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  1. Tomorrow morning at 9am EST, 8am Central, 7am Mountain and 6am Western, just before the turn of the hour, watch these videos, at when the hour turns, have Two Minutes of Concentrated Hate directed at the anti-whites, at our mortal enemies who are genociding us, dispossessing us, humiliating us, and destroying our own very children.

  2. From Romney’s website…

    Re Israel: “Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is not up for debate.”
    Re the US: “(America) is not a nation bound by ethnicity”

    Mitt seems to have a crease in his underwear. What is the principle that can be shoehorned into both positions A and B?

  3. Another White guy learning the hard way, if he learned at all. Notice the reporter, trained to be PC, describing a “..group of men..”. Sadly, Blacks know that most White men can’t or won’t defend themselves. Reminds me of a Yuppie in Richmond several years ago who was in local band – he liked to sing songs about poor, benighted Southerners, who read their Bibles and owned guns. He and his family had their throats slashed in a home invasion on New Years day. Bible may or may not have helped him (perhaps his attitude if he had read it with an 1840 mindset), but a pistol or shotgun would have saved him and his family. The perps ? Oh, you know what they were.

  4. Another thing I’ve noticed about surviving victims, or families of surviving victims, of BRA depredations is the lack of anger and outrage against the offenders ? Certainly, the mass of Whites have become effeminate and subservient (as a group) to their own predation. I doubt the Justice Department will be dispatching an army of agents to track down and prosecute the predators for Cybil Rites vio’s- as they did to three White guys out west a few years ago, their crime ? Getting into bar room brawls with non Whites.

  5. It’s not that whites don’t know how to protect themselves; it’s just that whites understand that if you get into a fight, there are consequences. Most white people are intelligent enough to back down from a fight, rather than to have to get arrested, then spend time in jail, get charged with assault (because even if it was just self- defense, it’s almost impossible to prove it in so many of the cases), paying bail, hiring an attorney, having to take time off from work to go to court, then paying court costs/fines, monthly probation fees, and wasting countless hours of their precious life doing community service-and for what? It makes no sense at all; which is why white people walk away so often. Black people, on the other hand, will opt to fight without regard to these consequences, and then they wonder why they always find themselves behind bars. Duh.

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