Andrew Sullivan Panics Over Pew Poll

The Daily Beast

Obama blew it big time in the debate:

“The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 – 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 – 45 lead. That’s a simply unprecedented reversal for a candidate in October. Before Obama had leads on every policy issue and personal characteristic; now Romney leads in almost all of them. Obama’s performance gave Romney a 12 point swing! I repeat: a 12 point swing.

Romney’s favorables are above Obama’s now. Yes, you read that right. Romney’s favorables are higher than Obama’s right now. That gender gap that was Obama’s firewall? Over in one night: …

Seriously: has that kind of swing ever happened this late in a campaign? Has any candidate lost 18 points among women voters in one night ever? And we are told that when Obama left the stage that night, he was feeling good. That’s terrifying. On every single issue, Obama has instantly plummeted into near-oblivion.”

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  1. how many were simply looking for an excuse to not be called racist for their support of Romney? In other words were people essentially lying to the pollsters before hand?

  2. Recall that Obama’s opponents up to now have been very old men and a menopausal woman.

    Romney has also been terribly underestimated: Mea Culpa! The media filter was distorting rational assesment of his abilities.

    Prepare for Chimpout. It’s looking more likely now.

  3. Pew polls are very leftist. It’s quite a reliable outfit inspite of this. So no wonder Captain Bareback is panicking.

  4. “Prepare for Chimpout. It’s looking more likely now.”

    – The only place that I imagine will experience any sort of disorder, will be Chicago. And even then, I don’t see it amounting to much. If a Romney victory becomes more certain as Election Day approaches, I guarantee that scores of police departments in and around every major metropolitan area in the country, and possibly the National Guard, will be mobilized and on alert.

    Still, I’ll make sure my AR-10 clean and zeroed.

  5. All part of the plan…..

    The poll numbers are as fake as the BLS Numbers, the CBO, numbers, etc, etc. etc.

    Think about it. If you are going to fake poll numbers, you want your guy to be slightly behind .

    Not so far enough behind that a loss looks like a sure thing, because this depresses your sides actual turnout numbers, just far enough to be in striking distance and energize your base.

  6. Poor Andrew. For the sake of his sanity he needs to take a cruise down to the nearest highway rest-stop and get some much needed R&R. He sounds like he’s about to melt down.

  7. I had a feeling Romney was going to win about a week before the debate. It’s mainly the economic thing. I just don’t see how any sitting incumbent can win reelection after presiding over this mess for four years.

  8. The swing in women voters is easy to explain. Women have a tendency not to want to vote for a loser (as opposed to wanting to vote for the winner.

    With the media coverage making Obama look like a sure thing and Romney a kooky loser, women voters fell into line. Once the debate showed Obama as not invincible and Romney as not a guaranteed also ran, women could choose without the stigma of voting for a loser.

  9. If there is a chimpout, it will probably be of the traditional kind, where they burn down their own neighborhoods. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

  10. The RACISS moniker has obviously become useless as a campaign tool. Look for Obama to drop through the floor from now to election day. The next debates will be a must see for comic relief.

  11. “The swing in women voters is easy to explain. Women have a tendency not to want to vote for a loser as opposed to wanting to vote for the winner.” Women and feminine males should not vote, because of this and other tendencies.

  12. Another fascinating thing on the Guilt Issue is how easy personal research has become due to the internet.

    I was always struck by how many people there are, claiming (and proving) Confederate Ancestry who did NOT own any slaves. It was one of the first things that made me doubt some of the t.v.-school story. It does seem slavery in the upper south, anyway, (different from large tracts in the islands) was a middle class phenomenon. (Would like to know more about this). So, a white household might live with one black family, kind of thing. It’s a very different picture from the hollywood version. Also— the census records are available which list household members, as well as jobs, as well as the old WPA slave narratives, slaving speaking for themselves— and if you read the 1860 census Sherman used as a guide to where he should be most destructive— lots of people weren’t even in farming at all, much less with large farm positions.

    That people were variously motivated in the fight becomes much more clear. (Just like now.) Some people fought for slavery, some for states rights, some for their own individual rights, some just because everybody else was, etc.

    The idea of “war about slavery, yes or no”— is sort of “closed system thinking.” Like O’Reilly barking “pro or con!!!” all the time. Real life just isn’t like that.

    OT–but it cracks me up how much more Southerners have actually THOUGHT about real black people. While Northeast people condemn them—the fact is, they haven’t usually given the REAL issue ten minutes of thought. They watched “Roots” and then felt highly MORAL. That’s what seems sort of contemptible, (feeling moral on the basis of t.v., without any real research).

    Anyway, maybe “Time Out” punishment for southerners is drawing to a close.

  13. westie says:
    October 9, 2012 at 11:43 am
    The RACISS moniker has obviously become useless as a campaign tool. Look for Obama to drop through the floor from now to election day. The next debates will be a must see for comic relief.”

    That’s what I think. Obama wants OUT (in many ways) more than any-one. He’s given up. He’s not interested. HE reached Peak Negro before he was installed as POTUS. He actually had responsibilities and duties, after he slouched down in his chair in the Oval Office….

    Others think Obama will pull it out of the hat, in the next debates – but I think he’s only gonna do worse. Once you make the Negro drop their eyes in submission, it’s all over.

  14. —in the real south, other jobs had to be done. Hm… everyone must have rushed to apply for “abusive overseer” positions— since clearly that was the only job in the south, according to t.v., lol

  15. “Jim says:
    October 9, 2012 at 6:28 am
    Poor Andrew. For the sake of his sanity he needs to take a cruise down to the nearest highway rest-stop and get some much needed R&R. He sounds like he’s about to melt down.”


  16. Face it the “D” team has a shallow talent pool, behind that small pool of normal types are the freaks of society. Now its true the freaks form a large cohort, and they as individuals or cults do not see themselves as freaks, but everyone else does including the others of Team “D” see the other as freaks.

    How much or how long can Suzy Soccer Mom sound like Thoreu or Ghandi when a freaking rapper and his millions keeps screaming “nigga gonna git you?”

  17. @Dixiegirl:

    You are right about the slavery issue. I know for a fact that the direct ancestors that I know of were mostly small farmers and small business owners when times were good, and often laborers and sharecroppers when times were bad. Some had a few slaves, but most didn’t. Either way, it doesn’t wipe out the role that northerners had in slavery and the slave trade.

    Also, the South had industry and was industrializing. I’ve read that the South only lagged behind Great Britain and the North industrially at the time of the war. My guess is that western Europe was as industrialized, but I’m not sure. I can think of several industrial sites that were destroyed in the Atlanta area alone.

    FWIW, my first direct male ancestor was brought to the colonies in the 1700s on a prison ship, and likely in chains himself. He was probably nothing more than a serf who was no longer needed, too poor to pay his debts, or even shanghaied. He may have even been sold into servitude. None of that was uncommon.

  18. Sullivan is right.

    There is no precedent for a sitting president losing as badly in a debate or blowing it as badly as Obama did in the debate. He literally squandered six months worth of framing Romney with millions of dollars of campaign ads in 90 minutes on television without his teleprompter.

    What’s more, he also set himself up for his own fall. People bought into the media spin about Obama. They swallowed the campaign ads. Now Obama has to deal with the impression that the media is a bunch of liars and we have a clueless nigger in the White House.

    How do you recover from that? IMO, the only thing that can save Obama is Romney fumbling on starting a neocon war with Iran.

  19. “How do you recover from that? IMO, the only thing that can save Obama is Romney fumbling on starting a neocon war with Iran.”

    Which is probably what Romney will do. This is also the reason that I’m not sold on the outcome of the next debates. Either way, Obama can’t really come out a an anti-war candidate at this point.

  20. I can see Romney losing it in the last debate when he gets on stage and starts talking about attacking Iran and getting involved in Syria – all Obama has to say is that he killed bin Laden, brought troops home, and won’t start another war for Netanyahu.

  21. I think the whole nation is tired of war and suspicious of the wars we’ve fought. If Romney were smart, he would make an issue of Obama’s actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan over the lats 4 years that had nothing to do with Bush policies. But Romney isn’t going to do any of that. Romney will get us involved in another war in the Middle East, which is a loser for the election.

  22. Those of you who say Romney is vulnerable on foreign policy are correct. Romney is actually trying to get to the “right” (ie. more imperialistic) on foreign policy and there really isn’t much room there what with Obama being the war monger that he is. I think this is a big mistake for Romney. He should be hitting Obama hard on Afghanistan and calling for a much quicker end to the now 12 year old war. Americans are weary of the war and the Taliban are already declaring victory based on our announced pullout in 2014. Eisenhower won in ’52 (and to some extent so did Nixon in ’68 – “peace with honor”) by promising to get our troops home.

    How does Romney expect anyone in their right mind to believe him when he says he can cut the deficit and increase defense spending at the same time?

  23. I would. It count the Dems out at all. They are determined, focused, crafty and underhanded. They’ve flooded us with millions that have no skin the the game and will vote for the “free” handouts. Add to that the millions of weak minded self hating whites and you have quiet a noxious cocktail. Also, who is really ever convinced by debates? I see nothing but Obama-Biden stickers here.

  24. Romney will do on foreign policy exactly what he did in the last debate, his big foreign policy speech last week was part of this. He will get Obama convinced he’s gone full bore neo-con war monger, and in the debate he will tack center and Obama, being the low-iq dipshit he is, won’t know how to ad-lib and keep up. Romney has Obama’s number, all you have to do is something a little unpredictable and he’s lost.

  25. Under ordinary circumstances, I don’t think that Obama’s performance in the debate was bad enough to lose him 12 points. It was a loss, but not a horrible loss. And his performance in the debate really wasn’t that bad compared to say the performances we saw in the Bush/Gore debates.

    I think that there were a lot of people who were just waiting for an excuse to jump ship, because the last four years have been so horrible. As long as Romney was defined by the MSM and Obama’s ads, they couldn’t do it without feeling racist. But once Romney was able to define himself a bit, they felt comfortable showing their real preference. Obama SHOULD be losing because the last four years have been utterly terrible. But people were still a bit uncomfortable with rejecting the first black president.

  26. Shit! Chris jusy reminded me I havent put a scope on my ar10 or finalized my G3 build! Dayum where does the time be flying to?

  27. He will probably back off Iran in debate.

    He’s got to be really careful there anyway. It’s not his policy to make at the moment. Just reiterate a few principles.

  28. I can’t believe that all of you are so certain of Iran being an albatross to RINO Romney!

    Haven’t any of you been following the DISASTER in LIBYA? The Obonzo Chimpers whole cover-up with the Youtube video has blown up in their face!

    All RINO Romney has to do is draw a mental picture of the Ayatollah with the Bomb, say something about North Korea announcing they have missiles capable of reaching the United States, and finish the nigger off by Pounding him on Libya!

    The Obvious Terror Attack by Al Queda that killed Ambassador Stevens who was fabulous and Gay, and the Cover-Up by Kenyan Commie Muslim Monkeyboy and his administration on the Anniversary of 9-11 is a Complete DISASTER for the D-Party!

    RINO Romney could spend ALL NIGHT on Libya with the Cover-Up, the Denial of Terrorism, and the Lack of Security! The Chimp from Mombasa will be so Shell-Shocked by the Criticism that he might just walk off the Stage! Either that or Lose the Cool Persona he has aped and go full bore Angry Nigger Stereotype!

    LIBYA is the Last Nail in the Coffin of this Alinsky Administration! All the RINO needs to do is HAMMER THE NAIL IN!

  29. Dr Doom – RINO Romney must still present the information deeeeeee-licately – back off of “Let’s go to War (for Israel, again)!” – but he SHOULD hammer away at the FACT that security was PULLED.

    He would be within reason to start talking treason treason treason….literally introduce the concept of “High Treason…Hang ‘e, High”…etc…

  30. Hi, Denise.

    At the foreign policy debate, Obonzo has nothing! His outreach to Islam has made them give the USA the Bird, and not Big Bird!

    North Korea is still belligerent as Hell, saying they want to nuke US Now!

    The RINO can’t lose! Even with the Jewsmedia shill playing for Chimpo, they got nothing!

    If the Ape who wants to be King says he killed Osama, that just segues into the Al Qaeda Attack in Benghazi, the Obonzo Cover-Up, and the Fabulous Gay Ambassador’s Death!

    The Demoncrats haven’t had a POTUS with such weak foreign policy since the Peanut Farmer let the Ayatollah hold Americans Hostage in Iran!

    The RINO couldn’t lose this debate if he tried! Just say Benghazi, and the Pounding begins and Obonzo is Toast!

  31. “He would be within reason to start talking treason treason treason”

    Wrong again, toots. With only 27 days to go Romney’s best bet is to continue to take the sweet and reasonable high road and let Obama overreact to his dismal performance and thereby look like the bad guy mudslinger.

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