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  1. I suspect we could see riots regardless of the “winner.” Blacks have been out of control for the longest time. At least since the end of the War of Southern Cessation. But now Negro fatigue is coming to a head. Hell, Negroes are even becoming fed up with their own kind. The other day a black bus driver sucker punched a modern day Rosa Parks who was going bananas. It’s really the only way to deal with these people.

  2. On any given night there are blacks going Ape. Only question will be how many incidents across murica will be blamed as Obama related vs the regular background noise of jig violence.

  3. I am hoping for the Great Chimpout.

    Chris if you are in Nigworld plan an exit around election night.

    Peak negro may be a reality. Don’t get caught up as the scum from the tide recedes. Be safe.

  4. No matter who wins, there may be a possibility of somebody offing the guy—- with TWO catholic VP’s, this is the chance to put in a catholic top guy. Both the candidates are no JFK, either— both are hardcore on war, which is what their leadership seems to want. Eventually, North Europe will be the target, imo.

    WWII left it at Germany and they now seem to be working northward, toward the muslims who just HAPPEN to be settling there—- ripe for childhood indoctrination of the Hannity-Ryan type set. Biden is less dangerous, maybe.

    Skin color on this is a distraction, but with real life consequences.

    If something happens to Romney, Ryan is more a tool than Biden would be, maybe.

    For those reasons, maybe people will go for Obama-Biden now that Ryan has had a chance to talk, (even if he was seen to “win” the debate by a couple points).

    Both VP’s are indoctrinated into south-hatred/ anti-anglosim/ missionary crap, etc.

  5. Oh— well JFK did put troops in vietnam, but think once he got in, he was not nearly as “forward” as somebody wanted (obviously). With Johnson, they then got Philip Hart, and the open south border through, which completely changed the religious nature of the u.s. (from a solid protestant anglo-scots country to catholic in just 60s years).

  6. I can only conclude that Rosenbaum is an anti-white at heart. The D party is only viable because it is anti-white.

  7. @Rudel

    What is up with the Grace Kelly fixation? You are aware that she married into the “wop” Grimaldi family in Monaco and birthed 3 bambinos, are you not?

  8. LandShark I pegged DG as a troll months ago. Though I do admit the possibility that she is merely a crazy person.

  9. Dixiegirl is exactly right; the only problem with our Catholic plan for racial equality and one-world order takeover, is that many of our own people are leaving the church or marrying Protestants and Jews. But perhaps that shrinking of the practicing church will be ok because there will be a smaller elite like myself to control things. Ryan though is not a real Catholic; his soul is with Ayn Rand. I do hope Biden can run for President in 2016 so we can have a great Catholic president again.

  10. I wonder about the expected chimpout. Maybe it won’t happen. I think there’s a lot of things in this country that are morphing in unexpected ways. Frankly I find myself completely unable to make a confident bet on the outcome of the election — I can see it four or six different ways: either Obama or Romney in a landslide, either one in a squeaker (in my view the worst possibility for a chimpout, b/c of the suspicion of fraud) or either one with a modest but respectable margin that rules out fraud. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen.

    As a bit of anecdotal evidence, something that is simply different from what you normally read here…. over the past few days, numerous black people (at least five) have gone out of their way to be friendly and courteous to me. I don’t mean in a stilted or forced way, I just mean, people making some witty small-talk, or joshing with me while we’re both waiting in line at the post office, little things like that. Over the past few years I’ve noticed it more often than I used to. I’ve never been on frosty, hostile terms with black people — I tend to get along with the ones who aren’t overtly enemies — but because the cultural divide is substantial, I usually don’t have the common ground with black people I meet to make jokes about the same thing on the same terms, except in very simple cases. We just don’t care about enough of the same things the same way.

    What’s particularly interesting to me is that lately, when black people make friendly small-talk with me, it’s more on my cultural turf than on theirs. They’re trying to “speak my language” as it were, more often than they used to do. (When I was younger, it used to be that black outreach of friendliness was done almost exclusively on black cultural terms; now they seem to be more willing to speak the white “cultural language.”) Granted it’s only one individual’s anecdotes. If it turns out to indicate anything, I don’t yet know what that is.

  11. Give me Grace, any day, over the flock of seagulls we’re continually presented with as representative of beauty.

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