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  1. And why are there so many Whites in the video? What the HELL is wrong with Whites? Why are they trying to “save” that God DAMNED – and I mean that description literally – big gang Black HOLE?

    I despair at the foolishness of our Race.

  2. Imagine what it must be like to be a White firefighter in Detroit: 90 percent of fires are arsons set by the Black Undertow, you risk your life in the D on a daily basis to put out those fires, in an ultimately futile effort to preserve some aspects of civilization amid the rising tide of barbarism.

  3. Its like the black folks are the ultimate form of Green Peace. They are returning civilization back to nature.

    “Imagine what it must be like to be a White firefighter in Detroit”

    I can’t imagine being as stupid as those whites. I’ll bet they voted Democrat all their lives, because they are on the government payroll. And of course, they still haven’t make the connection between their own anti-whitism and the destruction of their city.

  4. When you look at any 10 whites in Michigan 5 of them probably voted Obama.

    Simply incredible, knowing what they must know about Detroit’s Nigfuxation.

  5. I wouldn’t say Detroit firefighters vote Democratic as a rule, probably the contrary. I think most public safety civil servants are Republicans, at least the white ones tend to be.

  6. “When you look at any 10 whites in Michigan 5 of them probably voted Obama.”

    – That’s ridiculous. Many whites in Michigan simply didn’t vote last time. Obama’s victory was set in stone whether he won Michigan or not, and nobody was going to bother voting for McCain either, since he was universally seen as a pathetic continuation of Bush’s catastrophic policies. So the conservatives, and there are a lot of them here, stayed home and the niggers and brainless college kids comprised the voter turnout.

    Regarding white public safety servants and their voting habits, I can say that my parents, who are both retired Detroit Police officers, have voted Republican my entire life. Virtually all of their white co-workers were Republicans. Even my mother’s late father, who was a retired city worker, was a Reagan Democrat back in the 1980’s.

  7. I guess its a paycheck. Can’t believe the rich couple who think they are going to “restore” a dilapidated apartment complex -I remember reading about some New Zealander who “fell in love with Detroit” and purchased a Negro infested apartment complex. When the fool finally had to evict a Shezilla for egregious non payment of rent her father came to the complex and murdered the poor, stupid Limey – and get this – the Negro had just hit a multimillion dollar lottery ! English speakers – too dumb to continue existing.

  8. Hey Tamed By Niggers!

    Lesson 1 – Don’t gloat UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER

    Lesson 2 – Get into a fight with Detroit, you walk away hurt.

    Fuck you, fuck Derek Jeter, and fuck your kike-infested faggot city. Better luck next time.

  9. By now he’s probably swinging from the rafters of a bombed-out church like a gibbon alongside the flesh-eating Niggers his parents protected and served. Hat’s off, 313.

    This fleeting occasion fills a void in Chimp313’s post-apocalyptic life; Who am I to stand in the way of his happiness? If the injury of an honorary white man such as Derek Jeter brings him joy then perhaps he is even more miserable than I imagined. Maybe he has no concept of baseball as a gentlemanly American pasttime and vulgarizes it the same way his swarthy slavvy antecedents degraded discourse in this country in general upon their unfortunate arrival.

    His barnyard anti-semitism and downy homophobia are amusing as ever though but if he hollers, let him go.

  10. Well that was… a lot of writing.

    See ya tomorrow, Uptown Girl. Now go run crying from some niggers and then sexually fantasize about your cousin.

  11. Chris – it’s Sunday, so Runner Away from Savages doesn’t have to worry about missing out on an opportunity to score some hot inter-ethnic action, at the synagogue.

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