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  1. ““Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is not up for debate.”

    You’re right, Mitt. Your false cult of a barely literate upwoods NY’er, finding golden plates and being the founder of a polygamous, polytheistic cult, inspires me with such amazement (amd confidence?), that I would not debate you over your misguided opinions about a rogue state of AshkeNAZI Khazars, illegally holding the native Palestinians hostage for fifty years.

    I’d merely call you terminally insane, and have you comitted.

  2. Hunter, they’ll all vote for him because they don’t yet see the charade. They’ll give excuse after excuse for not voting third party, yet their own chosen candidate’s agenda is demographic suicide.

    Here’s another from that website:

    “Military Service

    Mitt Romney believes that young illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children should have the chance to become permanent residents, and eventually citizens, by serving honorably in the United States military.”

    So, your military is going to be filled with illegals and then it will possibly be turned against you during the police state (already knowing most white Americans don’t want them here).

    Great job, whitey! I don’t have to say “keep up the great work” because I know you will.

  3. Great find. I can’t stand Mitt. He doesn’t tip baristas at Starbucks, and instead offers them the dregs of his backwashed, unfinished hot chocolate. I bet if he knew that Starbucks employees can drink that shit for free all day he’d be shocked and horrified at the employee “pilferage.”

  4. On the other hand, even an abstention from voting or a third party or write-in vote in states that are not sure wins for Romney are effectively votes in favour of Obama…. Not voting Romney is in many cases the same as voting for Obama. Think, don’t react.

  5. MN, thanks for the talking point. Pretty sure we’ve heard it before. Not voting for Romney or Obama is a vote for Obama. Sure.

  6. @Mosin Nagant,

    I’m assuming you live in a state that is a toss up. Most Southern states are solidly going to Romney, so really there’s no point not voting for a third party that is racialist or constitutional if you can do so, just to send a message to the Grand Old Cowards. You do have a point if you live in Virginia or North Carolina though, I will concede that.

  7. What a fright site.

    Alphabetized foreign countries, lol, with “gun rights” and such buried among them.

    NC and VA don’t have a hint of southern left in them. Ny bike riders clog the roads, and northeast style “ethnic parades”— then cities sponsor “bike races”— so it seems normal to create an excuse for even more eminent domain to eat up what used to be the locals private property for widened the roads.

    The public in their Welfare-Warfare Statist deal had to buy them “public parks,” so why can’t they all just go there?

    Digressing again. But the upper south used to be very nice. Quaint and Englishy in places.

  8. Charm. That’s what’s gone.

    And lol, Fr. John. Someone should grill Mitt about the plates. The key to many mysteries is in truly identifying whoever put together that “religion” in 1830. It is tied deeply to the WBTS, a building block already there to accommodate the aftermath, no question about it.

  9. Mormonism was born around the time of the awakenings.

    So it’s encoded with the same evangelist pablum. It’s also a mystery cult in a sense. So
    you have to wonder what exactly there is in core inner sanctum. A portrait of Wilberforce sniffing Equiano?

  10. @John
    Nope, as an ex Mormon, the big secret was a Masonic handshake and pleasantly furnished room that looks like Macy’s display done in white. It’s the most anti-climatic experience I ever had.

  11. @dixiecrazygirl
    “NC and VA don’t have a hint of southern left in them.”

    You obviously haven’t traveled much away from the D.C-Richmond-Norfolk corridor or the N.C. “Research Triangle” especially into western Virginia past Roanoke or the North Carolina mountains out past Asheville.

  12. “The United States is currently excluding too many workers who will start businesses, create jobs, foster innovation, and help grow our economy.” – Foreigners weren’t even net creators of jobs during the tech and stock bubble.

    “We do not grant enough visas to high-skill job creators and innovators our economy needs to make up for labor shortages and gaps in skills. ” – Yet wages keep going down.

    “Plus, the current system sends away the great majority of the over 300,000 foreign students who are earning advanced degrees at U.S. universities. ” – I wish this were actually true.

    ” And the system for bringing in temporary, seasonal workers is so cumbersome and time-consuming, that too often an employer finds that harvest or tourist season passes before temporary worker visas are approved.” – Farm profits higher than ever as well.

    “A porous border allows illegal immigrants to enter the United States, violent cartel members and terrorists possibly among them. And many visitors ignore the terms of their visas and stay in the U.S. illegally. ” – All made possible by the high levels of legal immigration, and the noise level it provides.

    “The current system is keeping nuclear families apart. Currently, legal immigrants in America often have to wait years to be with husbands, wives, and young children.” – We need DOUBLE chain migration.

  13. “Not voting Romney is in many cases the same as voting for Obama. Think, don’t react.”

    I have thought about it, Mosin. Long and hard. Read, listened, and finally realized that, as a White Man, I can NOT vote for either Satanyahu’s minion, or Niggerdom’s answer to Stepinfetchit for the Jews/Hagarenes – (the waffle factor in that statement, depends on who is buttering is a–, umm, bread at any given moment).

    I am voting CP, as they have remained staunch throughout it all. I said I would laugh for voting for anyone named Virgil, but here I go. you may now laugh at me. I now understand how utterly DEEP the rot is. I cry at the thought of my nation being destroyed, or transformed into an Islamic Bolshevik ‘paradise,’ but I cannot vote for either ‘phoney baloney candidates’- and, after some serious investigation these last few weeks, find that I cannot leave the JewSA either, at least, not long term. Most countries you’d ‘want’ to emigrate to, will not accept persons over 50 as emigrants- they must think that we can no longer contribute to the ‘general welfare’ – Ha. I’ve got a good twenty years of teaching left in me, but I can’t find a position in Leftist Academia in the JEWSA, and the ESL schools in places desperate for teachers, (S. Korea, for example) literally won’t accept teachers above that age- state policy in the entire nation- and so, one thinks, ‘Well, I can be a retiree.’ But even ‘retirees’ in first world countries have aforementioned age limits, of all things. Unless you can prove some ‘cachet’ – being world famous, or an international star, etc.

    So, my wife and I? Well, we can go from a fastly browning third world version of America, (USA) or move to an ALREADY third world wanna-be version of America (Nevis, Panama, or move to a darkened, destabilized third world country, and hope we won’t be killed, mugged, raped, etc. Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua, or a ‘negro paradise’ that lives off of the greed and laissez faire attitudes of the super-rich: St. Kitts, etc.) . Some choices, right? It’s as I’ve said many times- teh RICH can ALWAYS afford their own apartheid. For someone with less than $500k, there’s no place you can go, that is any way as nice as our own homeland, that isn’t our homeland, any more.

    Oh, we ‘might’ be able to emigrate to Europe (we have friends who can sponsor us in Germany, for example- but what good is that, in a country that is the main wellspring of the EU, where homeschooling is ILLEGAL, no one can own guns, and the belly of the beast is in your backyard= with gay mayors of Berlin, and open sodomy tolerated, and utterly dead churches throughout the land, all with greater proximity to Israeli atomic warheads, islamic militants, etc.). Why go there? They are even more repressive than here!

    I’ve said it before: America deserves to die. The Old cannot/care not to defend her, nor (Does it seem) do they have a clue about how to avoid the coming judgment, and voting for anyone (R or D) STILL gives us the Wrath we have built up, these last seventy years- God’s will be done. All we can do, is prep, hole up, have more ammo than the feds, and die standing our ground. It’s back to Armageddon, or the OK Corral, no matter where you turn. (I feel like that Star Trek episode, where they cannot avoid the fight, no matter where they turn, or how they run…) God have mercy on us all.

  14. Fr. John+ – who’s your country board chairman, the person who determines how all the money is spent in your county?

    My county board chairwoman is Toni Preckwinkle – a competant mixed race woman replacing a very incompetant Black man Todd Stroger.

    Who’s your county Sherrif? Mine is Tom Dart – reasonably competant White man.

    Go local, that’s where you/we can have real impact. Nobody cares what obscure 3rd party Presidential candidate you vote for, it’s a complete waste of time.

  15. Whether you vote Romney or Obama, you are endorsing the corrupt machine that has reduced whites to a minority in the not-too-distant future.

    Go ahead and vote Romney, you’ll be complaining about him when he fills any vacancies on the Supreme Court with the same folks Obama would pick. Or, he chooses turncoats like John Roberts. Joel Skousen says Roberts is homosexual and that is what the powers that be used to have him support Obamacare (he does a lot of pro bono work for gay groups…). They always have dirt on anyone that gets to a certain point in the system. Control, control, control.


    The more things change, the more they stay the same. G-d, is this country screwed up or what???

    Vote Virgil Goode and send a real message.

  16. Father John, perhaps we can all meet in Santiago, Chile? It does not have a socialist government and, at present, is still welcoming Americans.

  17. Snowhitey shouts:

    “we’re all going to die! We’re doomed! “Go ahead and vote Romney, you’ll be complaining about him when he fills any vacancies on the Supreme Court with the same folks Obama would pick. ”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Utter nonsense. Yeah right, Romney will appoint lesbian Jewess cultural Marxists like Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.

    If you are smoking lots of MJ bong hits, please stop. If you are not, maybe you might consider taking a few puffs. Whatever you’re doing now isn’t working very well.

  18. Jack, you’re as blind as a bat and that’s when I am stone-cold sober. Like now. We have a name for people like you… “sheeple.”

    Denise, please expand on Merlin Miller.

  19. Not voting Romney is in many cases the same as voting for Obama. Think, don’t react. Mosin

    How so? Prove it mathematically. A zero is a zero and adds nothing to either sum

    +1 to What Rudel said. Get out into the sticks and into the mountains. Our cities are lost though.

  20. White & Confederate wrote: “MN, thanks for the talking point. Pretty sure we’ve heard it before. Not voting for Romney or Obama is a vote for Obama. Sure.” Yes, it deserves to be repeated as often as the opposite advice is repeated here.

    I agree with Jack Ryan on the Romney vote, and his advice to be PRACTICALLY politically involved. Jack wrote: “Go local, that’s where you/we can have real impact.” Get involved in your local power structure as much as you can. Voting wisely is not enough. Jack is right about all THAT, but still over-critical of who was IMO the best viable Republican candidate: Ron Paul.

    Stonelifter, I agree with your view that all the cities are lost, and your advice to “get into the sticks.” I don’t think you want any “Yankee” city people who who understand that to come pouring down into YOUR neck of the woods (sticks) for safety, though.

    Snowhitey, IF your state is secure for Romney, you could justifiably choose to send a message with a Ron Paul write-in vote — against the crooks who stole his delegate votes.

    Fr John, if your state is not secure for Romney, the Virgil vote becomes an Obama vote. Incidentally, I approve of and appreciate your insightful theological comments. I’d still like to discuss the history and concept of “ethnic Christianity” here, where it relates to the topics of some of these posts.

  21. LOL, you know for damn sure I don’t want any yankees down here, slicks or otherwise. Hell I’d like to drive 80-90% of the ones here back to yankee land, burn the bridges behind them and make a DMZ so bad ass the one between the koreas looks like child play

  22. Several people have expressed an interest in pursuing Fr John’s theological theories. May I suggest that the forum which Hunter has kindly provided for the purpose is the place to do that?

  23. Mitt’s Plan, short version:

    1. Bomb Iran
    2. Tax cut for Adelson
    3. All other issues, exactly the same as Obama

  24. Yes, Romney is a horrific candidate but he’s better than the alternative.
    I want Romney to win for no other reason than the Black Undertow will riot and burn down their cities as a result. And that could be a ‘teachable’ moment for unseeing Whites.

  25. As I occasionally will, I can only call this a case of where a man I call “The White Aristotle” or “the Aryan Aquinas” has us all beat in comprehending the core of this issue:

    “The power and value of a religion has nothing to do with the personality or probity of its founder. The best example of that is provided by the Mormons, who are today the most solid and stable cult in the United States, and who successfully resisted longer than any other large church the contagious decay that quickly reduced all others, with the exception of some small, scattered, and discordant Fundamentalist churches and some pockets of Traditionalist Catholics, to the contemptible quackery of a “social gospel” and hypocritical irrationality. This really astonishing and massive religious edifice was founded by one Joseph Smith, a petty swindler who began his career by fleecing suckers by means of a magic stone through which he could see treasure buried in the earth, but after he was arrested and got off with a promise not to do it again, turned to the safer and much more lucrative racket of dwindling suckers with religion. He founded a great church, but there is reason to believe that he didn’t give a damn what happened to it after he was dead and probably didn’t expect it to last….”

    Dr Oliver was probably unfamiliar with at least the examples of George Adamski and Donald Fry, two notorious alleged 1950s/1960s UFO contactees, or did not associate their cases with that of Smith’s: and while Oliver was familiar with L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology on some level I am sure that he had not made an in-depth study of that religious movement either. All three of these individuals can be studied with regard to how nutty and sometimes destructive movements start and propagate, or fail to do so. But Mormonism, whacky as any outsider must consider its doctrines, has hardly been destructive. Mormons are, despite their recent veering from White consciousness and efforts to evangelize the browners, nogs and wogs, overwhelmingly White and the Mormon movement has unquestionably put a lot of Whites on this earth now who otherwise would not be here. The very ludicrousness of Mormonism brings to mind the question of General Semantics (and of Bill Clinton): What is “is”?

    Most of the Mormon hierarchy, in my opinion, do not literally believe in much of the church’s convoluted twaddle, just as I am sure no more than a fourth of the College of Cardinals takes transubstantiation with absolute seriousness and after the age of 40 all but the most Orthodox of rabbis would rather eat a ham sandwich than p****.

    They do, however, understand that they control a massive and amazing edifice indeed, a church that is obsessed with geneaology (which can not help but breed racial consciousness) and preparedness (which means it will survive the coming turmoil and suffering at or near the top of the heap). Mormons are honest, hard working, can communicate well, and can make decisions: Mitt Romney will at least be a competent leader, wherever it is he leads the country to.

  26. I have been through the Mormon Temple rites back in the days when forging a temple recommend wasn’t all that difficult. It’s basically a G-rated version of what any Elks or Moose Lodge did for initiations back in the 70s, with ham actors playing a little drama (they show a film now) and watered down Masonic rites. Most exmos correctly describe temple rites as a disappointment, especially the weddings.

    The latest McTemples feature the work of ex-Disney Imagineers and other consultants from the pro theater and theme park design worlds, though, alas, watered down substantially for budget considerations. My advice to the hierarchy is: Spend a little of that money. Make it at least as cool as Disneyland. The RLDS have a WAY cooler facility in Independence, and when J.C and H.F. crash the scene they won’t be too impressed with you cheapskates.

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