Obama’s Northern Firewall

American North

OD has said all along that Yankees are Obama’s base and that the election would be decided in the North:

” What also became clear after the dust began to settle from the rumble on Long Island was the electoral map has narrowed and Obama’s team, while conceding nothing publicly, is circling the wagons around Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Plouffe said that Obama remains strong in all four states, but he would not discuss the specifics of internal polling or voter-contact analytics, saying only that Obama has “significant leads” in all four places.

It is uncharacteristic of Team Obama to concede any terrain, but Plouffe offered no such assurances about Obama’s position in North Carolina, Virginia, or Florida. Romney advisers have seen big gains in all three states and now consider wins likely, although not guaranteed, in all three. They are similarly upbeat about prospects in Colorado but not confident enough to predict victory. That Plouffe left Colorado off his list of states where Obama’s leading and can withstand a Romney surge might be telling.”

Note: I said when Paul Ryan got the VP nomination that the 2012 presidential election would determine whether Yankees are willing to reelect Obama after all the shit he has done over two of their own guys.

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  1. If Romney wins North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Florida along with Ohio, he wins the election.

    If Romney wins North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Florida along with Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire, he wins the election without Ohio.

    I haven’t done the electoral myth but Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania could provide some other combination. He has to win somewhere in the North from Maine to Minnesota outside of Indiana to win the election.

  2. Romney is racking up 20+% margins in the Red States but losing by 3+% in the swing states so it looks closer than it actually is.

    This will inflame talks of partition on Nov 7th.

  3. If Romney beats dumbo over the head with the Libya incident where the idiot Left and dumbo sided with al quaeda its over for that bunch of anti-whites.

  4. Obama, though I scoffed at the idea is probably a stalking horse for Islam.

    I think that’s the right idiom. By sentiment he hates it when white men butcher brown and black men, and actually enjoys it when white chaps get killed.

    From the South side of Chicago, to Compton. From Hackney to Benghazi and Moscow, Cape Town to Karachi he’s enjoying the spectacle of white men retiring from the fight.

    he’s got to go. He’s creating a black planet.

  5. The mushy middle if anything want their priveleges and comforts, they might toe the PC line but any threat to their “earned” priveleges they hate with a vengence, simply because they spend their entire shitty lives telling themselves how much they deserve. 1980 election went this way as well when the doofus generation was looking at retirement that they “earned” they did not want the goofball left playing Khmer Rouge so hence the perceived softy on commy got dumped.

    Since the half-wit political right cannot nigger it up in any fashion except to kiss stupid black azz these turncoat goobers must turn to demonizing the dirty night shirt and AK-47 crowd as threats to the mushy middle’s “earned” benefits.

    If I were the GOP goober of choice the next debate I would drop the mooslim hammer right on the HNIC’s head all night and then spend the next two weeks with a 50/50 split between how good I am ads and what a dirty niggermooslimlovinwelfarepimpoffshorebanking turd ads he is.

    But that is just me and I admit I am a a**hole. Any of you respectable cons reading this feel free to clean this up and steal this idea. I want the dark planet howling the day after the election.

  6. Nobody gives a shit about Libya because in order to give a shit people would have to think of it as an insult to the nation, as they did during the Iranian hostage crisis, but the problem is that there is no nation to be insulted over anymore. It has evaporated. Who thinks of the ambassador and the others who were killed as anything more than the minions of the imperial elite, doing their bidding and not the bidding of the nation? What good to the (real) American people comes from all these wars in the Middle-East? John Derbyshire quoted a Chinese invader immigrant he knows as saying “America isn’t a real country, it’s just a place where you go to make money.” That Chinaman was correct, this was the inevitable result, the desired by the New Elite result, that the “Civil Rights” strategy was intended to bring about. It’s too late in the game to make a big deal out of something like Libya, the growing minority parasites don’t care about it (or anything else besides extracting wealth from conquered whites) and whites who are being sucked dry and exterminated by the imperial regime shouldn’t care either. Besides, Obama is still black, the Republicans are still crooks and cowards, and if they couldn’t stick the “Fast and Furious” scandal to him they sure aren’t going to do so with Libya.

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