likely use interim maps drawn by a federal court in San Antonio instead….

The fact that a three-judge panel, including two Republican-appointed judges, has found that Texas has intentionally discriminated against minority communities is incredible,” said Luis Vera, attorney for the co-plaintiff United Latin American Citizens.”

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  1. I tell you one thing I’m looking forward to — Mitt’s acceptance speech. This thing is going to be the most epic display of oratorical incompetence ever seen in the Western World. My guess is that it will shock in its total lack of ability to deliver an iota of inspiration. People will be shaking their heads in total disbelief.

  2. Hearing the White folk at work announce their excitement at viewing the GOP Convention made me shake my head in disgust. I hear that the purpose of today’s Convention events is to draw in the maximum amount of Hispanic voters by featuring several prominent Hispanic speakers. Sadly, many good Southern folk genuinely believe that the proposition nation can be saved by electing the Massachusetts liberal.

  3. Why secession!?!?

    Read this load of bullshit:

    She is a first-generation Haitian-American, a Mormon and a small-town Utah mayor. Love, who is black, is also running for Congress in mostly white Utah. If elected, she would be the first black Republican woman ever to serve in Congress.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/28/republican-convention-to-feature-rising-star-mia-love/#ixzz24t1WVmaH


    More fucking progress. It never fucking stops. I hate this country.

    These assholes are so eager to prove they’re not racists. Please let this country burn before I die.

  4. Federal courts, federal law suits, executive orders, regulatory injuctions/regulations, unfunded budget mandates, and a federal reserve that can print money and give it to states as long as they do what they Feds want. It’s all they need to nullify anything Southern/Western states do and control what they do. It’s worth noting, I think, that even with today’s insane form of liberal democracy, the most egregious abuses never seem to involve the legislative process even at the federal level. (Examples: Dream Act voted down in the legislature, then imposed via executive order. Obamacare rejected by 26 states, imposed by Supreme Court).

  5. Hahahahaha Tejas will be a blue state in 2016. Only the under 40 crowd at work are picking up on this and freaking out as a result.

    Our boomer bosses? Still acting like LBJ is in the white house and things rock on like they always did.

    Steal the youth, win the war. What you’re watching is the last gasp of boomer “Americanism”…then the dark night unleashes hell.

    Steal the youth. Ignore the boomers. Hi-Five the old for being right all along.

  6. Let’s not forget another opportunity to grow partition:

    The Ron Paul types no longer have Ron Paul; many of them are not intellectually libertarian but just seeking an alternative to the dog and pony show.

    Many of them are energetic and young.

    Just remind them that liberty can only work in an all white nation, and only in a white nation.

  7. The ridiculously transparent GOP, the stupid party, tries to create its own “Obama.” What a hoot! Even better, she’s not just a magic negro, she’s also female. That will bring in all the Yankee soccer mommys who will forget their jungle fever for Obama. Not likely.

    I guess the whole Michael Steele/Herman Cain/Allen West thing wasn’t enough for the Yankees in the GOP. The party of Lincoln needs more negroes, please. A Haitian Mormon female from Utah. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Meanwhile, in Texas we have the United Latin American Citizens. At least it sounds like they found a new, more fitting name for this ratbag proposition nation.

    Why secession?
    Why the hell not?
    Amurrica is completely FUBAR. It cannot be fixed.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Every year the GOP keeps asking how they can get black people to vote for them and no matter what they do, it never works.

    Keep insulting the white man GOP, your time is running out. 🙂

  9. Hey Fr. John, that dumb white leftist kneeled down in front of a bulldozer, willingly dying in the hope of saving brown people from Jews.

    I don’t care what the Jews of Israel think, or the brown people they are fighting, or Rachel Corrie, who went there of her own volition and died willingly.

    The only part of that story that matters to me is the leftist brainwashing that turns young white women into Rachel Corries.

  10. White women are a suicidal bunch. They can’t even act in unison, even though men hand them everything on a platter.

  11. Secession is illegal. It’s been tried once, and the punishment was horrific.

    If you want to save your ass, you’d better start living in reality.

    If Romney loses, you’ll be living the rest of your life under the Rule of Niggers.

  12. Fire Now, Secession is legal under the current government upon an accepted application to the other States.

    In practical terms, a general strike by a plurality of whites just refusing to hold up America would bring the government down so quick it would make heads spin.

    Integration became law after blacks started raising hell, the majority just want a quiet life, and will yield to the noisiest group.

    Oh and by the way, Romney will lose, and it will be by 3 to 4 %. So I’m done discussing him.

  13. “In practical terms, a general strike by a plurality of whites just refusing to hold up America would bring the government down so quick it would make heads spin”

    A general strike by a plurality of whites is about as likely as majority of blacks deciding to put aside racial spoils strategies and work for the common good of the country.

    It is not going to happen.

    You work to get Romney elected or watch the country go 365 Black for the rest of your miserable life.

    Sorry, you don’t get to wish your way to an ideal future.

  14. Romney cried he was so happy to hear Mormons had gone soft on the race question. He won’t save White people from anything and will in fact keep BRA running along just fine

  15. Fire Now, Romney is still going to lose and the Republican Party is still not going to be salvation. What’s more, the Republican Party is in demographic winter, their diversity strategy won’t work and we are looking at one party rule like the ANC in South Africa. In the off chance that idiot Romney wins, the GOP demographic decline will still not abate. Secession may not politically happen but abjuration of the realm is what we should all be practicing anyway.

  16. Fire Now says:
    August 29, 2012 at 4:05 am

    “Secession is illegal. It’s been tried once, and the punishment was horrific.

    What is legal is just the opinion of unelected judges. Without consent, there is no legitimacy.

    The GOP/Dems want a brown future. They tell us so, at every opportunity. I will give them no help in that. They are anti-white.

  17. I think most people are aware that ZOG has a SHTF event in the pipeline.

    The question is: which candidate is best for ZOG. The votes will be counted in the Rothschild state so they will decide which candidate is best for the Jews.

    Of the two candidates, Mitt is the most abject, vomit inducing shabbos goy. Soetoro, the Manchurian Candidate posing as a Manchurian Candidate, is not smart enough to grovel according to protocol and play the complex role assigned to the POTUS.

    Therefore, I think ZOG will choose Romney to put a White face on the looming SHTF event and to make the Whites more malleable to the script ZOG assigns them (won’t be good – however it plays).

  18. The argument is not that Romney will lose (which may well happen), but rather that he deserves to lose. For such a long time all I’ve heard is, “anyone but Obama.” And now the Republicans have responded with their “anyone.” But in reality he is simply “more of the same” that got us into this mess in the first place. Thinking about it makes me ill.

  19. “But in reality he is simply “more of the same” that got us into this mess in the first place. “

    What you and the others above are saying is that you’d rather eat more rat poison than buck up and take a bite of that shit sandwich that Romney represents.

    I don’t like eating shit, but the alternative is suicide.

    I have children, and I am not ready to consign them to living in Third World America. I know that if Obama is re-elected, that day comes sooner.

  20. FireNow,

    First, re: secession is illegal, so what? Whatever is necessary is necessary. When George Washington and his men crossed the Delaware, they weren’t deterred by the fact that their actions were illegal. Different time, place, circumstances, same principle.
    The issue is legitimacy. This government has far less than George’s.

    As for voting Romney, unless you’re a hedge fund owner or have personal wealth in that bracket, Romney doesn’t give two shits about you and your kids. Romney is a passionate supporter of relegating whites to third world America. Only dupes and fools are supporting him.

  21. “Only dupes and fools are supporting him.”

    Oh how foolish this will sound at the end of Obama’s second term.

    I sincerely hope that is a lesson you don’t have to learn by direct experience.

  22. FN,

    What do you think Obama will do (or not) that Romney will not also do?

    Romney wants policies to funnel what’s left of white middle class wealth to the top. That and the Jewish agenda are *all* he cares about.

    Romney wants to grab the money while there is still some to grab, and without cutting off welfare transfer payments from whites to the bottom.

  23. Lew:

    I disagree with your take on Romney. He is a dupe of the powers that be, but not true believer.

    Yes, Romney will only slow the pace of the project to turn America into a mongrelized shithole. But Obama has the pedal to the floor.

    We are not presented with a choice on direction, only on how fast we will head that way.

    I will make what I think is the rational choice in this situation – slow down to buy more time to change direction.

    We must take what victories we can get, small as though they may be. The future is worth fighting for.

  24. FN,

    That was the argument for Bush as well, and he took us over the edge faster than anyone before, with all our Republican so-called allies screaming “faster! faster!”

    Romney may not be a true believer but what are his true beliefs? We have no idea! NONE.

    People say well he’s a family man. So was Bush, so is Obama, so has been nearly every President we have ever had. That’s a mighty thin soup.

    Obama has actually slowed our decline, because the Republicans can pretend they have a backbone. Romney gets in and it’s bend over, here it comes again.

  25. That’s insane Lew. Really.

    I will do whatever I can to get these Marxists out of power.

    If you cannot see the difference you are not looking.

  26. perhaps Fire Now, you are blinded in some fashion if you cannot see there is no real difference. If we were blind, you’d be able to put together a post with links citing the differences. If you look around here you will see many post here that cite the many similarities

  27. It has always been a question of great import as to how a right-leaning country like America could be run by leftists.

    In reading the comments on this site, I guess the answer has to be there are a lot of dumb people on the right.

    They’ve got you convinced the “right” thing to do, the principled thing to do, is to let them do what they will with the country. I guess you must also go along with ideas like we need to spend our way out of debt, or we need to import more poor people in order to make America richer.

    Pure genius, guys. You’ve got it all figured out. Good luck with that.

  28. @Fire Now

    Don’t waste time attempting to reason with these idiots. They truly, delusionally believe, that a second Obama term will somehow “collapse” the federal government, and in the chaos, the South magically will rise again. I know, I know — and it really would be funny if it wasn’t also so tragic.

    But, these people are basically harmless. Something equivalent perhaps to that subculture who dress up as comic-book characters and gather at convention halls. Half of the regulars on here will vote for some obscure, third-party candidate, a couple will stay home, and ‘Lew’ will vote for Obama. Considering that you couldn’t fill a batting lineup with the number of real-life people who wish to have an independent South, and would re-elect Obama as a strategy to achieve that, I think it’s safe to say that the “worse is better”-clique here will have no effect on the outcome of the November election.

  29. “It has always been a question of great import as to how a right-leaning country like America could be run by leftists.”

    This isn’t really a hard question at all, once you realize that “leftist” is simply yet another sheepskin-covering for You Know Who.

    Here’s the thing:

    There’s a great scene in Renoir’s “Grand Illusion” where a native-born French officer is talking with a French-Jewish officer about things like money and land ownership. The French-Jew says something like, “I sort of can’t believe you French, you actually own so little of your own country! Me, I buy up anything I can, whenever I can.”

    The difference in attitudes is telling, and it is this: the French believe (or at least used to believe as they no longer seem to do, but we’ll let “French” here stand in for “Westerners in general”) that their whole country was in a sense their own, at large, generally speaking; whether or not he owned a few acres here or there of French soil, a Frenchman always felt himself at home en France. So there was no felt feverish need to gobble up property: a man might or might not pursue that goal, as many did, but even if he did not, un homme francais was still toujours en famille, parmi les francais, chez francais. A Jew did not feel that way, in the West never feels that way; within the West, the Westerner is content to let water seek its own level, (falsely) secure in the idea that his home will always be his home whether he passes the bac or not. The Jew, thinking otherwise, plans accordingly.

    The reason America has come to be run by “leftists” (read: YKW) is that most real Americans basically just want to live their lives and raise their families quietly and without a fuss, and their idea of material prosperity is to simply be relatively comfortable and not indigent or needy within their communities: as an old-time writer once said in the colonial period: “Philadelphia! Where a man could work, and worship God in peace.” That was the end goal, and a pretty modest one.

    The Jew (and the Asiatic in general) does not see that as the goal: he seeks to gain power and dominance, and consolidate control, wherever and whenever he can. He is taught from youth that the Outsider is a contemptible hateful animal, who exists only to be exploited by the Chosen. The same thing can be seen in the (Asiatic/Semitic) Muslims, whose canon law expounds that “Allah has only granted property to the kaffir/infidels, so that the Muslims will have something to plunder.”

    Once you get right/left, conservative/liberal dichotomies out of your head and see what the real dynamics are, it’s not such a puzzle why things have shaken out the way they have.

  30. Anybody but Truman!
    Anybody but Stevenson!
    Anybody but Kennedy!
    Anybody nut Johnson!
    Anybody but Humphrey!
    Anybody but McGovern!
    Anybody but Carter!
    Anybody but Mondale!
    Anybody but Dukakis!
    Anybody but Clinton!
    Anybody but Gore!
    Anybody but Kerry!
    Anybody but Obama!

    Hell yeah! Saving us from doom! What a brilliant strategy!

    Makes you wonder how we got into this mess.

  31. Mitt “Israel deserves better” Romney knows which side of the bread is buttered. And that side is not “middle class white” America.

    Those who believe that Mitt “Romneycare” Romney will put a stop to the economic socialization of America, think again.

    Also, Mitt “I never met a homosexual boyscout I couldn’t share a tent with” Romney is not the man to lobby for traditional white values. But I can see his cheerleaders stirring the Kool-Aid as we speak. Hope it goes down nice and slow.

  32. The Romney supporters never seem to talk about the tremendous harm the Neoconservative (meaninng American Zionists) foreign policy has done to the USA. Iraq was an unmitigated disaster, trillions spent, debt, deficit spending, thousands dead, tens of thousands seriously injured, tens of thousands with PTSD. Arab refugees in Europe and North America. US Military stretched, defeated and demoralized.

    Romney has made all of the same promises to all of the same people except it is Iran in the crosshairs this time. How is that better than Obama? I’d love for one of you Romney supporters to answer that question.

    No More Wars for Israel.

    Anybody but Romney/Ryan 2012

  33. Secession is not illegal. There is nothing in the US Constitution that forbids it. The 10th Amendment is the quickest reference to its legality.

    On the other hand, secession from Great Britain was illegal when the American colonies seceded. So what do you legal eagles think of traitorous outlaws like George Washington, as opposed to, say, Jeff Davis?

    You know, American officials in the 1940s presided over the execution of men for remaining loyal and following orders.

    It seems that of the three conflicts only the Confederates acted legally.

  34. Still waiting for Chris, Fire Now, or anyone else here to explain to us the differences between Obama and Romney. All I hear is about Obama.
    I found out today that aRepub congress passed the law requiring ballots in various languages and interpreters at every polling station. Bush the Lesser signed it into law. Thanks again, Repubs.

  35. @Bill Yancey

    Most people in the antebellum South did not want secession. The attack on Ft. Sumter forced the whole of the region into it.

  36. @Wayne

    Romney is a white man. Obama is a nigger. That’s all the difference I personally need.

    And P.S. – Your “free and independent Dixie is NEVER going to happen. But you’re still always free to throw your vote away on Obama. I have interest in stopping you.

  37. I think that the breakup of the Union will occur in stages when the money runs out. This will start to happen soon enough. They will have to drastically reduce the military in order to keep some semblance of Social Security going at least at a dog food for seniors level. There will be local need to keep the rampaging niggers in check plus a drain on the Navy just in order to prevent our neighbors from encroaching on our fishing and offshore oil rights at the 200 mile limit.

    Places like Puerto Rico and Cuba will be susceptible accepting Chinese help in drilling on our waters. Russia will use military force to expand its claims in the Arctic.

    Once the states see that they are getting less back from the government than they pay in taxes there will start to be non-complance with federally mandated programs ie. de facto nullification, as the states will not be able to pay for the federal regulations on bridges, OSHA, education mandates, the whole lot really.

    Will the feds really want to send troops into states just to force them? I think not, there will just be a turning of a federal blind eye to much of it.

    Southern California businesses will engage in massive non-compliance with the tax codes issued by sacramento. (There is currently wide spread tax evasion and a cash economy there now.)

    Private banks backed by gold or other commodities will start to appear to provide for a means of financial transactions for trade.

    Eventually pro-seccesion legislatures will be elected to Congress and an general easing of federal sentiment on state sovereignty will ensue. I imagine the last arguments the federal government will make for its own continuation will be for control of the nuclear arsenal.

    How bumpy and violent this will all be remains to be seen. The USA may very well not go out with a bang but with a whimper.

  38. It’s good that OD draws readers like Fire Now. He’s wrong on Romney, but it shows OD is getting readers that are not fully convinced of the futility of supporting the national GOP. It’s a chance to convince people who are not already convinced. HW isn’t just writing for the choir.

    313Chris likes being contrarian for its own sake.

  39. Yep we disagree with the all knowing all wise Fire Now and 313 Chris so we are dumb and idiots while all you’re voting for the lesser evil has revered what part of BRA? Made things better how?

    Both you ….. make a case for Romney but lay out no details on how he will be different or better for White people, while we’ve laid out many post on why Romney is exactly like obama, but you know name calling is the best way to get people to see your point of view…..

    If you have no interests in stopping us Chris why are you here behaving like a jack ass on every post. You don’t offer anything but random insults and no facts to back up your opinions

    You even misrepresent most anti Romney people. Most of us think it doesn’t matters who is president, because there is no substantial differences and not that obama will speed anything up

    I think that the breakup of the Union will occur in stages when the money runs out. This will start to happen soon enough. Rudel

    I think most of us would agree with you on that one, and I think States/ regions will go their own way over economic issues. They start ignoring regulations 1st, as they search for a way to deal with large scale joblessness and the like

  40. That’s true.

    There was no mass movement for disunion in the Antebellum South. Rhett had tried and failed to lead South Carolina to disunion. He was retired and living on his plantation in Georgia when secession fever swept the state and finally triumphed with Lincoln’s election.

    Nathaniel Beverly Tucker was an extremist when he wrote The Partisan Leader in the 1830s. The book sold poorly too. Yet thirty years later Virginia was fighting for its independence as a member of the Southern Confederacy.

    History itself produced secession.

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