Section 8 Tenants Renting Homes In Gated Communities


BRA is a joke.

Lately, I have been even more disgusted with the United States than usual, and sometimes there are days when I wish I could just hop on a plane and leave this circus behind.

“Here’s an odd side effect of South Florida’s foreclosure crisis: Some immense homes with pools and three-car garages in gated communities are being rented out to unlikely tenants — poor people paying with Section 8 aid.

Among the properties are homes with up to 4,500 square feet of space in private communities with guardhouses and regal names such as “Monarch Lakes” and “Bellagio at Vizcaya.”

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  1. If you look at the maps blacks are clearly losing ground in rural areas of the south. Ergo, internal migration is depleting them. A slum isn’t as problematic as niggers holding title to land or enmeshed in a farm lease. I’d herd them all into cities and redirect rivers onto same, if I had my druthers.

    To clarify, internal migration is depopulating the Negro in the rural south.

  2. “To clarify, internal migration is depopulating the Negro in the rural south.”

    That’s why Northern cities aren’t as bad as the Johnny Rebs on here would like everyone to believe. That’s why this Section 8 shenanigans and expanding urban schools district boundaries beyond the city limits are two of the current BRA’s most active strategies.

    Thank God Oregon is still only 2.6% black even if it there has been a large black percentage increase beyond the average population growth.

  3. “Come on people, stop your crying and whining. We are all the same. Stop trying to judge or place certain people in a category. I have been on section 8 for years. I am a good person and you would never know. I apologize for the crap you get. You do find crap like that time to time.”

    Spoken like a true tax parasite.

    It’s always good to hear from the “other America,” so deeply vested in the continuance of BRA. Thanks for your “apology.” It was truly heartfelt, I am sure.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Rudel: When people speak of Northern cities, they are rarely thinking about your oversize hippie communes in the Northwest.

    Spend some time in the infested parts of Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago or Newark before you attempt to speak knowledgeably on the condition of Northern cities. I could send you to plenty of places from which you would probably never return.

  5. Rudel: Check out this story from your own back yard. This is indicative of the soft-headed attitude of the people who run your state.

    That dumb bitch has counterparts in big numbers at every level of your state government. Like I told you a while ago, you folks are following Minnesota’s path. Either take your state and local government back from those loons or your quiet little White town will be filled with White-flighters who won’t admit that they abandoned their homes to get away from the niggers. Then they will put out bait to attract the niggers. That’s how in happened in Minnesota, and that;s how it will happen to Oregon.

  6. Having been born in Chicago and raised in the greater Philadelphia area you are in absolutely no position to lecture me on anything about Northern cities. And despite the best efforts of all the liberals in Oregon, it still remains only 2.6% black and they are kept exclusively in their urban ghettoes mostly in North and Eastside Portland.

    You have a lot more to worry about than niggers. It’s the Asians buying up assets and taking high tech engineering jobs, and the Mexicans roaming the countryside committing crime of both the petty and violent type who are the real threat to everyone, including you folks back East.

  7. Michigan has very few Mexicans and really no gooks to speak of. Detroit is even losing niggers because they are moving back down South.

    The Pacific Northwest is mestizoizing at a faster rate than the Southwest, and the Chinese slants are taking over Seattle and buying big chunks of land in Idaho to build “private cities”. Maybe Harold Covington should start subtitling his Youtube videos in Mandarin.

  8. Rudel: What does “greater Philadelphia area” mean? Does that mean you had to drive past woods and crop fields to get from where you lived to where the niggers lived? I think that the only Philly niggers you ever saw were on the news.

    As for the 2.6% niggers that Oregon presently has, that can change rapidly. Niggers seek out weak, gullible White people. Minnesota went from .4% Black in 1970 to 5.1% Black by 1990. That’s what happens to soft-headed people who give free shit to every nigger that asks for it. They tell their friends and relatives, and so on, and so on, until you have plenty of niggers. It starts out in the major cities, then as the welfare offices get overcrowded and the food shelf shelves start getting empty in the metro areas, the niggers move on to the more plentiful pickings in the smaller cities and towns.

    Nobody is keeping your niggers in Portland, the niggers just haven’t gotten around to spreading out yet. When they do get around to it, the granola-eating pussies who run your state won’t do a damn thing to stop them. Just hide and watch. It will come to pass.

  9. “What does “greater Philadelphia area” mean?”

    The Main Line.

    “I think that the only Philly niggers you ever saw were on the news.”

    We had plenty of niggers cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, gardening, and doing windows right in our house when I was growing up. The cook even lived in. I saw plenty of niggers when I drove a cab in every neighborhood in the City during the summers after I got back from serving 13 months fighting gooks in the NVA in I Corps for the First Marine Division during the Vietnam War. Saw some niggers there too.

    Saw plenty of niggers when I tended bar down on the Oakland, California waterfront.

    How about you tough guy? You seen any niggers up close and personal? Ever have to kick ones ass? No? I didn’t think so. Kiss my ass you disrespectful cunt.

  10. Rudel: Yeah, yeah. More bullshit. Any bitch can act tough when he’s surrounded by other troops. That isn’t shit.

    I grew up in Detroit and had dozens of fistfights with niggers in school and out in the neighborhoods. I boxed in Golden Gloves for four years and 90% of my opponents were niggers. My Golden Gloves record was 19 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw.

    I club boxed for seven years out of the Seventh Street Gym in St. Paul, MN and Brunettes Gym in Little Canada, MN. We often traveled to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to fight and many boxers from those cities came to Minnesota to fight. Most of my opponents were niggers. My club record was 17 and 3.

    In 1997 I got jumped by three niggers on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. Two of them got cut and stabbed, the other one ran off. I didn’t stick around to talk to the police. In 1999 I got stopped for speeding in Macon, GA and learned that I had a warrant out in Minnesota for three counts of aggravated assault. They hauled me back to Hennepin county in Trancor van with my hands cuffed to a chain around my waist. Every jail they stopped at to spend the night was a shit hole full of niggers. I was usually the only White guy.

    When they finally got me back to Minneapolis I picked up two 5th degree assault cases in the holding tank at the Hennepin County Jail because a nigger guard told the niggers in the tank that I was in for fucking up niggers.

    I made bond, hired Meshbesher, Singer and Spence to defend me and it all went away.

    After I retired in 2008, we hauled our fifth wheel camper to a fish camp in Green Cove Springs, Fl so my wife could spend some time around here family. Shortly after we got there my bondsman brother-in-law asked if I would help him round up niggers who missed their court dates. My nephew had been helping him, but he gave a nigger a flayed rib cage so he wasn’t allowed to help until the resultant criminal case and lawsuit were resolved.

    During the 5 months that I helped out, we dragged dozens of pissed off niggers into the van and hauled their asses back to jail. Then we went out and took the cars that mothers and dumbass girlfriends had put up as collateral to get their niggers out on bond. Almost every day during that period I had a chance to interact with niggers who were wild eyed and almost pissed off enough to swing. Sometimes they did.

    In my lifetime I have had at least 60 niggers standing right in front of me, mad only at me. I wasn’t in a group of armed men when I did it, and I wasn’t acting like a shivering bitch in a cab, avoiding the dangerous fares. I didn’t have a damn thing to lean on but my backbone, and everything usually worked out in my favor.

    As far as what I know about Oregon: I’ve been there many times. Every male I ever met there talked like a fag. It’s a great place for pussies, cowards and nigger-lovers.

    It’s true that there are some great-looking sights in the state. The coast is magnificent and the mountains over around Klamath Falls truly are breathtaking, but the people are like the hippie fucking pukes in Northern California.

    I suspect that anybody who chooses to live around the type of people who live out there probably suffers from a bit of gender confusion.

  11. Hey, brown people are attacking white people in Egypt. Let’s calm down on the minor quibbles for a moment. Let’s see what the head nigger in chief does to protect YT. The truth will out.

  12. “I suspect that anybody who chooses to live around the type of people who live out there probably suffers from a bit of gender confusion.”

    Let me know when you and your whore get out here next time and we’ll just see who is able to stand back up after they are lying in the dirt full of bullet holes. You want to dis a real man who has stood the test of combat? There won’t be any three minute bell to save your sorry ass when you get hurt this time. I don’t fight fair. I win, 100% of the time.

    Fifth wheels are for over the hill toothless wimps. Got a satellite dish and plenty of beer too? You are nothing but a big mouthed sitting duck with nothing but sports stories. Like I said before, you can kiss my ass and so can your sorry ass brother-in-law. Bring him along. Your widow can have a twofer for a funeral.

  13. “Rudel, I thought I was first on your dance card? Two-timing bastard.”

    Dude, you are the one who promised me the visit. LOL!

    I’m still waiting….

  14. Rudel: My name is James Kenneth Briggs and I live in Granbury, TX. I have breakfast every day at the Nutshell Eatery and Bakery. I will be easy to recognize because I will remind you of that guy who made you lick that dog turd in grade school.

    What’s your name and what town do you live in? What are your regular hangouts? What’s your email address? Mine is

    Your test of combat was hiding in the jungle or behind some sand bags with a bunch of other shivering bitches. I would bet that you have never stood toe to toe with another man and you never will. That’s why you live where you live.

  15. Briggs? You sound like a child. And what’s with this repeated talk of shivering in your posts? Are you cold or something? Maybe you need more blankets or a more affectionate bitch.

    I’m in Portland and you can email me as to where in Oregon you want to choose your ground. I hate to disappoint but I don’t fight by Marquees of Queensberry rules so we won’t be standing toe to toe.

  16. “Your test of combat was hiding in the jungle or behind some sand bags with a bunch of other shivering bitches.”

    Combat is no “test.” We’re not talking about a sporting event here or beating up handcuffed niggers in the back of a van. Combat is attacking the enemy while maneuvering under fire. Something you have absolutely no clue about and something that takes more balls than you’ve ever had. I’d tell you to kiss my ass again except I don’t think there is a step ladder high enough for you to climb in order to reach it with your pussy lips.

    What happened? Did they reject you for service because of your criminal record, or your brain damaged psyche? Loser. Go back to the swamps.

  17. Rudel: You should just quit. You are revealing way tot much about yourself. Your pink, ruffly panties are starting to show. I’m kind of embarrassed for you.

  18. The Marquis of Queensbury was one of the most brutal aristocrats in modern history. Not vlad the impaler perhaps. But he was a complete bastard. The rules almost seem like irony thinking about him in person.

  19. Rudel: Take a run into Portland, rent a van, then go find yourself a big, blue-gummed thug nigger and drag him into the back of the van and handcuff him and you will know what combat is. You don’t get to ambush him and shoot him in the back. That’s illegal and we both know that you wouldn’t do well in prison. You have to do it the way MEN do it.

  20. Wow boys, some drinking going on? Y’all come on down here and I’ll take you to the local beach side dive and buy a round. Bring that wop from Detoilet too. We have bigger enemies than each other.

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