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  1. Dumpy? Maybe they chose her because she’s the average weight ratio for white coed females?
    I guess this is to subliminally satisfy typical cross over females desire to experience black sex. And it comes without the dangers of HIV and/or “domestic violence” associated with real black studs.
    Maybe Romney should show this clip at Mid West tea party meetings where typical grandparents will see it.

  2. Once one realizes the significance of “three years and one day” in Jewish religious law (and often in practice) it is impossible for an ethical person to sympathize with that self-psychoticized xenophobic ethnicity.If you search “three years and one day” and talmud, you will get more the half a million results in .18 seconds from Google.

  3. Where’s that similar vid for Putin? Thats America in a nutshell: fugly hipster douche playing coy vs feminine white hottie.

  4. Americas foreign policy of the 20th century….if you have attractive women we’ll fuck you up. If you have ugly gook or Arab women, we’ll break a bunch of shit but eventually let you win.

  5. This dump Dunham (girls) writes and stars in a tv show that accurately portrays white women in northern brooklyn. They are basically whores that expect brunch in the morning. Her show has come under fire for ‘racism’ because leftcoasters don’t understand that Nigs in williamsburg/bushwick are avoided by reluctantly prudent hipsters.

  6. She isn’t a white hipster. She is an alien fifth columnist seeking to promote self-genocide among foolish white women. That is how pathetic we have become – whites (ESPECIALLY white women) can’t even recognize an obvious racial competitor who is attempting to subvert white solidarity in the interest of her own clan.

    Because many whites have rejected Christianity and biblical literacy they no longer have the necessary categories to analyze and identify inter-group competition. She is the spiritual descendant of Esther, Judith or Rahab and is engaged in advancing the interests of her people over whites.

  7. I for one think that’s it great that they found some time to send some money to help Jewish Sperm Dumpsters for Obama in their time of need.

  8. This woman just got a 3.5 million dollar advancement for a book of her “essays.” Over a million copies will have to be sold in order to break even on the deal. Book publishers have also given several obscure niggers similar advances for their “books” lately. At least two of them have already been busted for plagiarism and fabrication. A black law professor who got a multi-million dollar deal wrote a hardcore anti-white book that was so over the top blacks objected to it.

    Moreover, publishers and agents only take mostly homosexual, extreme feminism and the very worst DWL poetry and other BS. If you study up on the subject, you will find that the handful of today’s bestselling authors that people can actually read and have even a resemblance to story or value had at least a dozen rejections and it took ten years to ever get published. In other words, the publishers, like the media, only want to push the usual “progressive” liberal agenda, no matter that no one wants it. And not many know it, but even most “bestselling” books today are only selling maybe 50 or 70 thousand copies, some a few more. It is nothing like it used to be. Only a literal handful of authors sell mega-copies. This is because publishers flat won’t publish anyone or anything that people actually want. As I said, the few decent writers today, even the “pop” writers that are OK to read, had to wait until someone somewhere saw their work and finally ran it through the “gatekeepers.” This is about the same with nonfiction books, too. You have to more or less be “in the club” or be introduced to someone before getting published. It takes a long time to publish. Unless you are like this Duham Jew. Then they make you an over night millionaire.

  9. Oh, yeah, the book publishing Industry is in about the same condition GM was in before the bailout. They admit that a handful of authors are all that keeps them afloat. But then they go and give millions to people like niggers and Durham that no one wants to read.

    Another overlooked example of BRA.

  10. Dunham is self-described “jew and wasp” mix. She’s obviously a savvy young slut, born with a silver dildo in her mouth. It’s a shame she’s chosen to use her connections and talents to promote cultural decline. Her show is misandrous and promotes hard drugs.

  11. It’s OK, though. Wayne is going to penetrate and take over the Entertainment business and get a lot of new pro white people in it. Just ask him. He knows exactly how to do it. Kevin knows how to do it, too.

  12. The “dislikes” for the video outnumbered the “likes” by a factor of three when I looked last night.


    I just looked again, the “dislikes” are at 13,742 while the “likes” are at 10,963. Still, more “dislikes.”

  13. Dunham’s “Your First Time” wins the gilded Bagel and Shrek for most vomit inducing schtik of the campaign. The sewermouth Alicia Silverstein (Jewess) with her finger up her anus has nothing on young Lena (Jewess).

    This young slutbucket is the racial and spiritual descendent of Delilah (the Canaanite), Salome (the Idumean / Jew) and Poppea (the Idumean / Jew). She probably played the Jew Card for Obama in order to con the goyim into thinking that Romney is not every inch the abject Shabbos Goy sock puppet and Chassid Umot Olam that he really is.

  14. If it looks like a dyke, and it walks like a dyke, then it’s probably…

    Oh wait! that’s a “duck,” isn’t it?

    She sure is sexy in a “last call at the bar, there’s only one woman in here, and I’m pretty drunk anyway…nah, I’d better just go home now” sort of way.

    I believe the technical term for such women is “barfly.”

    Deo Vindice

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