Takimag on VP Debate


Joe Biden “won the debate” in the same sense that Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Ed Schultz win every night in primetime ratings:

“There is no bigger douchebag in American politics than Joe Biden. There is possibly no bigger douchebag in the solar system. His florid, monster-truck-sized, off-the-charts douchiness was on ample display during Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate…”

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  1. Was that Jim Goad? It says “Editors”. He certainly failed to amuse me. I gave up at the “leaking vaginas” line. Totally classless. Didn’t he serve time for beating up a woman?

    He’s not the only one at Taki who is classless. I visited Kathy Shaidle’s site once. Just once. The headline on her home page was enough to turn me off her for good. Never read her stuff.

  2. Ryan could have been a bit more cutting.

    Plagiarism was low hanging fruit.

    Put you back in chains was also worth a quip.

    And finally:

    What’s so fcjlkn funny about nuclear arms races?

  3. Joe Biden is, and has always been, a buffoon. The fact that he may, in some people’s minds, bolster the ticket says a lot about the ticket, and some people’s minds. The Obama administration is so corrupt, so incompetent, and so evil that it makes a man like Romney look pretty good by comparison. My God. What have we become as a country? As that other Hunter wrote: “In a generation of swine, the one eyed pig is king.”

  4. I visited Kathy Shaidle’s site once. Just once. The headline on her home page was enough to turn me off her for good. Never read her stuff.

    She is typical of the jew-worshipping Whites who constitute the “Counter-jihad” movement, led by the likes of jewess Pamela Geller.
    She is also married to a jew, blogger “Blazing Cat Fur”.

  5. AnalogMan, “The Editors” these days at Takimag seems to mean Jim Goad. Either that or someone is imitating him to perfection.

  6. Watching the Melissa Harris perry show.

    Man these niggers are delusional. They lapped up the Biden histrionics!

  7. There is a 500 lb professor of Blackness talking about violence against women.

    Okay women, who is more statistically likely to cut you up? A white man or a black?

  8. This MSNBC show is comedy gold.

    It’s the bar room scene in starwars.

    Yeah, sure abortion is going to be banned! Ryan is evil white devil!

  9. Jim Goad can be funny, but he is awfully sensitive to even mild criticism for someone who goes full bore when he has a target in sight. It was pretty funny when Taki’s daughter had to threaten half of the comment section with expulsion for questioning Goad on minor issues.

  10. Joe Biden is the embodiment of true white masculinity; a Nietzchian ubermensch of Washingtonian stature. We are proud to have him as vice-president and we are proud of his confident, enigmatic and emotionally available performance in the debate. You men just don’t like him because you are jealous of him.

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