Why Secession?


As I was telling a friend on Facebook this afternoon, I don’t care anymore.

I don’t believe in America. I don’t believe in liberal democracy or human rights. I don’t believe in wasting any further time on Republican politics.

The Mitt Romney presidential campaign, the Arizona decision, and the fate of Voter ID laws have proven to me that reforming the system is impossible:

“Court rejects Texas redistricting maps

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal court ruled on Tuesday that controversial Texas redistricting maps discriminate against black and Hispanic voters, effectively killing the new districts before they could take effect for the November 6 presidential election.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued the ruling. The state maps, passed by the Republican-dominated Texas legislature, redrew districts in a way that reduced the influence of minority voters, the court ruled.

November’s election will likely use interim maps drawn by a federal court in San Antonio instead….

The fact that a three-judge panel, including two Republican-appointed judges, has found that Texas has intentionally discriminated against minority communities is incredible,” said Luis Vera, attorney for the co-plaintiff United Latin American Citizens.”

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  1. The “lesser of two evils” only seems to get more evil over time. The Republicans used to talk about illegal immigration, affirmative action, black crime, welfare, reparations and so forth in the 1990s.

    George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney have moved the Republican Party further and further to the Left.

  2. There are people here who will vote for Mitt Romney out of pure racial tribalism knowing full and well that Romney has ZERO loyalty to their tribe and will do absolutely nothing to reverse our racial decline and is nothing more than a cat’s paw for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and billionaires like Sheldon Adelson.

  3. Obama is a tribalist who explicitly appeals to tribal loyalty. OTOH, Mitt Tonneis running five welfare ads which don’t contain a single black person because he is afraid of being called a “racist.”

  4. Chris, what do you know about the South? I’ve had family in SC, GA & VA since the 17th century and FL since the early 19th. Secession was more popular among Southerns in 1860 than is red state politics today. Waaay more. You don’t see the banner of unpopular things, much less defeated ones, being flown for a century and a half.

    Ft. Sumter was a predictable response to Lincoln’s vacating all US forts in the South except Pickens and Sumter, having promised to do so. Think Pearl Harbor. Provocation has been the policy for US aggression for a very long time.

    Per your remark to someone else, about voting for a man only because he’s white. Your idea of race is exactly what DWLs describe all of us as, people who only look at skin color. There’s much more to it than that. Like character. It’s unfortunate but there are plenty of white men with even less character than an Obama. Romney is a poster boy example. Blacks didn’t invade your hometown against the will of the authorities. It was handed to them by those WHITE authorities. You’ll never get rid of the blacks until that type of white men no longer have authority.

  5. “There are people here who will vote for Mitt Romney…knowing full and well that Romney has ZERO loyalty to their tribe and will do absolutely nothing to reverse our racial decline….”

    Like back in the PRIMARY season, when some people voted for him knowing that full well….

    “The ‘lesser of two evils’ only seems to get more evil over time.”

    Back in primary season: the lesser evil was not so evil then?

  6. This is partially the result of people voting for “anyone else but Ron Paul!” in the primaries.

  7. How do you Mitt supporters explain the unpopularity of your man among almost completely white Republicans, not to mention independents? Ask them. They don’t trust him. In other words, they question his character.

    Look at the people who do support Romney. They’re mostly people who descend from a long line of reactionaries. They react to the Democratic Party having become outright communist. And so it has. But so has the GOP. The GOP only has to put on a white mask, like Mitt Romney, and people like you are completely fooled by it. Because all you see is skin color. There is more.

  8. Ron Paul isn’t my most ideal candidate but he’s the best one to seriously oppose the regime in at least 40 years. In spite of his fear of the racial problem his policies would actually have done an end run around them and at the least either brought them into the open, to a head, or caused people to see them more honestly. His ‘newsletters’ reveal this and that was the basis of his fear.

    Imagine denying the US military to Israel. Hell, YKW would be going berserk. Even patriotards would’ve gotten a clue. If nothing else, this was the reason to vote for Ron Paul.

    In spite of some of the things I wasn’t crazy about with Paul I estimate he would have been better than Goldwater in 64, whose conservatism mainly sprang from his militarism over the ‘cold war’. Wallace might not have retracted had he won. But we know that wouldn’t have been allowed in Chris’s America.

    I think my favorite in my lifetime would’ve been Lester Maddox, who didn’t run for the presidency, but was asked to do so.

  9. “he would have been better than Goldwater in 64, whose conservatism mainly sprang from his militarism over the ‘cold war’.”

    That’s simply not true. Goldwater in ’64 ran on small government and state and individual rights. You are spouting the Democratic Party line from the campaign.

  10. Rudel,

    That’s only if you believe that Republicans were ever small governors. I am persuaded that Ron Paul was more committed to small government than was Barry Goldwater. I campaigned for both of them but the politics of the days were different. Nobody in his right mind would’ve not seen Goldwater as better than LBJ. I do believe, however, that Paul is having more success. Clearly the changing times have a lot to do with it but, on balance, I’ll take Ron. Goldwater may have been sincere but I see more sincerity from Ron Paul.

    If I had a scanner I’d send a picture of my eight year old self with a Goldwater sign. One parent approved, one disapproved.

  11. * family heirloom. Regardless of one’s view on Goldwater or politics it’s pretty damn cool in my never humble opinion

  12. As long as we continue to believe in the lies of those who want to paint the USA as still in existence as a White, Christian, English Nation… that just happens to ‘celebrate diversity’ or who ‘welcomes huddled masses of turd world detritus’ a la Emma Jew Lazarus, we are doomed. Just a case in point.

    Kirk Cameron is the ‘star’ of those atrocious ‘Left Behind’ movies. At first, I was willing to give him some ‘cojones’ for being a conservative, ‘christian’ actor in Leftist liberal Hollywood- kind of like a younger Mel Gibson.

    Until today.

    When I came across this ad, while reading through my emails, and started watching it. At 2:04, I saw his ‘family’ at prayer.


    He’s no better than Chaz Bono, Cameron Diaz, or BONO. He’s a multiculti bastard, using the Christian’s race/culture/name, while worshiping in a cult, and (to quote scripture) ‘denying the power thereof.’

    Truly, only as we see that ORION (Our Race IS Our Nation) and return to the covenantal WHITES ONLY Christianity of our European ancestors, can we stem the tide of the Antichrist Religion of Multiculturalism. Xenos, RAUS.

  13. For those of you worried about the possibilty of people ‘not liking you’ because you advocate the potential for taking up arms, and killing your ideological enemies,

    Don’t think THEY aren’t thinking the same thing!


    Not that Mittens is on OUR side. But there you are. Time to re-think, WHITE MAN.

    Meanwhile, the old-fashioned Whites still think they can grab the slippery pig known as Jew Alinsky Communism… not who’s #3 on the list, and who’s #5. Think there is some character assasination going on by the left? Nah…. then again….


  14. “That’s only if you believe that Republicans were ever small governors.”

    Actually I wan’t objecting to your statement that Ron Paul is more committed to small government than Goldwater, only that his small government conservatism did not spring from his militarism. I should have only quoted the second half of your sentence.

    This also reminds me of the old joke:

    “They said that if I voted for Goldwater that we would end up getting into a war in Vietnam.
    Well I did, and we did.”

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