GOP Platform “Tough” on Immigration


The GOP platform on immigration contains some “tough” language … the language that John McCain ran on in 2008, which didn’t succeed in getting that many suckers to vote for him.

Note: The deal here is that we get a tough” platform that is substantially meaningless while the neocons grab real control of our foreign policy and WSJ types determine our immigration policy.

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  1. “if every White man sat out the election… folks would notice. someone would wake up next time around and go after our votes”

    EVERY WHITE MALE will abstain from voting? How will that be arranged? The practical approach is to do our duty as men, be the “political creatures” we are by nature, and become involved again (IF there is another election cycle) but this time don’t give any funds or aid to the Neocons, and don’t follow their ridiculous directions and programs.

  2. Good idea. Don’t vote for liberals, except that everyone does even in the South. When those “conservative” Republican congressmen get up to DC they follow the leadership for the most part in order to bring home the bacon (and get funded for their next election.)

  3. “everyone does even in the South”: Yes, and even more so there: They were the biggest supporters of Romney and the other Neocons.

  4. “They were the biggest supporters of Romney and the other Neocons.”

    Indeed, Lindsey Graham comes immediately to mind. It’s way too late for reform. The time for action is when the debt bomb hits and that will be soon enough. Workforce participation rates are at lows not seen since the 1930’s and it’s going to get worse as municipal, state, and finally federal bankruptcies and defaults start to snowball.

  5. Condi Rice was a dutiful Stefen Fetchit-ess for Israel. Throughout 2002 she traveled the world telling everyone the US had Saddam contained in a box without WMDS, an
    whom all his neighbors agreed was not a threat.
    When word came down from Doug Feith and Wolfowitz and Richard Perle that
    the time was opportune to destroy another enemy of Israel, Rice switched in 2003
    to claiming Saddam had abundant WMDs and was a threat to the whole region.

  6. “It’s way too late for reform.” That is likely so, but I’m not advocating reform but complete restoration.

  7. “I’m not advocating reform but complete restoration.”

    Then you are a foolish reactionary. (Please don’t take that as an insult, I am a Jacobite at heart.) The situation is much graver than you think and the resulting final outcome, however beneficent it may turn out to be, will look nothing like the past.

  8. Not voting for Romney is really the first step we all take towards honest rebuilding. It is finally recognizing the facts for what they are and putting your destiny in your own hands. It is a frightening thing to do. I don’t blame anyone for not having the stones to do it. Still not sure I do.

  9. I’m right there with you, Landshark. It is time to end this, whatever the cost may be.
    Shrinking violets, go hide. Your pusillanimous scare tactics are neither wanted nor needed. The situation for whites will never improve while BRA continues to exist.

    As far as the election goes, the math is really simple:

    Don’t bother voting=abstain from BRA.

    The first two are clearly not “patriotic” toward whites; only the last two are. Why should any white participate in voting for his demise by voting for either of the two major political parties?

    Their continued existence of these two completely corrupt political parties ensures that BRA will remain beyond reform. Both parties are vested in the BRA status quo. Both parties are the truest enemies of white men. They and BRA must go.

    Abjure the realm.

    Deo Vindice

  10. I usually vote third party no matter how ridiculous fractional percentage points of the total that third party candidates are. When you abstain they can claim you are just lazy and/or apathetic. When you vote third party at least they know you hate them or are a dangerous nutcase (or both!) They also don’t like the sheer disobedience of it. The Democrats in Oregon still go absolutely batshit over Ralph Nader getting 4% of the vote there in 2000 and blame his loss of the entire election on Democrat “traitors for Nader” in Florida.

  11. Go ahead! Vote third party or don’t vote at all. That’ll show them – HOW STUPID WHITES ARE!

    A Genocidal Anti-White Idi Amin / Robert Mugabe President is re-elected with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE!

    You think the first four years were bad? That Kenyan Turd was worried about re-election when he did all that CRAP! Second Term and he is a Lame Duck. Never has to worry about polls or popularity again!

    Who’s going to STOP him? Confederate wanna-bes with deer rifles and moonshine? The Real Confederates tried secession and were destroyed by superior technology and a War of Attrition.

    How many Southern Rednecks will have the balls to fight the US Military when they deploy with tanks and armored vehicles to round you up? A bunch of poorly armed and untrained couch potatoes with beer bellies is going to be a Poor Match for the World’s Best Armed and Best Trained Military!

    Hopefully, a GOP Congress will Impeach him for sending troops into the streets. Yeah, Sure They Will. Because he hasn’t done anything worth Impeaching him already?

    I don’t like RINO Romney. I have no respect for him. He’s a Jew tool. However, I can’t see that well-heeled metrosexual gentleman sending the US Army to disarm Whites on the Day the EBT card STOPS working.

    The other guy infesting the WHITE House, on the other hand, has been itching to declare Martial Law! The D-Party Degenerates have slowly been putting up the framework for a Complete Communist Takeover for the past Century.

    Pray tell? Why do they always refer to this NIGGER as the Chosen One? What was he CHOSEN TO DO?

  12. Dr. Doom clearly thinks that white Southerners are subpar compared to Iraqis and Afghanis. Dr. Doom needs to understand that if anti-Southern whites like he ever raise a hand against white Southerners, he will draw back a nub.

    Victory for the malignant glorious Union is now past. Your proposition nation is on its last legs, regardless of the outcome of this pointless election.

    Perhaps shrinking violets should reconsider their presence here and begin sucking up to their almighty negro overlords. If they are so fully convinced of negro invincibility, that is. The quisling route is a natural road to travel for the likes of them.

    Washington is full of quislings these days. Dr. Doom would be right at home.

    Deo Vindice

  13. “The Whites can STILL vote for a White candidate and WIN!”

    Win what? A Dream Act with even weaker provisions for employer sanctions than the Democrats would pass? Rudel

    Ha, Is that funny because it’s true?

    Of course it won’t be arranged Mosin, but it would send a clearer single then voting for romney and hoping you can apply pressure on him to act the way you want him to. We already know that mission will fail from past politicians behavior. It’s time to try new things. Some of those new things will fail spectacularly some will work. Such is life. You advocate nothing but the same failed operations of the past

    Where does this notion it is our duty to vote for someone come from? You keep mentioning it, yet you won’t tell me where it’s written. Besides voting for romney is still evil triumphing

    Mosin, no nation has ever restored their old ways expect Japan and they had an emperor, no elections and split a lot of blood doing it. They also had the advantage on being one race and no woman’s suffrage. What you want will not happen in our life times and if I understand the John Glubb’s Fate of Empires correctly, doesn’t happen until the nation collapses and reemerges in a new format. The notion we will do somethings and it will be 1802 again is ridiculous with only one historical example of occurrence. The more realistic approach is to perverse what you can as life goes forward

    The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.

    –G. K. Chesterton

  14. RINO Romney sending the Union Army to Iran is perfect. It takes them far away from America when it collapses, and aids in the collapse by adding Trillions in Deficits and Debts.

    Do you think the Jumping Jews of Jerusalem CARE if niggers starve in America? PLEASE!

    There is not enough money for Both a massive Military Adventure and a generous welfare state. Killing two birds with one stone.

    I for one, do not give a Rat’s Ass about the GOP or Iran. The GOP is dead and buried after 2012, and if the Ayatollah dies – so what?

    Let them try to secure Isn’treal. Still another BILLION mooslims that want to kill them left afterwards!

    However, it puts the Union Army out of play for Civil War II.

  15. Until people figure out that Illegal’s are in the USA because of Globalism issues – NOTHING will get fixed!

    It is one part of a direct attack on middle class.

    In order to get corporation’s to make more money they need to accomplish a few things ( They are trying to corner the liberal playbook):

    1- They need cheaper labor (BAM! – there go the manufacturing jobs to China. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other third world countries of suppressed citizen’s)

    2- They need to allow a cheaper workforce (ILLEGALS into the USA to MAKE middle class earn less.
    3- They need OUR middle class to be reduced economically so we can not capitalize on the saves from the cheaper products.

    IF MIDDLE CLASS has more money – we can start more business which competes with their global blood sucking.

    This is why …
    OUR politicians are over seas campaigning for the job of President of the United States.
    Corporate welfare(aka subsidies) is in effect as a means of distributing funds taken from middle class tax payers.

    A FACT: A company here in NC used to hire welders (20 years ago) at a starting wage of $17.00 an hour.
    This year they started new ones out at $10.00 an hour – about 1/2 of which have already gotten laid off by August …
    since the Obama stimulus to get the economy going by building infrastructure ( like Federal buildings, courthouses, jails, roads, and bridges) has run it’s job growth course.

    It’s easy for them to pawn the blame on others when you are just a worker and not an employer who knows their game.

  16. Go ahead! Vote third party or don’t vote at all. That’ll show them – HOW STUPID WHITES ARE!

    They’re stupid for supporting either of two parties who are, for all practical purposes, engineering their genocide. We are not interested in this useless cul-de-sac of partisanship and sham democracy. Both parties belong on the ash heap of history as far as we are concerned.

  17. Most urban areas are going to turn into freefire zones if Romney wins a close contested election. The blacks will rampage for a day and then they would bet crushed. This is the best outcome for partition/seccession.

  18. @ Until people figure out that Illegal’s are in the USA because of Globalism issues – NOTHING will get fixed!

    It is one part of a direct attack on middle class…

    They need cheaper labor (BAM! – there go the manufacturing jobs to China. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other third world countries of suppressed citizen’s)….”

    This whole “Cheap Labour” repeater/ meme is a DEAD END, imo.

    It’s what THEY SAY, it’s how they SELL it to the public, it’s what the neo-con type will BUY INTO as an argument (which is why they sell it that way). The whole YANKEE idiot idea that “cheaper is good” and business is about UNDERSELLING your opponent.

    It’s just stupid Factory-Think. (And the military-industrialized base eats it up, having been born and bred on “Cheap” and “Underselling the competition.”

    To any Southerner— the whole thing sounds Stupid.

    Just because Anti-Whites are SELLING non-whites to you by saying they are cheap, DOES NOT make that their true motivation.

    They are Anti-White. Period.

    If the argument that non-white immigrants are “necessary b/c they are cheap” DID NOT WORK ON YOU, they would use another argument to get them here.

    They want a non-white country in America.

    They COULD import all whites. But they don’t. So, they are MOTIVATED by the color of the people. Period.

    (Although, a faction that gets them here is truly motivated by the Catholic Lobby, but that’s another story).

  19. That was too much writing to get to the following response, which can be used when people de-rail the conversation by making non-white immigration seem to be about labor costs (and therefore not about genocide):

    Just because Anti-Whites are SELLING non-whites to YOU by saying they are cheap, DOES NOT make that the true motivation behind “immigration”.

    They are Anti-White. That is their motive.

    They COULD have imported all whites, but they did not. They easily COULD have used “programs” money and military money to Incentivize White Birth for cheap labor, but they did not.

    They are Anti-White. Globalism is just their excuse.

  20. John says:
    August 31, 2012 at 9:22 pm
    Most urban areas are going to turn into freefire zones if Romney wins a close contested election…..”

    His winning by 1 point or so would be the best outcome on many fronts.

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