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  1. This is wonderful.

    The more BRA pokes, provokes, attacks and denigrates Dixie and the more it gets reported, the more White Southerners might awaken.

    These animals want to do away with the historical memory of an entire people. The more unreasonable they become in their frothing-at-the-mouth demands, the more people will begin saying “Enough with this crap!”.

  2. Fucking black bastards should be paying for the replacement bust and their tickets back to Africa.

    These creatures really believe they built this country, as if labor was the sole key to its construction and the organizing of that labor was inconsequential. If that were true, then, why is Africa, with its surplus of African labor, a stagnant shithole? Why?

  3. @John

    Sure I could see that except that the GOP has been clear that that is not what they want. The Repubs are ashamed of the racial makeup of their party and voters and are working very hard to make the party more diverse.

    I find it difficult to vote for a political party that so clearly doesn’t look after my interests just because the party looks like me. (I’m not a part of the 1%) When was the last time a Republican at the national level spoke out against racial preferences for Africans and Hispanics (hispanics were never slaves here so why do they get this again?)

    When was the last time a national GOPer spoke out against the extrodinarily high levels of legal immigration that this country allows? Buchanan?

    I suppose there are still a few National Republicans who are for enforcement of our laws against illegals but they are a dwindling bunch, and when one of them runs for President (Tancredo) the media and the GOP establishment destroys them.

    And what is with the rabid Zionism of the GOP? How does this help me and mine? How would fighting endless wars in the Middle East help me? It doesn’t, in fact it hurts me. Bush’s Iraq War has destroyed our economy. We need the oil but we don’t have to level the entire region to get it, the Arabs are happy to sell it to us.

    The demography isn’t there for the GOP to keep on going like they have. They will keep on trying to attract more minorities for a while but when that fails they are going to realize that what they really need to do is attract the Democratic whites.

  4. All this mental masturbation about revolutions and change and seccesion for naught.

    One word binds all of you to the grindstone of BRA, and that word is “racist.”

    Destroy that word and BRA dies within a day.

  5. These animals want to do away with the historical memory of an entire people. ….”

    Genocide is illegal under international law. Why did no one ask them about Genocide? Genocide is WORSE than slavery. What about THAT?

  6. See?

    What occurs here—- is a group trying to fight the memory of slavery by doing GENOCIDE. Is Genocide a correct punishment for slavery? Or is it too harsh? This should be the question, right? Punishing slavery with GENOCIDE is the question.

  7. Still, am not saying it clearly enough:

    One group did slavery (seen as a terrible crime in u.s., although it was known at the time in the past the world over, but that is beside the point).

    One group did slavery. And people who are of a color that was enslaved in the past (although some of them may not really be connected to slave families at all, but that’s another point) use genocide.

    So… One group did SLAVERY. The other, using slavery as the rationale, DO GENOCIDE.

    So, who is really worse?

  8. Sorry, promise to do one-post in the future—

    “Erasure of history is a proven part of Genocide. Genocide is WORSE than slavery. The opposition here is perpetrating Genocide.”

    —that could have been the UDC woman’s statement

  9. No robroy,

    black people want you dead. They want to shave the head of blondes and make wigs off the cuttings. This has more to do with cannibalistic passions than mere words and symbols. It’s actually a deadly game.

  10. This damnatio memori tendency in blacks. It reminds me of the 26th (25th?) dynasty
    of Nubians who took over and terminated Egypt. How many Egyptian sculptures did those darklings deface and destroy and replace with their own hamhanded efforts?

    Beware America! The MLK Sculptures are coming! Obama will get his own freestanding Kouros too. Big ugly towering things no doubt.

  11. Oh–

    And Genocide is worse than enslavement (not only under international law but eternal law, God’s law) because “a people” can survive enslavement as such, (terrible but they can survive it) where in genocide, it is their destruction, the vanishment of “a people,” forever and ever.

    The descendants of people who owned slaves in the past (did not even own them, themselves!!!)—- are obviously less guilty than those DOING GENOCIDE in the present, being the direct actors of genocide in the current time.

  12. John—

    The Genocide versus Slavery talking point could be effective here. It puts your opposition on the defensive.

  13. The Democrats calculated that if they let millions of Hispanics in, to supplement their Blacks, they would be able to achieve a permanent coalition government.

    They actually believed that race didn’t matter.

    Now that the US is a mult-ethnic state, white people don’t have a choice either. In a multi-ethnic state, you vote for parties of your ethnicity.

  14. The edifice of whites voting ideologically for left and right is going to crumble quite fast. It’s only a push or two away from collapsing.

  15. @ ….Now that the US is a mult-ethnic state, white people don’t have a choice either. In a multi-ethnic state, you vote for parties of your ethnicity….

    The saddest thing, is that in a homogenous situation, the people get to THINK.
    In multi-racial polarized states (such as the u.s. has nearly become), NOBODY has that luxury any longer. Thus, it dumbs down the people and stifles creativity that comes from them always being able to work their brain muscles.

    A multi-race Welfare state with central planning is the worst of all possible worlds.

    Which COLOR do our ELITES want? Which COLOR will the ELITES favor? Which COLOR will get the most “benefits?” —– already that is the “society.”

  16. The simian bastards are used to getting their way up north. If the Confederates stand their ground – and I think they will – this thing will disappear as quickly as a plate of fried chicken.

  17. Looks like a few more “no limit niggas” dat don’t “know the ledge.”

    “This has more to do with cannibalistic passions than mere words and symbols. It’s actually a deadly game.”

    Spot on. This is only the initial ooking before the coming chimpout. We’re still in the escalation phase. Hope everyone has been getting prepared…

    Deo Vindice

  18. The same old “Nazi” leverage human rights argument. “Nazi” is a Jew media anti-German propaganda term. It is not used in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” or his other untitled maniscribe that was published as “Hitler’s Second Book”; and it wasn’t used by the NSDAP in speeches or films such as “Triumph of Will”, etc.

    And Osama never did 9/11.

  19. There needs to be more examples of white “civil disobedience” when things like this happen. Blacks steal something belonging to white history? Okay, then whites should organize and respond, by stealing and/or destroying something belonging to the black community. Show some spirit of Robert E. Lee, for god’s sake!

  20. http://elmspringscsa.com/id18.html

    I plan on calling these folks on Mnday to see if any more of these bronze busts can be had. I can’t think of a better way to remember old Nathan than this statuette in my home. YEEEEEEEEEE Ow (old rebel yell)

    The anchor man is a homo. I don’t expect much from spooks. This memorial gives them an excuse to chimp out. Big surprise.

    Thanks for following this story Hunter.

  21. “Let us hope the Chimpout marches on Washington DC against the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike which stands in Judiciary Square”

    I’m absolutely certain that any and all Confederate monuments will now be a major target in future “civil rights” demonstrations.

  22. The odd thing is that there are millions of blacks in Africa that would love to immigrant to the US if they could – its a good thing the US doesn’t share a border with Africa like it does with Mexico.

    But yet these ungrateful retards can’t drop the slavery thing. For the blacks in the US today, slavery got their asses in the US of A.

    Lots of Europeans perished coming across the Atlantic in wooden sail ships and once in North America struggled to survive, but you never hear white Americans and Canadians continuously whine about it. Actually, its taken for granted.

    Do blacks today prefer that their forefathers and foremothers weren’t dragged across the Atlantic so that they be in Africa today? If so, move back to Africa.

    Its Jew Hollywood that keeps them fired up.

  23. Slavery, especially that which took the slave to the 13 colonies was ultimately a free ticket to better conditions. Black people just suck and resent being given such enormously rich chances.

  24. Those morons over at Daily Kos don’t even have their facts straight. The vast majority of Forrest’s troops were mounted infantry not cavalry. They tied up their horses and fought on foot as infantry in most engagements. He used them to, as he put it, “get there first, with the most men.”

    In 1869 he dissolved not fully successfully his first incarnation of the Klan and in 1871 gave over 50 pages of testimony over several days as to its activities to a Congressional Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    He was a military genius of the first rank and excelled in quarter-mastering supplies to his mobile forces in addition to engaging in battle. His tactics and strategies are still studied world wide as classic battles of maneuver and concentration of force at the critical point.

  25. If this was my property, not only would I replace the statue, I would replace it with a large sculpture of Gen. Forrest overseeing Michelle Obama picking cotton. Because if people are going to get PO’d over nothing, you might as well make it entertaining.

  26. I’d build a statue of St James “Moor Slayer” on the back of a horse knocking down some niggers. Possibly trampling the horse over one…

    Hey he’s a Christian Saint you bitches! He’s also Hispanic.

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