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  1. They say that Negro slaves had a large hand in building it so it’s only fitting that their descendants will have a major role in its destruction.

  2. I had some gun nut company yesterday and today. Between the two of them, they blew through 4400 rounds of .223.

    It occurred to me after they left this evening that those 4400 rounds, properly used on carefully selected media, political and power broker targets, could have rolled us back to 1960. We would still have to clean up the mess that has accumulated since that glorious year, but removal of 4400 of the right people would remove any and all opposition to the clean up.

    I think we are never very far from the solution. It’s just a matter of waiting for our dysfunctional society to inadvertently nurturing the 4400 deliverymen.

  3. Hunter, that picture brought a smile to my face. The act of creating that picture will bring an even bigger smile.

  4. To clarify, as the hordes of blacks create that picture….

    The black undertow…. America’s premiere demolition source.

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