Liberals Can’t Break 200 Year Old Racism Habit


Here’s the latest lamestream conservative article from Ann Coulter who has a new book out on White guilt:

Note: This is why the “Alt Right” blogosphere exists. Partisan lamestreamers like Ann Coulter are merely titillating their audience in order to cash in on racial anxiety, sell books, and make money.

“Democrats spent the first century of this country’s existence refusing to treat black people like human beings, and the second refusing to treat them like adults.

After fighting the Civil War to continue enslaving black people and then subjecting newly freed black Americans to vicious, humiliating Jim Crow laws and Ku Klux Klan violence, Democrats set about frantically rewriting their own ugly history.”

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  1. She’s a republican before being a human being.

    She’s very strange. The twists of her argument are so perversely bizarre. Like a noodle made of bullshit.

  2. “She’s a republican before being a human being.” Sincere Republican partisanship feigned plays well with her good customers.

  3. Yes, this is pathetic. But, this dance mainstream/lamestream conservatives Republicans do to stay on the MSM, not get purged like Brimelow, Buchanan, Derbyshire from Conservative Inc., it’s something very similar to what intellectuals had to do to stay alive, out of the gulag in Stalin’s Russia.

    “You’re RACIST” is the smear that ends careers in the USA under BRA year 2012. So Coulter, Conservative Inc. Ron Paul, Libertarians try to say that “Liberals” are now racist because they don’t want poor urban Blacks to have gun rights hand they promote abortion for the Black welfare underclass (yes, we do that here in Lib land).

    I also get a big chuckle out of scared lamestream conservatives efforts to equate the all White Southern Democrats of the 19th century, early 20th century with modern BRA Lib Democrats. Yeah, Hunter Wallace’s great uncles were mostly all “Democrats” – so did they look, dressed think like Elena Kagan and Eric Holder.

    It gets so bad where one things that permanent war is better than the peace. It was this way for regular (White) Russians in World War II – fighting and dying and killing and winning in a relatively all White Russian army was better than living under Communism in “peace time” in Russia and the Ukraine in the 30s and early 40s.

  4. These “mainstream conservatives” are easily beaten by us, its quite simple really, you must tie them to the anti-whites explicitly. Really no need for 5000 word essays, when the phrase “anti-white” will suffice.

    The mainstream these days is all garbage, based on garbage theories, living off the vapors of “authority” from days past. Destroy its word “racist” then it ends in the ashbin of history, Coulter is just trying to protect the flanks.

  5. Coulter is a commercial product designed so that she will meet a narrow market need without increasing the market size. The publishers can select anyone to fulfill that market need but they chose a strident, confrontational woman who has limited appeal among her own sex. Hence, they have little to fear from her “jumping markets” or pursuing a political career, for instance. In conclusion, she is effectively a skinny Connie Chastain with a dye job and a black cocktail dress and, like the vast majority of women, is ill-suited for defending white institutions.

  6. The Republican Party is the patriotic or ‘American’ party when there is no longer an ‘America’. It is comprised of white people but is held hostage to the myth of ‘America’ and can’t free itself to openly advocate for whites as the Dem’s do for Negroes, Hispanics and homosexuals.

  7. The Republican Party is the party that foisted BRA on whites. The democrats are johnny-come-latelies to the issue. The republicans are having a very hard time admitting that “the facade is crumbling” and “their fanaticism is in the open now”. Evidence of their fanaticism – it is so important that they be seen to be right about their “investment” in blacks and egalitarianism they absolutely refuse to allow a challenge to O’s legitimacy, ignored his lawlessness and have subverted the constitution in the process. They are hoping to beat O in a squeaker so that they owe nothing to whites and can then start praising O as a “good president” who was only betrayed by his “understandable” rage at the mistreatment of his people. Whites should abandon the republicans, return to the democratic party, and challenge YKW for control of it.

  8. Ann Coulter can talk about ugly. The old Southern Democratic party was great – but all gone now. Why, didn’t Glen “tears in my beer” Beck and Sarah Palin enlighten those lemmings at that DC rally a few years ago – it was really Negros who founded the US and those nasty liberals who plotted against their Cybil Rites !! The Republican Conservatives are BRA’s best friend !!

  9. The Republican party is the force that sustains BRA. While the Democrats represent the interests of nonwhites, the GOP is busy betraying the interests of whites.

    The party that should represent the interests of white people repeatedly fails to do so while continually pandering to the interests of nonwhites, who are already abundantly represented and served by the other party.

    They are so fond of referring to the “marketplace of ideas” and “running government like a business,” you would think they could recognize that if they were a business, they would soon be out of business.

    Any business would not last long that would neglect its core customers to pursue other unreachable markets that they could never hope to compete in.

    The GOP must be put out of business before whites will regain their political voice in Amurrica. The periodic purges of “racists” in its ranks show its true colors time and again. The Republican party only exists at present to deceive whites into backdoor acceptance of BRA and the status quo.

    It is time for an end to the bad business of Republican duplicity and betrayal.

    Deo Vindice

  10. Note to Ann Coulter: blacks love Obama, blacks love socialism and social justice, blacks are about 13 per cent of the population, and probably about 7 percent of voters. Why, Ann, do you and the Retard party suck up to them? I’m beginning to think that you have some sick fetish, you stupid bimbo

  11. Nailed it, Coulter is some sort of sick manbo/bimbo with a fetish. She/He is the perfect Fox talking head blonde….I’d actually watch more fox if set would show her true transgendered self.

  12. Still using the WBTS as a cudgel to keep Whites away from the Truth, eh?

    Well, here’s a statement from an article that says it like it is:

    “Abraham Lincoln had the derring-do and complete lack of integrity to seize upon the ruse of slavery, and with bloody intensity and a complete lack of remorse brought to fruition Hamilton’s dream of absolutism. This unpitying and ruthless clod murdered six hundred twenty-five thousand hapless souls in the process. And then John Wilkes Booth turned out his lights, but alas for the republic and those six hundred twenty-five thousand souls it was five years too late. And the nation grieved.”

    Yeee-haw! (rebel yell) Statements like this, with no apologies, no prevarications, cheer my soul. Thought I should pass the link on, even if the rest of the article is not as uplifting.

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