Slaves Without Masters

American North

Here is another amusing excerpt from Inhuman Bondage:

“Much of this hostility to emancipation in any form arose from the widespread white fear that if blacks were released from the surveillance of bondage, their crime rate would soar and the costs of their maintenance would be transferred from their owners to the taxpayers responsible for what we would call local welfare.”

Face palm.

Once upon a time, there was a theory of the Black Undertow in the Northern states. It was a speculative notion. It was a destructive future possibility that might arise following the immediate abolition of slavery, as opposed to a plan of gradual emancipation coupled with colonization.

Crime might soar. Property values might decline. Businesses might close. Schools might be ruined. The political system might be corrupted by permanently aggrieved black voters. Taxpayers might have to assume the financial burden of providing for indigent free negroes.

It all came true!

Note: Under slavery, the Black Undertow was effectively privatized. Masters were responsible for the welfare and behavior of their slaves. They also had the power to compel their slaves to labor on their plantations and produce valuable agricultural commodities (cotton, rice, tobacco, etc.) that contributed to the prosperity of the country.

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  1. “—the next thing will be Chicken Museums with Mexican docents for the yankees.

    Sounds like a plan. Reconstruction via Mexican docents. I like it!

  2. Dixiegirl wrote: “Northeast city people (and Northeast Transplants here) HATE nature. They cannot stand to touch earth, or grass, or plants. Around here, everything they touch, withers.
    They can sort of go to ‘parks’…when every blade of grass is under strict control. (…) They mulch over growing things, to stifle them, so they die. They plant only things they think will require no care, so they don’t have to deal with anything natural. They douse the earth in chemicals for fear of bugs, etc, etc. (…) They have opened –GET THIS– ‘tourist farms.’ We pulled in, just out of cultural curiosity, Brutus! They made us —KID YOU NOT— put on those paper overshoes to walk over the grass (I do think it was so our shoes would not become soiled when we looked at DISPLAY CHICKENS, lmao!!!) (…) Fortunately they have started to build the houses closer together (at first in the ‘new south’ those mystery ‘developers’ were giving them YARDS…big mistake). (…) and there is nothing like hands-on practice with nature (plants or animals) to remind people about things like breeding, growth, natural selection, etc. The natural world AIN’T equal. And so they do anything they can to get away from it.”

    That was so true I had to quote most of it just to see it repeated to be read more.

  3. “Mosin, if your up to it, send me your waiting approval post through a pm. I’m getting ready to hit the road and won’t have much in the way of internet for I don’t know how long.”

    It appeared this morning, now located back a page on this thread, the comment beginning: “On the topic of ‘undertow’ in general, a belated reminder….”

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