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  1. “Right now they are in la-la land thinking that if they just pretend everything is all right, then it is. Reality will set in early on the evening of November 6th for the “dead-enders” as Obama stomps Romney in Florida and Virginia. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Some of our brethren respond to that premonition by saying “we need to fight as hard as possible for Romney!” No, we need to prepare to step into that psychic gap filled by the collapse of neoconservatism and the national Republican Party.”

    Bravo. Yet, while there is still a party and a white man to vote for, aim for some breathing space…..and vote, knowing that’s ALL there is… breathing space.

  2. “Jews started and financed the NAACP, every Synagogue in America is for “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty.) Many of the early feminists were Jews (Friedan, Steinem, etc.) Bravo. Yet, while there is still a party and a white man to vote for, aim for some breathing space…..and vote, knowing that’s ALL there is… breathing space.”

    how true. On my jaunt in Mpls the other day, I didn’t notice it coming in, but saw it going out. A liberal Sin-a-gog (As in Gog and Magog) had a HUGE sign saying, “PEOPLE OF FAITH are voting NO” – that fag marriage amendment that voting yes for, would doom them to the hell they are making for themselves. But liberal Jews- you know, the ‘faithless Jews’ as the Church has ALWAYS called them? – Well, they are FOR fag marriage, and wanted every G-D liberal to know it… but would they see the Goyim as their equal?

    Not a chance. OY! Truly, ‘His blood be on us, and on OUR CHILDREN…. forever.’

  3. Amanda: we’ll see you back here once Romney gets the beat down in November. And you know what? It won’t be our faults.

  4. Romney is going to win, President Half-Wit is being Carterized as we speak. Sorry folks who care thems the facts. With all the money that has been sloshed and the polls are equal is a bad sign for Hussein, QE for the 1% means $100 oil and a disgruntled lumpen proletariat.

    Secondly President Kill List is being hard on the hardliner mooslims in contrast to their recruitment officer Dubya and so we can expect the next few weeks to be the Arab Fall, and unless Obama can bribe the Sunnis with an Iranian bombing campaign he is gonna get a raping from them whackos.

  5. Slow down there Rob. Obama, up to now has benefitted from a fckwit media willing to cover his failures. I don’t see the end of it.

  6. The fuckwt media being seperate from the new media such as HW is a cult and hence when these cultists get hammered by the weight of this anti-white college campus black nutter they will sabotage him. (people join cults to avoid responsibility, not bear it).

    Toast is how I call Obama, but yet too many on our side depend on Obama being there and will carry his water so he remains there. (he will not) So the feminine minded lefties will buckle under the strain of the nasty mooslims being “not nice”, and being woman minded will just throw up their hands in unison and say “do something.” So just enough stories will be broadcast about Obama and his negatives, and poof there he goes and poof there remains the wonderfulness of all those “nice” libs who just hate mean CONNedservatives.

  7. The only thing Obama’s upcoming reelection will establish is that white people are their own worst enemies. (Looking at you, yankees.)

    It’s just too bad there isn’t euthanasia for insane, dysfunctional countries. Amurrica needs to be put down. BRA is just like Old Yeller, only with a peculiar case of negrophiliac hydrophobia.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Jack Ryan says:
    ‘If many people here don’t want to vote in the Presidential election, that’s your choice. But, people should d&@& vote in local elections, where we can make a huge difference and win.’

    You make a good point Jack. In my state the Republicans have been leading the way to less government, fewer affirmative action set asides , lower taxes, conceal and carry, voter ID laws and other issues important to me. So, yes I want the Dems to lose seats in the assembly and state senate, but so much depends on the coat tail effect of the presidential ticket.

    If Romney does not draw voters all the GOP candidates in the states will suffer. Enthusiasm and turnout for the top of the ticket will raise the tide for the rest of the party as it has often been said. Meager turnout for the top spot translates into losses across the board at lower levels.

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