Obama Might Lose


As hard as it is to believe, Obama may yet snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory in October:

(1) The Republican electorate is more energized.

(2) Romney is winning Independents by 16 points.

(3) 67 million people watched Obama’s humiliation by Romney in the first presidential debate … a larger audience than either of his nominating conventions, any of the 2008 presidential debates, or any of his State of the Union addresses.

(4) Romney has tied up the race nationally. Some polls have him winning Virginia, Florida, and Colorado. He has pulled Ohio out of the “Lean Democrat” category.

(5) There are two more presidential debates and a VP debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden who is known for putting his foot in his mouth.

(6) The polling shows that Obama’s weak performance in the debate had a major impact on the race.

Note: The bottom line is that if Obama blows the next two debates with Romney he could lose enough Independents, demoralize enough Democrats, and energize just enough Republicans to lose the White House.

In light of what happened in the last debate, even more people will probably tune in now to watch the rematch in the next two debates. Obama will have to go through a trial by fire on live television without his teleprompter.

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  1. I’ve been of the opinion that a Romney victory would be detrimental to our cause (Southern Nationalism), but perhaps Romney can help about the collapse sooner than Obama by making war on Iran. Russia and China will all but certainly fund resources to Iran to resist the US-Israeli led invasion. I’m not sure the US government is capable of surviving the financial consequences of such a war.

  2. That’s where I think Romney will lose.

    In the last debate which is about foreign policy, Obama can say that he killed bin Laden, brought troops home, and avoided a major war with Iran. What is Romney going to say in response to that?

  3. Jared, a good case can be made that Romney would precipitate a collapse more quickly than Obama. This is definitely the case if he were to move towards war with Iran. Should he do this act of sheer idiocy then there are several desirable outcomes. There may be only limited armed conflict. It may be primarily an economic war. China and Russia would begin dumping US Treasuries. This would all but immediately cause a collapse of the US economy. The only remaining buyer for US debt would be the FED. Which would be hyper inflationary. DC can cut neither the welfare or warfare state so hyper inflation would be likely. The Republican Party would end of being completely discredited if not permanently then for generations. There would be a good chance that it would go the way of the Whigs. But it could break either way; a breakup of the United States and Southern independence or a police state.

  4. One gets the feeling that even Obama is getting Obama fatigue. But remember how folks were lamenting “Bush fatigue” during the last election? Yet now we’re served a plate full of new and improved, gliber and slicker Dubya, and are back where we left off. Amazing.

  5. I’d like to see Romney win, not because of anything he will or won’t do for a cause, but because of the inevitable black rioting when Obama loses. Images of that on TV will do a lot more for WN.

  6. Oh no it’s certainly changed. Romney battered the bejesus out of Obama. Good for him.

    Word of caution though. The press is quote capable of assassinating Romney’s campaign.

  7. Nah – the press, by trying to make excuses for thier favorite Pet Nigger POTUS, simply destroy their own credibility with the here-to-for Gullible Goy.

  8. M – the ONegroes bought a great big Hawiian mansion. Now.

    I’m surprised L’il Black Barry lasted this long. I predicted he would announce ot Moochelle, one night, “Hey, I’m running down to the local Quickie Mart, for cigs, babe” – and run all the way back to Man’s Country, and never come out, again.

    He told Bibi to stuff it. Props to him for that.

    He’s outta here.

  9. Trying to get to the “right” ie. even more imperialistic than Obama on foreign policy, is not going to sit well with a war weary populace. Neither is promising to raise the Pentagon’s budget while roasting Big Bird for Thanksgiving dinner.

    He could always change his mind and flip flop on the issue. He’s pretty good at that and even did it during the last debate! I expect Biden to attack him hammer and tongs on this while debating Ryan on Thursday night.

  10. Watch the Chuck Todd video.

    The national numbers make no sense: Republicans are more energized, Republicans have a significant registration advantage, Romney is winning Independents (a third of the electorate) by a large margin, Romney is winning seniors by ten points who will be a large share of the electorate, Obama is winning the youth vote by only 52 percent and enthusiasm among Hispanics is way down.

    So Obama is down among Hispanics, down among young people, down among elderly vote, significantly down among Independents, and Republicans are far more fired up than they were in 2008. Yet for some reason the national polls say that Obama is ahead by 1 or 2 points.


    It only makes sense when you realize that the national polls are assuming a wildly unlikely scenario in which Democrats have a much greater than 2 point advantage in the national electorate.

  11. Whoop-dee-doo. If we were able completely shield ourselves from the news until this time next year, never learning who won the election, do you think we would be able to tell who won by by simply observing our surroundings? I doubt it.

    I just hope that shit gets bad enough that I get to see a reborn Republic of Texas in my lifetime.

  12. “there never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide” John Adams; how much money, time and energy has been exerted to try most foolishly to find the lesser of two evils and to consider it the crux of a man’s political power to cast a fig leaf into an ocean and hope, a most hollow hope, that he can direct the current. All of that money, time, effort, energy and will lost to a sham. The only greater sham is at the end of the day that man thinking right or wrongly for having cast his leaf to the lesser but nonetheless evil one, he can be content and filled that his duty has been fulfilled. Anymore he might say is foolishness, anymore he say is not in his ability, anymore is treason. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” declaration of independence

  13. At least a billion spent bribing the TV stations, between a nig and a shifty Mormon. It’s exhausting potlatch.

  14. On Sullivan,

    He was a cnservative and very hostile to socialized healthcare only a few years ago.

    It’s funny that he’s calling Romney etchasketch. Sully went from hard right to namby pamby lib. That’s his right but all Romney has done is gone from one edge of his party to the other, depending on the constituency. What is actually wrong with that? Bush was inflexible and stupid. Romney at least understands a fast moving situation.

    If Obama quickly changed tack or course someplace, there would be nothing inherantly wrong with it. Consistency isn’t a virtue.

  15. Jared: Never underestimate our governments ability to come up with funds to throw a war party.

    Prior to WWII we had a minuscule economy compared to what we have today. Our war toys were outdated leftovers from previous wars. We were ass deep in debt from paying for the New Deal and a bunch of other shit. We were a long way from being ready to attack Canada, let alone adversaries across two oceans.

    Then the Jews had a meeting in the old Madison Square Garden and decided that it was the duty of the Gentile cattle to save their European brethren’s slippery Sheeny asses, so we quickly assembled the greatest war machine to ever roll across the earth.

    Civilians couldn’t buy new shoes because the shoemakers were busy building combat boots. Couldn’t buy a new car, either. The assembly lines were cranking out military vehicles. Couldn’t buy sugar, flour, beans or gasoline without a ration coupon because Uncle Sam needed as much as they could get to fuel our wars against those fierce Japs and those clever Krauts.

    Women were manning the factories because every able-bodied man man was wearing a uniform and taking fire.

    Do you really think that our Zionist Occupied Congress will hesitate to sell war bonds to every other Jew controlled nation to finance the next big Save-The-Jews mission.

    America has never had a legitimate war. America has never had a war that we could afford. Such concerns will not be considered in the coming go round, either.

  16. “America has never had a legitimate war. America has never had a war that we could afford.”

    Sure we did. We practically exterminated the Injuns!

  17. I’d like to think Romney will leave a bad taste with the electorate in the foreign policy debate. But then I remember I am in America and realize that every time he mentions Israel his numbers will receive a small bounce.

  18. Rudel: Yup. I forgot about those damn Prairie Niggers. That war was fought as much by civilians as by the government, so it was definitely legit.

  19. We could send 40 million nigs as cannon fodder to Iran. They could make up the first 2 or three waves. Then send the Marines and Shell Oil.

  20. John: How many marines do you think it would take to load all of those nigs onto the catapults?

  21. Americans have notoriously short memories. Obama has the bully pulpit. Obama and his team know how to reframe the national conversation fast when they have to. A while back Obama committed a major gaffe. He said the private sector is doing fine. He made a few other missteps around that time. He was being pilloried. His poll numbers were diving. Shortly thereafter, he annouced the Dream Act amnesty which completely reset the national discussion. Presidents can do that. The first debate while entertaining was meaningless. It will still be Obama in a blowout.

  22. All true.

    Obama showed a lack of fluidity with topics he was allegedly working on for 4 years.

    Sad to say. Why? Romney loses us at least 8 years, if not 12 when we only have 20 to go.

    Likely winner in the end? Obama. Still.

  23. Commandeer all the carnival cruiseships. Say they’ve won an Indian ocean cruise. The Camp of the Saints playing backwards.

    Beach the ships at Hormuz and tell the various surviving nigs they must kill other brown people or perish. They will of course mainly perish. The Pasdaran will make mincemeat of them.

  24. “What is Romney going to say in response to that?” – The middle east is in turmoil(as if it ever won’t be), Egypt is in the hands of the MB, Libya is in AQ’s possession. Likewise, the Chinese got their hands on portions of our stealth chopper, and Iran just copied the drone design that Obama “gave” them and flew it over Israel.

    None of these would get much play here, but for the populace as a whole they’ll be damning.

  25. Chobham armour was first developed for the Shah’s tank fleet. So they were within an ace of making a generational leap forward in their armoured forces.

  26. As far as the media determining who’s ahead in the polls: they did the same thing with the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election last spring. Right up until the polls closed, they were saying that Tom Barrett and his Magic Negro running mate were neck-and-neck with Scott Walker. As it turned out, Walker beat the Liberal Dream Team, 53% to 46%.

  27. “That they have drones is a bit chilling.” – It certainly is, which is why if they cannot protect our technology, they need to quit flying it over hostile airspace.

  28. @ “…..Women were manning the factories because every able-bodied man man was wearing a uniform and taking fire….”

    There’s a difference. THIS TIME, they’re in the military. And if these stupid girls don’t realize the next step is just reinstitution the draft, they are even stupider than was previously thought.

    They are so “lucky to be able to serve…” Is that right?

    Grown men feeling happy that their sweet little girls get to grow up and join some freaking army, and go into hand-to-hand with overseas men, and that either some will, since the Central Planning Redistribution economy locates everything in big cities, thus wipes out small towns—- so millions of sweet little girls are impoverished when business in their towns shuts down, and groups “immigrate” others to take the few remaining jobs, so they HAVE to go be in a military—- and if that won’t work on them…then the draft will.

    Pathetic. Rahm was on t.v. talking about how all eligible should be made to do military (and that now means girls) while their domestic weapons are taken away, of course…

    The level!

  29. What exactly is being defended if all the women are on frontlines.

    However, if you look at old militaries they had huge numbers of camp followers. Women mainly.

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