Tales From Detroit: Police Too Busy To Arrest Murderers


Shifting back to North America, we find a little slice of Haiti or Jamaica in what used to be one of America’s largest cities:

“DETROIT — A man suspected of fatally shooting two men and seriously wounding two others had to turn himself in twice before Detroit police would arrest him, authorities said.

Detroit police said the 36-year-old man got into an argument at a party on Saturday, retrieved a gun and opened fire. Four people were shot, and two died. The man turned himself in at a fire station about two hours later, and fire officials called police, but no officers turned up.

Police said in a statement that “due to area patrol units being busy handling high priority runs, no units were dispatched to the location.”

The man eventually went to a police station, where he was arrested.”

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  1. 313 “I Am Legend” Chris.

    They’ll get you eventually. I’m not trashing American history, I’m pointing out that you are trashing it by feeding in false information about it. I don’t actually have much of a problem with any aspects of American history except cases like Lincoln. Washington and the gang were fine by me. There’s nothing they did that I probably wouldn’t have supported at the time. Andrew Jackson, good chap.

    Lincoln though? He was tyrannical! The modern veneration for him is foul.

  2. Here’s another one. Raising an army by executive order and provoking more wavering states into rebellion/seccession:

    “He called for 75,000 troops to suppress the Southern rebellion. Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee then seceded, refusing to fight their fellow Southerners and claiming Lincoln had overreached his authority because Congress was not in session and therefore could not authorize a war.”

    the man was hell bent on butchering Southerners.

  3. @John

    No, they haven’t in 35 years so far, and they won’t ever. Worry all the running amok in your own country.

    Lincoln had the undesirable responsibility of having to 1.) confront a senseless rebellion that wasn’t even entirely supported by the people in who’s name it was being waged, 2.) preserve the geographic and political integrity of what was a young, vulnerable nation in a world full of predators, and 3.) put an end to the obsolete, divisive, biological time-bomb that was nigger slavery. Lincoln wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but he did what was necessary to save his homeland from ruin.

  4. @John

    King George III butchered plenty of American colonists during the Revolutionary War, so get off your high horse.

  5. Lincoln raised southern towns, burned them out. Lincoln freed niggers, Chris.
    Lincoln is the reason Detroit is a mini-Somalia.
    I don’t know why you think the south shouldn’t be their own nation.
    I am a northerner myself and I see no reason to knock them. If they can pull it off, to succeed in breaking off, that is a good thing.
    I am not loyal in any way to this so called nation.
    I hope it all falls apart. Scrap it.

  6. Chris, what about this nation is worth salvaging?
    Think foward, this nation is a train wreck waiting to crash. Nothing is going to stop the inevitable. There is no way to piece it back together.
    We can place blame all we want, it solves nothing.
    Hasten the inevitable, rip off the band aid, let it bleed.
    Slow death or a cure?
    And who cares if southerers want their own nation? I would love to see it. It would weaken the myth of the FED control.

  7. The South has a far stronger sense of regional identity and autonomy because it has been an independent nation, remains ethnically and culturally distinct from Amurrica, and has a different history and political aspirations from the rest of the country.

  8. As we saw with Matt Parrott, Midwesterners have no identity aside from Amurrican patriotism to fall back on. Untold numbers of them will fight to “preserve the Union” because their culture is weaker and they are more psychologically attached to Americanism.

  9. Lincoln and Grant enacted the Black Republican social agenda: destroying slavery, black citizenship, civil rights and integration.

    The South seceded in a desperate attempt to escape from the North’s suicidal racial ideas. Unfortunately, we lost and history has come full circle and we are faced with the same choice, submission or secession.

  10. While we are talking about Detroit, it was Gov. George Romney who welcomed MLK to Detroit and who led a civil rights march in Michigan to show his solidarity with the Black Undertow in Selma, and it was also Romney who presided over the 1967 black insurrection in the D.

  11. Anyways, Chris. I have no need for a flame war with you. From what I gather from your posts we are both the same age and from similiar areas. I am from the NE, you are not far from where I grew up.
    However, you are extremely nieve in terms of reality. I get the impression you still consider this nation as your own, you think you have the moral obligation to defend it.
    We have a nigger in the White house now, we have open borders. This is your government in action, Chris.
    There is no way to vote our way out of this, the hand is firmly wrapped our collective necks.
    To defend this nation is absolute insanity. Wake up, Chris!!
    The nation you defend hates you fucking guts, they want you gone and they will have thier way if it stays intact.

  12. 313missed writes:
    “A little overrated as a statesman, though.

    As a Virginian and father of his country The United states of America, George Washington is rightfully and widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest statesman as part and parcel of being one of the most successful rebel generals of all time.

  13. 666Chris says:

    Actually the South attacked the North first. And the first niggers to ever set foot in America came through Virginia. But believe whatever you like.

    That’s like claiming Germany started WW2 when they invaded Poland (to take back East Prussia) , when we all know it was the impossible terms-and-conditions of the Treaty of Versailles (i.e. the loss of East Prussia) and to protect Germans in East Prussia were being attacked.

    It the same situation with the Northern War of Aggression: set up the other side with intransigence to provoke a minor revolt to set up a false pretense for counter-attack that’s completely disproportional.

    Are you pro-nigger, Chris?

    Are you anti-South ?

    Are you an Antifa troll ?

    It sure seems so.

  14. I think Chris is a not so secret admirer of Lincoln, in denial about the consequences of Lincolnism and blames Southern folks for the consequences instead.

    I’ll bet he’s the product of a rigorous Yankee education which he’s internalized completely.

    I wouldn’t be taken in by the obvious anti-negro sentiments. It’s just a distraction.

  15. Agreed with that Rudel. Washington was a poor officer, but he was a really amazing statesman. He needed a guiding hand with generalship. He had the best French officers of the day to make up for his deficiency. BUT he was a truly great politician.

  16. In this case his political acumen provided him with victory. He was also one of Napoleon’s lucky generals I think.

  17. Although Rudel is going to get pissed off with my military assessment of Washington. He kept his army in being which is all he really needed to do until international support came in.

    He appears to have taken a backseat with the Yorktown master stroke that the French cooked up by combining naval and land forces.

  18. We can compare how Madison, who knew somethings about the Constitution, reacted to Connecticut debating secession and how lincoln reacted to Maryland and the South. And when northern states nullified one of Jefferson law’s, Jefferson didn’t call out the troops and force those northern states to comply. Jefferson and Madison vs lincoln. Who do you think had the better understanding of State sovereignty and the Constitution, Chris?

    lincoln could have held the union together by working to end the Morrill Tariff, and he could have kept the upper South in the union by not calling out the militia to wage war on Southron White folk

    Ft Pickens was hardly in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. It was designed/ placed to protect Pensacola Fla. It couldn’t do such a thing in the midle of the gulf now could it? See you build forts to protect things, like ports, or to act as replenishment stations, not at random spots in the middle of no where. Have you been “correct” once on any fact you’ve offered? Not correct in your addled mind but with some sort of source to back up your claims?


    Hunter, is Chris your pet damnyankee? He is a “man” who celebrates the death of Southron White men and you seem to give him a pass on all his bullshit.

    I think y’all miss understand how Washington was a great officer. Washington’s greatness was keeping the army in the field. Not as glamorous as some generals but I’m not sure the other greats would have pulled that trick off either

  19. @Northwest Front Rudel

    Washington’s popularity was tarnished by his supporting of the Jay Treaty. And he did have many critics, not the least of whom was Benjamin Bache. Moron.

    How did the first annual Northwest Volunteer Army picnic go? Did you guys succeed in driving “ZOG” out of Seattle?

  20. @John

    I have “the brains of a SA bushman”, huh? Well you have the constitution of a worm.

    You don’t have the balls to stand and fight for your own rapidly-Afro-Islamifying country? Fine enough, then. But you come and live in my country, which could just have easily denied you entry, let alone residence, and then have the nerve to turn around and advocate that your place of refuge be butchered up and reformed into some ghastly version of a failed state, which even the most pro-Southern historians will concede was a tragic mistake.

    Your no better than a fucking Jew.

  21. @Stonelifter

    Are you illiterate in addition to being a steroid-addicted pervert? When did I say Ft Pickens was in the “middle” of the Gulf of Mexico? I said it sat on Santa Rosa Island, which does happen to sit in the Gulf, idiot, and was NOT “sovereign Florida soil” like you claimed.

    What is this hysterical bullshit that I “celebrate the death of Southron white men”?? I stand up for my country and my people when I feel they are being portrayed unfairly. No different than what you or Apu or Nancey do. It’s called discourse, you big woman. So take your theatrics and shove ’em. And if Hunter doesn’t want me to post here, then he can let me know and I’ll stop voluntarily.

  22. “Agreed with that Rudel. Washington was a poor officer, but he was a really amazing statesman. He needed a guiding hand with generalship. He had the best French officers of the day to make up for his deficiency. BUT he was a truly great politician.”

    I must take some issue with your assessment. As Stonelifter stated, while managing to keep his rag-tag and under supplied Army in the field he was also dealing with both a fractious Continental Congress and British forces superior in both numbers and guns who while chasing him hither and yon were never able to actually crush him.

    Despite reverses in the field he was always able to regroup and continue to harass the enemy, and while he had able officers under him, he personally was responsible for the plan and tactics involved in crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776 surprising and defeating the Hessians at Trenton and British forces at Princeton soon after, sending them scurrying back to New York City.

    His resignation as general in 1883 and return to his Virginia plantation shows a nobility of spirit, widely remarked upon at the time and down through history since, as equal to that of Cincinnatus.

  23. “He appears to have taken a backseat with the Yorktown master stroke that the French cooked up by combining naval and land forces.”

    In addition to having the wisdom to accede to Rochambeau’s superior strategic plan Washington had enough sense to have previously sent down General and Quartermaster Nathanael Greene who brilliantly co-ordinated the efforts of the famous indigenous militias and guerrillas with regular forces under Daniel Morgan to remove the British from the Carolinas defeating Tarleton and and wearing down Cornwallis’s army to a point where they were too weak to resist the combined forces of Washington, Rochambeau, and Admiral deGrasse at Yorktown.

  24. 313Chris has devolved into a full-on troll. The idea that the South started the war is so fuckin stupid it’s not worth answering.

  25. The interior of America was far too big for an Amphibious army like Britain’s.

    I’d have offered Washington a dukedom in Cumbria or something like that to pay him off much earlier.


  26. @John

    “The black population of the UK stands at 2-3%.”

    Then why are you squatting in my country and insisting that it’s “finished” and needs to be “partitioned”? If Anerica is such a wreck and Britain is so white, then what are you even doing here?

  27. 313Chris,

    You seem to like being contrarian for the hell of it. On this topic, I see little difference between you and Stone/Aup. Different sides, same outlook.

  28. “I’d have offered Washington a dukedom in Cumbria or something like that to pay him off much earlier.”

    Well it would have had to have been prior parliament’s passage of the Stamp Act in 1765 and all of the subsequent tax Acts which were an outrage and set him firmly on a course towards Independence.

  29. Washington was given large land grants in Ohio as payment for services to the crown. This was back when Ohio territory was still part of Va. Anyrate, the crown then made Ohio off limits, making his land worthless. That’s a double screwing and I’m sure helped push Washington towards secession from the the crown. Somewhere on the web you can read one of his early letters, he was in favor of separating earlier then most. I’m not sure he could have been bought off

  30. I don’t think the UK is in terminal trouble. Just the usual trouble.

    What is your problem Chris? Don’t you see that Obama has this sewn up? The press are in his pocket or vice versa. Romney’s funding won’t be a enough of a bribe this time. The media gatekeepers are just shaking whitey down and pissing on the money men.

  31. “The interior of America was far too big for an Amphibious army like Britain’s.”

    Nonsense. The British Army often fought far from the sea. They captured Montreal and Detroit, won the battle of Dettingen in Bavaria during the War of Spanish Succession, and traveled far and wide on the Indian sub-continent at great distances from water. Wellington’s Peninsular Campaign also consisted of many battles far from the sea.

  32. Only when they had the logistic support of the locals. John Keegan, a better historian than either of us suggested that the Army was an amphibious extention of the Royal Navy. It’s someplace in his “Face of Battle” tome.

  33. I’m am no particular fan of John Keegan nor his disparagement of Clausewitz without even citing his works, his support of the air attacks in Bosnia, nor his enthusiastic support for the Vietnam War, which are just a few among many other of his misconceptions.

    A second rate historian at best.

  34. Fair enough. He knows the British army quite well though. Face Of Battle is a very good book. The British army has always had operational problems when it is over 100 miles from a coast. Unless there is a navigable river to resupply.

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