Lincoln (2012)


I notice that Tommy Lee Jones is playing Thaddeus Stevens, the leader of the Black Republicans in the House, who was so radical that he had himself buried in a negro graveyard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as an eternal testament to his support for negro equality:

Note: OD is looking forward to reviewing this movie in November.

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  1. Vendikar: Yeah, big guns are great. If you are in a situation where you can open carry like Wyatt Earp they can’t be beat. I take my .44 Magnum Ruger with me when I hog hunt. We live catch, so I need it.

    I’ve also got an old Sturm-Ruger Buntline-type single action .357 with an eight inch barrel that is a good side arm for backup when I’m after hogs. I use it on the hogs when we butcher them after fattening them up, so I know it will do the job.

    When I am in an area that I might run in to some dumb sonofabitch who needs to be shot, I don’t want to advertise that I’m packing.

    Did you apply for a concealed carry permit, or did you apply for a great-big-fucking-boxy-piece-of-shit-bulging-under-my-jacket permit. I was in the IHOP in Weatherford a few days ago and, as usual, I spotted two guys shoulder packing. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? It certainly removes any advantage that you might gain through not letting your target know you’re armed until you’ve got him in your sights.

    The dozen or so .357 S&W Model 66 pistols I’ve owned were all stainless steel models, so I cannot speak knowledgeably about the blued guns. However. I can say with complete accuracy that the ones I shot stayed tight until the barrels were fairly smooth around the 500 round mark. I never found any shavings indicative of a misaligned cylinder.

  2. Playing Roots Backwards says:
    ‘Thanks for reminding me about the lowlifes that I used to hang out with. Here is one of them:’

    PRB, what is the appeal in that lifestyle? I don’t get, never did. My youngest brother was into that and it certainly didn’t do him any good. We lived on the same block as Chuck Goldsmith ( Hells Angels) years and years ago when we lived at home. He was the same age as – Peewee- and they would walk home from school together and became good pals. Hs sister Jody is a nice girl albeit big boned and chunky. Chuck was always a big amiable boy, his calves are the size of my legs, but he was picked on a few times while growing up. My brother told me they were jumped once but this time Chuck fought back and discovered he was a heck of a lot stronger than the other guys. From that time period he started feeling his oats and became less passive, more aggressive.

    When my brother got older he did a little time because of his infatuation with some of those guys. He learned his lesson, straightened out and is doing great.

    I heard him talking with a couple of in-laws (former bikers and druggies) last year at a family event and they said Chuck and his son got into trouble in Vegas and his kid could get locked away for quite a while. I said I was surprised they were both still alive. They shook their heads and told me Chuck is a really a heckuva good guy who would give you the shirt off of his back and do anything for his friends, but somehow trouble finds him. They all like him and his son a lot. I rolled my eyes. I asked, “How can trouble always find them?” “Why are they so often in the wrong place at the wrong time?” They just shrugged their shoulders and looked at me like I was completely nuts.

  3. @ AssBackwards

    “Rudel: Yeah, you really stay on top of current issues don’t you?”

    Enough to know that nigger bucks don’t randomly attack white women just to slap them around without raping or robbing them. Maybe there is something about the incident that your wife hasn’t told you about? LOL 🙂

    Enough to know that a model 66 is a K-frame and not a little 5 shot J-frame that you claim to carry. And that a model 66 does not shoot its bore smooth after only 500 rounds of 125 grain jacketed ammo. You might want to upgrade to an L-frame 686+ like I have as it holds seven rounds and they haven’t made the model 66 in years.

    Enough to know that Evan Marshall’s books on Stopping Power don’t contain any info on transferred energy although they do have some data on muzzle energy, muzzle velocity, and wound channels produced by various loadings. I’ve got all three of them sitting on my bookshelf and know that their data on one stop shots has been proven to be statistically suspect.

    “I don’t want to advertise that I’m packing.”

    Like I said, follow my advice and carry behind the hip like the pros do. Use a forward tilt IWB holster even. I guarantee that even the cops won’t know you’re carrying. But on second thought the idea of you and your spring loaded contraption causing you to inadvertently drop your weapon on the ground in public, or you shooting yourself in the arm pit while you do your Travis Bickel imitation in front of a mirror is just too hilarious to ask you to change a thing.

    “When I am in an area that I might run in to some dumb sonofabitch who needs to be shot…”

    You’ve never shot anyone in your life. Maybe it’s because you’re still a cherry that causes you to boast about your daughter’s (!) knives and being some sort of badass so often. Stop posting. Your credibility has now gone from zero into negative territory.


  4. Rudel: I’ve never been a government owned dumbfuck, so I never had a license to shoot anybody. It would be dumb to detail any of my gun related activities.

    The pre-95 model 66 with a 2.5″ were round butt J-frames. It is still possible to find NOS in that configuration.

    You are just a dried up old never-was who really hates the fact that everybody isn’t as pathetic as you are.

    Be sure to keep both of your pistols under your pillow tonight just in case your aging hippie neighbors decide that tonight is their night to turn into homicidal maniacs.

  5. “The pre-95 model 66 with a 2.5? were round butt J-frames. “

    No they’re not. They are 6 shot K-frames based on the old model 10 .38, not J-frame Chief’s Special based 5 shooters. You simply don’t know WTF you are talking about when it comes to guns. Just like you don’t know WTF you are talking about when it comes to real combat and killing. You can’t detail any of your gun related activities because you’ve never done the deed.

    You are nothing but a cherry, big mouthed, low class, wannabe, clown. Stop posting. You’re stinking up the place with your pig ignorance.

  6. Rudel: You simple bastard. I caught your Bozo ass again. In about 1993 I mistook a stripped Model 66 frame for a J-frame model because it had the round butt. The gun show vendor at that time told me that the K-frames with the 2 1/2 inch barrels also had a round butt. The 66’s with longer barrels had a square butt.

    You said you carried a J-frame as your backup gun when you go out among those aging flower children in your town, but for some reason it took you two days to catch my bullshit.

    Very revealing.

    I use a similar ploy on phony folks who pretend to be Harley experts. I tell them about my bike that is powered by a stock 88 cubic inch Knuckle Head. Two thirds of the time they say some shit like, “Yeah, those were good engines!”

    The other third of the time the expert will correctly point out that there is no such thing. The early Knucks came out with 61 cubes. The later models were 74’s.

    I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there in the world their is an ancient hippie chick who has a Polaroid of you standing proudly in front of that VW bus with the Haight-Ashbury paint job as you threw up a peace sign while a nasal voice blared from the van’s home stereo speakers.

    RIGHT ON, Rudel. Groovy. Peace, brother.

    Oh, shit. I almost forgot to tell you about the emails.

    Yeah. After I posted my email address and other contact info on this thread, I got fifteen emails from OD commenters and comment readers.

    One of them said I was a sorry, no good bastard for having an opinion about the Vietnam war and the folks who fought in it. Another was a PETA-type bitch who hated me for hanging out with hog hunters and dog fighters. Another one just wanted to tell me about a good catch dog that he used to have.

    The other dozen, Rudel, were all about you, and not a damn one of them had anything nice to say. A couple of them, without any discussion or contact between them compared you to Barney Fife and they said things about small man syndrome and snotty, petty remarks.

    I got a little bit mad at them for that. Barn only had one gun and one bullet and he kept his bullet in his pocket as he moved around among the bloodthirsty renegades of Mayberry. Big balls on ol’ Barn.

    The other folks just grumbled about what a fucking dickhead you are.

    I had a young guy named Blake stop by the house, also. He drove over from neighboring Parker County to see if I was really here. He didn’t say anything bad about you, but he mentioned that you seemed to have awfully thin skin.

  7. @AssBackwards

    “You said you carried a J-frame as your backup gun when you go out among those aging flower children in your town, but for some reason it took you two days to catch my bullshit.”

    You didn’t catch me out on anything numbnuts. I carry a J-frame so when you started to refer to your mod 66 as a J-frame it was me who called you out several times. Now you try to hide your ignorance behind some made up story that your stupid postings were all sort of some sophisticated trap? Riiiiiiiight. You also incorrectly assumed I carried a revolver on my belt. What a moron you are.

    BTW, I’m not surprised that you and chris have become butt buddies. Just don’t tell your wife that you are making time with dixie and denise behind her back.

    You are a low life loser and a clown. You don’t know a damn thing about weapons. You’ve never done the deed so shut the fuck up about combat and killing. Stick to chatting with your “anonymous” internet pals. You don’t have the stones to drop the hammer on anyone.

  8. Rudel: Easy, Prune Face. You’re liable to give yourself an aneurysm or a heart attack or a prolapsed rectum or something.

    I did get an email from one female. It wasn’t either of the ones you mentioned. She didn’t mention a comment handle, so I think it was somebody who doesn’t comment. She said she thought you must be as crippled in the head as the liberals if you aren’t aware that White women and girls get the shit beat out of them by niggers every day. I stuck up for you, though. I told her you don’t get out much because your old toothpick legs won’t carry your big belly very far without needing to rest.

    Here’s something else that nigger males do:

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