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  1. Being a deracinated people, it doesn’t matter much to any of you whatever place you wind up in the end.

    That’s rich from a Southerner. You’re not even part of the Western world. “Anglo-Celtic”–spare me. You’re Scythians, a reversion, with your nastiness; your witless music; your incapacity to appreciate, understand, or contribute to the very civilization that has yielded the internet by which you snarl worldwide. “Occidental Dissent.” Since when is the American South part of the Occident? You sit outside white civilization and hope for a chance to damage it. Lacking the ability to do even that skillfully, you stew in resentment. With every word you type, Apuleius, you condemn your cause.

  2. Your mother sews socks that stink.

    Guess I was wrong about your witlessness.

    PS How dare you waste my time, Apuleius, with that link to that godawful song (written by a Yankee who’s obviously been dwelling in the South too long). I literally could not listen beyond the first two ridiculous lines (“My Papa’s name was Hannibal etc.”). Fool that you are, of course, you undoubtedly think it “authentic” or some such nonsense, especially with that trite sepia-tone cover, which is saved from complete uselessness only because Allison Krauss has been Hollywoodized. I’m sure her old-fashioned dress fooled you, too. I’d like to know how much money the Jews in L.A. have made by selling you your clownish self-glorification.

  3. PS I should have written “Alison,” with only one l We Yankees like to get these things right.

  4. “a Yankee who’s obviously been dwelling in the South too long”

    Is that your future I see there? When you get bored with your know-it-all priggishness, you’ll wake up one morning under a Southern sun.


    Face it, being under the spiritual influence of a form of Puritanism, maybe you just don’t like good music. You don’t play an instrument, do you?

    Deo Vindice

  5. It’s irrelevant and none of your business whether I play a musical instrument, Apuleius; but since you’ve asked, yes, I play the piano, a very-little bit. I can also harmonize vocally to the upper third and to the relative minor (if those are the terms). On my maternal side, there’s a fair amount of musical ability.

    For the record, John, I first heard that tank joke either in elementary school or high school, which I attended from 1959 to 1971. It’s still funny, I suppose, but hardly a potent remark in a blog exchange.

  6. Are you testy or just plain paranoid? It is a civil question, after all.
    Lighten up a little bit. No need to get in a funk.

    Being familiar with playing an instrument, I’m sure you can appreciate the precision and artistry required to play well. That’s all.

    Southern culture is alive and growing. Northern culture has committed suicide.
    No one has noticed because no one has missed it. Mediocrity is imminently forgettable.

    Our Celtic brothers know good music. It’s in their blood, too.

    Even Italians love good music. What’s wrong with you?

    Witless? Surely you jest. Don’t ally yourself with a dead culture. That is witless.
    You can’t kill the Southern spirit. Don’t waste your time trying.

    Deo Vindice

  7. Mediocrity is imminently forgettable.

    The word you wanted is eminently. Before discoursing on culture, you might want to purchase a dictionary.

    Regardless, thanks for those two links. I just watched the brief, Italian one, which I enjoyed; now I’ll watch that half-hour piece.

    Duit on Mon Dei.

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